Exclusive First Look: THE UNWORTHY THOR #1

Exclusive First Look: THE UNWORTHY THOR #1


So will we finally get to know what Fury whispered into his ears?

>literally no one in comics has asked about what ever the happened to a long time friend/founding avenger
Will this explain that bullshit?


They assume some magic bullshit turned him into a girl.

>only posting the link to that unlettered preview

Seeing that hammer makes me think why doesn't Thor just get a new hammer made for him until he can use mjolnir again.

It's not about the hammer. Its about being worthy.

Hold up, do they?

So Falcon is totally cool with kissing genderbent Thor? Didn't they also sleep together?

So, does anyone have any theories as to what Nick Fury even said? Is there anything at all that could justify the entirety of Asgard becoming unworthy?

I mean, of course the answer in the comics will be stupid and wrong. I'm just wondering if anyone can provide an answer that works at all.

You aren't the real Thor.

Probably this. I'm guessing clone shenanigans.

They could make a hammer without a worthiness enchantment.
Falcon is a SJW from the depths of hell with his father Nick Spencer the devil.

The unlettered preview has shirtless Thor Odinson.

Sorry, man, editorial mandate requires diversification

He's Klaus now?

Could be, but considering there was absolutely no-one in Asgard capable of lifting it, IIRC, it seems like it was something geared towards all Asgardians.

God, the game of 'let's try and make sense of something the writers did to shoehorn in someone new' is the worst thing about capecomics. You know they did it for no reason but that, but you still gotta try and figure out a way to justify it.

So where is Thor being held captive. Last time we saw him him and Hyperion died fighting the beyounders, right?

>Have you checked your male, cis, white privilege?

Spoiler: Mjolnir is alive. It turns out Nick wasn't talking to Thor at all but to Mjolnir. Mjolnir was listening and decide to drop itself. The real question we need to ask is: What could Nick have said to Mjolnir?

No he was seen in the fem Thor book locked up in some alien prison screaming for his mother when he could sense that Loki had stabbed her.

>Jane has got a better ass

She kissed him once, by surprise. That's it.

Social workers care about social justice, what a surprise.

No twice in ANAD Avengers.

>cancer patient
>better ass than the good of thunder who can squat 1000 tons
try again

Last time we saw him was at the end of post-SW Mighty Thor... #5 I think, seen as having been kept captive for some time by some ayylmaos who have their hands on Ultimate Mjolnir.

That really doesn't make a difference aside from being even more stupid than it was before. Yeah let's just make Mjolnir sentient now. Great.

>Yeah let's just make Mjolnir sentient now. Great.
That's not stupider than most other shit in comics.

>So, does anyone have any theories as to what Nick Fury even said?

Get the fuck outta here you cishet white male shitlord!

The funny thing is movie- and toyline Thor is still the same old Thor, so the only ones who like Fem-Thor are Tumblr and Bendis' sycophants. If those same kids ever start buying the actual comics, thats when Disney makes SJWhore disappear, same with pretty much all the other characters like Spiderman and Hulk.

...is this Land?

Didn't Thor become worthy again just before dying in Hickman's Avengers run?

I gues they can always just use Secret Wars as an excuse to retcon it

that thor died fighting the beyonders. presumably when the universe rebooted, it was from an earlier point. clearly some of hickman's avengers happened, or there wouldn't be star brands and sunspot's AIM and whatnot, but it's not clear how much.

Isn't this Thor the recreation made by Mr- Fantastic's son? The OG Thor died right before Secret War began in his last fight with the Beyonders. Unless he somehow escaped.

>...is this Land?
What the actual fuck would make you think that?
It looks fucking great.

the problem is ultimate mjolnir was at least three things: a technological hammer made by james braddock or tony stark later, a hammer than is more orl ess identical to 616 mjolnir in later versions of the ultimates, and a magical one that looks like the technological one that appeared in hickmans's ultimate thor series, but never after that.

You are the cause of Jane Foster's cancer

In Secret Wars - Thors the Ultimate Thor stand in had a hammer shaped like the human made hammer from Ultimates 1-2 but enchanted from Doom.
That is this hammer.

Think it's the hammer flung out of the Thors run in civil war. It should function like the conventional one, although the enchantment might mention Doom or something.

The power of Thor kills Jane Foster

The second time was part of Kamala's fanfic.

This is the Ultimate Mjolnir used by Ultimate Thor on Battle World that was created by God Doom using the powers of the Molecule Man. Just base of the source material alone, God Doom's Ultimate Mjolnir > Odin's 616 Mjolnir.

>Hold up, do they?

No, they are completely aware that its a totally different person. OG Thor was hanging out on Earth during Axis and they knew he lost Mjolnir.

Would Thor even believe that? Would he have ANY reason to?

Someone should Photoshop this in. Its funny because its true.

>So will we finally get to know what Fury whispered into his ears?

Wait, they haven't resolved that yet?

>God Doom's Ultimate Mjolnir > Odin's 616 Mjolnir.
Not necessarily. God Doom may have been stronger than Odin, but it's unlikely that Doom would have made the Mjolnirs more powerful than their regular versions. I'd say it's safe to assume they're equal in strength until stated otherwise.

Nope. I'm uncertain if they've even tried to. Have they given any hints at all to what he said?

Falcon knows Thor is Jane.

I don't know how many Avengers beyond Hercules know that much about Jane as person, though.

God Doom is perfection. Odin is a flaw man filled with flaws.

they've been sexting

Any chance that it'll lead back to Earth X where the Asgardians were all secret space alien shapeshifters?

Its not about the fucking hammer

Quite a few people have asked but the only thing anyne knows is he is in deep space and he won't answer wny calls.

I like white meat from time to time.

I'm seriously considering this being the real reason and hope I'm right.

The hammer Thor was wielding back then and now wielded by Jane was NOT the real Mjollnir

You guys can thank me later

one of his friends is known to fuck clones so maybe im talking about peter by the way and i dont mean gwen

If the hammer just dropped itself without him losing his worthyness, then the point of Thor using Thorr's Unworthy Mjolnir during TRO and suddenly not being able to lift it anymore becomes worthless.

Literally everyone is a recreation of Franklin's now, apart from Molecule Man and Reed Richards. Battleworld exploded with evryone on it. Reed weilded the Beyonder's power through Reece and brought his family back, after which they brought back the multiverse.

Could someone please remind me, how did the original Thor lose his arm?

>God Doom is perfection

From Secret Wars (2015) #3:
>I'm beginning to think that in my perfect world, I am the only flawed thing.

After eight years of ruling the hastily sewen together remnants of the once sprawling multiverse, God Doom felt doubt gnawing at his soul. He was not perfect.

You are the adopted one

So Asgard is populated by frost giants?

Malekith cut it off using Jarnbjorn while a bunch of ice giants held him in place. Malekith even wore it as a necklace for a while.

>Falcon is a SJW from the depths of hell with his father Nick Spencer the devil.
Delet yaself

>Literally everyone is a recreation of Franklin's now, apart from Molecule Man and Reed Richards
There's a handful of others. Thanos and Black Panther are the originals.

>he's wearing a shirt

Dun dun dun...(makes as much sense as mjolnir being alive)

Don't worry, he's not wearing a shirt in the actual issue. Just the cover.

It was torn off by the Hulk and the Thing after he went insane with Odinpower.

>Asgardian dick gave Jane cancer
>Thor gave cancer to every woman he fucked
>Thor brought cancer to midgard

"Thor will kill Jane Foster"

Thanos got subzero'ed by Doom. But yeah, T'Challa hitched a ride with the Time Gem.

Thinking about viking era thor the last one made me kek

Yes, but Thanos can't actually die, so all that happened is he got excised from the multiverse. The Thanos that Franklin created got a good end in Starlin's OGNs and retired to Death's Domain to bang her on the reg. The Thanos over in Ultimates, which is essentially the main Thanos since the Franklin-made Thanos only existed so Starlin could play with, was the one that Doom killed having made re-entry into the multiverse. He even remembers the events of Secret Wars.

I think it's a trope that Thor loses his arm in pretty much every alternative universe, so they just had him lose it in the 616 to complete the circle.

I still think this one is super funny