New Avengers #16 Storytime

The New Avengers is in its penultimate lap.

Time for A.I.M. vs S.H.I.E.L.D. part V!

Actually, pen-penultimate.













it's nice that Ewing remembers Songbird backstory , how she screamed for hours and Zemo convinced her to become a Thunderbolt




so this is the event that makes USA government trust AIMvengers?

I guess that they're going to save the president and get on his good graces to stop SHIELD from going murder mode on them



Based Mel




nngggh, I love how this artist draws Doreen

she looks super hot

why couldn't they get someone like this for her solo... the art makes it unbearable

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"dream bigger, darling" -- inception reference

so, not rats vs squirrels fight? dropped.

Why doesn't Wiccan just do everything?

That was a huge cop out, wasn't it. He didn't even hit an "I win" button, he just said "I win" and that was that.

>A pretty frightful four
I see what you did there

well, it's not like Asti was that huge problem for Strange too

Moridun was a lot more powerful

This is even worse than VENOM BLAST imo

If you know anything about the new mutAnts, you would know warlock can shapeshift

Worked for Osborne.

Hell, the AIMvengers won't even need to stage the whole thing like Ozzy did, either.


>A world where WWII was fought in space

Squirrels are basically just tree-loving more outdoorsy rats.

I'm not saying that the wrong dude won, I'm saying that they didn't even have a fight. They guy was like* "You don't matter" and the other dude stopped mattering. It's just kind of lame.

*Yeah, I know his things are words, but only blue words, right?

So, how is Angar not dead again?

>Squirrels vs Rats.
>Squirrels win
Be afraid


Can we kill Wiccan yet

>Obama hates hero vs hero stuff.

In character or no?

That's basically what Wiccan does. In terms of pure power, he's the strongest guy in the team by far. He's their Thor/Phoenix.

so can Stanling, who disappeared somewhere after a phone call

Why the fuck do they keep introducing characters? It's 16th issue. we fuckin know already.

editors choice

you need to treat every number as someone's #1, so you need to introduce the characters on team-books every number, you can see it on every team-book

So he's dating a shapeshifter and he's got a "thing" about tentacles?

So that's why Carol is doing whatever the fuck she wants. THANKS, OBAMA.

He's seen enough Hentai to know where it's going

Yep, all Marvel government agencies employ morons.


That's Teddy

The Maker can pull things from alternate realities

He even spells it out in this issue

He was recently posessed by what was once referred to as "A Cthulhu".

Agnar has actually been alive in 616 for years

Well he loves racial hatred so I doubt this would bother him in real life.

>Frightful Four
I love Ewing.

>a world where WWII was fought in space
Ewing you absolute madman

No solicit for december... feels bad

The story continues in USAvengers.

Will they become the USAvengers to rescue the president?

The book is getting relaunched as USAvengers.

Also starring Red Hulk with a mustache.

Tree rats better than sewer rats? Hrmmm


>invollve himself personally
616 Obama is Superbama?

>Obama hates CWII
The president we deserve.


this is the Squirrel Girl i'd pay to read

...Speed is a space-time manipulator.
Dammit, it makes sense.

No Pod in this issue? Damn it. I wanted to see how Aikku was coping.

>there is no try
So... can he absorb his own cultural references?

>social democrat squirrels fighting for rodent worker rights
Feel the Tip, I guess?

See, this is exactly why costume pouches can make sense.

They hold things, in case you can't just shapeshift a cavity into your arm.

How is the Black Death not the most culturally stronk thing associated with rats?

>Tippy Toe calls for the proletariat revolution

So they passed on a massive squirrel vs. rat war while Vermin and Squirrel Girl punched each other for this? I am disappoint.

Well, ok, I withdraw some of my disappoint with this

The word is Ante-Penultimate.

He was working with Dr. Bong before Secret Wars

I get the sense that Ewing is rushing to hit the relaunch deadline. This wasn't too bad, but the previous issue in particular was very dense.

>Rulk written by the king of continuityfags
>Ross' robot waifu has an actual chance of appearing again
Pinch me


I think he's referring to all the times Obama's stirred up racial tension with stuff like Zim Zam, Clockmed and shit like that.

I love that the cover just looks like these two assholes slap fighting.

fuckgly 10/10!!

huh. so the Makers all share a hyperspace inventory. neat

Eh, I like that he just straight up says I'm your hard counter.

>Power Man

...has someone else taken that name from Luke sometime in the last two or three decades? Because I'm 80% sure that ain't Cage.

Actually it's Anti-Penisultimate, shitlord

Yeah, Vic became Power Man during Shadowland.

No shit, Sherlock.

Did he and Luke ever talk about the name change? All I remember from one of their interaction is when the kid called Luke out for knocking up and marrying a white woman.

In Vic's introductory mini during Shadowland.

Even had a Power Man & Iron Fist mini with Danny.
Actually, the current series picked up a plot point from that.

yeah, and he even got Luke's dad blessing too...

well, more like a "you gotta work hard to deserve the name" line, but you get the gist of it

>Not Proletatri-Rat revolution

Garrett, ladies and gentlemen. He's literally that guy who jumps into the middle of a high-stakes chess match and yells "King Me!"

You know, I'd say this is a good example of why future sight could be a bad thing, but really it's just an example of why they really shouldn't trust Shield anymore.


Obama did that? lol

The projection with some people is at absurd levels.


Two more issues to go actually OP.