Is this show any good?

Is this show any good?




Now get out of here before someone sees you!

You should ask

it's average

It's cute and comfy and full of le feels. Only NuMales on Cred Forums hate it.

>MLP Thread
>On Cred Forums

Oh this is gonna be good. I'll go get some popcorn.

What even goes on in that board nowadays?


So is posting about it at all on this board b&?

>there are actually Barneyfags who think this

Writefagging, drawfagging and other lewd shit

You play Splatoon, so your argument's invalid.

It depends. I've seen a bunch of degenerates get away with it on here.

Been a long time since I watched, but I've heard it's still pretty solid.

Hey OP did you know that in the global rules of Cred Forums, which are pretty much the constitution of Cred Forums or at least rules that are so important and vital that breaking them is literally destroying the site, exists a rule that explicitly forbids the discussion of a certain franchise of childrens toys and cartoons from being discussed anywhere outside their own specific board.

I know right, sounds pretty quackers, but those are the rules and we must follow rules because they are the rules and because mods are always right.


If you're a female under the age of twelve

You say that as if Splatoon is supposed to be detrimental in any way.

It's pretty good overall, despite what /mlp/ says. Season 6 has been terrible though.

I wonder if that autist who think's he's being stalked will show up before this thread is deleted.

Barney is never solid, it was always shit.

Most people who post on Cred Forums so do in /mlp/

All of Barney is fucking terrible though.

I love you

6 years, Cred Forums. When will you let go of you anger?

But I'm already here. And nice trips.

it's a meme at this point

When we stop being autistic



When Barney stops being a shit show, which it looks like it will never happen.

I think you expect way too much out of someone that watches a show aimed at pre-schoolers.

Not really, Barney is genuinely a shit show and its autistic adult fans deserve death.

OP here, seems like everyone on /mlp/ hates the show though


Well, that's just odd. Barneyfags still deserve death.

Hey, it's perfectly natural. Barney is astoundingly shit, no wonder people will throw a bitchfit over it.

It doesn't matter, all the assholes who were cheering on the sidelines when shit hit the fan in march 2011 got their just desserts. Cred Forums is no longer love, everyone is angry about everyone else enjoying something, mods are full on nazis who only allow discussion of a show if it's currently airing and live action Cred Forums content is left completely unharassed.

Karma is a bitch.

^^^ Guy posting screenshots of random conversations about bronies is 1000times more autistic than any brony I've ever seen.

Wow. This still up?


yes, it is.

I think the mods are just having a giggle with Barneyfag

Samefag harder. Have a (You)

>This isn't just regular autism.

General consensus is that the first two seasons were alright, seasons 3 and 4 kind of sucked, and something something seasons 5 and 6

The parodies are better

yes, but the comic where king sombra appears are kind of good.

Based mods

I dont know about the show but some of the porn is very good

Pile of cow shit > Barney and the Backyard Gang = Barney and Friends

Literally doing god's work

>A show for little girls
See for yourself.

Stop harassing me, vendettafag, you have no purpose in being here.

You summoned him.

Gotta love how all that autism is due to MLP airing next to barney in some channel some time ago. I wonder what is airing next to barney in that channel by now

Do not make contact with the vendettafag and his constant stalking of my being.

Well, I imagine that it'll be happening again pretty soon with the reboot coming out next year.

But you deserve it

But that shit's never good. If you think otherwise, you're a degenerate.

1st season was fun.
It's all pretty much downhill from there.

I'm having a swell time. Perhaps your dour outlook has more to do with things not developing the way you wanted?

No I don't, I never did.

It's impressive. I've never hated any show the way Barneyfag hates Your Small Horse.

I can only assume he was raped by his dad while watching it or some shit.

>tfw I watched the first season of this when it came out and admitted to several family members that I liked it
what the fuck was i thinking

nah, it's just the ending of the last comic where sombra appears
>mirror verse
>siege of the crystal empire
both endings were rushed. they fucked up.

You're just as bad as those people who say Barney was only good when it was a direct-to-video series called Barney and the Backyard Gang before he had his show on PBS.
Barney is just a plain shit show, simple as that.

This is a very accurate description of you and I think everyone agrees with everything, save for talking about Sesame Street of Barney.
Actually, Sesame Street is pretty dope. I remember really liking those "Yipyipyip" aliens when I was a kid.

We've all been there brother

Hey barneyfag, has you checked the program schedule of that channel recently?. Maybe they arent even airing MLP now.

I'm sure Hiroshimoot made a bet

>the day barneyfaggoru stops posting, the day my little pony is allowed on Cred Forums again

I've never watched MLP because of the shitty fanbase but I'm considering on watch it now since the fanbase has died down over the years. Any good episodes I should start out with? In before Barneyfag replies to me and say something about Barney being shit and degenerate.

Just start at the beginning. The pilot is not that good, but 6-7 episodes in you will be able to tell whether you like it or not.

Barney writers don't do anything but fuck up.

They still are.

what are some ponies

RP threads, drawthreads, and Episode discussions.

Mostly RP threads

Is today the day? Will a Horse thread survive on Cred Forums? Is the hour of liberation at hand?!?!?

You've been proved to start these threads yourself to spam your autistic captions and nobody likes you.

I highly doubt that.

It's a learning experience.

the worst part was that I told my dad about it and he emailed me back saying he watched it and liked it and was now a brony

I enjoy side character ponies the most desu

I think I'll go on /vp/ and tell everyone that I haven't caught them all

But I literally never have.

I remember one back in March that ended up with around 350 posts when it autosaged off of page 10.

It's surviving solely through the autism of a single user and the morbid curiosity of thousands of others. Truly, the man who doesn't believe in god can achieve anything.

Based mods.

This. Although in my opinion it's only good for the first two seasons.

The wedding episode was great.

>Barneyfags on Cred Forums now


Wow, please disassociate yourself with the show any time soon.

Fuck off, degenerate.

Only degenerates think this shit show is any good at all.

They're like the ancient evil waiting to be unleashed.

I watched about five or six episodes. It's competently made, that's all I can say. Can't understand how anyone over age 5 likes it.

>but plenty of older people watch cartoons, you oppressive pissbaby shitlord! You're on Cred Forums for God's sake!

the cartoons I watch aren't usually trying to teach me lessons about friendship that I learned when I was in kindergarten.

Most of the main characters are headache-inducing. Especially Pinkie Pie, Spike (perfect example of a numale cuck), Applejack (terrible hillbilly accent) and the Moeblob one.


It's good if you want cute/funny adventures for families/kids.
If you're interested in lore/world building, stop after Season 2.

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
And when he's tall
He's what we call a dinosaur sensation
Barney's friends are big and small
They come from lots of places
After school they meet to play
And sing with happy faces
Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend
ABC's, and 123's
And how to be a friend
Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him
Barney can be your friend too
If you just make-believe him!



Faggot, I was on Cred Forums since the beginning, I expanded to Cred Forums afterwards.

Exactly, they're all degenerate characters.

This reminds me I once jacked off to humanized Rarity and it was a pretty good fap.





For you, user.

>barneyfag is spamming this thread with anthro mlp art


First episode is great.

Do you even know what anthro means?


guy posting anthro art is the Barneyfag trying to get the thread deleted



No shit

>brown skin w/ purple hair

I hate this meme. Almost as bad as Asian with streaks.

Do you think the mods will fall for this dastardly plan?

Fuck you, degenerate


Seriously guys please just delete /MLP/
You know damn well the people shitposting ponys were also shitposting the this is now a Spiderman thread even more
The board was consistently shit from creation to today
There are only a handful of people posting there left, it's all generals based on some fetish or fablntiction
It's beyond dead, people don't even care about shitposting anymore they all moved on
I just want it back here in the vault of dead shows so I can talk about it once or twice a year like with other shows that where once good

>ITT a person with paranoid schizophrenia trolls himself and user enjoys the show

>Barnefag has a folder full of MLP porn and fan art

We all knew he secretly loves MLP. This only confirm it


Nope, not the case.

Season one was gold.

Season two took a huge hit to quality when Faust and Renzetti were leaving.

Three and beyond is trash.

Why would you have a repository of MLP cheesecake if you don't want it discussed?

>implying that this thread wouldn't get deletd anyway

How new/brain dead are you?

I unironically like Black Twilight.

Keep telling yourself that, The only reason I have these is to tank threads like this.

Yes it is

at least 50 generals

Also autism

Now this man is truly a degenerate.

So is this it?
I guess every Wednesday at this time Cred Forums is left without mods to shutdown MLP/hunger game/porn threads.

So nothing changed


my nigga
also noice trips


Watch the first season and then stop
Maybe watch the first two episodes of season two since its the last Faust wrote



This is my favorite humanization