Sonic Boom: The TV Show

So in all honesty. What did you think of the first season?

And are you genuinely hyped for Season 2? Especially after the sneak peeks added into Fire and Ice

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Even though I used to be a total autist for Sonic, I've barely watched Boom. The few episodes I've seen have all been very funny though.

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>mfw there's still no Season 1 DVD

Well you're both wrong and right about that.

Wrong because there ARE season one DVD's.

But you're still right because they've been only released in the UK.

Unless you count the three episode DVD that came with the Launch edition of Fire and Ice.


I like the Sonic Boom cartoon. Its the best rendition of a Sonic cartoon ever made. I liked how this cartoon used a lot of anthropomorphic side characters instead of human characters. Its much better than using a bunch of humans like in Sonic X and the video-games (Sonic 06, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Unleashed.)

A lot of these side characters are very memorable like Dave, TW Barker, Zooey, and Perci.

I look forward to season 2. I hope they make a few changes like making some more serious half hour episodes. And make Sonic more cool- he just feels like an old grumpy man in Sonic Boom who just wants to sleep all day.

Anyone know when season 2 is actually coming out?

Sometime in the fall, but get this.

Fire and Ice actually has Concept Art/Sneak Peeks of Season two. And some of it sounds interesting.

>s1 has been over for almost a year
>s2 confirmed to exist
>still no sign of it returning to any degree
this isn't funny anymore

For those curious, here's a taste of the (maybe) first episode of season 2

Posting Sneak Peek concept art for season

Underwater Episode Confirmed.

Some of the new Robots for the new season.

According to the in game description, In a later episode Amy adopts the Buzz Bomber on the left.

Her name is "Bea"

Two new characters for season 2.

Their names are in the filename. Try and guess who is who.

And finally Space Suits.

Possibly for this episode right here.

The show is basically a Teen Titans Go! version of Sonic, but done about as well as that direction can be done. It can be very entertaining, though sometimes it's rather apparent they're writing quick quips for Tumblr photosets. It really needs a sense of adventure and the budget to branch out from the same 4 locations, which the sneak peeks are suggesting.

>Two new characters for Season 2
>Neither of them are Blaze


>Gotta dance with the girl what brung you

Eggman is the best

>he just feels like an old grumpy man in Sonic Boom who just wants to sleep all day.

But that's literally Sonic's character before his modernization with Sonic Adventure onward. The only reason he does anything is because Eggman is wrecking shit.

What's weird is that Fire and Ice is turning out to be a decent game. Actual effort being put into a licenced game is almost unheard of nowadays.

It getting a 7.5 from IGN surprised me quite a bit, because IGN and Sonic don't go together at all.

>But that's literally Sonic's character before his modernization with Sonic Adventure onward. The only reason he does anything is because Eggman is wrecking shit.
Kinda wish they would go back to that in the mainline games. I like Sonic as an apathetic hero who only stops Eggman cause he has to

Sonic's not totally heroic in the old games, but he is very active. Boom's Sonic is pretty lazy and doesn't seem like he'd end up doing much if his friends didn't force him out of the house.

This. Even by the barometer of Sonic's "coolness", it makes sense - it's cool not to give a fuck. What should Sonic be concerned with when Eggman's not around if not chilling? Having him fixating on X-TREME SPORTS or GOTTA GO FAST for its own sake makes him seem like a hyperactive, hyper-competitive tool.

>This. Even by the barometer of Sonic's "coolness", it makes sense - it's cool not to give a fuck. What should Sonic be concerned with when Eggman's not around if not chilling? Having him fixating on X-TREME SPORTS or GOTTA GO FAST for its own sake makes him seem like a hyperactive, hyper-competitive tool.
Exactly. I liked that Colors kind of took him in that direction, but then Lost World made him care too much. Sonic's the kind of person who stopped giving a shit because he's done this song and dance so many times.

Why are sonic's arms blue?

S1 got progressively good, but I don't remember much from last episodes except for last one.

Definitely hyped for S2.

Also, over here, Fleetway Sonic was ALWAYS kind of an apathetic asshole.

Apathetic asshole Sonic is best Sonic

It's not that weird. Rise of Lyric/Shattered Crystal were only shitty because of troubled development. It only makes sense that once they have their shit together, the next game would be a lot better.


>not the Chaotix

Boom is essentially what GO! is supposed to be. Problem is GO writers can't write subtlety or anything that doesn't involve screaming to save their lives.


> Cryengine on the WiiU

Mother of God

>Fire and Ice is decent
>Sonic Boom Season 1 was good and Season 2 should be as well
>Generations 2 and Mania on the horizon
>Social Media accounts (YT, FB, Twitter) are godlike

Is Sonic back?

Robotnik best boy

pfffffft ha ha ha

>Generations 2 on the horizon

You better show me proof or prepare to be murdered.

>Generations 2

That ain't a good thing yet.

Mind sharing some? Don't really have cash to buy the game right now


See the posts starting from

Robotnik is always best boy


Boom is what I'd call "enjoyably mediocre." It's obvious the budget is a huge hindrance on production, everything feels very flat in terms of tone and delivery, and the action is worthless, but it has some entertaining episodes nonetheless. I'm always down for more Knuckles and Eggman.

I love Boom Eggman.

The one thing I don't understand is his weird, pinned-open jacket flap. I can't find any examples of this bizarre configuration in real life and don't understand what purpose it serves or aesthetic statement it makes in lieu of function. It's otherwise the best character design Eggman has ever had, I think.

>"enjoyably mediocre."
Yeah, it honestly needs to be this. Any attempt at a large/deep plot needs the right director and enough money to do it.

Shadow was pretty good too, but more as everyone else plays off of him.

I used to think this looked good.
>Back in 06

I've only seen a few episodes but it felt very much like a kid's show, not a cartoon for all ages.

They went too far with this, a realistic Eggman should basically just be Walter White. Eggman should never be realistic to begin with, though.

I think it's supposed to make him him more militaristic, or closer to Roosevelt like he was originally based off of.

Boom Big and Froggy.

Is Boom Shadow on that album?


A realistic art style isn't the same as a realistic plot.
Your character can look realistic as shit but if the game doesn't include akward conversations with strangers and making lines at stores it is not realistic

>Lost World made him care too much
Because the whole thing was his fault and he wanted to make it right.

I unironically like Sonic Boom. It has some episodes that are piss-poor (like the Rock Monster or the Shadow episode), but when it has good writers it actually delivers a good product. I like how Sonic is a remorseless asshole, I like how Tails has all the bitches, I like how Knuckles perceives himself as the main character, I like how Amy is ridiculed by the writers for being an outspoken feminist, I like how Sticks is literally /x/ meets /k/, and I love how Eggman steals the show. It makes all the characters one-dimensional, but it uses the best aspect of that one-dimension to make it work.

>the Shadow episode
Fuck you, that was fucking hilarious

The only good line was, "[Shadow's] the second most-favorite character in the entire canon!" The way the fight ends is pathetic, Shadow's VA is like taking Vegeta and throwing him into a cement mixer, and it's entirely unremarkable beyond how bad it was.

You can tell that Knuckles' VA doesn't care that he was picking up a character that was voiced by Dan Green and is thoroughly enjoying himself.

>The only good line was
Also "You're shoddy craftsmen ship puts shame on all hedgehog kind! And for that, you will PERISH!"

I would take any Sega character at this point. I actually like Sonic's extended cast.

And if we can have Boom Shadow, why can't we have a Boom Rouge and Boom Omega to act as some kind of over the top team of delinquents to clash with Sonic and his team.

Like how their relationship would be if Sonic Adventure 2 didn't end with Shadow having a change of heart, and he never even had that backstory and he was just combating Sonic because he was a dick, or i don't know, loyalty to Eggman for freeing him or something.

Boom Omega doesn't even have to be that different. He's already amazing as is

I'm starting with Worlds Collide as recommended and the interactions between Eggman and Wily are amazing. Just give them their own book, there's already a dozen spinoffs.

>I can't wait to see more episodes of the same 6 character in the same 4 locations!
>Not a hilarious line

nigga is you even for serious

I think you meant to refer to the anons in this thread.

Oh fuck.

Archie's Omega would be the perfect way to write Omega for Boom. Just obsessed with destruction and proud of it.

That Robot from the first episode looked like it could even pass for Omega, so it's not like he'd have trouble fitting in.

I'd love to see him Bully Orbot and Cubot because they're Eggman Robots.

>sticks is still worst character
Fucking hell.

>Boom Rouge
I can see it now; Tails will have the requisite "Younger male has a crush on the attractive older female" schtick going on during her debut, only for his crush to be, well... crushed when he finds out how mean she really is, or she hurts one of his friends. Rouge will start flirting with Knuckles, and its effectiveness will differ, depending on what outcome would be funniest at the time. Amy will go full alpha-bitch any time Rouge is within proximity of Sonic, despite Rouge possibly establishing beforehand that she has no interest in the blue blur. Sonic... could not give less of a fuck about Rouge if he tried.

Man, without the whole Emerald thing, Boom Knuckles and Rouge having a rivalry just wouldn't carry the same kind of effect.

Also, it's hard to even imagine boom knuckles not being too clueless for the whole flirty thing to even work on him.

>muscles and brain-smartness...
This fucking guy's stories.

I wasn't talking about realism, I was talking about how Boom Eggman might be closer to Roosevelt then the original.

He'll never be able to keep up with their bantz though.

Which would only increase the bullying.
Orbot has proven to be the kind of robot that doesn't shut up even when he knows it's going to mean bad things for him.

We have precedent of him liking girls, You could have an episode where Rouge is "taken advantage of him" but he's too dumb to notice he's being used to help her rob stuff.

You know the whole guy's never girlfriend is no good but he won't believe his friends and thinks they're jealous cliche.

He stands up to her at the end but she just says she likes his touch guy side and heads off carrying some loot they forgot to take back in all the commotion

That or just have Eggman hire her for stuff

Omega just being played straight WOULD be the best. Just have him absolutely terrify EVERYONE. Especially Eggman.

>Boom's Sonic is pretty lazy

Well when you're pretty much friends with your arch nemesis, it's kind of hard to take a 'saving the day' job seriously.


I know shit about Blaze, so I'm going with this, personally. I think Espio especially could work in a comedy setting pretty well.