We will never go back to the 90's cheesecake era because of SJWfags

>We will never go back to the 90's cheesecake era because of SJWfags.

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I thought DC still does extremely good art?

>>We will never go back to the 90's Liefield

Whatever will I do without my crappy softcore porn?

>Gen 13 was never good

Post on tumblr where you belong?

I really don't understand why you see that as an issue. You have free, unlimited access to porn at all times. You are not hard up for wank material. Why do you need cheesecake at all?

You say that like J. Scott Campbell isn't still shitting out horrible pin-up garbage.

We will in about 10 or 20 years time. The SJW manhating fad will die out eventually, even sooner if trump wins.

>Just watch porn, lol.
>Why look at marble statues when you could just watch porn.

You fags don't get it.

>even sooner if trump wins.
Honestly, the reason would just change from "feminism" to "think of the children"

Soccer moms don't care about comics anymore user, at least not niche ones.

Feminists have been using "think of the children" for a while now. Conservatives stopped caring a long time ago.

>even sooner if trump wins.

It will actually increase a thousand fold because so many Americans will be mad as fuck.

You think Trump can systematically execute SJWs?

I guess I don't cause I don't see how this is a problem.

Has nothing to do with fapping, its visually pleasing to look at, it endears us to the characters.
Its like the trunks on Superman, some like the visual of it breaking up the blue, some do not.

Trump supporters frequently fantasize about the day of the rope.

The SJW problem is an internal one in the industry. Not much Trump can do.

Lust has been a vital creative force throughout history. You can tell that, by looking at tons of classical and renaissance art. Stifling lust and disconnecting it from creativity leads to a bleaker world.

>It will actually increase a thousand fold because so many Americans will be mad as fuck.
A minority compared to the people who are keeping silent and plan on voting trump anyway because they're sick of the extreme PC world we currently live in.

You didn't live through the 90s, did you?

At least Tumblr has hardcore porn. Hell I can find ten cheesecake artist on tumblr like that and they would all be better than J.Scott Campbell.

I don't think so dog

The comics just have to be labelled 'sex positive' now and any argument against them can be dismissed as slut shaming.

It will blow you away how much tits and ass comics are being published right now

I'm not a prude m8, it's just that your shitty cheesecake isn't art, it's just fanservice.

Internet has all the soft/hard/fetish shit for free tho.

>compared to the people who are keeping silent
Reading comprehension. I'm talking about the people who are quiet and don't make their political feelings known. The people who say "I don't think hillary is the best..." and are immediately shut down by being called a racist deplorable idiot.

But X-men 92 has cheesecake

>it's just that your shitty cheesecake isn't art

It's not even about lust, necessicilarily. Not all art that explores the human form is pornographic. Cheesecake is distinct from porn, it's meant to be titillating, but not vulgar.

Tumblr has so much porn that many of us quit using any other source.

It's also a great source of bricks for whatever echo chamber you desire.

>Everything that isn't porn must be completely puritan
>It's one thing or the other, there can be no middle ground
I hate people who use this argument. It really makes me question their understanding of human sexuality when they imply there should be no middle ground between porn and all-ages.

It's not like people have stopped drawing sexy ladies, it's just now artist have a little self-respect and stopped pandering to pimply teenagers.

Good thread OP! Really contributing to the quality of the board.

As lover of cheesecake, good girls, and ecchi, I jave to agree.
I don't care about whatever soap opera bullshit whatever capeshits are into in their bullshit storyline.

Do you faggots need spandex qts trying the save the world every month, wouldn't you rather read fun sexy comedies instead?

That's not the argument that's being presented tho.

>muh silent majority

Sure, but because those people don't have opinions on anything besides sex, drinking beer and working 9-5 I really doubt they care about cheesecake in comics or BLM.

Burgers can't into subtlety m8.
Its either all disgust porn or all sanitary action.

The books are also fun reads.

>you have to lack self respect to find doing x nice (I'll tell you what x is, you don't know, trust me)
>there are age-focused aesthetics and I hold the guidebook on what suits whom
>artists do "distasteful nude" to pander, never because that's what they feel like
>tasteful nude is a thing though -we're not prudes- BUT I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S TASTEFUL AND NOT
self-righteousness bingo

good? why care when actual better porn is out there on the net

>pimply teenagers
Roastie detected.
They don't read comics, they haven't for decades

>You have free, unlimited access to porn at all times. You are not hard up for wank material. Why do you need cheesecake at all?
That's what it sounds like to me. Why do I need mildly titillating art when I can just go on pornhub and watch some girl getting spitroasted? Because they're totally different things obviously and human sexuality is more than just nudity.

>better porn
3D is gross, hentai is for faggots

The general consensus is that they're seen as a joke. They're the current day version of the occupy movement. No one is taking them seriously anymore, they're just seen as a nuisance.

Fucking no one is saying that dude. The lack of cheesecake isn't cause of prudes creatively smacking down on artists, it's cause people can just look at porn on the internet.

90s cheesecake wasn't art, it was a scam for mediocre comics.

That's exactly what I'm saying. This is different than porn and only people with infantile views of sex think cheesecake is just 'porn but not as good'.

Just look at porn dude.

I can't say when I read 90's books that I particularly care for the cheesecake. It's more distracting to then story that's being told.

Dynamite's going back to the old costumes for Vampirella and co.

Cheesecake in comics was originally just because companies were trying to sell books based on sex appeal. Now that we have the internet and literally any kind of porn at our fingertips, we don't really need cheesecake art in our comics. It's lost its purpose.

>it endears us to the characters
>"I can't get invested in the characters unless i can fap to them."
That's pretty shallow, user.

>human sexuality is more than just nudity
Human sexuality boils down to "If it's pretty, I wanna fuck it, then judge other people for wanting to fuck things I don't like.". Trying to paint human sexuality as complex or even interesting is frankly laughable.

Seriously dude. We're monkeys. Talking monkeys that can do math and bitch at each other.

I was expecting cheesecakes. Post 90's cheesecakes

Just stop drawung chicks at all, make every capeshit look like Cawadooty meets BvS, black and white withs smears of blues and greens.

It's what you serious faggots always wanted anyway.

How many times are you going to repost
>just look at porn
to make it seem like many people hold that opinion?If they did, they'd see it stated in the thread and wouldn't repost it, again and again.

I just fucking said it has nothing to do with fapping.
I haven't fapped to a still image in 8 years.
I never said it's the ONLY thing that eendears us to the character, Is said it's simply can do so.
Emma Frost for example Is sexy but I still hate her fucking guts characterwiss.

>reducing beauty to a meathole
Literally philistine

Someday, when male sexuality is no longer dismissed by so many so called intellectuals, we may see a return of cheesecake. Until then, just suffer through it while they continue to wonder why more and more men are fed up with the society they live in.

Not an argument.

Color is for rainbow queers, commie.

>male sexuality
Ayy, don't you mean RAPE PATRIARCHY

>many of us quit using any other source.

>this thread
Kek, talk about castrated sheep.

And Cred Forums has the gull to bitch about Cred Forums

yea thay spam loli porn in a thread thay dont like

This is true.
So many great momcest caption gifs, it truly the best.

>I never said it's the ONLY thing that endears us to the character, I said it simply can do so.
Can it though? Your own example of Emma Frost suggests that a character's attractiveness has nothing to do with whether the audience likes a character.

What beauty? There's no beauty in the instinctual desire for a species to procreate. You could argue there's beauty in the science of it, but the concept of animals wanting to fuck is just a thing that exists.


>People like something in comics that they can't get anymore, talk about how they miss it
>lel castrated sheep

Why are you even here? It's obviously not to talk about comics.


Whatever filthy, disgusting, shameful thing that gets you off has at lean ten dedicated Tumblr blog devoted to it and a couple of them update daily.

True gents.
I wish somebody would spam cheesecake here.

>There's no beauty
t. Millienal/fedora/hambeast/tumblr/cointelpro/modern life

People have to work at beauty, you know that. You aren't just born with it. There's the fitness, confidence, style, all that noise.
A person's looks says a lot about a person. Ask anybody. It shows how far they'll go for their own self-respect.

>There's no beauty in the instinctual desire for a species to procreate
There's beauty in the feeling of the desire though. And in the object of it.

It really annoys me when people change the topic to something with similar words and concepts.

Like, user is clearly talking about finding something you want to fuck beautiful and you act as if he was talking about finding the mechanics of breeding beautiful.

I think he was talking about in the replies to people who are saying they miss cheesecake and how Cred Forums has this extreme liberal tumblr mindset.

What YOU doing here, besides giving me (You)s

I think he was calling the folk who critic cheesecake as castrated, not the ones who miss it.

>What beauty? There's no beauty in the instinctual desire for a species to procreate. You could argue there's beauty in the science of it, but the concept of animals wanting to fuck is just a thing that exists.
I feel bad for your gf honestly

>muh sjw
Cred Forums- Video Games

>80's - complain about commies
>90's - complain about hippies
>00's - complain about hipsters
>10's - complain about "SJWs"

I guess it really is in human nature to always place blame on someone other than themselves.

t. Goobergate

I dont think annoying sea birds have anythung to do with this.

Only sjws have affected comics, the fuck are you even including the others for you fucking retard ?

>justifying shitty art because MUH FAPS
There's a lot of bad art now that's being hired because of the reverse (cutesy shit) but overall we're returning to a more 80s era where good art is being published because it's good, not because it fits into a style or some shitty editor thinks the cheesecake will sell

Also Benes still gets work

>why more and more men are fed up with the society they live in.

aww poor wittle you, sucks being a man huh? ;_;

They poop on ppl alot, I'm sure that's relevant here.


There you go being a retard again. I bet you cried real tears over gamergate.

>justifying art
art doesn't need justification in the first place

>""""""""men """"""""""

>I didn't post on Cred Forums in the 2000s, the post
Newfags always think that what they have experienced is the only thing that has happened

>A person's looks says a lot about a person.
Now see, here's where you would have a legitimate point, IF comic book artists had anything resembling versatility. What you just said is one of the main reasons you see people complaining about a lack of different body types, because yes, appearance can indeed inform a character through visual cues. The issue of course being that the vast majority of comics characters look extremely similar, so they usually lack unique visual cues.

The lack of cheesecake has nothing with prudery and everything to do with Cheesecake just being inefficient in a storytelling sense.

You lost, we won. Get over it faggot.

>only sjws have affected comics

t.someone who doesn't read comics

We won't go back to 90's cheesecake because Cred Forumslacks.

They complain anytime a female character is onscreen.

>Harley and Ivy canon lesbians
>Harley likes it up the butt
>Harley and Ivy flirting with a third woman while topless, showing sideboob
>Female character gets a new costume and book
>Female character gets the D.

Cred Forums is why we can't have nice things. Tumblr is mostly porn and porn artists, they're mostly okay with lewds. But the social conservatives through a bitch fit like castrated feminazi dickgirls.

Okay, Supporting then. Supporting bad art because you can fap to it is retarded

>S-SJWs dont exist bro!
>Its a made up term that only BIGOTS use!
>Never a liberal complained about sjws, and never a person identified as one!

This. Showing off a character's goods is automatically less important than having them display emotion or interacting with other characters. You've only got so many pages to work with, you should probably use them on things of substance.

Of course, not that that would happen anyway considering comics today are decompressed to hell and very rarely feature anything of substance. Decompression is cancer.

>Sjws don't exist
>it's just a made up word
Nobody said that tho.

>Supporting bad art because you can fap to it is retarded

I don't even have a counter-argument for how fucking stupid that is to say.

The desire to fap to something is most of the reasons to pay for art.

You sure do have an active imagination arguing against strawmen. You don't even know what you're saying. Clueless gimp.

To be honest, lesbians are boring as fuck and is basically the ultimate cuck fetish.

Also, your complains are things that are typical on Cred Forums, including "purity" and animes never had a problem with cheesecake.

At least it's not futa

Ok, can you explain in a civilized way them what did you meant?

Goddamn, this place has gone to shit.

>lesbians are boring as fuck and is basically the ultimate cuck fetish.
This. Couldn't have said it better myself.

It's very simple. I said people (like you) will always find someone else to blame for their own shortcomings.

You're saying SJWs took away your "cheesecake" when you're living in a time period when that stuff is more accessible than any other time in history. Several people have explained this concept to you but it just keeps flying over your head cause you're a delusional polturd who loves placing blame on others for everything you perceive to be bad.

Get it now?

No more cheesecake though

That's Danger Girl

He won't ever get it, but at least there are some Cred Forumsmrades who aren't fucking retarder

Maybe you should've been this clear from the start instead of calling him a, "clueless gimp"

>It's very simple. I said people (like you) will always find someone else to blame for their own shortcomings.

But I wasnt the guy that you was arguing, and you had only interacted with me on two or three replies.

Are you projecting?

Also, you didnt proved anything, just insulted others in the hope that it works as an argument.

>I said people (like you) will always find someone else to blame for their own shortcomings.
> cause you're a delusional polturd
You literally can't make this shit up. Cred Forums is such a garbage board these days, it's not even funny. I wonder if Cred Forums will ever take ownership of their own bullshit instead of blaming it on tumblr or Cred Forums or reddit or Cred Forums or Cred Forums or....


>just insulted others in the hope that it works as an argument.
According to
It worked.

Comics with cheesecake sure aren't accessible anymore.

So as long as the character isn't a slutty dyke, there won't be a problem.

Great post. Make sure you put more of your complaints in the suggestion box so that we can better improve your Cred Forums browsing experience.

>we'll never go back to the era of terrible proportions and bad art

Say it ain't so!

>liberals complain every time a non-plus-sized character is shown in a suggestive way.
>blame the conservatives

nice try, faggot.

This isn't a bad thing tho

Do you even know what accessible means or are you just clueless?

Was calling you out on saying people are always blaming others for their own shortcomings, and then you immediately call him a "pol"tard. Try to keep up, sweety.

It seems to me that Cred Forums is drowning in a glass of water again:

It might have gone don in the major two, but OP said IN COMICS and that's bullshit and a lie.
The independent industry is still doing whatever the fuck it wants, in fact, instead of trowing your money to capeshit you could become a patreon of any of the million artist that works this stuff.

But no, just cry how you lost something that is a click away.

>conservatives complaining about a lack of risque drawings in their comics

Does that really make you a conservative?

How much of anti-cheesecake posters do you think are women? I bet that it is at least half of them, the same that goes to gaythreads to drown over guys in comics

Well they don't exist anymore so obviously that would make them pretty inaccessible.

I'm still eager to find whoever faps to this.

A bunch of 90s art looked really bad. A bunch of tumors walking around in bikinis. Not to mention all of the terrible action posses that denied anatomy and physics. You can't impersonate Rob Liefeld and make an attractive human being at the same time.

I am not complaining about anyone's shortcomings you dummy. And in my experience anyone who is always complaining and spamming "SJWs" in all their posts lurks Cred Forums in their spare time.

The argument has already been debunked. There's no argument here. Just some twat finding a way to complain about meaningless nonsense that is actually more common now than the time he's reminiscing about. Did SJWs take away your nintendo game boys and cartridges too?

4%. The rest of trolls, and effeminate guys thinking this will give them good guy points, and obese faggots.

It's really nothing to mourn or clamor for the return of

T. A nigga

It was never a problem until the SJWs got more clout.


Except a majority of us are telling you that your "cheesecake" exists now more than it did in the 90's.

Maybe you're just too stupid to find it, which is your fault.

How do we save 90's comics?

what the hell are you on about you fucking loon

even goddamn sarkeesian of all people says there there is absolutely a place for characters designed like that

I'll take Alex Maleeve using actual fight choreography over that garbage any day.

Didn't answer the question.

is there any comic out there i should pay attention to for good faps?

Fast! To the time machine!

It's called Hentai and Ecchi

I highly recommend anything by Tosh and Raita

I'm being serious here. We have to do something.

And we're saying looking at somebody's shitty fanart is a big difference from picking up a regular comic and seeing attractive women in a sequential storytelling context. Something which seems pretty obvious now that I put it that way.

No. All the SJWs took them away.

>and seeing attractive women in a sequential storytelling context

Wew you have problems lad

Sure. And the moment someone draws something risqué everyone cries misogyny

Depends on your taste, I could recommend a lot of European stuff, but, for example, some people don't really find Milo Manara's art that fapable, so depends on what do you like.

Funny, I'm pretty sure Empowered is still legal to buy everywhere.

Meant to quote

Well, There is always Zenescope. Which while not the best, actually has some more thought then you'd expect put into the plot.

DC has some things on occasion, Marvel still occasionally has JSC covers. But is is depressingly true Marvel is desexualizing their women. It's pretty stupid though since only unattractive women think its "gross" and unrealistic. My attractive female friends all agree that sexy characters are better, they think its more fun and looks better. And all that shit about "women cant pose like that?" These are superhuman gymnast level martial artists, Yeah they can pose like that, plenty of living humans can pose that. Just because your 250lb ass cant doesnt mean a 120lb woman cant.

Silly user, Empowered is not famous enough for them to criticize.

>My attractive female friends all agree that sexy characters are better, they think its more fun and looks better

Who the fuck finds 90s cheesecake art fappable? It was mostly garbage.

Read Lupacchino's Starfire if you want a recent comic with good cheesecake art.

we need someone to story time Empowered then

>Read Lupacchino's Starfire

Huh? Who? I don't actually read comics though, I just like to complain about SJWs. Have you seen that they made Iron Man a black woman now? Can you believe these disgusting SJWs?

I love this. When in doubt, just pretend to be who you're arguing against.

>Storytiming a webcomic
Is it really necessary?

Are you retarded?

when did it become a webcomic?

>Fish lipped animu face
Jeeze what happened adam?

I don't know?

this only goes up to volume 2
there are 9 volumes

But I'm not pretending, also I saw they made Green Lantern a mudslime

Oh, then yes, go on with it.
I mostly stop reading when I bought the physical copies at my bookstore so I didn't actually knew.

one of the Green Lanterns not THE Green Lantern
I do agree that he shouldn't be muslim. How can you believe in the quran when your in space seeing proof everyday the book is wrong

It's just a stupid comic dingus, there are talking fish/ intelligent gas lanterns

Them's aliens, speciest scum.

so because a comic has aliens we shouldn't take it seriously?

I was being satirical with the muslim stuff. I really don't care.

You shouldn't flip out on mudshits being lanterns

J Scott Campbell and Michael turner were great.

>I'm just funposting
Nice to know

we actually use tumblr for porn?

>Gen 13
Yeah, no.
At least we got real nudity now, not just fucking baits as in every pretentious comics in the 90's.

it makes no sense though
it's like Mr.Fantastic being an atheist when he has met gods

No since pornfessional has been deleted.

Back in DC Mr Terrific is one, and he seems to be doing fine.

I just think real world religions don't make sense in DC/Marvel when there are literal gods everywhere

What comic is this?

Not an sjw by any means, but kitty pride can be as kikey as she wants and still get a alien pet dragon, why not some sandnigs?

that's also dumb

That style and lot of the 90s style look fucking terrible especially when it came to asses. That being said there is plenty of cheesecake and nudity outside the big two.

Not since they got rid of loli/shota

So are capeshits

good point

>Harley and Ivy canon lesbians
They're both bisexuals though. Will Cred Forums actually bitch about that?

Cred Forums doesn't read comics, they'd animu or vidya more than buy comics.

Both ivy and harley are deranged, violent villains. Cred Forums would not complain about being right. They might as well complain about Shlomo Shekelstein becoming supervillain Greed-Man.

>The comics just have to be labelled 'sex positive' now and any argument against them can be dismissed as slut shaming.
Nobody slut shames more than modern feminists though.

>real nudity

Where? In niche comics with terrible tumblrfag noodle art?

Maybe you should stop living in a country that bans comic books everytime somebody on the internet complains about them.