What is the origin of this foolish ship? It is utter madness. It boggles my mind, but I must know why and how such a thing came to be.

Help me understand this madness.

it's literally one person drawing it

who cares

1. I don't know if you're doing this on purpose, but you're speaking exactly like Aku.
2. The internet will ship fucking anything. It probably stemmed from the official CN comic where the PPG teamed up with EEnE, Dexter, Courage, and Samurai Jack to battle Aku, Mojo, and someone else.

same dad.
Incest is bestcest

>What is the origin of this foolish ship?
World of Light?

No it isn't shut up.

>"What is this? What is the origin of this foolish pairing? Who is this 'Blossom'? I do not understand! ANSWER ME, SAMURAI!"
>"It would appear that YOU are the foolish one, Aku. The people of this land will romantically link nearly everything and anything...even you."
>"But this does not make sense! No mortal woman can ever hope to contain the potent seed of Aku! It is utter madness!"
>"For once, I am in agreement with you. However, I must point out one thing: this is the product of the future you created, Aku."




It makes about as much sense as Bubbles/Hong Kong Phoey

nah, I saw this ship even before Bleedman used it in his fanfiction


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Quite making your own circlejerk threads, please.

oh god I hear it in their voices

god there's a hole in my heart where mako used to be.

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>a pgg

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This one is better.

This is as funny as the time Aku visited /d/.