Are you prepared?

Are you prepared?

Yes. King said Ostrander Suicide Squad is his favorite long running superhero comic and getting to do this arc is one of the things that convinced him to do Batman.

That's all sorts of sexy.

Bless Chung for making this art bearable.

I know it's been the case for like 15 years now, but I just love Selina's costume so much.

I'm still unsure how I feel about King's run so far.

I really hate the fact between old rent and bills I literally only have money for food

I'd be buying the shit outa rebirth if I did

The preview for #9 (start of I Am Suicide) was arguably the best 4-5 pages that King has written on Batman.

I think he's moved away from self-described "fuck yeah!" moments that he made for the first arc and gone back to the "personal darkness" that made him such an interesting writer before.

Janin's art sucks balls. Why does King keep talking like he's the second coming of Christ?

It's his job to shill whoever he works with

But this art is good though.

Because his opinion is different from yours.


Because it's his book. Have you ever heard a writer do anything but hype their artist like the second coming?

Feel like I've ready so many interviews where King says something is his favorite. I think that is just something he says at this point.

what is this, a preview for ants?

My apologies, I donked up. Here's round two./




That's all, folks

He looks like a big character for Tom King