Season 1 is almost over

>season 1 is almost over
>they promised s2 will focus more on the sisters
>it opens with another fucking Lincoln and Clyde episode

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Rewatching, I've come to the conclusion that that complaints on Clyde are pretty blown out of proportion, and now when people complain I get to laugh at the salt that he "steals screentime from muh waifu".

If you're only watching a cartoon to jerk off to heavily stylized depictions of young girls with enormous heads, maybe you need to reevaluate your life.

Can they stop with the romance plots? I mean for Lincoln specifically. 11 year olds still think girls have cooties. They don't juggle dates and kiss them.

Good god this show has more samefacing than your average anime.

>it opens with another fucking Lincoln and Clyde episode
Jesus fucking christ what did you think they would start with. The second season of dexters laboratory didn't start with a mom/dad episode or a monkey episode.

Those tears look very copy-pasted.

That was in the actual show

It would be better if Clyde was remotely interesting. I cant think of any cartoon out now with a best friend character that is so uninteresting

>I cant think of any cartoon out now with a best friend character that is so uninteresting
But think about what cartoons are actually out, right now, with best friend characters, then look at what those cartoons are about and what the character is like. The Loud House, despite the silly stuff it does go into, is a pretty down to earth show. The best friend character isn't going to be a teenage karate master, a past-his-prime magical dog, a lonely girl turned sword fighter, or a talking animal. It's going to be a kid that's pretty much like Lincoln, but still not exactly.
For the sake of the argument, I'll say that Clyde is actually a pretty interesting character.
Clyde is just a kid. His main points that people love to complain about are him being the sidekick and his crush on Lori, but he still has other stuff going on.
He has his friendship with Lincoln, what it's like to be his friend and for Lincoln to be friends with Clyde; He has his therapy sessions that can make you wonder why; He has his stuffed animals, more so than Lincoln, and his cats going into him being an only child while his best friend has 10 sisters; He's shown to have some talents, but not as much cause he isn't often the focus, despite people joking he is whenever he's on screen; He has his dads and what it's like to be raised by them, not really in how they're gay, but just as them both being overprotective parents with different influences on him. He actually has a lot that makes him interesting, if you let it, and, so far, quite a bit of that is in the show.
With the complaint that he's often just there to remind Lincoln of something, that's not inherently a bad thing. Lincoln does need someone as a support character to either act as a voice of reason or to go along with him when his sisters otherwise wouldn't, as Lincoln often fucks things up on his own, or goes into things headfirst. As the support that he is, he's better than people give him credit.

>it opens with another fucking Lincoln and Clyde episode

Can't get enough of the OTP

Says you.

The Loud House has been pretty good exploring Lincoln's social life outside of his family, and Clyde is core factor. This show would be stale as hell if Lincoln was attached to his sisters all the time.

Barely anyone realized by now that Clyde being a black only-child with two dads was always meant to both compliment and contrast Lincoln's upbringing?

I think people realize that, but either the show failed to hook people on it, or peiple just don't give a twat about Lincoln putside of self-inserting when things go right with the sisters.

Well to be honest, someone who is like Lincoln but not really is not interesting.

Take Sanjay and Craig. One of the problems with the show is that the two main characters are too similar.

You would think Clyde's input as an only child would be explored more, but it isnt.

Despite what people think of Chloe in FoP, her "smart, kind but manic" personality can be seen through absolutely everything she does, and is a direct contrast to Timmy's personality. They compliment each other well.

Harvey is a kind, soft, sheltered child and Fee and Foo are his rambunctious best friends, and they both learn from each other. They help each other grow.

I feel no interesting character dynamics coming from Clyde, as every time he needs to mention Lori, and every other time he's just an obstacle or gives bad advice, or is there because the scene needs another person for Lincoln to talk to. Sometimes he feels like someone who only exists so Lincoln can talk to another person about his sisters.

You are correct.

The Loud House is appreciated fully by two demographics - kids and adults who've watched metric shitloads of cartoons. It is a masterpiece, and a whole lot of effort and love went into making this show.

I think it's fine but a masterpiece is a bit excessive in my eyes

But those "adults" have to remember that kids are the main demographic
Cereal Offender aired in Canada today. Someone on /trash/ uploaded it.

I stand by my words. You'll probably think the same after a few years.

There really is no way to explain this without coming off as an elitist.

I don't like this show
I heard it's like hey Arnold bit it's nothing like hey arnold
I also heard it's like classic Nickelodeon cartoons but it's nothing like classic Nickelodeon either
It feels like a 2004 show that gets aired when kids are at school

Maybe, but I doubt it. I already watch a shit load of cartoons now and appreciate them as an adult. Hell, I still enjoy plenty of cartoons people hate as I have a super wide range of what I find interesting.

Plus, I'm one of those "not as comfy as Beaks, not as wacky as FoP" guys where it's not the best at what it does on the channel for me. I'm glad you love it so much though.

I dont think it's flawless but it definitely feels like classic Nick. Not Hey Arnold though

Speaking of that I kinda agree - people get way too hung up on details, explanations and creating meaningless "lore" instead of just enjoying themselves.

But you know what truly gets me, the thing I absolutely loathe and hate? The fandom we have here, and I'm not talking about the occassional lewd comment or two. What I cannot comprehend and isn't just a TLH thing is the grimdark bullshit people spew about characters. Murder, madness, psychosis and whatnot. Are they just younger Anons who think that's "adult" of them? Or is the culture today so absolutely poisoned and their lives so miserable that they cannot imagine simple happiness, just nice things in general?

There's also the possibility I myself just made a full circle and ended up as a softie. Most of my comments about TLH amount to:

>"I like X because..."
>"I think Y is cute."
>"Z is awesome, I like her because..."

And so on. Point is that I'm fairly often disgusted by the things people come up with. I avoid the shit out of threads during hiatuses just because of that.

Hes a boring uninteresting fuck and i want to pimpslap you for laughing about my lack of waifu screentime.

Nice trips.

That's okay user, I'm not pushing anything. Point is I feel this show truly is timeless, so I chuckle when someone says it feels like a "early 2000s" show. I'd say it feels like a 90s show, and there's an emotional resonance with my own childhood. This just reinforces my opinion that it is a timeless, intimate show that is infinitely relatable.

I'm fine with people not liking it. Tastes differ. But there's way too many people who instead of saying that they don't like it go on a ragefest of insults.

fuck off waifufag, you are the cancer of Cred Forums/

I hate LH threads because people will go to other threads acting hostile for no reason, like when Misha went to the Harvey Beaks thread about it being possibly cancelled to shitpost about LH

Yeah, I'd say it's timeless, which is an advantage it has over at least half of the shows on air now. Including a few shows I like more.

>people get way too hung up on details, explanations and creating meaningless "lore" instead of just enjoying themselves.

This is why TTG! is beating AT, RS and SU ratings wise

I'd say the grimdark peddlers here have a fetish for it (If it was deviantart, I'd say they're just edgelords)

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