Besides Donald Duck are there any comic superheroes that are in the navy?

Besides Donald Duck are there any comic superheroes that are in the navy?

Subbie the sea going lad,

I think there might have been some kind of Sailor Man with a Pop-Eye

Well, as Donald Duck is not a superhero, I think Popeye is a good example

There's Shipwreck.

>in the navy



Sorry. Reflex.

And Shoreleave.

Donald is from the Navy? Wasn't he drafted by the army?

>forgetting the best sailor

He's wearing an old-school navy uniform

Yeah, but has he ever been a sailor for real?

Him having been a sailor is irrelevant otuside shitty american saturday morning cartoon adaptations.

Besides you can be a sailor without having been in the navy.

Yes, he served on an aircraft carrier in ducktales.

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Is he Navy though? He's a sailor, but not necessarily Navy.

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Didn't he appear in some anti-Japanese shorts? That implies military service

Nigga, Popeye fought in WWII. He singlehandedly won the Pacific War. Do you know Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What do you think happened there?

I'm in the Navy


That's not Mercury.

Are you a top or bottom?

and Cutter, Deep Six, Wet Suit, and Torpedo.

Is it as gay as people say it is?


It's less gay than the marines. Navy and airforce are probably the least gay anymore because they have the most women. That brings it's own problems though.

Batwoman was army not navy, but she is super gay so close enough.

Do they count?

i like Jupiter more desu but Merc is a close second. dem sleepy eyes

>Donald has served in both the Navy and the Army.
What a brave and patriotic duck... sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. Not like some others ducks that I am not going to say the name...

Jupiter's my second favorite. Dem legs.

Jupiter's also my second favorite but first for me is


Those little shits, setting off firecrackers and dynamite around a war veteran and complain when he goes ballistic.

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