How badly beaten up should female characters get in fight scenes?

How badly beaten up should female characters get in fight scenes?

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fire-extinguisher-scene-from-Irriversible tier


As badly as male characters.

I guess it doesn't matter as long as they give as much as they get

That depends on how well they are at fighting, and how well their opponent is.


the first thing that came to my mind aswell


As much as a male character should, they want equality they should deal with all of it

Looks like a glorified backyard show. Wouldn't be surprised if it was IWA Mid-south.

>inb4 someone posts the fiberglass insulation webm

Well this image is giving me uncomfortable boners.


wakfu tier
same as men basically

>male character has fight scene
>usually one-on-one
>if the stakes are high he gets bloody, messy, clothes can end up slightly discheveled, if nothing else he breaks in to sweat
>female character has fight scene
>flips around and beats up multiple guys twice the size of her with ease without even a hair out of place

One of these scenes has tension, can you guess which?

The woman because we're more likely to feel worse for the girl if she gets beat up compared to the dude.

does anyone else find black eyes to be cute?

As beaten up as they are?
If they're having a rough fight then they should be visibly taking damage.
If they're dancing on somebody and haven't been hit then they should not be showing any level of damage.

>if she gets beat up

But she wont, so there's no tension.

Dogma get out.

Either worse or the same as men unless they have an espesific power that stops them from it

Dog who?

Also like this OP

I don't like seeing women beat up at all. Women are like children, I know kids get their asses kicked IRL but it's still disturbing to see.

If a man and a woman in perfect health obtained the same power (flight for example) and they both were hit with the exact same strength then the woman would end up more harmed both visually and in function

Same as the men, and both depend the setting. Basically, just look fighting games. You don't want people to get that badly injured, you go Street Fighter - some cuts and bruises for everyone. You want blood, you go Mortal Kombat - everyone gets their head ripped off their shoulders.

This is why Banshee was so good.

Yeah but getting beaten up is a concequence of fighting.
You might not like it and think it's disturbing but there is no reason to portray violence as harmless.

Depends on the situation and what rating you want your comic.
Kid friendly? Maybe a bruise or losing a tooth (but no blood and prolly must be over top enough for it to be cartoony not real)
Teen level? Some blood on the mouth and some scratches, but nothing too extreme (like an eyeball popped out the socket or a lost limb gushing like a sprung leak)
Mature level? The world is your oyster man.

Netflix Daredevil-tier.
I hate it when shows/movies/etc try to show how "badass" woman is by making her untouchable.

You have my attention
From wiki, the premise of the series seems good, how is the story delivered?


>Elektra doesn't get touched

The reverse search for this image keeps showing shark and crocodile attacks.

It is Kathy Owens vs Sabrina Sixx. Sabrina Sixx is the skinny one.


Having a cooter does not make you immune to physical trauma.

Watch True Romance then ask again

>As badly as male characters.

This is pure misogyny.

>Alternating between speaking Russian and English
For fucks sake, pick one and stick with it

Remember that underwater scene in Suicide Squad that feminist got mad about? The scene when Harley tried to cut Batman's throat with a knife and Batman punched her in self-defense?