He's back

He's back.

With an old friend.

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>Percy is keeping Goliath.


>pink hair
fucking synergy to a show nobody but very young children even like?

So Pretty much Towel of Babel 2.0 but better.

Just for the pun. Sorry for shit resolution.

This might be the first good Teen Titans series in decades.

>You can see her skull as she's being electrocuted
Jesus fucking Christ.

At least her eyes are right.

yo can ya dump the comic or is it not out yet?

Where'd you get the pages from

is it just me or does she look like an african american when she moves her mouth?
or maybe its just those earrings

What the fuck are you even talking about?

those big earrings,i usually see them on black women on tv
plus she looks more brown than orange

>on tv
Get out of the house once in a while dude

>Everything but Teen Titans has been storytimed

Kid Flash is the token black character on this team.

Same with last time
I think people are just burned one too many times


yeah its annoying as fuck

is this gonna be monthly?

Honestly, after the monster fapfiction that was the Batman: Monster Men issue I was only looking forward to this disastrous team-up.

I think Damian qualifies for worst leader ever.

we already know it's not gonna be good

say is starfire single again?

>It's a Damian kidnaps people and forces them to be his friends episode

I'll just leave this here...

Teen Titans - Rebirth 001 (2016) (digital) (burgerlad)


uh can someone story time this?
im too lazy to download it,atleast before ive read it

storytime it fag

But he has his charms.

After all he befriended Maya (after killing her father), Suren (after disposing his father) and Goliath (after slaughtering his whole family).

So having then teen titans follow him after only almost electrocuting them should be a piece of cake.

My PC does not like that download link one bit.

dammit its all in black and white!

you mean ever right?

He's Batman's son. That's a bullshit reason but it works because muh daaaad.






If this isn't just the preview then you've earned my daily love.

Don't thank me yet.

Nah, it's the entire thing.

And if is ?



How are all these original Titans teens again while Dick is an adult?

It's not, stop speaking in hypotheticals or I'm going to cry.


>sweating security guard.jpg

The Specter fucked up the post crisis clean up again.

>smiling at a bundle of bananas

Damian/Starfire OTP

If I owned that creature I would have it give me a blowjob every night.


>that worm

Dick's only 21

straight shota i like


Thank you, friend

then how old is starfire?

>I'm older than Nightwing by at least 7 years now
Oh god. Make time stop.

and im 2 years older


>he still visits Cred Forums

she's an alien so whatever

until retcons nu52 wonder woman was 23.

Is that confirmed? If we take Dick as one of the oldest of the ex sidekicks the entirety of the young justice line are under the age where you leave college, and there's only an 8 year age difference in the Robins.
>Family sitcom/Highschool AU comic when?

Go suck a dick, babyface.

I just want to let you know that I wont be storytiming the book anymore.

it's from the start of Grayson.

Is it THAT bad?

Mr Mind?

well that was a dick move
could ya atleast give download links so can storytime it ourselves?

i thought it looked like that worm starfire has in teen titans go


Silkie, and she had that pet in the Teen Titans cartoon as well, not just Go. I thought Silkie was already shown to be completely different in this universe?
See: Silkie.

ok so can anyone else story time this book?
he can;t be the only one who has it

I wouldn't know.

That dude ain't me, I am just getting connection errors, ffs.

Was the rebirth issue really that bad or something? Because I'm suprised how little anyone talking about it despite the fact that many were excited when the series was announced and DC was really pushing it hard.

Why so touchy?

We've got almost all of the book from all the previews anyway. Still would be nice to have them all together though.

Where'd you even get the comic from, and can you share?

OK, attempt 37


Fucking finally.
Sorry about that, Mr. Mind ate my Internet.

I just read the issue, it's literally almost all the preview pages we got over the past 2 months with a last page of Damian and Goliath. Kinda pointless.

Because you're still going to feel how horrible it is to grow up. Fuck your youth, it's a wasted blessing. I hope you get run over by a car so you don't even get to get older.

>shockingly easy

Damian, c'mon.

>pool table captcha
hmm, hat's new

They'd have such a great dynamic.

>She's flipping him off
Didn't catch that in the preview


Raven is CUTE


who knows maybe the writers might actually have the guts to do that
just imagine adult starfire french kissing a 12 year old boy

I had no idea Trigon liked art.Wonder how he paid the artist?


Go home and be a family man.

In rape dollars.

Dibs on Raven. Suck iiiit.



>The one in the hoodie
Is hoodie the cloth of choice for small time robbers?



Why wouldn't it be? There cheap, almost everyone wears one, so you won't look suspicious, but you can still use it to hide your face.


>Syndrome vs the Incredibles

What the FUCK, Damian. Seriously, he's a little sociopath.

Did Damien change them into costume?

Was hoping for more from the issue, but it wasn't bad.

And that's it.

Now hope over to and read Sixpack

Damian is a fucking savage

wow that was not what i expected
kinda underwhelming
but thats how prologues are

Really hoping one of the next couple of issues is just them grouping up and walloping the ever loving crap out of Damian, cause he needs that kind of ass kicking to get his head out of his ass

Of course he did.

describe Cred Forums's reaction if damian cucks nightwing and fucks starfire

>tumblr hair

you can have her

That's.....pretty weird to think about.

>changing not just the sexy Starfire and cute Raven, but also Gar and bWally

He might honestly be one of DC's worst written characters ever. And they had a guy whose superpower was obtained through the use of cocaine.

He's a little cancer, who the fuck thought him up in the first place?

Isn't he like 9?

ooh nice,it like to see starfire naked in bed with damian but that would be illegal unless its japan

That issue was surprisingly... good? I mean, it's Teen Titans so I'm still wary but it actually has a comparatively strong start.

And this shit is exactly the reason why he's my favourite

Damian is either going to warm up to Starfire or hate her the most because of her relationship with Dick.

Still better than his movie version.

>Fucking anyone
>Can't even get the OC pussy in his own book
>Got a friendship hug instead
Nigga please

Read Robin:SOB and shut up.

Thread Theme: youtube.com/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8

Also: We're getting one more member, place bets now.

don't matter
older woman on little boy is the best


Grant Morrison.

13, just.

I'm not sure if I'm going to like this, I can only tolerate Damian if he's not the biggest baddest person in the room, and I was hoping working with the Titans would teach him a bit of humility by not letting it all go his way, but here in the 1st issue he takes them all down easily.

>It's a Damian's mother figure fucks his brother figure episodes

its rose wilson
or atleast he's trying to get her
but unfortunately for him slade is in the way

>working with the Titans would teach him a bit of humility
I get the feeling that it will.


Oh wait, this is the timeline where he's in the Justice League because reasons.

I knew he was a supervillain but holy shit that's evil.
SOB was shit, go cry harder.
Equally bad.


user, he blindsided and captured a bunch of heroes who don't take shit from anybody. He's not going to be the biggest and baddest all the time, it's just an opening with some flair.

Please, he has his dad's preptime. The fact he somehow managed to get all those things and plan the shit in advance is just the same bullshit we saw Batman do all the time.


They spoiled most of the comic with previews


>>SOB was shit

Are you mixing Robin, son of Batman with Damian, Son of Batman (which was shit), because I challenge anyone having read issue 6 and saying it wasn't good.

This was the book, I'm certain, that launched Gleason to co-write Superman and made Damian part of Teen Titans.

I hope so, she was actually interesting.

Rose, Kaldur(Aqualad), Emiko, Blue Beetle or a character who is not being used right now.

from the thumbnail i assumed it was from the night of the monstermen crossover and thought that Bat-cow had somehow been mutated by Damian managed to tame him

Blindsiding superheroes is one of the easiest things ever. Seriously, Gar could have done it if they wanted to write it.

Timeline mess.

The Titans cast is all characters from the original 70's Teen Titans. Herald, Bumblebee

Starfire, Raven and Beastboy are from the 80's/90s New Teen Titan run. So they are not "originals."

>He's a little cancer, who the fuck thought him up in the first place?
He original appeared as a baby at the end of the non-canon 84 Batman:Son of the Demon graphic novel by Mike Barr.

Later appeared in the 96's Kingdom Come graphic novel as an adult with the name Ibn al Xu'ffasch. In that he hooked up with Dick and Starfire's daughter Nightstar.

Grant Morrison then brought the character back in 06 and supposedly was supposed tp end the story with Damian's death.

Why is everyone saying Rose?

He used some tasers and a gas emitting doll, not exactly hard things to come up with.

Damian's characterization is one of those that can change violently depending.
So you get stuff like Robin: Son of Batman and Batman and Robin V2 doing stuff like dressing up like Batman ("I'm Batman and I hate kids!") to here, where's he's a socially awkward military brat/practically a supervillain.
The movies are the worst offenders since they make him insufferable without actually making him wrong for being so, something which Ben Percy hopefully won't make the same mistake of doing.

Rose mentioned she trained with Dick in the Deathstroke comic and Slade was not happy about it.

Either this is leading to her joining with Damien's crew in the future or Priest and Abnett are going to use her for the Judas Contract remake they are planning.

Anyone who thinks this storyline won't end with Damian being forced to learn to earn their friendship through learning humility is crazy.

I for one would not be able to contain my erection. She would have the purest love with him.

>Rose takes Terra's place on the team...and in her dad's bed.

>Seriously, Gar could have done it if they wanted to write it.

He DID do that in the 90's though. Forever Evil I think it was called when Raven had him lusting over her and mind controlled.

Here it is.

I'm just hoping he gets roughed up a shitload first. Jesus died once, let's see if the son of Batgod can do it twice.

Meh just an introduction but I was kinda expecting it already from the previews. Probably would have liked it more if I haven't read them before.

He already knows humility from Bruce and Dick.
Slade can be a bit pedo, but he is will not fuck his daughter. He have reputation and principles after all.

I see him as one of those little shits you love to hate and given how he's Bruce's son that sort of spot is perfect for him.

I don't think Priest will go that far... unless Slade goes nuclear on Dick and company.

Didn't you read the interviews? This book is basically him kidnapping people to form his own teen titans. He's meant to be obnoxious.

>Best Robin
>Worst written
You need to read more comics, mate

Clearly not enough humility, maybe Clark's son can beat some into him.

>He already knows humility from Bruce and Dick.
Yeah and their the only people he cares enough to practice it on, well Alfred and Talia too I suppose.. I just don't want this comic to descend into 100 issues of Damian sneering down at his worthless peons and saying how useless they are compared to him

Whaat? His character development is one of the best. Don't watch the films, thet are all garbage.

Damian knows to respect family and learns to treat people right on an individual basis, but he's still an insecure snotbag to people he isn't familiar with. It's a fun character trait, but it is present.

Interviews confirmed that she'll just be like his big sister. Wally will pretty much always be compliant because he sort of admires Damian as a fellow kid hero with more experience (which will make him Damian's favorite because he loves getting that ego stroked) and as for Raven and BB I can't remember what it said about them.

>Damian knows to respect family
Sure he does...

You need to stop jerking off to that little twat, he's a cheap miniature Batman knockoff.
Please, his comics were mostly carried by the side characters.

I don't think he's going to sleep with Rose, I think he's going to ask her to screw Dick's team over to prove herself to him.

So, this series is pretty much is going to be Damian and friends.

>implying this wasn't his most fulfilling relationship

>Minute 5:43
New addition for Damian's harem?

21, but looks 19 because alien. At least, the artist, Meyers, said so.

Also, in case anyone doesn't realize, Damian is not the leader of the team. Starfire is the de facto leader and den mother of the team. At least, that's what Percy and Meyers said in interviews, and they're the creative team behind this, so I trust them.

I think it will but I hope it won't.

t. Tim

Hopefully. Or at least some nice porn.

agree. it is classic bat-shit to hype a no-power character that normally should beaten by just one of them.

>No one's talking about the fact that it's confirmed that Dick, just a little while before this issue and thus barely days after Tim's death tapped Kori's ass hard enough that she can't stop thinking about him even after it happened.

I really want BB to devolve into Drunken debauchery more often.

it's not as if he took them in a fair fight
he did the same thing he did with the other robins
he used their psychological weaknesses against them

>buckle roads

So no speed force?

These four are the only possible ones.

My guess is Aqualad, Rose has Deathstroke, Jaime has Blue Beetle, Emiko has Green Arrow, while Aqualad has nothing until Aquaman introduces him.

If Rose joined though, it would be like before the reboot, she'd join because of Nightwing and the Teen Titans would accept her as a favour to him. The only difference would be that Starfire is the leader instead of Tim.

Cred Forums would love this

Nah he definitely has the speedforce in Flash's ongoing.

Oh right, that horrible arc. What a piece of shit, no wonder the sociopaths here love him.

Fucking test tube baby.

I think it'll become canon that Rose wants to bang Dick, again.

Hm Damian has some nice thighs.

>Nah he definitely has the speedforce in Flash's ongoing.
He does but he's not as fast as everyone else (either is Flash).

That's why Godspeed is killing the others, each one he kills makes him faster.

Was that ever non-canon? I just assume that most characters canonical want Dick.


Honestly I think she might join Dick's Titans first and somehow wind up with Damien's group.

I thought she only wanted to bang Tim and Kid Devil.

>wanted to bang Tim and Kid Devil.
she wanted to bang Tim
she teased Devil to get other things


Tim doesn't count as family, obviously.

also raped BB a couple of times.

Gross. Kissing the mouth that was sucking Roy's cock for years.

Fuck yes he does.

Good idea, fucking an animal usually makes it understand the hierarchy.

Jason fall in the same league?

Marv wolfman???

She wanted Dick for the whole time he trained her in Bludhaven.

Damian only made the team because Tim died. I can see him trying to rub it in his face (after he comes back of course) about how much more successful his TT were compared to Tim's new 52 team.

It's Damian, he doesn't fuck around.

>worst written

Not canon anymore.

Everything is back to normal again, with Starfire crushing on Dick and Roy crushing on Donna, and Dick and Donna just being bros.

Jason gets the respect Jason deserves.

>Making up arguments through assumptions
You're not just wrong, you're a blind cunt to boot.


Ibn is a cool suave motherfucker. Don't insult Ibn by comparing him to Damian.

There isn't a huge difference between a 19 and 21 year old anyway. After 15-17 its usually lifestyle that changes a person physically.

>Aunt Iris
>Uncle Daniel
so who the fuck is he related to

I always thought that Ibn was the good end for Damien.

I love her tats

>Three whole pages between Raven's introduction and a Trigon mention
That's gotta be a new record or something.

>Lightning bolt shaved into his hairline
That's cool

So is she now good with Dick? Since when?
No way, that little bug is the only thing I like from that show.
Based Demian, now I just want to read how he does to invite Emiko into the team.

Wally was already in costume

>You look like a banana peel that just slipped on itself

it is part of her like origin/backstory, let's see how often it comes up going forward.

hahahahahahahah TRUE THAT
fucking great issue

>Worse than Minnesotan winters
Kek fat chance.

it's because they need the token black guy

Hahahahaha what a little shit

>BB was captured first
>last one to wake up

What happened during the time he captured the others? Did he pumped him every time with drugs new?

>you can put your troubles behind you.
I know a certain magician who would advise against going down that path.

is this a fallout boy song?

Holy fuck is that fucking damian fucking wayne

Indescriptible joy.

It is still canon though. Nothing has changed it.

reminder that bats have one of the highest rates of homosexuality of any animal. statistically, as the son of the bat, Damien is at least bi

>there isn't even a mission, Damien just wants them to attend his postponed birthday bash

The lack of Damifag in this thread saddens me. I wonder if they got banned for something.

When Jon takes off his shirt.

>So is she now good with Dick? Since when?
Since Grayson

on a serious note,would the writers be actually willing to go that route?

Roy hasn't referenced RHATO in TITANS.
Starfire hasn't referenced RHATO in TEEN TITANS
Jason hasn't referenced RHATO in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS new comic.

Heck, Jason even has his Pre-52 origin back, contradicting what happened before in the original RHATO. Roy went back to being an ex-junkie instead of a recovering alcoholic, contradicting what happened before in the original RHATO.
Starfire never mention Roy or Jason in either her solo or this.

It's safe to assume that it isn't canon anymore.

only Claremont would,

the general rule of thumb seems to be 'everything that was canon in n52 that is now being contradicted is because Dr Manhattan's reality edits are coming undone'

>6 results

Starfire's ongoing retconned everything Lobdell, and that was before Rebirth. Titans Hunt didn't mention it either. Neither did Titans and now Teen Titans after Rebirth.

Starfire's ongoing says Starfire was still in love with Dick and broke off their relationship because she had to (assuming this is because of him becoming Batman), and was happy to see him alive, ignoring all that needless angst from Lobdell's run plus all that shit about her sleeping around and having no memories and all that.

In canon, since meeting Dick, she has presumably only slept with Dick because we know they were dating and were in love, that is until they broke up, and then kissed Superman (Superbro), a little bit before she flew out to Key West, and then made out with that one guy in her solo for a few issues. They never actually got together though, hell, the second she meets Dick again, even though she was just having a romantic moment with the other guy, makes out with Dick, then takes him over to her place and teases him about not wanting to have sex, before getting pancakes for breakfast. Then, she left Key West, and that seemingly led her to meet with Dick after Tim's death, where they kissed apparently, according to this issue, and then we get to the events of this issue.

At the start of the JL run. She was almost 30 by the time rebirth hapoened due to a 5 year time skip

Meyers wants as much Dick in this book as possible. I assume he was the one who came up with the idea for the small kiss panel.

He's apparently involved in helping with the plot of the book, and I assume this is because Percy is both a nice guy and a busy guy who is working on two Green Arrow issues per month.

Iris has/had two brothers.

His name is Damian, faggot.

what about beast boy and raven?

Read the Starfire ongoing from the DC You. Silkie was in it, and so was Dick for two issues. Was a much better guest appearance for him than his one in Batgirl, plus we get to see Kori and Dick have fun together for once. Lobdell's shit was retconned, as well.

You mean will they get shipped together? Don't know. Nice dub, though.

Percy describes Beast Boy as an empty shell. It makes sense knowing the kind of character he was before the reboot, and with Tim's death he's become exactly that in time for this book. I love Gar in this book, so far.

Raven was basically described like she always is, loner, goth, will eventually get closer to the team, scared of being like her father, etc.

Raven might open up more to the team and maybe she'll end up being the one to help comfort Gar and fill the void in his heart.

inb4 "Raven spreads open for Beast Boy to fill the void in her pants"

Red Hood and the Outlaws was getting contradicted before Rebirth, and even in its own book. It simply ignores continuity and is ignored in turn.

Need a lewd fanart of this.

I could see her on Dick's team, but Dick's team so far has been the classic Titans and has the whole "friends chilling at diners and fighting against reality-warping naked blue men" theme to it that I'm not sure Rose fits into in a permanent role, so yeah, following the crossover with Deathstroke, I can see that leading to her joining Damian's team.

And I thought she wanted Tim to get back at Dick for not letting her have a chance with him?

Sex with Kid Devil is its own thing, though she didn't really do anything as extreme as what she did with Tim.

She now has three, apparently.

Wally's dad and kid Wally's dad are both brothers to Iris and Daniel, meaning Daniel is an uncle to both.

Wally is husbando tier

She watned Dick and Tim both. But she wanted TIm to mess up with Cassie.

I ship him with superboy then.

Damian is superior human being. He can't be gay.

Exactly he is superior thats why he is bisexual master race.

he was going to bust anyway

At the end she even fell in love with Conner and was heartbroken when he friendzoned her.

You know why I like Damian?
He is the Guy Gardner of the Robins.

Hey isn't that the same restraint system that Syndrome had in The Incredibles? And I like the colors of the uniforms. They match well together.

raven feels like the odd one out. her suit needs more yellow on it to have a similar color balance to the others

The general rule of thumb with comics is always "whatever you feel is the better story is canon."

The general rule of thumb is anything written by Scott Lobell is not canon.

How long until a Trigon story line?

In other news

Never forget Kid Devil, the best Teen Titan. I still cry.

Whenever they get around to doing Raven's story arc in this book Gods...

How is Raven sensing Damian if her powers are suppressed?

Meyers says he's been trying to convince Percy not to give in and do another Trigon story because Meyers thinks it's stale. Meyers is a good man, I say.

Meyers needs to stop talking in third person

>Wally and Kid Wally

I like calling them this


I wish I was Meyers. You have no idea how much porn I would draw with those talents.

I just really like the guy because his art is nice and he actually knows good shit from bad shot when it comes to a Teen Titans book, you have to appreciate someone like that.

I think it's more likely black Wally still thinks Rudy is his dad and white Wally probably has to zap him for the retcon to register.

They have had him referring to Rudy as his dad in the normal Flash ongoing at least once since Rebirth started.


It fits when you have two Flashes and a Kid Flash, yet two Wallys and a Barry.

Wally, Barry, kid Wally. You could say, "Wally, Barry, and Kid Flash," but that's just not consistent across the board, you know? You don't say, "Bruce, Dick, Robin," right?

But Percy could probably deliver a Trigon story.

I don't understand why Damien doesn't get his own team? Instead of Teen Titans a new moniker. A team with Damien, Johnathan, Black Wally, Shado, Nobody 2, that Magic rival from his last series, or Klarion, and Garth. Dick has his own team, Tim has his bros Kon, Bart and young justice.

But how would it be any different from prior Trigon stories? We already got one in the New 52 even. What is there left to tell? I'm asking genuinely, if Percy did it, I wonder what he could do.

Compare that to a Ra's al Ghul story, something we haven't seen in a TT book.

yeah but it's gotten to the point where you could feed every trigon story so far into an algorithm and just get it to procedurally generate trigon stories

>why is Damian following in Dick's footsteps instead of Tim's

Did you seriously just ask this?

>Damien doesn't get his own team?
unlike the other Robins, who have a drive to prove they can do their own team, Damien's drive is to prove he's the best. The best Batman, the best Robin, and as the best Robin that means being the best leader of the Teen Titans. Wally being the only person who even remembers that there ever was a Teen Titans in this timeline be damned.

Dick/Babs fans BTFO

I know he admires Grayson, but there is plenty of characters to form his own unique posse to prove he's better than Tim, plus better for a new generation growing with his team.

Nothing written by Lobdell is canon, you dumbfuck

>fuck off Damien. Nobody likes you.

I don't really think Trigon is as overplayed as you guys say. We had way more Deathstroke stories than Trigon stories.

I think I liked this more than Percy's Green Arrow honestly but it helps that I have somewhat of an attachment for these characters and don't really have much of an nostalgia boner for Green Arrow at all.

Anyway I'm down for more and can't wait to see what happens next.

>what is there left to say
A lot actually, Both Raven and Trigon desperately need someone to actually give them definition on thet DC universe.

Hear, hear.

Dick/Babs fans who want them together in main continuity should actually kill themselves.

That is assuming they didn't already after Timm's fetish was confirmed to long time fans of the DCAU.

It's like you don't understand the DCU at all. It's all about Legacy, user. And brands that can be sold and marketed, but ignoring that, it's about Legacy.

Shado is a grown woman, so I assume you mean Emiko. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if she joined the Teen Titans in this book soon.

And I assume you mean that one Len Durgun kid, I don't even remember the name, that shit was the worst part of the book, where it went from 10/10 to a 7. I don't want to see that kid again.

Nobody 2 would be cool, but it's basically like having Midnighter or Tiger on the same team as Dick, having one of his supperorting cast members on the same team is only going to shift the focus away from the rest of the team.

Jon will get his time with Damian in Super Sons, after they do some classic Superman and Superboy stories in Superman. Maybe in a few years Jon will join the Teen Titans. He has no reason to join a team run by Damian, but he does have a dad who may be interested in Jon joining the Teen Titans.

Kid Wally is already on the Teen Titans.

Klarion has no reason to be on the same team as Damian.

Garth is a grown man and is on Dick's Titans, maybe the recently reintroduced Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde is who you mean, but I suspect he'll be the sixth member of the Teen Titans anyways.

Lastly, Tim's team eventually became the Teen Titans, anyways.

Just what we need. MORE Damian wank

It's been years now since Deathstroke has been in a Titans story.

We had Deathstroke stories that involved characters that weren't just the Teen Titans, though. e.g. Nightwing or Green Arrow.

Trigon is also just a big bad demon dude. How much nuance can you give his story, how much depth can you give that character? And does it require Raven to become evil, like again? Or are we going to make someone else evil, like Jericho?

>Chips will be down
>Damian will think he can handle it on his own
>Gets his ass kicked
>Rest of the team saves him and works together to take them down
>Credits roll to a musical dance party

Have you guys never seen any kind of media in your life?

To be fair, the recent animated movies were shit and most posters on Cred Forums don't actually read comics. They don't actually know what Damian is like.

Reminder though, Starfire is the leader. And the next arc is about the sixth Teen Titan, so this isn't just the Damian show.

And I agree with this completely. It's a really good book, but I actually cared about these characters prior to reading the book.

>yfw they aged Damian up to 13 just so he could be a Teen Titan

He doesn't just admire him, he loves him. He is just as much his brother as he is his mentor, surragate father, and best friend.

Damian used to want to be the best Robin, but after New 52's Batman & Robin #10 (or was it 12? I don't remember), Dick reminds Damian that he already acknowledges him as a worthy Robin, and from then on, Damian has only ever focused on making Dick or Bruce proud. He doesn't have that inferiority complex anymore, so him forming the Teen Titans here is Damian carrying on the legacy that Dick left behind for Tim, seeing as Tim is dead now. And just so everyone knows, Damian does eventually learn to get along with Tim and Jason, not to the extent Dick does, but he considers them his brothers, too. They're just not as worthy as Dick is, in his eyes.

It's noble of Damian to assemble the team. Damian is a good kid. He's just an idiot in thinking he can lead them without their trust. Which is why Starfire will lead, giving us a similar situation to the one on the animated Young Justice series in which Aqualad leads because Robin, Dick, isn't ready yet.

Damian was 11 and Tim was 16, though. 2 years passed and they aged with it, and we just weren't told about it, is what Rebirth is saying. What's surprising is Dick is apparently still 21.

There's a whole mystic side of DC that Trigon can be part of.
>how much depth can you give a big bad demon?
Well that's kinda the question isn't it? Trigon has been nothing more than a Saturday morning cartoon villain but that doesn't mean that's all he can be.

You shouldn't bully blondes in Damian's presence, BB.

That's Damian's job!

>yfw damian waited to be 13 to make his own teen titans

It's funny, because the bigger monster between her two kidnappers is the kid in the Robin suit.

Well, I guess asking people on the Internet isn't worth much, since it's up to the actual writers working for the book to come up with the ideas.

Best I got was the Red Lanterns somehow releasing Trigon, or someone like Klarion or Wotan bringing him out to fuck with Doctor Fate or Shazam or something.

I really don't know much about the mystic side of the DCU, so that actually would be interesting to me. Aside from some of the characters I listed above, who else could be interesting in a Trigon story? Zatanna? Felix Faust? Gentleman Ghost? The Spectre?

it's usually the blondes bullying him

Wouldn't mind new /ss/ fuel.


Damifag lives!

He's using the Teen Titans to beta test the concept.

So if they horribly fail (they will) he'll be able to learn from their failures and make his next team an impeccable fighting force.

please OP, next time just do a regular storytime and label it.


Jasonfags are crybabies.

>father replaces you with a black guy
>and then takes in a mentally unhinged Supergirl rip-off as yet another sidekick that isn't you
>doesn't even invite you to his new Gotham protectorate even though he brought Clayface and Orphan into the fold. Because Nightwing is also a part of that, he doesn't have time to hang out with you as much.
>everyone's mourning Tim when you know that he's either going to come back in about a week or is just faking his death
>french qt is probably going to hook up with the insane adolescent warlock that tried to murder the two of you and end the world

Guys, I think Damian might just be lashing out

Kid's got it rough.

Tim pls you sucks.

He got a bigger shock than Starfire and was pretty sloshed.

Raven and Blally just got drugged.

so just for the record, even though he looks like he's underaged he is actually still old enough to drink?

Tim is mad.shut up you're dead

Dick is Damian's dad though


i love Damian in the book.damian is cool.
He has defeated the loosers:D

Let's talk about the big takeaway from this issue in this thread.


So how long until this thread gets autosaged

It was great

Dickfags really stopped posting as much when Grayson was ending, and even with Nightwing, not as many are posting.

I don't think many Dickfags are even aware of stuff like the Nightwing reference by Rose in Deathstroke or this panel in this issue as of right now.

The reviews of the book are good.
and I think Rose is the new titan

Damian was 10 when he met his father.

He was 11 when he was Robin in Batman Inc, according to the 0 issue.

That makes him 12 when he comes back to life, and he turns 13 after his "Year of Blood" arc during DC Rebirth. Unlike that fag Tim Drake, his life shows actual progression.

Good solid issue.

Or just screw Dick

I'm hoping it is Rose, just so we get more Dick in the book.

It was storytimed in a thread that wasn't labeled. Most people just assume it wasn't posted at all yet.


I could see this, but I think Priest will use Terra and I think that's the smarter move here.

>Priest is a good writer.I hope he writes a Batman book in the future.

Poor Damian. Still no Abuse, still no Maps, relegated to playing with his older brothers friends. And Blally.
I feel sorry for the little cunt

I wish he would in titans .

Do people actually ship this

a good reviev

hard to believe Damian's been around for 10 years already... makes me feel old

I'm happy that Goliath is still around. Good Rebirth issue, it introduced the cast very well. I also think that it's great how easily Damian took everyone out. Good thing for them he's not a villain.

This was a lot of fun, even though most of it had already been spoiled by previews.

>goes undercover to be mean to evil dudes
>probably going to make out with artemis
>probably going to make out with bizarro

>becomes a teen
>gets beat up by an 8 year old

its nice to see red hood and those other guys go their separate ways

>>gets beat up by an 8 year old
dami is 13.

Blally isn't bad now that he's his own character.

>gets to take advantage of Dick for some funeral sex

> doesn't get funeral sex from Dick

Well, it's established that Rose has and still does want Dick's grayson, but regardless of shipping, there's three things you need to know:
>Before the reboot, Tim accepted Rose to join teh Teen Titans as a favour to Dick
>Jonboy Meyers likes Nightwing
>I like Nightwing

So I hope you get why I posted that.

Starfire is just as old as always, she's the mother and de facto leader of the team.

Also, this: >Starfire gets to take advantage of Dick for some funeral sex

I want to see batman face when damian gets a girlfriend -an older girlfriend..
art by me.

A 13 year old who still hasn't lost all his baby teeth.

damian does not have to go to school...he has his own apartment and is only 13..the perfect life.

Dami is cool-

Oh shit, so the sixth Teen Titan is a female who is "more Damian than Damian." She's apparently, really hardcore, so it's gotta be Rose, Emiko, or maybe Cassie?

Psssh Nothing personnel, kid

I wanted the old friend to be Batcow

Safe money is on Rose.

Meyers has said Wonder Girl is one of his favourite heroes, so that's why I'm guessing Cassie.

Still, Rose would make sense.

Where are you getting this from?

Emiko pls



Meyers just said Priest apparently borrowed some anime VHS tapes and never returned them at around 14:00.

He also talks to Booth about Titans regularly.

This is where I actually found it.

At 5:43 you actually do see the new Teen Titan's design, and that's another reason why I'm leaning towards Rose or Cassie.

Be honest, what do you see happening to Damian if he ever ditches the Robin mantle once he gets too old? Would he hijack the Al Ghul empire and turn it into a force of good?

Terrible screenshot.

Almost positive this is supposed to be a new character?

Meyers wants all readers to consider how the Titans go from being in their civilian clothes to superhero clothes.

He also says Booth was halfway through the first Titans arc, and then it was scrapped because they changed the story, and he actually started from scratch.

And at around 19:30, Meyers accidentally reveals Aqualad might be in the book soon. It's actually hilarious how he does it and then fails to hide it.

That definitely looks like a new character. I guess capturing part of the Wolfman/Perez run is creating your own OCs.

I don't think is the new Titan.

We already know that R'as is basically training an academy of young assassins as the villains of the first arc, this is probably one of them.

This is a good point. She might just be one of Demon Fist, and Meyers was trying to mislead everyone watching.

I think I'm back to believing Aqualad is the sixth member. Aqualad was also one of the heroes he mentioned as his favourite on Twitter, plus that earlier fuck up I mentioned really points to him being the last member.

Huh, never figured Raven to be a weeb.


Could be Cassie with her stupid armor of his N52 origin I think.

I hope you get cancer. I hope your pet gets ran over or murdered in another gruesome fashion. I hope one of your parents can't take it any more and kills themselves.


I don't think Raven can really pull of this look.

Jesus I fucking hate Tim so much.

Damn, Damian, I mean. Sorry

Between Pedo Wolfman writing the Raven book and this atrocity, my interest in comics is dying fast.

Not to mention half of the reactions on here. This board is a cesspool of sociopaths.

Sometimes you remember that he really is the grandson of Ra's al Ghul.

She's already pulling the hair off user.

who drew this alt cover
its beautiful
i love it

I think that's exactly whats going to happen. The Titans will probably end up saving Damian's ass and the end of the first arc. The fact that it's against Ra's pretty much confirms this

this is glorious

wasn't Gar on the TT team with Dick, Starfire, Cyborg, and Wally?

or is that all changed now?

I'd think Garr be in his twenties just like Roy, Donna, Wally, and Garth?

Agree to disagree.

Not him but I agree. I think she pulls off that look really well but It's mostly because of the art. It could very easily be drawn like complete shit

When did he say this?

>If this isn't just all the lettered previews which take up almost half of this issue

He's nearing puberty user. It's normal for some wanking to go on in his life.

Tim PLS:D you are dead.

Doc Shaner

you are dead.in the limbo

If this isn't proof DC fans are a cancer...

I agree this tim fan is crazy.

All of you are fucking awful. Enjoy the next reboot in a few months, you fucking Stockholm syndrome sufferers.

tim is 18 too old for the titans..his fans will not let him grow up..
that's sad he can not always be robin

Why are respoding to the resident troll?

Weak b8 m8

You're creepily obsessed with this, don't you have anything else to wank over?

>Flat-out insult
>"lol b8"
Did you laugh when they made fun of you in school as well, fatty?

you need a girlfriend or boyfriend you're a real emo.

You're just throwing shit at the wall now, really pathetic. Can't expect more from people that worship the Nutshack and Bendis' writing.

>t worship the Nutshack and Bendis' writing.
I read no marvel shit.that's for idiots like you

That was a fun arc user and you know it

nice quints

It was fucking cancer, fuck you.

But later on even Jason and Bruce found it amusing.

Emiko or Nobody 2

Why do you hate fun user ?

Because a fictional character's opinion counts, right?

Get your head out of the clouds.

Of course it does. If it didn't people wouldn't be bitching about how Batman doesn't kill as though he were an actual person instead of a piece of fiction written as such.

Yeah I'm not falling for this

wont it be great??

Not with people like you, who only seem to enjoy shitting on one character.

he loves Dick
he'll secretly love Starfire too, and see her like an adopted Aunt

I totally loved Cassie in Young Justice.

>but he's still an insecure snotbag to people he isn't familiar with. It's a fun character trait
I never understood why people enjoy watching bratty kids, especially OC donut steels like Damian.

>Not with people like you, who only seem to enjoy shitting on one character.
how the fuck do you figure.
i like fun you bastard

Because in a genre filled with everyones a nice kid its nice to see tables turn for a different dynamic. Like we had 3 nice guy Robins, why would we want a 4th unless they were gonna mix it up.
I don't like actual bratty kids, there little shits. But put em behind a glass window and let me see what happens and knowing that they'll learn a lesson or get a comeuppance is satisfying

>OC donut steels
When will people stop using this term for official characters considering any Bat-character not by Finger or Kane is exactly that?

>I never understood why people enjoy watching bratty kids, especially OC donut steels like Damian.
because Tim is boring as toilet paper.

Tim Drake is boring. I hated Drake since he became red robin his unhealthy obssesion with Bruce made me sick.

i feel lobell ruined Tim .

, I don't like him either. From all this Lobdell stuff going on in this new continuity, Tim is not really appealing to me at all.There is nothing really special about him any more, in terms of his backstory and in his ability. It's quite upsetting.

Everyones favorite Robin is Damian,

The general people prefer Damian as the main Robin. Grayson is the Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. Jason is the Punisher of DC. This leaves Tim to be the least favorite.

Damian is the Star Robin and the smart mouth, pompous punk. Grayson is the solidified calm collected pretty boy who is a bit jaded. Todd is the bad boy, the outcast, the outlaw, the rebel, and the black sheep of the Robins.

What can Tim offer? There are already 2 bad attitude having Robins. Loverboy? Grayson is already the ladies man. Leader? Won't make him stand out that much.

What do you think? How can Tim stand out from the other 3 Robins?

I just feel Tim Drake is useless, offers nothing to the Bat-family and is an unlikable tool.I always felt he was one of the most boring Batman character's ever.

Make him gay.

I recall he used to be the braniac of the group and the only one with a normalish life. The latter sort of got shit on over the years, of course.

I don't HATE tim drake, i just don't find him interesting at all, he's just an absolutely boring character that tries to be batman 2.0 but ends up being batman-lite

somehow they made him even worst in the new 52

Have him retire and be the one that works to do good outside the costume, a civil leader.

Basically add him the the ranks of Batman's non-cape supporting class with Alfred, Gordon and Fox. He can add to that group, being the one with perspective on what it is like to wear a mask.

Outside_85 He is a crazy timfag..

Damian already knows these people can beat him up, which is why he trapped them instead of fighting any of them.

Excelent issue. This series is all I was expected of it and more.

Fans of Tim's make it even easier to hate him because of the stupidity they bring to arguments about him.

I thought the crazy Timfag was that Atlanta96 dude.

there are 2 Outside_85 and Atlanta96 .

There are more than one people that love that garbage character user.

You mean Damian?

Are you too stupid to read a reply chain? They are clearly talking about Tim, the most garbage of all the Robins. Jesus, what an idiot.

>calls the negro a banana
Damian really doesn't give a fuck

From the looks of things, every titan is gonna be Damian's bitch.

You faggots are so easily provoked. I won't miss you nerds one bit.

>>Character proceeds to knock out each hero while they are living their own lives and trap them in his lair.

Isn't this how Murderworld stories usually begin?

Rebirth is going to fix tim, right?
Right guys??
They're gonna fix best boy, right? ;---;
Tim is a better detective.
he was also the "normal one".

Grayson is a ladies man in the sense that women gravitate to him, and he's good with that. Girls and boys love tim.
But without his husbando Conner, Tim has no OTP

Hey at least toilet paper is useful.

women and older men*
fixed that for you.

Why am I supposed to hate him again

>mfw I am reading Starfire's bubbles with loli Starfire's voice from the cartoon

This is from this week's?

CBR has the worst characterfags. Desh, Tzitzimine, Aahz, TreyStrain...

Damian is a DickFire shipper

The fact that you know them tells me you visit those forums often.

>Tim is the gay best friend of that group


Nah he's fucking great.

Damian was teasing Dick over Helena and Babs too. He just wants his big bro to slut it up

Don't forget Damian ships DickNighter as well.

I expect he'll fully convert to shipping DickFire once he realizes Dick and Kori are basically his surrogate parents and role models in Teen Titans.

Now I know how it feels when people say they hate smug anime lolis

Who's Aahz and TreyStrain?

Aahz is always complaining about Jason not getting enough "feats". He also has trouble following any comic without narration boxes.

Trey Strain makes 800 threads about why DC should use his Hal/KyleJohn fanfiction instead of what they're doing now with Simon and Jessica

Yeah, her being a shallow, two dimensional, wanton slut is much more interesting than her TT character.

Hey user, looks like the thread is pretty close to autosaging now.

Although it doesn't seem to be because of DickFire like you'd assumed.

What's so wrong about obeying your mistress' commands?

I like you

Time to put this thread out of its misery.

Actually, yes.

I am interested in redoing this storytime, this time as searchable.

Royfags detected

Thank you, user, for reassuring me that my opinion is not just mine alone.

Around 50 more posts and it'll autosage.

>10-year-old kid can match experienced adult mercenary who outweighs him by 100+ pounds in strength

come on


I fucking hate Roy Harper, one of the few DC characters I legitimately cannot stand.

This. Most anons don't even realize this was storytimed.

No one actually thinks animated Damian is good, user. The recent animated projects involving Damian have always been shit.

Do not confuse that quality with the Damian who is present in comics. For starters, Dick isn't just purely the jobber he is in the animated properties, so he's actually good enough to tell Damian he's a brat and get his shit in order.

Try reading some comics.

I feel like that's what most characters in-universe aside from some of the Titans and Jason say, too.

I mean, I wasn't commenting on anything other than that specific webm. I'll take your word for it that the comics are better.

Well yeah. Dude's white trash.

Batman is a cunt.

My bad if that came off a little hostile, I didn't realize because I was typing that up fast while watching something else.

And they are much better. I have confidence that this run of Teen Titans will be great.

that is Aahz,

>Jason say, too.
Nah, he has Lobdell induced amnesia I doubt he even remembers who Ron is.

Might as well just repost this in here for easy access.

Nice touch.

>>father replaces you with a black guy
He can not fuck his bio son.

Well yeah since Red Hood isn't canon anyway.

i want do kiss him to :)

If Aqualad really is the sixth character, how do you see him showing up in TT #1?

I'm pretty sure it's going to turn out that Damian and the rest of the team have to go and rescue him the same way Damian rescued, or in other words, kidnapped, them. We'll get some exposition about the Demon Fist first, too, I bet.

Impulse (Bart Allen)

It's either Cassie with her New52 armor or Empress.

She doesn't look black enough to be Empress, but then again, neither did Herald and Bumblebee in this week's Titans.

>two speedsters on the same team

We also don't know if that girl is just one of the Demon Fist students. She may join the team at the end of the arc, though.

>Red Hood
>not canon

Jonboy is a good lad

>He also says Booth was halfway through the first Titans arc, and then it was scrapped because they changed the story, and he actually started from scratch.

So there's a reason its so bad

>Large parts of the run retconned or ignored
>Somehow still canon

>Large part of the series was retconned
Please tell about this part.

Oh, wait! It only happened in your la la land.

>Titans Hunt
>Rebirth's Teen Titans
>Rebirth's Titans
>Even Rebirth's Red Hood and the Outlaws

Have you actually been reading any comics featuring Jason, Roy or Kori?

Lobdell confirmed that RHATO and RH/A are canon in his interview about RHATO REBIRTH.

Roy history wasn't shown yet to know if his part with RHATO was ignored or not.

And with Starfire, they never said that her history with RHATO was retconned. They just ignore it for now.


Wally hasn't been Kid Flash since 1985 so it's not like anyone would be confused. Kid Flash is obviously anyone but real Wally.

As a Dickfag I am aware

She's 19 now and she was with Roy and Jason for years. So unless they're cool with Jason and Roy banging a 15 year old (or going with the classic Hal Jordan Arisia defense) then it's best to imagine that shit just wasn't real.

>Roy history wasn't shown yet to know if his part with RHATO was ignored or not.

In RHATO Roy was a recovering alcoholic. In the Rebirth Roy is now a ex-junkie.

Also, interviews mean shit.


Read actually good books instead

>She's 19 now and she was with Roy and Jason for years
It was barely a year and Jason himself is 19 at most.

That is literally the stpidest thing I've ever heard.

But she wasnt that

>In RHATO Roy was a recovering alcoholic.
I'll never get why they did that. JFC he's trailer trash just make him a former meth head and have done with it.

I see there are still people who don't realize the secret to reading comics is to ignore any story that was shit and just go with the good ones, until something is brought up again, e.g. Dick being of Romani descent as of Grayson.