It's a girls are better than boys episode

>It's a girls are better than boys episode

it's funny because it's not true!

>boys doing something
>girl wants to join
>they refuse
>turns out despite never doing the thing before she is an instant expert and better them all

Has there ever been an episode of something where the boys win the boy v girl episode?

>it's a girl tries to play a sport with the boys episode
>she turns out to be an all-star athlete and the best player ever

In the Camp lazlo episode they did on this, both sides "lost"

I think we need to discuss the further implication of episodes like this.
>girls shown to be MUCH better than boys
>to an insane degree
>often times the villain is only slightly better than the male-lead heroes, or the same, but escapes

Why don't the much better girls go and defeat the villains and end the entire story?

South Park sort of reversed it with Cartman's Silly Hate Crime.

Does the South Park episode count? because I'm damn sure that the girls' stronghold bit the dust.

Why didn't they just walk away? They could just walk away and there would be an end to the horror.

>It's a boys vs girls episode
>Both genders are portrayed as stupid and wrong as they both screw up big time due to their own flaws

>its a christmas episode (in any other month than december)

>It's a 'the token girl is super responsible and no fun at all' episode

I hated girls in cartoons even when I was a girl. Fuck you Reggie.

Chaotic, the show where 4kids basically tried to make their own card game anime, had an episode where a main character guy and an antagonist girl had a duel where they turned into different creatures and fought each other. The team of female creatures won, but it turned out that the guy was using female creatures and the girl was using male creatures. The episode ends with the characters confused as to who was proven better. I thought it was pretty good; that whole show is surprisingly really solid.

>even when I was a girl.
that's not because you take hormones and we put a fake cock on you that mean you are a dude.

>>It's a 'the token girl is super responsible and no fun at all' SERIES
Why are women in cartoons usually so unfun? I mean, it's gotten better, but you can still safely bet on the token girl being the idiot herder.

>colleges now are dominated by female students
>female athletes are beginning to break speed and endurance records previously held by men
>female employees are beginning to dominate offices and service roles
>male unemployment at all time high
>male average IQ at all time low

because IRL girls are fucking boring and have no sense of humor too.

>something unusual happen
>character rises an eyebrow and goes "oookaaayy..." after a short silence

>female athletes are beginning to break speed and endurance records previously held by men
What no lel.

Stay at home dad status when
>women don't know what they are giving up

>"didn't see that coming"
>"what could possibly go wrong"
Basically, I can't watch FOP without wanting to dropkick my tv

>Women are still dumb poopyheads.

>tfw stay at home bf
I can't truly hate feminism for this reason alone, but hysteric cunts are still annoying.

Name cases where boys/men destroyed women in a cartoon and it wasn't seen as evil rape.

But then there's the breast cancer episode which does the trope.

No, that was just wendy and cartman haters getting catharsis from seeing him catch a beatdown.

It was still a gendered "grill wins" kind of thing.

>women are now drafted for the army while men are not
The winds are changing lads

>mfw seeing some women freak about the idea of women being drafted too

>Girls all work together
>Boys are all bumbling idiots

>it's a "character gets rich and starts acting like an asshole" episode

I know someone who does this constantly, everyone but me find it hilarious for some reason.

>It's a "Villain gets a day off" episode

So basically every episode of Gravity Falls?

>>female athletes are beginning to break speed and endurance records previously held by men
Amazon era when?

Both of your opinions are 10/10

>it's a depressing episode that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth because The rest of the show is pretty lighthearted episode

now they get to die as well, cool by me.

literally like one and a half of those are true at most

meanwhile i could list a hundred things men have over women

>anime reaction shitposter
it's funny when they do all the work for you.

>colleges now are dominated by female students

Jesus fuck, I wish. Our faculty got the assignment from our government to have a student population of atleast 1/3 female. The female/male ratio after 3 years is now 1/10 at best!

No Dipper is portrayed as always more competent than Mabel because she caused most of the episodes by being a selfish moron I mean normal girl.

Not a cartoon...but in an episode of Nickelodeon's 'Victorious', the boys and the girls of the main cast have a bet on who can go the longest without using a cellphone. The boys won that one.

>Has there ever been an episode of something where the boys win the boy v girl episode?

I think there was an episode of Friends where the boys won a quiz game against the girls.

I cannot think of a single cartoon where the boys have ever won, though.

The only reason female demographics are improving is because it is now acceptable for biological males to identify as females.

You're welcome, ladies.

Kids Next Door? Granted, it was also different in that the girls were explicitly the bad guys.

Dude...she was probably referring to when she was a child, you need to stop seeing politics in every single thing.

Sorry user, liberal arts and gender studies aren't useful degrees. When you have more women taking STEM and trades then we'll talk.

>I think there was an episode of Friends where the boys won a quiz game against the girls.

I generally think Friends is an overrated sitcom but that episode was hilarious

>I think there was an episode of Friends where the boys won a quiz game against the girls.

That was less of a boys vs girls as it was a roommates vs roommates.

They never treated it as a gender thing as it happens in the boys vs girls episodes.

Actually, the number of women in STEM is slowly rising. While it may not seem like much, a few years down the line, it's going to have an impact.

Not really, trannies are 0.02% of the populace, even if every single one of them was natally a dude, passed perfectly, and was in STEM, it wouldn't change much.

Any show with a female villain?

Engineering or CS, or something else?

not him but dealing with it almost every day its like you become conditioned into seeing it

its terrifying

Good, I hope it has an impact. Maybe one day they can equal men in that department so idiots can stop crying sexism about everything.

i used to find this mildly irritating at worst and pretty much demeaning towards women at best
now i'm realizing my mom is straight up misandrist. like she solidly bashes men and things she sees as masculine, all the time.. thinks men commit all crimes and that all women in prison were just doing things because men told them to.

well going by SCP's more recent articles, all the trannies are employed by the foundation

too late now, wages as a whole were cut in half when the workforce doubled. we'll never have anyone to raise our kids again because everyone needs at least 2 incomes to support two people and a kid, and more if you want more somehow.

Victorious was far better then it had any right to be. Arguably the last good nick sitcom before it all went to shit for some reason.

The one episode on Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island was pretty based for making all the evil characters women in the first season

>It's a boys dindu nuffin wong episode

can't recall that, no.

Didn't they win because the teacher help the boys cheat, because he said "I'm a teacher, but first at all i'm a man"

They technically didn't cheat....

Sikowitz only told the girls that they could take the phones if they wanted them so badly. He never said he was putting an end to the bet. Not his/the boys' fault if the girls assumed the bet was over.

>It's a "be afraid of growing up" episode

Fuck you the Ed Edd and Eddy one was the shit

Not really, it was just had a girl winning.

Girls can win at things without it being a "GRIL POWR" episode.

>it's a sentient being doesn't decide what sex it is until it reaches a certain age episode.

what? I've never seen anything like that

Always loved the hermaphrodite episodes

>It's a good guy was never good to begin with episode

It's July

It was a gendered kind of thing with Cartman specifically making fun of brrast cancer and mocking her because she's a girl trying to fight.

Lucky she didn't chemically castrate you


Look I'm all for respecting women and all but this shot used to piss me off as a kid. Why did they do this? Were the male writers effeminate?


Liberal arts is the most under-achieving thing to study in college.

Making a huge guess here, but I'm thinking it's because of really basic shit like

>"The male characters been holding the spotlight for a long time."
>"Yeah, a lot of people are saying the females are just tag alongs who do nothing."
>"Think we can have them square up against the guys and show they're just as good if not better?"
>"I suppose."

Then it just became a running trend since then, being done just for the sake of being done.