Even CBR turned against Carol

>even CBR turned against Carol

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Don't worry, the beautiful and talented Brie Larson will make everyone love Carlo again XD
Yay MCU is the greatest

Marvel's really laying it on thick, they don't want another Civil War situation where everyone disagrees with them.

The Magneto thing from today or last week or w/e even managed to enrage Tumblr so yeah...

>[citation needed]

Good, now go complain in the other carol thread.

Anyone gonna storytime her issue?

In before Cred Forums starts liking Carol and siding with her to be contrarian,

What did they say?

Cred Forums already loved murderCarol. People here were actually looking forward to Bendis making her go full fascist, but he managed to fuck that up too.

The problem isn't that Carol is a fascist meathead. She's always been like that.

The problem is that LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE is going along with this pre-crime nonsense.

Can you blame them? Carol has been written as an authoritarian cunt with an entire desert's worth of sand in her vagina ever since Civil War II started and was an utter bore lacking in personality other than "I am woman hear me pander" for at least three years prior.

To be fair, this shows how one-track most of the Marvel characters are.

>The problem is that LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE is going along with this pre-crime nonsense.


I'm waiting for her to suddenly appear like Pink.


Marvel superheroes are often shockingly okay with fascism as long as they can make sure they're the ones in charge.

>The problem isn't that Carol is a fascist meathead.
It is a problem when Marvel wants us to think this fascist meathead is the premiere Marvel female "hero". Wonder Woman is what they desperately want her to be, but Wonder Woman she is not.

The problem is that she's an inconsistent and irrational fascist meathead. It went from Carol reasonably watching persons of interest because of visions that were definitely going to come true if nothing was done while Tony impotently whined about MUH RHODEY to her busting down doors to imprison or execute people with not reason aside from the visions that are now inaccurate because the plot demands it. If you completely ignored the event and just read relevant tie-ins it would be vastly more coherent and characters wouldn't be nearly as out of character.

>marvel didn't have the guts to make Carol go full fascist

Sucks. I mean, in the Marvel universe it makes total sense for a lot of people to side with her.

>Hey, you know those monthly cosmic elder-god invasions? Well, now we can know when they're coming and stop them.

I mean Captain America is a literal fascist rn and he's a premire hero

Pretty much this. The movie's going to ignore the shit out of the comics, and casuals will love it because it'll be another safe and formulaic MCU installment. Then they'll synergy the shit out of her in a futile attempt to get her books to sell.

The biggest problem is that it's not even about pre-crime. Tony is making a big stink about "avengers getting killed in action," "not changing the future" or "muh profiling." The only time thought-crime gets brought up is the very beginning of #0 with She-Hulk's court defense case.

Yeah, but they didn't announce that they've finally casted his actor for his first MCU film when it happened...

what Magneto thing?

This. I was really hoping for Evil Empress Carol. But, meh.

I am very glad to see that image getting used.

Why are Marvel so keen on pushing her? Is it to claim the name Captain Marvel from DC? Trying to get a powerful and non useless female character into the Avengers films without making it seem a Disney decision?

If anyone at Disney gave a shit about the current state of comics, they would be pissed as hell about the star of an upcoming movie being acting like this.

Have you been on Cred Forums for the last week

It has already begun

Yeah, what are they supposed to do, ignore Ulysses when he starts yelling warnings? He doesn't want to see bus-loads of kids get squished by aliens as much as anybody and he has that weird vision-sharing power sometimes.

Movie, and all the big female heroes are with the X-Men.

Because Fox owns the movie rights to pretty much every other female character they would otherwise push. They want a piece of that Wonder Woman money.

It started as soon as ANAD Ultimates and Captain Marvel launched.

ironically she is everything the "New Left" is about, she's a highly Authoritarian bully, and she always was.

the "Progressive" Left hates being reminded just how high on the Authoritarian meter they measure, because all of them have forgotten the shit they spew the minute they spew it, in relation to Freedom Vs Security/Control.

Basically saying that he has to get over being a holocaust survivor and and he can't use that "card" anymore

In the newest captain marvel carol chides magneto for making a holocaust reference. Some tumblr users flipped their shit because telling a holocaust survivor not to mention nazis or genocide is a little fucked.

Are there trades of Ultimates 2015, yet?

I want to see what adventures she gets into with a bunch of old black guys.

Does anybody have the original pic this is parodying?

There is literally only one old black guy on the team

>Carlo Danvers
I can get behind this

But he's REALLY old, so it balances out.

They right though, Marvel needs to stop pretending magneto isn't right 100% of the time.


at this point synergy might be a good thing

If they try to make Carol in a pure hero like Wonder Woman, her film is going to be shit. The only way I will watch the Captain Marvel movie is if they portray Carol for most of the movie as a homicidal, drunk piece of shit.

Are there even pure hero depictions of Wonder Woman anymore in adaptations?

But he and Cyclops are always 100% right all the time.

I love it when Tumblr types pretend they care about antisemitism when 99% of the time they think Jews are privileged white people.

The Pyramid of Grievances is a hard thing to balance.

BATB WW was good

Why'd they make her look like a dude?

Because Anka is so gay that's what happens when he tries to draw an attractive woman, and Marvel made the other artists stick to it because of all the jokes about her hair being inconsistent in the last run.

at least they put him on a beefcake book for Now 2.0

It was a pretty big "oh shit nigger what are you doing" moment

Marvel has always been like that

thanks senpai

>safe and formulaic MCU installment
I never got this. They have to keep a consistent tone throughout the movies because they're all one interconnected story. But even then most of the recent movies have tried to break that formula. But even then people still bitch and spout this meme.

>complaining about "New Left" being authoritarian when the politician the new right endorses is an us vs. them racist fearmonger


sorry some people think gun violence would be reduced if less people had guns. what authoritarians we are. ffs

>calling someone a racist despite not having done anything racist
>we are not authoritarian
>you just can't use any words we don't like or think anything we don't want you to think or enjoy things we don't want you to enjoy

ok m8

To be fair the right has all the same things going on just on the opposite side of the coin.

It's what happens when you create a two-sided dichotomy out of your political system. It's all us-vs-them.

There's a big leap between having a team on stanby for cosmic emergencies and having your team arrest and illegaly detain citizens. Alpha Flight is a defence against extra terrestrials anyway, why the fuck are they operating on sovereign soil?
Also, verifications of visions wouldn't hurt. Like they have Cable, why not ask him to check up on some visions. Why is everyone ignoring Cable and Hope and other timetravellers?

because that would makes too much sense and you can't have that in Marvel

>ignore the shit out of the comics

the idea that comics are untouchable is retarded, hell not even the MoS/BvS defenders care about sticking to the comics

That's because hes a nazi

The problem is she's using those visions for everyday pre-crimes instead of world-ending threats. It's okay to assume an elder-god is going to attack but it's wrong to arrest people for ordinary crimes that didn't happen yet.

It has to make a little sense. Rogers going after Cable because of a vision makes no sense, Cable is a time traveller, that's what he does!

>Turning on the character
>When they should just ignore all things written by Bendis
I've been saying this for years: Bendis is not to be trusted.

It is kind of authoritarian when the reason for all of those guns is so that people could oppose the government if it became tyrannical.

Haters gonna hate.

>Writers literally put this in a book that is being comercialized RIGHT NOW
>As a way to criticize people on the internet
Marvel is fucking fucked holy shit

Can we go back storytelling for the sake of storytelling...you know, tell stories...

>tfw carols movie will be a faithful adaption of the source material

>"I remember the holocaust and this is starting to look like it"
>"Stop so oversensitive you big baby"
When will white women stop?

>defending a man that thinks mutants are the superior race
Fucking mutie lover.

Carol's comics are pretty untouchable.

Mutants are literally the superior race. Deal with it normie.


In actuality Carol might make a good anti-hero in the same way that Scott or Magneto might. The problem is pitting her against them and the obvious stance/framing Marvel is taking isn't that, they genuinely want you to believe she's a hero and good person and that's why everyone in Marvel has lost their sense and is siding with her. Once this events over they're going to fucking brush it aside like it's nothing and nobodies going to go "Hey geez guys remember when we started rounding people up and going full fascist just like Tony did years ago?" Her womyn card will magically make her actions justified and any criticism or even mentioning of it will be unthinkable in-universe.

This is how Tone-Deaf Marvel has become, due to a combination of pushing their marketing events and and adopting a pro-Leftist slant to a very dangerous section of far left ideology.

The worst part about the event shit is CIVIL WAR IS FUCKING OVER. The movie is out. It sold, it ran, it DVD'd. An entire event forced to advertise for one movie and brand for it is already pointless and they're still continuing this awfully written shit.

It's like the comics and narrative themselves have turned into action figures and 'toys' to sell for a crappy show, and the MCU is that 20 minutes cheaply animated cartoon.


This is on a whole new level from the Mockingbird tampons and forgetting all female heroes before 2000s thing. This is REAL SHIT.

If mutants are so superior why are all the smartest characters in the world humans?

This guy's so torn by cw2.

I do believe that Carol's potential can be discovered she go haywire. It's not really on how powerful she and who should we put against her cause surely there is a number of other marvel people that could put her down. But the turnaround could be influential. The heroes could see it as them failing a friend and a comrade. They are aware of her history and her tendencies and how she managed to use her predilection toward violence for heroics.

>adopting a pro-Leftist slant to a very dangerous section of far left ideology

What are you talking about? Marvel's just a bunch of middle-aged nerds desperately trying to pander to the Hip Kids Today, they're not pushing anything remotely coherent, that's how you get enormous fuck-ups like no one noticing that telling a Holocaust survivor to get over it already would go over poorly with your intended audience

If they're so smart why can't they be right?

Magneto has on MULTIPLE occasions tried to wipe out the human race. He has been alive for almost a century and he's using one bad thing he experienced as a get out of jail free for all the shit he pulled

>oh so you're going to put me in jail? That's like Hitler!

No you goddamn mutie fuck we're going to put you in jail for all the times you tried to fucking commit genocide.

If you have any sympathy for Magneto you're a fucking moron.

There's always a big battle at the end. Even in Doctor Strange.

The writer not only quickly apologizing for it but making an effort to get the line changed for the trade was far more shocking.

Except that's not what he said at all.

>Carol profiling even dead and reformed villains

This could work. But Marvel's been selling her so hard as thier top female hero, I doubt that they'd let her go the villainous route.

Except that he doesn't actually age. Antimatter son.

i'm confused, isn't carol meant to be the bad guy? so her telling magneto to get over it makes sense if we're characterizing her as the villain

A lot of carolfags are waiting for her to go full fascist and go murdercarol. She's better off as a villain. It works for her.

the meme is true in some regards though.


and you can't deny that Disney does things by the numbers, its been doing entertainment for a century, its bound to have an standardized process, with do's and don'ts checklists. This procedure drove away some directors and actors, Whedon also commented on this.

I wouldn't be surprised if the series ended with Ulysses having a vision of Carol blowing shit. Then she will either surrender or go Binary and have a big DBZ fight with everyone where Ulysses will be accidentally killed.

At the start of this, I would say she'd surrender but the way things are going, it's easier to assume that she's nearing a threshold and will break given the amount of pressure.

I'd prefer the Binary rampage.

Man, is it me or is nobody addressing Mags with any of the appropriate caution these days? Magneto could literally kill all of those guys without breaking much of a sweat.

Is the immense weight of PLOT atop Carol's head diverting oxygen from her brain or something?

> 95 replies
> no source link

I am dissapoint

Magneto isn't actively a villain right now, so his powers are weaker to work in a team setting.

Capes in general are facist by default, despite they got their big push by figthing fascism. I guess it's one of life's big ironies, like Reagan's conservatism promoting a collectivistic mentality, the complainer is always wrong, for fighting another collectivistic mentality, communism.

>faction battle on MFF
>Luke Cage vs Carol
>Luke Cage side got instantly locked because no one wanted to join Carol