Captain America Double Feature Storytime

Time for a Captain America Double Feature!

Storytiming Captain America: Steve Rogers #5 and Captain America: Sam Wilson #13.
















Holy shit. Cap is the reason he was gonna Hulk out after Cho cured him?

Just another example of other writers cleaning up Bendis' mess.
















If you straitened out the tentacles of the hydra symbol it would look like The Punisher symbol.



Are his legs still part of a brain dead symbiote?










Awwwww shit, son.

Oh wow, that really fills in that plot hole. Also, damn cap



>A skull looks like a skull!!!
Ok retard

I honestly hope someone realise about the whole Hydracap thing soon.

>a skull octopus is just like a regular skull!!!
Ok retard

>Great horned owl
>Is obviously a different owl



>Alison Green wasn't Hydra after all
Damnit Carol.
It's official, Ulysses not only fails at predicting the future, he fails at gathering information from THE PRESENT.

The Sam book got noticably better with the appearance of US Agent. Spencer is pretty fair in how he treats him, too.

I like how Spencer isn't righting USAgent as a deranged right-wing nutjob, he's writing him as a man of principle with a different opinion. It feels like a legitimate conflict where both sides have valid arguments.

Fuck you Tony

Cred Forums will meme this book as sjw liberal bullshit anyways though

Great cover, Acuna.

B-but don't you understand? Spencer once tweeted that he doesn't like Trump! Of course everything he writes is SJW bullshit!

I'm loving HYDRA Cap running around in the background.

>Daniel Whitehall
>The Kraken
Aw shit

Captain 47

I for one hope that Steve is able to kill more heroes as if this were a Hitman game.

Was wondering how long it would take. Is it Transia under another name, or a different country?

How the fuck did Steve Rogers break into Attilan without getting detected by anyone? Not even Tony's sensors?

I would assume that it's a renamed Slorernia, since that's what Sokovia was in the movie. Would be the first time some eastern-european shit hole had its name changed.

I think you underestimate the power of America.


No, Sokovia was standing in for Transia, it's where the Maximoffs are from.
And even though Slorenia used to be in Eastern Europe, in Avengers: Endless Wartime it was suddenly moved to the Middle East with no explanation.

Maybe they're like a Turkey-ish nation? Kinda border between Middle East and Eastern Europe?

You can no-prize it by recalling that at this point in the issue this armor should be just an empty one with Tony being away and too focused on calibrating that

I guess they could just retcon Transia into being a region in Sokovia.

>Daniel Whitehall

Oh Cap-dra, how could I ever underestimate you?

This is even worse than that time he killed Harambe


>Evil Cap is behind Civil War 2

Lol Marvel just retconned its event DURING the event


>I cloned it

Marvel where the fuck are your editors?

Is Rage an adult now?
I remember when he got booted because his age was too young to be on the main Avengers force, but there are a lot that seem to be his age then on them now.

Cloning a drive or partition is an actual thing.

All of the New Warriors are young adults now, so he should be at least 18.

I really hope that the artist on Hulk draws Jen as beefy as she is here. I dig the new look.

Everything about HydraCap is a great spy story and is also fucking heartbreaking

>Claims that he doesn't think of Walker as a bad guy
>Has him work with a Nazi
Fuck off, Spencer, you liberal SJW cuck.

Nigga didn´t you watch empire strikes back?
>I certainly have a feeling that the writers did.


I know you're probably joking but obviously he doesn't know what Steve is. He'd be disgusted, hurt, and furious if he did.

This story would probably have made better commentary if they weren´t 10 years out of touch with the state of the american news network.

He's probably 20-22 by now.

Is Rage referencing obamas CHANGE-less precidensy?

Maybe you're just not watching the right channels?

What do you mean?

But didn't Doc Green cure all the Hulks?

are you 12?

We it looks like Miles eventually does

So is that Dr. Faustus' grandpa or something?

How long before Whitehall gets brought back to life? His buddy Strucker already did, and brought his kids back with him to boot.

>Do it so the kid in the office doesn't get to make jokes about you.

Great motivation, Wilson.

>steve gets revealed as hydra
>we get an issue of John beating the shit out of him
God. Please.

Marvel must have included a damage control crash course at that writer's summit

>sam and john put aside their issues to beat the shit out of hydra steve


it hasn't been retconned or replaced yet to the best of my knowledge

WTF? Did this spoil some other comic? I'm not reading Civil War.

Ewing and Spencer got top marks.

This is straight out of the latest issue of Civil War II. You're not missing much, don't worry.

This was the last page stinger of last week's issue of CWII. They're all fighting then Ulysses projects a vision of Miles killing Captain HYDRA into the heads of everyone at the fight, causing them to stop and go "ARREST THAT INNOCENT BLACK CHILD" or "MILES IS A GOOD BOY. HE DINDU NUFFIN!" depending on which side they were on.

Which government is it that supports the Americops? The city government? It's hard to imagine Di Blasio doing that.

God, how is Bendis still top selling?

Good page.

>this art
jfc, why?

>Strucker already did, and brought his kids back with him to boot.

Goddammit I've been out of Marvel for too long. When the hell did that happen?

>taste this shit

Wait, what?
I only know about CWII second hand. What's the significance of this?

In CWII, the incident that causes the Civil War after rising tensions is Hawkeye killing Bruce Banner because Ulysses got a vision that Bruce was going to hulk out and kill everyone.

This reveals that Bruce Banner was 100% set-up by Captain HYDRA to keep Ulysses off of his tail, and Banner's death, Hawkeye's trial, and the cause of open hostilities between Carola and Tony were all Steve manipulating events.

I like Acuna, it's the SR book I can't stand.

I see people on Cred Forums say that Sam actually has changed as a character since becoming Cap, is this true?

>I need to get control of Rage!
>Better not call the guy who was his legal guardian for a while.

>Having Skulls
Okay buddy.

>a skull octopus is the same as an octopus!!!!
Okay buddy.

>yfw it's Zemo

Am I the only one that really like this scene?


I love how beat down and determined He looks in the first panel

The whole "If cap wanted his shield back he would have asked for it" line leads to some dangerous places when you consider Cap is trying work against the world and heroes. By endorsing Sam as Cap America its practically saying that Sam is a bad idea as cap...

Keep reading.

Yeah, its amazing as you watch Cap tear down everything he helped build because he is in the perfect position to destroy everything. He sets people against one another, stands back when a single word could turn the tide either way, and asks favors of people that owe him their lives.

Each step is perfect and masterful, but its also tragic because he is destroying everything he worked to build. When this gets fixed holy fuck Cap will go mad from it all.

Holy fuck, what if Ulysses is picking up the alternate future for Hydra. Like maybe they would have recruited her in the reality that doesn't involve Cap being cosmic cubed into Hydra? What if he is 'right' about what 'should' have happened, but wrong because cosmic cube fucked with stuff?

I'm getting some /ss/ vibes from Elisa

I like it, mindbreak porn when?

Not this page? Reminds me of those 60-80s films where it was acceptable. I don't think anyone really gave a shit if a hot woman was inappropriately attached or close to a boy, back then.

ss is one of the worst normie fetishes

the world doesn't deserve a man like you, John Walker

it will make the shock even worse when you discover that Steve is HYDRA

you're literally forgetting the part where I want mindbreak porn out of it, that's not so normie, is it?

To be fair, the entire Civil War 2/Americop arc got rewritten and redrawn as part of the blowback from Hydra Cap.

They had to cut about an entire issue's worth of content (hence why the Americops themselves vanished from the story in this issue) from the arc and replaced it with CW2 filler regarding War Machine's eulogy.

And given the rumors that Gruenwald's widow had a major cow over what Spencer did to Diamondback, I would not be shocked if they had someone rewrite all of USAgent's dialogue to make fair and balanced, as opposed to Spencer having him be a right wing shitlord who got a beating he was owed to him for questioning the SJW overlords....

>Holy fuck, what if Ulysses is picking up the alternate future for Hydra. Like maybe they would have recruited her in the reality that doesn't involve Cap being cosmic cubed into Hydra? What if he is 'right' about what 'should' have happened, but wrong because cosmic cube fucked with stuff?
That's not how it works though. He isn't looking at timelines, but his power analyzes the present and shows a possible future based on it.

still norn norman
still shit

What a wimp. He should have stood by his creative vision.

nah, Spencer wrote US Agent before in Avengers World and he was a pretty nice guy, just a little grumpy

maybe Alison Green was Hydra and Skull just didn't tell Cap's cell about it.

I thought the Kraken was Fury's brother impersonating Daniel Whitehall.

>To be fair, the entire Civil War 2/Americop arc got rewritten and redrawn as part of the blowback from Hydra Cap.
No it didn't.

steve probably just had him killed in syria, user

>To be fair, the entire Civil War 2/Americop arc got rewritten and redrawn as part of the blowback from Hydra Cap.

This isn't true, stop spreading rumours. If anything you said was even kinda true, then BC would've jumped on it weeks/months ago.

You say that as though being profile by Carol's future police doesn't drive her into the warm embrace of Hydra.

please give wilson a costume that doesn't look like total ass

Steve's reaction to all this shit once he breaks the control is gonna be heartbreaking.


Agent is right. Steve is the only true Cap

Hydra aren't Nazis, MCUck.

They're terrorists and have former Nazis in their organization (Strucker & now Red Skull), but they have no connection to Nazi Germany

>To be fair, the entire Civil War 2/Americop arc got rewritten and redrawn as part of the blowback from Hydra Cap.

Sauce plz

>And given the rumors that Gruenwald's widow had a major cow over what Spencer did to Diamondback,


I like that USAgent isn't getting shoved down as a scapegoat but I do feel that Falcap should have pointed out that the people "protecting our borders" were kidnapping American citizens for the sake of selling them to hydra for horrific experimentation.
A single sentence pointing that out would have stopped any fight in it's tracks for a proper dialogue/explanation to him.

Didn't Doctor Strange lose his magic? Isn't he just getting the barest dregs back.

>it's a nick spencer being a bluepilled fag episode

Ugh, I know. Did you SEE his latest tweet? It had me so triggered! How dare that cuck say that about Based Trump?!

It's heartbreaking because you know that Cap is one of the most loved and respected people in the Marvel universe, the Hydra revelation will brake a lot of heroes (and dare I say some villains as well) to the point a lot of them will probably want to murder Steve.

Because betrayal is always the worst when it comes from someone you care about or admire.

Also the fact that he did this
is also going to be a giant blow towards Clint. Clint's dad was abusive and all around shit father, Swordsman was a shit mentor and father figure, the first Trickshot was also a shit mentor and father figure, Steve managed to be the only good father figure and mentor Clint ever had and for that he's extremely loyal towards Steve, even to a fault.

Clint will be in denial about this at the beginning but when he accepts it, he's going to be destroyed.

Also Steve breaking the trust of people like T'challa and Namor, shit he's going to make so many enemies that when he comes to he's going to be completely and utterly alone.

Next few issues will also see the return of the Flag-Smasher and ULTIMATUM, right?

Why is Captain HydrAmerica so based here yet an absolute retard in Uncanny Avengers?

Why did the art suddenly turn to shit?

Spencer is writing Steve as someone working really hard to keep his cover. Bunn is just writing Steve like Mark Millar would.

You'd think John would be able to hand-over-hand climb up that cable and get a hold of Sam. And if they fell from that height, John is the only one of the two that would be able to handle it. This doesn't actually strike me as a smart strategy on Sam's part.

>implying captain america would ever allow illegals into his counrty

>Black Male assaults and kills World War II War Hero

So who is gonna break Captain Hydra out of his cosmic cube brainwashing?

Personally I'm hoping it's Bucky saying something that normal Cap would know/recognize and makes Hydra Cap go, "wait, I remember that, but at the same point in time I was doing random Hydra thing... Uhh, what? Can someone fact check me here?"

I'd also like to see Hydra Cap snap on someone, almost kill them, and at the last moment have a crisis of conscience (Red Skull commands him to kill Ulysses after failing to steal his body/brain, Steve waivers in doing it) and it snaps him out of it, because it, "isn't a heroic act. And Hydra should be the good guys," because of Kubik's child mentality from how Red Skull read those stories to her.

Kobik, Kubik is a different sapient cosmic cube.

Isn't Duggan the one that's writing uncanny avengers?

Duggan, not Bunn

You're right, my bad

Oh ya!


They weren't Hydra, and they were selling the illegals to cosmetic companies.

Still not a legal or ethical thing to do in the United States and you seem to have forgotten that the whole reason Falcap got there was that they had abducted at least one american citizen. Then they proceeded to experiment on a Captain America when they got caught.
There is no solid ground for your side of the argument to stand upon.

Even if SHIELD somehow didn't have a single guard outside the building - shouldn't Spider-man's spidersense be buzzing like mad right now?

not the same building

Figures it was anonymous's fault

That seems to be a recurring theme with these visions. They all are self fulfilling prophecies.

the early ones weren't, but I suspect that since his visions are only capable of showing bad things, and he's being trained to activate them at will, it forces his powers to spit out a self-fulfilling prophecy if no other bad ends can be detected

Which building were they about to attack, then, if not the one the superheroes were in?

They shouldn't be thanks to the premise, though.