Underused 11/10 Designs


anything that makes use of sexy women shoulder is god tier by default

I'm telling you, it's just a palette swap of Artemis' outfit.

fuck off faggot we're not going to talk about your waifu, their costumes dont look anything alike. Go away.

but it's crap


The swimsuit is GOAT but KF looks great with pants too.


terry's original suit from batman beyond cartoon

Outta the way faggots, i'm actually contributing

This is moonstone's best costume EVER and she only had it for 3 issues

Yeah but that WW is one of those designs that would lose it's freshness if it was used more.

that movie was downright horrible and she was one of the worst parts

was it the voice actress's first day or something? shit was bad, and not in a "so bad it's good kind of way", but just plain bad



You swing that sword with a smile and you scare normal people. An you dress like a whore

Good God, this design does unimaginable things to my dick


Copperhead in that game as well.

Based Slav character designers.

This is 0/10 design

shes the best


>no Lord Superman
For shame