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2016 is either going to end really good, or really bad.

I feel so bad for Matt Furie.

>Anti-Defamation League

Literally who

Also why are you complaining when half this site hates Pepe for no discernable reason?

It's really bizarre seeing a meme get so much coverage.

Another victim of meme magic. Hopefully he's doing okay, considering he's got to be confused as fuck right now.

people who use and believe in symbols and think they can stop real crime by stopping the words and symbols need to be put into reeducation camps

Jews really are dumb motherfuckers.

He doesn't give a shit


>meme people say a frog meme is a hate meme
It's funny how some people takes this even remotely seriously.

>when half this site hates Pepe for no discernable reason?
The reason is easily discernible; the other half of the site is a bunch of faggots that forced the meme harder than Milhouse and ran it the ground rather than ever learn to argue a point even halfway decently..

Because i love pepe and hes a symbol for neet culture, and i wont let his good name be tarnished by a bunch of right wing horse fucking skin heads. Hiro, if your seeing this, nuke pol for good.

>Anti-Defamation League
>they are actively defaming Matt Furie

I would sue them if i was him, They have gone too far this time.

>GODDAMNIT Cred Forums
Don't you pin this Cred Forumsshit on us, OP.

It's the first time Cred Forums successfully take a meme back from normies. Would rather have pepe being spammed on Facebook ad nauseam?

>Cred Forums successfully got Pepe outlawed so their rare Pepes would quadruple in value on the Pepe black market

That fucking meme magic

Fuck off /r9k/ you had your chance to salvage him

I've read some of his interviews and he sounds kinda stupid. Or high.

Is this gonna go the way of freedom fries: a stupid way to draw attention to a thing and then ignored by everyone with more that two brain cells?

Yes. Because atkeast then hed still be the pee poo GBP loving neet instead of some white trash mascot.

don't blame Cred Forums, blame twitter. it seems like all this kind of shit ends up being the fault of twitter arguments.

>It's the first time Cred Forums successfully take a meme back from normies.
That's kind of the problem. There's a lifespan for memes and once normies have it, you're supposed to let it go and get a new one.

It's like with Rickrolling. When Jimmy Kimmel did it, that's when everyone with a brain knew "okay it's dead. Time to move on".

Meanwhile you guys are having sex with a rotting bloated corpse and going "what? the flies aren't so bad! what's the problem!?!"

>implying this won't be the most pressing political issue of this decade
This is what we'll be remembered for.

Good. Now there will be less cringey kids using Pepe outside of Cred Forums.

Count on it. I've referenced Bush v Kerry debates and Howard Dean screaming when discussing this election and people's eyes immediately glaze over. All of this alt-right/pepe hysteria will be the "swift boat veterans" of this election.

It's not a shite trash mascot, that's what the media want you to believe becuase its useful for their narrative.

Pepe is just a meme and a potus candidate attacked it personally. This might be the greatest troll in history.

Because certain memes like peoe need to stay alive you filthy casual. Whats the fun in a meme if you cant enjoy it after a few months?
I dont care if they do. All i want is my pepe back.

Some memes are ethernal, like baneposting.

fuck off Cred Forums
this isn't Cred Forums

Baneposting is a meme itself.

Don't put your damage on us, pal, Pepe has never been an exclusively Cred Forums thing.

First Pepe, now let's do Spurdo :DDD

Don't blame us. This is Cred Forums's fault.

Good, Pepe was a terrible meme.

Pepe's sure come a long way from peeing with his pants down and expressing how good it feels, man.

I wonder if any other meme has changed so much.

Meme magic has gotten out of hand

Cred Forums is Cred Forums
deal with it

Did the job /r9k/ was too incompetent to do properly.



But it is. Pepe came from a comic book.

You right wing degenerates are nothing but a tumor on this sites back. And like vermin you all should be stomped the life from your bloated diseased husks.

>caring about what the (((ADL))) says

It's pretty misleading as a title though. It's listed as something that has in the past been used to project hatespeech. Which, desu, fits any meme on Cred Forums.

I don't like it any more then you do, but

Pepe is kill.

>tfw i experienced the complete pepe evolution

this is incredible
i fucking hate this place

>stormfags flock a board, decide to call the whole site theirs
you were given a containment board for a reason.

If Cred Forums had flags I bet yours would show Canada

Cred Forums was a mistake.

People have been saying that for years. Pepe will live on after many of us are dead, scrawled in the halls of radiocactive overlords in the wastelands of 2069.

This is all incredibly stupid, but come on. Look at the images in and and tell me the ridiculousness of the situation isn't also hilarious.

Just imagine where Pepe will be in another five years.

>Anti defamation league
Hasn't anyone heard about sticks and stones and how works can't hurt you?
Faggot kike cunt nigger

Both versions are shit

Some memes are eternal, memes that can only work in a chan-setting or are so bizarre, flexible and rude the normies can never ruin them.
For example Baneposting and Pepe's.

t. cringelord

It's something wonderful, isn't it?

Why are people jelly of dank frog memes?

>This level of denail

Everything ends. Be thankful for the good times you had, and let pepe move on. I mean we're even past Zombie levels of staleness at this point. Pic related

This [current year] is retarded as fuck.

Bring on 2017 already, 2016 was a shitshow.

Wild fucking ride.

How is this our fault? Although Pepe came from a comic, yes, but it started as a meme on Cred Forums. Then Cred Forums were the ones who associated it with the alt-right. And now it's not even just Cred Forums, it's a bunch of websites, especially stormfags on twitter where the normies see this stuff.

This good. People are forgetting just how offensive and unacceptable being from r9k is

Imagine the guy who drew this picture, imagine it. He had no idea what he was bringing into the world. Just a frog, just a stupid, sad fucking frog.

Now this.

Threadly reminder that Keit-ai is already a fanfic, so stop posting this.


Some anons have already died during Pepe lifespan so far.

I think you proved my point harder than you did your own.

Its looks like pepe...

"Puts on sunglasses"

...Finally croaked.



The bottom line is reality seems like a parody. Everything is just so absurd and weird.

Reality is indeed fiction. It always was. But now the fiction itself is unraveling.

Ill carry pepes rotting corpse with me to the gates of hell, faggot.

Fuck off.

Source of pic? I'm having trouble reading the one you posted.

2016 is the year where real life and the internet have truly become inseparable. From a cultural and perception level.
Every year will have more and more memes injected into the media. News outfits will be controlled directly or indirectly by anonymous trolls and 400lbs hackers.

>Anti-Defamation League
This is the same website that says the '100%' is a hate symbol because racist whites say they're 100% white.

That's right, every time your teacher gave you a 100% on a test, they were secretly furthering the ebil rayciss agenda.

>the ghetto community

Its called a joke lighten up you google.

But what ends when the symbols shatter? And, who knows what happens to hearts?

>Sad frog will never be pure again.
Fuck you Cred Forums.

No he wouldn't.

Cred Forums is reclaiming our site's identity with it's treatment of Pepe. People like you make me actually think you're serious when I see complaints about how they can't post Pepe anywhere else without people calling it a nazi frog. I'd rather have a thousand Cred Forumslacks than your appropriating ass.

But I bet you support live action threads

Old Media is dying before our eyes, ratings slipping and integrity reaching an all time low.

They can't even comprehend the forces and system making them redundant, useless and worst of all - expensive. Hence Pepe gets labelled a hate symbol because of twitter shitposting to talking heads.

Cute doggo.

The site may be full of shit on pepe being a hate symbol, but the meme is definitely stale, if not full out zombie by now.

They're an organization of jews that decided to aggressively lobby against anyone who hated jews. In more recent times, this also means anyone against the state of Israel.

Not really, given the context of how aggressive the ADL is at adding shit to their database when it comes to anything used by any neo nazi ever..

Although I find it odd that pepe the frog makes the cut, but symbols for islamic jihad, isis, and the new islamic caliphate don't.

It's sad just how far that poor board has fallen. Moot had a vision for it to be the Cred Forums he always wanted, full of OC and actual discussion rather than dank memes and shitposting, and for an extremely short spanse of time it was. No wonder the guy fled to lead a normie life.

>calling it 'sad frog'
>implying Pepe was ever pure at any point past 2008
Get out normie

You need a higher resolution than 3500x2894?

This site was never made for blind sex hating rednecks. If i had it my way all your stupid west virginian heads would be lopped off. Your worse then any minority or subculture you complain about.

Frogposters on suicide alert, post dead green amphibians.

Stop shitposting about week-old news and help bump this so newfags can learn

This is a great description.

Also, Sadfrog is the only good Boy's Club meme.

>I behead people who disagree with me
wew lad

>not calling it "feels good man frog"


Good night sweet green prince... I'm sorry you were never kissed :(

you mean, besides feels, good man?
which actually came first but didn't stick around as long because Cred Forums isn't a bright and happy place

No dead peep fuck you

*feels good, man

I'm now laughing because someone at some point may have thought pepe's name was feels goodman


It's strange seeing major power players, like Hillary clinton's campaign, and the ADL directly


Video related. A snapshot of pepe from an eariler time.

I honestly thought that the oregon shooting would be the height of Pepe's infamy.

I think the next step is that we see schools explicitly banning pepe. Having pepe covered by the CBLDF is something I never expected to see, but it seems very plausible now.

Good thread. But I'm still going to bump this.

Cred Forums was made for anime, and became about weed and porn. Then creepypastas.

Everything else was given a containment board for a reason.

Their system gets cheaper and cheaper but the salaries are outrageous from the time when it made a lot of money and they only keep climbing, which keeps the overall cost huge.
Their solution is to cut people in mid level positions, which kills quality, because the people who used to have a team to do jobs with now are doing them with one or two people.

>lopping off the heads of people who disagree with me
Hang on lads, I think I know who this is.

Go google yourself.

So I take it no one's actually read what the ADL said in regards to Pepe? CNN there is being disingenuous as fuck.


They flat out state that Pepe is not inherently a symbol of hatred or bigotry. What matters is the context in which he's used, like with all symbolism. Of course, even the ADL glosses over the fact that majority of Nazi shit on the internet is used tongue in cheek to stir the pot, and not an actual endorsement of Nazi ideals.

Never forget that Pepe's origins were pure...


>I never read boysclub



Hiro should really incorporate some kind of Cred Forums lock so Cred Forums posters can't post on any other board other then Cred Forums

We sould start making rare minions and make them a hate symbol so they stop making those shit movies


>boys club was first printed in 2004
yeah, they changed his colors, big whoop

>asking for a safespace
You should post on /qa/

Yes. The're an offshoot of Bn'ai Brith, which have clashed with the part of academic jews who are anti hate speech laws and pro academic freedom.

They've gone after colleges for allowing pro palestine speakers on multiple occasions.

There one, true obsession is white supremacists though.

What do you expect from discount taiwanese animators?

they can't even stop ban evading, do you really think they can maintain you a safespace?

>implying 2017 will be better

This is a free fall from now till we are all dead

tired of gross dead frogs here's a nicer one.

How could it possibly turn out good?