BoJack Horseman

How did Cred Forums like season 3?

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that's the season where i stopped watching, so

I didn't watch it, was it a copy-pasted Season Two, which was a copy-pasted Season One, which was the arc of episode 1 stretched over multiple episodes?

Bojack Horseman is ass.

I'm think I still liked season 2 better, but it was still pretty fucking great. Some excellent episodes.
I do think they can't keep going, however, so I'm hoping the next season is the last and wraps everything up with BoJack's suicide.

I think the season was good and varied, apart from episode 11 which was a weird mix of episodes 11 from S1 and S2, even though it was a good episode in itself.

It was okay. It felt like it was retreading old ground. The Sarah Lynn arc just wasn't that heartbreaking, she was just another self-destructive narcissist.

Underwater episode was GOAT though.

A few good ideas arc wise that just lacked the same punch of season 1 and parts of 2.

I felt the Kelsey Jannings thing in the underwater episode more than Sarah Lynn thing in the last two.

My nigga

>implying this isn't the best thing to come out of BoJack Horseman

Pretty good. I would rather it only get one or two more seasons though. Leaning on him just killing himself but just don't make him be super better and dandy the end. Season 3 had the best episode though.

The humor got better but the drama got a bit worse. He should have not only been nominated for, but won the Oscar, it would have made for a much better Season 4, him having to deal with the pressure of being a fake Oscar winner. However the Underwater and abortion episodes were better than any other from the entire series. I'd give it a solid 8/10 with s1 as a 7/10 and s2 as a 8.5/10
Still the best netflix original.

I think they said that they had it all planned out until season 5, so who know?

Quite liked it

What did everyone think of Todd's asexuality reveal?

Weird that they made a big deal out of it like it's some world-shattering reveal. Seemed pretty obvious that he's too stupid/easily distracted to even pay attention to girls, so whatever.

it was ace

My least favourite. The underwater episode was pure magic, though.

Downer Ending is still the best episode

Still sad Sarah Lynn died. I thought they'd replace Todd as Bojack's friend.

I guess Bojack and Ethan will be making a new show until Bojack manages to screw that up. Possibly screwing up his relationship with his daughter as well.

Todd losing all his money so easily also limited what they could do with the character.

Though Mr Peanutbutter running for governor and Diane being a journalist are interesting. I also wonder if Charlotte will reappear after what Bojack did to Penny.

He pays attention to them just not sexually

Todd is just a perpetual 8 year old

Feels like the show's running out of steam. It has maybe 2 more seasons left in it.

It was great.

It felt less self contained compared to the precious seasons, which I think will lead to a nice pay off when we're done with next season. We're left a little hanging here.

it sucks
its not funny


no Wanda/10

But joking aside, it was great.


I think there were individual episodes in season 3 i liked more than season 2's episodes, but season 2 came together better as a whole.

Season 1 still the goat.

I actually loved the blackout episode even if it didn't have the emotional punch they wanted.