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pic related

I realized this today and no I am not happy about it.



wait, which one tho? the current one? or the crazy murder carol? cause if the later, then

She posted a picture of the current one, so she obviously means the current one.

As for me, pic related.

so you're a veteran with PTSD, alcoholism, and a penchant for flying into murderous rages and self-destruction?

Pre murder happy edgelord.

Used to be Gumball.

Now who knows.

Tell us about your extradimensional rapist son?

You left out the cyrptofascist tendencies.

You're Meg.

Dear fuck, I'm not THAT bad.

...Am I?

ah, of course. my bad.
I identify with her too, just not the fascist tendencies

Same parents as New 52 version, drug addict mom, dad was in prison same chip on our shoulders about it, same determination to be different from them. Same hair color and facial structure, same build. Same personality.

well damn, you're pretty good looking.

sorry, Boco. The truth hurts.

Oh come on. I'm not suicidal, does that matter?

Seriously, I'll take anyone else. ANYONE.


You can be Black Bolt and shut up

>I'm not suicidal, does that matter?
yes, but.......oh hell, I can't be mean to you. It's like kicking a puppy.

you're kind of like Phyla-vell, from DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yeah, I get that alot. Not that it matters.

But more pathetic

I'll take it!

Or maybe I'll just stick with Charlie Brown. That works.

Shut up Boco.

Yes sir...

I dare someone to try and spot the difference.

Slightly less angry than him, but just as violent. And small.

Now wait just a minute here!

I can take abuse with good humor and a healthy dose of self deprecation, but there has to be a line somewhere!


Take your great digits and shut up, Boco.

shut up, Phyla. You're dead.