How can anyone still defend Carol ?

How can anyone still defend Carol ?
She just insulted an Holocaust survivor

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Magneto is also a huge asshole. Its about time someone called him out in his Hitler bullshit.

He's not an asshole without reason

She's a blond white girl. it's not her fault she's a raging bitch, society has forced her to be one to be taken seriously.

That doesn't mean he's not a huge fucking asshole.

Magneto was, is, and always will be right.

He is an asshole for a reason, what is Carol reasons ? giving birth to her rapist ?, give me a break.

She also got an African America war hero killed and profiled an unarmed black youth for a crime he did not commit

>Survived concentration camp.
>People LITERALLY getting gassed and dying right now.
>Why you gotta bring up Hitler, Magneto?

A holocaust survivor who set up death camps in the middle of New York.

Not Op but when did he do that ?

She's not wrong. At all. Magneto's entire character is "thinks all non mutants are basically Hitler." That's it. That's his entire motivation as a character.

Doesn't mean he isn't right

That was xorn pretending to be magneto pretending to be xorn and you know it

I was thinking about Alpha Flight being anti-xmen

Magneto is not right.

The Eternal Jew strikes again...

Mags was wacked out on Sublime and also maybe not actually him. xorn retcons where weird

X-fags vs Carolfags
who is more right ?

Isn't Magneto supposed to be like Hitler though, for the whole irony of the thing?


He is suppose to be Malcom X

He kinda is...


>She also got an African America war hero killed
I still don't understand the problem with this one? Was she supposed to just let Thanos waltz on in, kill a shit ton of soldiers and walk out?

He'd work a lot better as a powered terrorist who's ultraviolently opposed to any government he deems oppressive. You wouldn't even have to change much at all about him. Not even the speciesm.

>I'm not ANTI-human, I'm a mutant supremacist!

She was suppose to bring more avengers againts Thanos or at least a good writer

Morrison's run. To be fair, he was high on drugs at the time, and that was later retconned into just being Xorn's evil twin brother pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn.

The problem is that Magneto cant keep up the mutant supremacist gig because he is a bleeding heart.