This great man would be insulted if the woke black men like us votes for Drumpf. Are you going to be an Uncle Tom?

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I hate politicians more and more everyday. Where is the country like mad max? I want to drive cars and shoot shit.

Link I don't believe it.



I'm not even surprised anymore by the shit this man pulls

Australia outback

Most black Americans don't feel like Obama did enough for them, though.

They are really starting to panic


The most divisive nigger I've ever seen.

He set back niggers at least 60 years.

A junior senator could somehow become president? Nice job Democrat faggots.

What do niggers want? Fucking free chicken and waffles and watermelons?

The US as soon as shit continues to decline, so congrats you don't have to move.

Obama is a fucking half white jewish puppet cuckold

Fuck that nigga

as a light skinned who lives in a white area, obama knows what hes doing, most poor blacks are primitive thug savages, and i want nothing to do with them.

i voted UKIP, i voted leave, and if i was american i would vote Trump

The same things white people want. They just don't realize it until they get fucked over by a dem.

You can't expect a man like Trump to tend to the needs of the black community, I can see why Obama would make this claim

Honorary white man.

Why are they so divisive? Niggers can do anything they want now and more than that due to affirmative action.

The dems are fucking cuckolds that have an abusive mentality.

Obama really means he's going to be implicated in leaks along with Hillary and is going to face the courts if a democrat doesn't get elected and either pardon them all or sweep it under he rug. He's just pulling the race card again in order to make this happen, just like Hillary's been trying to play the woman card.

As if I needed more incentive to vote for Trump

Ya dont worry if Hillary wins America will make Syria look like a playground.

The left is a backstabber. A liar. A failure.

No one has any obligation to let them continue doing what they're doing. Blacks, gays, women, whoever... it's time to break out of the mindset that the left are the good guys. They aren't.

We're moving on. We're progressing in our own way

Pretty much





Tbh this is pretty stupid of Obama. Now some black voters that have been angry about Obama's bullshit may vote Trump.

Why because shitty education, gun control, and dindu handouts are working so well?

Fuck that nigga I am voting for maga. Yeah and my boys are too. Yo white bitch I'm fuckin gonna vote for whoever I say so too and tell all her white friends to vote for TRUMP cuz I red pill and raw dog hoes. Good luck Uncle Tom Obama.

>Obama's legacy





Kek this only makes me want to vote for Trump more like wow, I get to submit an insult to Obama? Sweet

I wish I was black so I could vote for Trump to spite Kang Nigger.

Niggas who use "Uncle Tom" as an insult are completely oblivious to the source material. Besides, is having Tom like pic related as our uncle really so bad?

Northern Somalia

>half white

One-drop rule, Tyrone. He's full nigger.


>Trump actually fought against civil rights
Holy fuck this son of a whore must be kidding.
Trump was one of the first people to let blacks in his country clubs.

Fuck Obama. Dude needs a foot up his ass. Actually, never mind, he'd probably enjoy that.

st louis or detroit

He mentioned "he won't let you on his golf courses" "he won't let you in his condos". Guess he forgot Mar-a-Lago.


Obama is so enlightened.

I dont think black people really care about Obama nearly as much as they used to.

>Be black
>Get fucked over my more propagated bullshit while promoting a victimized culture.
>Side with whites and get my entire race purged when the National Socialism veil lifts.

False dichotomy? Perhaps, but I'd be a fool to play those odds.

I really want to like and support and you fuckers too, I'm all for free speech. They say it dont be like it is, but it do.

Gibs and license to commit crimes.

These people are triggered as fuck.

Blacks tend towards being dumb and criminal but they are also more likely to be redpilled in their own crude way. I think they've realized Obama didn't do shit for them.

Seriously, black voters are fucked either way.

>vote Democrats, who will deliberately keep you poor and trapped in welfare while they sell your jobs for globalism and support anti-police things that keep the community unsafe

>vote GOP, who really don't care about your community at all

The right wing doesn't care and the left wing scams and uses you

yep, because the past 8 years of a democrat presidency has resulted in such harmony

lmao.............. just lmao..............

Yeah it's not going to be any time soon. Things Trump talks about will slowly help hopefully. Potential voucher system for schools etc. Also immigration and trade deals directly affect the labor force most of them would be working in.

If you fight with National Socialists they will let you go home to your own nation. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

The weirdest thing for me was that CNN was covering this over the NY bombing stuff or the UN meeting about the Syria bombing or anything like that.

At this point, you can
many blacks for Trump at his rallies, many blacks turning to him now
he's tending to Americans and including blacks

I'd honestly wouldn't believe Trump could turn black voters if it wasn't for Obama and Hillary panicking like this.

There are no black men. They are all boys because a woman can't raise a man.

The only people that the nazi's wanted to exterminate were jews and communists.

Trump has 20% black support. That is near double what Reagan got in 84, where he won by over 500 electoral votes.

Male niggers will not vote for a FEMALE. My false flag social media accounts are propagating this.

The niggers that have said they support TRUMP say that they noticed how the democrats have bent over backwards for the spics. Once the dems have them , they won't need niggers anymore. Civilized blacks know that it's the spics that are taking their jobs, not H1B visa slaves.

TRUMP is a silver back alpha male, and (surprise) apes respect that.

>Become first black president
>Don't actually understand the black plight because you were raised in private schools by white people
>Do absolutely nothing for ""your people""
>Leave office 8 years later
>Race relations in the USA are worse than ever.

>the right wing doesn't care about blacks

we want them off welfare and we want more police in their communities. that's whats best for them. how is that not caring?

Obongo truly is King Nigger

>we may have challenges, but we're not stupid

i really hate King Kong and everybody who defends his shit presidency

They wanted to feel equal, at least they thought so.

Then they realized that a black president can be equally as terrible for them as a white president if not moreso.

Now they don't know what they want, so they just want free shit while they get stoned in an attempt to figure it out.

Stay woke my dark skinned compatriots

I wonder how much bile Obama had to swallow down after that endorsement.

Obama knows Hillary is a racist. I mean, if Paula Deen is a racist, then Hillary and Bill sure as FUCK are racist.

black people are on a different plane than us senpai


His approval numbers are SO cucking cooked! NOBODY likes him where I live (South), including the blacks I know!

This can't be real. Fuck obongo.

Why did he have to bring race into it? Ya know, I really really try to have sympathy and hope for black people, and try not to paint them all with one large brush, but Obama is a main influence on them, I've lost all hope in black people. Back to the cotton fields they go

That is simply not true, whites want low taxes, enterprise freedom, environment for growth, posibility of development. Blacks want gibs and everything to be serve on the platter for free, this is real difference between our races, Im sorry but that 35 IQ gap is bit too much

Well shit, now I'm defiantly set on resident Trump. I'm fucking sick of all these slimy Democrats and there lies.

You forgot the key word here: a weak female.

They have alpha leader who will make the whole thing glorious again or weak corporate slave who pamper them like they are fucking babies.

The blacks who are not on welfare know who they should vote for.

>tfw most white nationalists in the US are so stuck on the idea of a race war with blacks instead of seeing them as fellow Americans who should be able to self-govern once we deal with the hispanic invaders and the kike agitators

I think Rockwell had the right idea or was at least on the path to it. Because black Americans have fought just as hard for this country since the Revolutionary War.

Nah, m8, we'll rein in the crazy ones for you once we beat (((them))).

>personal insult
He was probably being ironic

Those stories can only hurt hillary and Democrats. Race baiting is better for thenm

Another fucking moron who doesn't understand international law and thinks Afrika is just this big empty space.

International law hasn't stopped us before, bud.

What are you talking about you liar? *bombs doctors without borders hospital*

I can't think of a better way for my tax money to be spent than my president campaigning

I will never be able to tell if theyre lying are they really are that stupid



This should be illegal. But I guess this faggot will just issue an executive order

are you related to sheriff clark? nah but seriously thanks for not sucking.

Black people are used to other black people taking advantage of them.

It's as if he really believes none of the voters have seen what goes on in the ghettoes.

I hope it's like the Brexit visit and has a counterproductive effect

>caring about (((Obongo)))
He didn't do shit for the niggers, he just expected to have their support because "muh nigger president". He can get fucked for all I care.

Trump is a Nativist Democrat, not a White nationalist. Just ask the Dukeshills

I went to one of Trump's rallies last year. Youngest black guy there that wasn't a BLM protester. Only saw like five black guys, all older dudes. Whole family mocked me for it. Some told me not to go because the Klan would be there. Never got crap from anyone there, save for the majority non-black BLM protesters telling everyone history would repeat itself and calling Trump hitler.

Oh, well. Still the only guy in my family voting for Trump. My first election, too! What a crazy one.

this will be in future history books


well the kang sure as hell hasnt

quads confirm
it's not real
move along nothing to see here



>insulting and threatening the voters again instead of providing any positive reasons

Literally why Brexit happened.

How do your family feel about Clinton then? Is there any enthusiasm? Are Blacks at all keen to be voting for her?

>Trump personally ends discrimination against blacks at some Country Clubs.
>Clinton was briefly a member of a white only country club
>Obama calls Trump the racist

And I think if someone wants to make a white only club or business they have the right to. Here is yet another off topic reminder that Gary Johnson does not believe in the fundamental human right to free association.

What a disgusting narcissistic nigger. This fucker has the gall to claim blacks have to pony up and give out their votes to who he see's fit to take his place. After feeding te cancer that is ghetto victim culture killing black communities he continues to sell out "his" race to further the democratic parties pander and exploit strategy for staying in power.
I hope he feels that bitter sting for the rest of his life as Trump smiles in his stupid monkey face when he officialy hands over the presidency to the man that will begin undoing his hobbled together "legacy"

My father, verbatim said.

"I don't want Trump to be President, but I think I'll survive if he is."

He's one of those "Bill Clinton was the real first black president" people and will probably vote for Clinton only because Obama told him to. I live at home (after he fucked up my credit and college enrollment with his bullshit) so he considers me living at home being on welfare. I can't talk politics with him because he says "You should be voting Democrat because you're on welfare!" Though I do have a job and will be moving out before inauguration day.

i think people have the right to, but just like kapernick, why would you do such a thing in todays social climate, you would get fucked

>defending a woman who openly threatened your possible assassination in 2008

Exactly why more people should be for it, especially the gays. Get the government out of it.

Africa then. That's where Fury Road was filmed.

Ahh right. You don't know if the wider black community is behind her or if they'll turn up and vote?

ask him "survive what? what bad is gonna happen for you to survive through? being responsible for your own well being? oh you mean LITERALLY surviving, like feeding yourself and not being a welfare leech? well if you think you could survive on your own then why havent you been doing it this whole time? do you not want to be seen as responsible and self-sufficient?" sorry, thats your dad im belittling, i just hate lazy fuckers

>Hillary's opponent

I've notice Clinton and now Obongo refuse to refer to Trump by name recently.

Is this the new Democratic meme? Treat Trump like Voldemort in the hopes he doesn't gain power through being name-dropped?

From what I can tell, they are. They think Trump will kick them all out or that Hillary isn't the same old racist they claim Trump to be. They'll turn up to vote because Obama has been stirring them to, but since it's not for a black president, it won't be the meme levels of the last two elections.

That's the thing; he's an independent guy with a family that has never been on welfare. He works a semi-comfy managerial job somewhere and does some volunteer work. He is kinda shit with his money, subsidizing my spiteful mooching off of him for fucking up my credit aside.

Holy shit, that is weird. He didn't really say that tho right?

Obama has just basically come out as a racist nigger. Damn, the conservatives were right all along. The nigger couldn't control himself.

BTW I only call black people niggers if they explicitly reveal anti-white sentiment, which Obama has clearly done.

Trump's recent outreach isn't aimed at black voters. The purpose is to show white college grads he shares their concern about equality and convince them they won't be voting for Hitler.

>Give back

Fuck off

(((((History Books)))))

Interesting. Thanks user. And best of luck.

i agree again, it makes sense, but how do you start an NAACP-esk group (or just a country club or something not even threatening) for white people without being called racist?

He's also clearly unaware or uncaring that the number one thing holding back black people in America is other black people who think doing well is being an Uncle Tom.

The eternal guilt trip does nothing but make black people like crabs in a bucket.
It's telling that it's the rich ones who pull shit like BLM; they're aware that dividing society keeps the other blacks down so they can exploit it for cash without having to get a real job.

He's afraid he'll stutter again and call him Mr. Tump

Liberals are like the pathetic beta orbiters of race politics. They spend all this time sucking up to non-whites but get bitter and angry when they end up not doing what they want.

Has any sitting president ever shilled this obviously before? Honestly...

The GOP doesn't care about blacks because they've been written off as all Democrat. According to the LA Times tracking poll, Trump is actually pulling 20% of the black vote though, so who knows?

In a way this. seeing as USA turns into a second Brazil maybe the anwer is good ol' Brazilian Integralism

>seeing as USA turns into a second Brazil

I'd rather walk into the White House myself and replace Hillary's AIDS medication with rat poison.

No problem. Best of luck to you, too.

in this instance, i dont demonize your father, mine is similar but conservative none the less, both just uninformed to the bigger picture. They see policies of politicians and either agree yes or no, never digging deeper to find a true red/blue pill



Quads has revealed the truth.

>Every pocket of poverty in America is run from top to bottom by Democrats
>These centers are still horrible places to live, poorer than ever and violent as Somalia
>No job opportunities, just gibsmedats, projects and crime
>Don't be a bitch nigga vote for our party again otherwise you'll insult me, your messiah

I seriously hope they aren't THIS stupid

well, at least the one ill put together for my grandkids, plenty of pepe pics for the full effect of what life was like in our current year lol

Australia fugged up

positively, some are, and it hurts my heart

What is a firearm offence if not injury or homicide?

'Crabs in a Barrel'. Think we've found the King Crab.

Wow, it's almost like it corresponds to the ice epidemic and associated organised crime, and not normal people! Thanks government.

>what is the current year

>King Nigger gets what he wants
>and he wants gibs

Well, obviously you would be called racist. The right to freely associate isn't just a white right. It is a human right. Up until the 1960s, most of America agreed with it. Many still do but are silenced because of the oppressive tactics of the authoritarian left. It is sad that there is not a single candidate that openly supports free association. The only people that partially bring it up are the Christian right who are forced to do business they deem immoral, but even then they claim this is a religious issue. It is also a secular issue. Everyone should have the right to only do business with those they want to do business with.


Aren't you the ozzie? Here, that would be things like carrying concealed without permit (in states where required), brandishing (waving gun around scaring people), stealing a gun, having a stolen gun, using one in commission of crime like robbery (makes charge aggravated), and probably having a gun in a no-gun zone like a courthouse.

He really does think he's King Nigger spouting this nonsense.

Also discharging firearm in city limits/near road etc, which varies by state and city. And I guess ATF violations like having too short a barrel on a rifle. So those are all the unconstitutional infringements of the 2nd amendment we go to jail for.


as a christian it is a convenient cop-out without accusations of racism, but its spreading to religion faster now, instead of racist we're the next worst thing like a bigot. literally the only solution seems to be no lefties being lefty

Man that drawing has one hell of an uncanny valley effect.

So the whole
>he'll deport black people Africa
Is actually a legitimate concern for some blacks?

because you want them off welfare, while refusing to hire them. then you want more police to fill your prison idustrial complex.

>democrats can't be racist

damn son, what happened to the good old days when you could duel someone with pistols? some may see it as barbaric but the world might run a whole lot more smooth with some oil on the gears

why did obama want to become president?
He didnt really do anything

well if nigs arent nogging they might pay attention in school. actually become a human being and be productive




k mate, murica is exactly where it was or worse than 8 years ago.



As a symbolic fuck you to his coalburning mother, whom he hates

Are you the guy who posts conversations with his black mother? Please more!

Yes, which is why the left has hit a tipping point. They attack their own for mundane things like what Lena Dunham apologized for (hilarious situation).

>Because black Americans have fought just as hard for this country since the Revolutionary War.

Oh fuck right off.

I'm all for giving the darkies their own ethnostate but don't even entertain the notion that blacks have ever harbored any love for the US. Rockwell only respected Malcolm X because they both agreed that whites and blacks should live and grow with their own kind.

If it weren't for that fagget john wilkes booth, Lincoln would have sent them all back to Africa like he planned and the world would have been better for it.

>We will educate him

What did he mean by this?

its funny cuz they say hes the first black president but if in some misguided attempt to level with actual black people he tried to be smooth and said "nigga" even once, it'd be like a white guy saying it, they would just feel conflicted about yelling "racism" and shun him cuz if hes not being racist hes certainly pandering

And gays, and certain poor, and disabled, and gypsies

Why is it okay to blatantly pander to a "black voting block" for black interests but also saying that white voting blocks/white interests don't exist?

They are just blatantly saying it, it's almost unbelievable.

Haven't you heard Obama say "nigger" before?

The audiobook of "Dreams of my Father" are hilarious.

>“You know that guy ain’t shit. Sorry-ass motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me.”
>“There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you.”
>“You ain’t my bitch, nigga! Buy your own damn fries!”
>“Sure you can have my number, baby!”

yea the damage control itself even reeks of degeneracy, but I honest to God have never heard of lena dunham before her shitstorm, and I kinda of pride myself on useless pop-culture info

>dude trump might help our cause but like he's not literally hitler so I won't vote for him #1488

Fucking shills.

nope, honestly cant stand the guys voice so I just read what he says instead of videos. but damn, does he actually do the audio for the book? your pic says it all


Do yourself a favor, just listen to the clips. They're linked in that blog post and fucking hilarious.

be right back i suppose

now that's provoking and hatespeech 1st class.

it hurts, i can hear how unnaturally ebonics rolls off his tongue. single words and their multiple syllables being forced in and out of proper annunciation and slang. i say again it hurts

really, this nigger has to be commended for at least his audacity

THEY'RE GOING FULL DAMAGE CONTROL cause Trump is wining and there is nothing they can do

also Obama isnt black hes muslim so it would be a favor for black people to vote against Hillary rather then insult

I feel like nobody would care about blacks if they just pulled their weight like the avg joe. The IQ meme is bullshit. As soon as you see a black teen wanting to be different, he gets called a whitey or a wannabe or an Uncle Tom. Determination isn't locked to certain races.

To be honest, that felt rather refreshing.

Obama can do aggressive and demanding? Why hasn't he done that before?

You really don't understand, do you?

The IQ meme is real, racial determinism is not absolute obviously but it is a socially reinforced mechanism.

You are saying to make black people stop being niggers you have to completely isolate them from one another and raise them in a completely white culture.


lol i thought that the other day, the only way to really un-nog nigs would be to segregate them from each other, dont know itd work or not but its kinda ironic

>while refusing to hire them.

are they qualified?

>I'm the black president
>You guys are black voters
>So, because we're both black, vote for who I say, or you will be discrediting my legacy

This is fucking disgusting

Plus cash


I want to run for king leaf

I want to tell all kebab to vote for me because I'm half kebab

And I wanna not get a single ounce of shit for it like king nigger does

Truthfully though I dont think I could pander to kebabs as I was raised by my white mother. The disconnect between me and my kebab half is astounding.

>more than 40% say fuck obama
>obama still pleads

things must be looking dire if democrats are begging for votes

If people didn't believe him maybe he'd have to try harder with his lies and slander. Fucking hell.

I heard she carries HOT SAUCE in her purse. Black people HAVE to vote for her now!

Holy shit, the full quote is actually worse than the headline.

"If I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who we elect -- read up on your history. It matters. We've got to get people to vote," Obama said. "I will consider it a personal insult -- an insult to my legacy -- if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote."


Is that a thing for your black people? When I first heard that I was so confused

IKTF. If murrican dindus got purge tommorow I'd make sure none of my black relatives notices and then throw a massive party in my house.

What a fucking emberassement. I've BEEN to Africa. It looks better than many American black neighbourhoods. Nairobi is an massive hellhole that chokes under its own weight, but compared to Detroit it's basically new jerusalem.

So, please America. Do the black races a favour. Purge everyone whose black ancestry goes back more than 90 years from your country.

>"If I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who we elect -- read up on your history. It matters. We've got to get people to vote," Obama said. "I will consider it a personal insult -- an insult to my legacy -- if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote."
This is where Trump gets 12% of the Black vote, isn't it? :^)

What happened in 2011?

He really does see himself as "King Nigga"

Anywhere africa north of RSA. Somalia, Liberia, Congo (either one), South Sudan, CAR, Zimbabwe are all options


Wanna go play co op Fallout in Detroit, burger?

Talking apes believe whites are cloaked in a magical shroud of priveledge that frees them from the challenges of carving out a productive,happy life.They believe whites simply want and then receive, because theyre white. This belief has fostered hatred and jealousy in the nog and so permanently quest for the gibs they think whites already got.

I agree but the language is wrong. It would be an insult and basically retarded for anyone black to vote for Trump. I'm black, Give me one reason why i should vote for Trump. Here's 176 reason why I won't.