Ask someone who just met McCain today anything

Ask someone who just met McCain today anything.

What does he smell like?

Typical old man smell with a bit of cologne

Literally who?

The guy who ran against Obama in 2008, now running for re-election as Senator here in Arizona

Did he let you jiggle his flabby turkey neck?

Did he disclose his war crimes to you?

What's your impression of him?

fucking idiot
>canadian education

did he say anything about trump at all

Did you call him out for being a neocuck zionist corporatist shill?

How much did you charge him for the tug?

I hope you told him to stay away from my 30 round mags

I can't wait to be old and always smell like an old man.

A talentless fuck who couldnt get a real job if his whole world depended on it

I didn't dare ask him about them
He's a chill guy, I'll vote for him for senator just because I hate Kirkpatrick just like I hated Kelli Ward
He basically said Trump and Clinton are idiots and how it's sad that Trump wants to become friends with Russia when they're our #1 geopolitical enemy
No but he did talk about fighting Assad, helping Israel, and cutting taxes for large corporations
I didn't even know he was anti-gun

No. But his neck was shaking like Jell-O because of the strong coffee he was drinking

>I didn't even know he was anti-gun
more like an ass hole willing to throw people under the bus for some votes.

What'd he do exactly?

Don't vote for him you fag
McCain is an evil warmonger and neocon

How many hours did it take to wash the failure off of your hands?

By my calculations you should still be scrubbing.

Did you call him a cuck in person?

My only other choice is Ann Kirkpatrick
He's a winner in my book :^)

He's too nice and innocent to be called a cuck

Sorry don't have exact time and dates for you but during one of those "hurr durr gun control now" moments he waffled on 30 round mags.
something like
>c'mon guys maybe we could just let them have the 30 round mags.
Trying to play middle of the road with those worthless gun control fagots.

If I'm ever pathetic enough to go on an anonymous cambodian cave painting forum to get attention for "meeting john Mccain," will you shoot me and put me out of my misery?

Disrespectful towards a veteran. Hang your heads in shame all of you false patriots. May God oversee that you burn in hell and God bless the try patriots.

Will do obviously non-pathetic user
This. I'll show respect to any/all politicans. Even if it's Hillary Clinton.
Yeah, he's definitely not someone I would've voted for president. But I'm just voting him for senator cause he's the lesser of two evils and I'm one of his top interns in Southern AZ

Why didn't you exercise your duty as an American patriot and shoot him on the spot for gross betrayal and treason of his country ?

I've met him before too, he's pretty quiet and short.

I respect him for his personal sacrifice, but he's a rabid neocon and seems like a legit psycho. I want him the fuck out of my government.

Did you ask why he's a Globalist and let himself get captured by Viet Cong?

What took you so long?

Is his body visable in the mirror?

Did you ask him for a high five? Like way up high.

Did you ask how he feels about losing to a mudslime nigger?

Did you guys high five?

Good goy. We respect your service to israe- uh I mean the US.

How big is his cuckshed?