Rare Book Merchant Man

Strayanon I finished the scanning ahead of schedule and here is the link for the book, 198 pages in total.

Just simply remove the space between mega in the below link and it will be good to go.

Took a couple hours to scan, it has now been rewrapped, packaged and put away for keeping.

I needed to do it so it would stop falling apart while reading, some pages are slanted and it is not searchable yet but hey!

Free book from 1797

Also, user delivers

me ga.nz/#!6AwwXZpC!IFloAC3LFelBtYAGhX7bQX-1-NVZ-J2gD3NjLRxckIM

Other urls found in this thread:

hermetics.org/pdf/grimoire/The Grand Grimoire - Dark Lodge version.pdf
books.google.com/books?id=K3hpAAAAcAAJ&pg=RA2-PP1&lpg=RA2-PP1&dq=borter buch new dictionary des passagers&source=bl&ots=py8f2hnAuh&sig=es01PcUfbnhdagA-pXsrdQ-zybo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjdkp6ox5jPAhUC6WMKHRzCANQQ6AEIITAB#v=onepage&q&f=false

Around 65MB

Turned out pretty good

I set up a post 6 hours ago like promised, but just finished

what is the book?

That's great for the work you put in, but what book is it? Short description?


It is titled " A copious description of such Hebrew manuscripts as are written to the rules of Ezra"

Old op user wanted to learn Aramaic and Hebrew and so I said I had an antiquated book that could help with some translations for him.

Totally falling apart, no cover etc

Didn't want to damage an old book further, so I scanned it


>me ga.nz/#!6AwwXZpC!IFloAC3LFelBtYAGhX7bQX-1-NVZ-J2gD3NjLRxckIM

This looks interesting, whats the book about, language? Semantics?

Yes Hebrew and the different translations..

I have a few interesting books

I see, looks interesting. Not my cup of tea but I offer a bump for effort.

STRAYAANON HERE BRETHEREN 10/10 user DELIVERS! Sorry for missing the 6 hour mark.

Thank you for bump!

Bumping with images of other books

Actually hoping the user sees it and downloads what he was seeking

Fuck yes! Deeds were done!

Not sure what the significance is, but always be sure to re-upload to Archive.org and libgen

Actually pretty excited .

By the way did you dream or no?

I am downloading everything brugerbro.

I did, but nothing out of the ordinary I will keep trying however and am looking into it more.

eh, mason bible, got that

This is the type of thread the Left try to push off the board with their "Cred Forums bfto" and "what did __ mean by this" shit posts.

Sweet, I think the hardest thing for me was the remembrance. I awake from my alarm and run... Leaving my thoughts on the pillow.

Writing it down helped.

Hey rare book bro, could you give me some advice?

I found this thingy. Is it worth anything? Apparently some universities have collections of their Otto Ege guys psalter pages

It is a decent one from '65 with really nice charts and explanations, I have other works though

You guys working on lucid dreaming or dream symbolism or something?

What really does help is when your alarm goes off (set it a bit earlier if you must) shut it off and just lay down again, don't move, don't think. This can help you get a grip on the fleeting memories. When you have a grip, write them down in short lines.


Yeah we are working on lucid dreaming
1 sec downloading link from merchant.

Also if you guys are interested in helping out check this thread out to chip in if you would be interested (in either reading the future threads or contributing):

Yes! And download a circadian alarm clock ... Your mind knows when the alarm is coming and wakes you before the body wakes...

You can try the WILDS by laying still for 40 minutes and letting your body fall asleep ( losing touch with ether body) etc.. And then dream out from there with thoughts...

But as far as alarm clocks you are spot on, just don't move much or open eyes.

With a circadian alarm you could set it for

30 min , 15 min, 30 min, 2 hours

Because it will be expecting that 15 min alarm to go back off and it will wake your mind but not your body .

Can someone explain to me what is the significance of this book?


I want to say thanks for the link as well.

Great work Ausbro.

See link:

And look up "the path to zion" or something like that.

I love redheads. You win this thread.

Yes, $100-$1,000 based on what it is

I love the beautiful writing in medieval manuscripts. Should have it appraised ( my word means nothing)

But I do like that and saved it, do you have a higher quality pic of the text?

Dude the link isn't working for me.


user you rock. are you going to do any other books?

There is a space in between the "me" and "ga", delete the space and it will work.

O' Mighty Rare Merchant. Shall you creat a /rbg/ general for the collection of rare books? Rare Book General?

ok but how is that book relevant?


It is because it would show different translations and ways it should be translated, aussbro is looking into learning Hebrew so he can read Talmud etc and this would help in knowing the proper OLD translations of certain things... Not gravely important, but every sliver build the wooden chair to sit on

It is the law that all Rabis are taught, and it is more important to the true leaders of the Jewish faith then the Torah itself. The movie "Path to Zion" is what got me interested.

Holy Shiva, thank you OP and Ausbro

Why are you so keen on learning Hebrew and reading the Talmud?

Yes if I find any books I have that there aren't digital copies of I will certainly do it in the future, especially if they are rare..

I just bought all of Manley p halls lectures and unreleased audio too, 850+ hours... So I like audio books as well.

There are some things I really want but can't get yet, pic relate to as fuck.

>using mega nz

not like i wanted to read it or anything

Lol yes haha, 198 pages, I checked only one or two pages had a few blurry but readable paragraphs

Need it uploaded somewhere else?

I can do that

And basically a whole lot of threads on here about the Jews, I want to read of their history, understand their faith, understand all perspectives to see why people view them as they do. tl;dr extreme curiosity.

Also I shall shill:

I think it is important to learn the older versions of languages to read older texts and translate them for yourself

Also, why not?

was ist das für eine Judenscheisse

Just use the regular download bro, don't need an account.
Fuck that looks rare.

The Teachings of the Masters - is that occult related?

whats on page 6

That would be cool! Idk if Lit does that kind of stuff, I posted an old book I had a week ago and got BTFOd kek.

Aussbro was talking about reading 100 pages of the Talmud a day and doing a daily thread, I would be down for something like that, anons posting and sharing rare books simply to spread knowledge.

It's like the books I want are made to make me broke.

Are you purchasing these books for commercial reasons? Are you going to be reselling them?
For vintage books do you have preference?

oh man I love books
thanks for this one, another to my collection

Page 6 on pol... 6 hours ago was trying to reach straya and was "saged" to page 6

I meant it's sort of an odd thing, especially for a Cred Forums user to do. If an user wanted to learn a n ancient language I would have expected ancient Greek, or ancient Latin. Antisemitism is the norm here, I guess maybe for a understand the enemy sort of thing. I also don't think the Talmud would give the best description of it.
My Jew loving mother had an ancient one from her friends, translated into Victorian English. I read didn't see to much interesting in it.

Yes, I bought it because of Bill cooper reading excerpts from it. Regarding Atlantis and the joining of the continents

Easiest way to lucid dream is to partially stick a limb out of bed, like your hand, a foot, or your elbow. That hanging feeling eventually triggers a lucid dream.

I am actually learning latin as we speak:

Not for commercial reasons, just for personal interest. Not reselling them but would gladly share.

Vintage books as in age? I usually love 17-1900s because of the occult writings.

I am wanting all of rudolf steiner's work 150+ books. They are anywhere between $25-$300+ or just simply not available... I do want all of them

Just finished the audio book of pic related... But I still want the book and images

And the Australian copy at that. Impressive.

I have these discs that have 160+ Rosicrucian texts and 100+ old demonology... I have yet to open them.. I can rip them and share if you would like?

mega keeps giving me broken https links

I imagine some other people have the same problem

>1st Edition

Just curious around what age are you? I would imagine it would take some time to amass such a esoteric collection.

Based as fuck.

I would also want French..

This is good to know, I will try this tonight

25 at the moment.

That's strange, I honestly don't know how to help make it work. I just opened it and clicked download. I'm on ((chrome))

Right, some of these are expensive as hell... The local Masonic Temple here had a leak above their library and no one noticed for a month... All of the books are ruined... All of them

Easy to know once you know latin, 90% of french is basically Latin.

Dude do you know the amount of pussy you could pull by simply showing a chick your book collection.

That's an awesome hobby, vintage things tend to be so beautiful. I love all my 1940's maps.
So are an occultist fan or a practitioner? That would be quite the pricey library

As a Mason this hurts to read.

Yes? I went back and listened to bill's stuff from the Babylon mysteries... I don't agree with everything, but hey; when you find so much info consolidated ... Why wouldn't you listen?

Haha not around here, illiteracy is rampant

Both, and omg!!! Yes my favorite are the 1800s books because they marble them..

The poetical works of Mrs. hemans

Example pic

Based OP.

>pic related
>it's you

How do you guys remember your dreams? Even if I wake up without an alarm and just lay there for a bit, I usually can't remember anything. Do I just need to focus on the few times I can remember to try to expand it from there?

I managed to come across a book that was literally printed in the 1830s, and it details all of the people that have accomplished great things despite having shitty circumstances (be it related to health, or poverty, or whatever). It's one of the coolest finds I've ever gotten from a used book store, and I can find next to no information on it online.

What's it called? Or is it so worn you don't know the title?

People used to....marble there god damn books. *Drools*
That is perhaps the classiest thing I have ever heard of.


Seriously heartbreaking, I am waiting for my 3 visits. They just phoned my contacts and he said (relayed from my friend who was a personal reference) "wow, that was the best personal review I've heard"

I'm stoked, I have a decent memory, and he WM was talking to a few people saying I was probably going to shoot through the steps quickly... I hope so, as long as I retain and learn from it

the talmud is what Jesus hated the jews of his day for following.. be careful not to be corrupted by drifting into thinking any of it is divinely inspired..

It's part of a series of books called "the library of entertaining knowledge", and this specific one is called "the pursuit of knowledge under difficulty". I could find some newer published versions of it online, but nothing like the specific version that I have, so I figure I must have one of the older, first printed editions.


That's insanely gorgeous. My 1800's Jules Verne doesn't have that bummer.

Really? Pictures user?

masonic dogma? I thought the stuff about masons having dogma was slander.

Thank you

Omg isn't it?!

Google "marbled books" so beautiful

Nice. Good luck.


I have a lot of these marbled books too. It's a shame I don't have access to my library at the moment because I could post some Masonic ones.

Probably not dogma in that sense,

More so certain principles to take down.

It makes sense if you are working on your internal self (true self) you have to have certain principles... Tough talk are things that have real impact.

Also I am not a mason (yet)

I won't don't worry.

OP I must go very soon, (15 min till I have to drive 3 hours into the city) firstly thank you for what you have done but I think I have a plan for the future.

For the next 3/4 months I pre-read Jewish history and other books (which I already have) to provide context for my read, then on 1st of Jan 2017 I will have saved enough for the Talmuds and will begin posting a "The Daily Talmud - Inspired by Rare Book Merchant Man" thread and we shall meet again.

How does that sound?

Cred Forums,
Where lazy people put in 6 hours of work for free.

You enjoy poetry?

I got a $250 dollar book for $20 because the guy that sold it as "the political works of"

So I can only assume he googled "political" instead of "poetical" and ended up with the wrong book

So no theistically derived rules or laws right? Nothing interfering with common faiths or ideologies?

That would be much appreciated, also any titles you know off the top of your head? I keep a running list of books I'll eventually get. And those particular works would be helpful!

Also thank you

I don't have any good ways to get pictures of it, and the book is in pretty bad condition, anyway. I once found a modified, later-published version of it online, i think I'll find it and post a link to it on here. The book has definitely influenced me, although it's a bit harder to read such a book compared to more contemporary stuff.

Do you have the Talmud?

OP see my plan:
I must go soon. see^^^

To an extent, though I would rather read the political works. Is the marbling eternally reserved for artistic or critical works?
With vintage books I like the style like my early 1900's "beyond the Himalayas" I like the story telling style.

Here is an e-book version of the "Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulty".

In the end, it is human(soul) and the realities of life, all religions are the same at the core. So whether you speak of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism they all link back to certain things you could call religious in a sense? But it is simply the way of things and what happened within our earth and souls... (Idk if Masonic stuff goes into this, I will be finding out hopefully) but no, not conflicting

And the people that say oh god they worship lucifer ( like bill cooper) .. Luciferic Angels are one of many, and the luciferic or light beings look at our earth as unreal, whereas there are other beings that want to use human souls in other capacities ... Hence like the Buddhist you tow the middle line, or the Christ path, or whichever suits omyour religion... Think of religions more as metaphors for concepts. Archetypes

You found a copy of the book you spoke of? Sweet! Thank you user.

You said it was a series?

show me an original 1st edition/translation of alladin

if you can find this you would zero sum or enter a state of chim or both


That does seem to challenge most religious concepts. Are masons keen on trying to enforce these views on others?

No! But I would like the full thing, $200 on eBay.

I want a copy of all the religious texts from the different religions. I believe they are all important and should be studied, but not in the dogmatic sense

Honestly I'm not sure, I've only seen it in poetical works, I think you may be right to some extent

Perhaps you want to start saving up for this one:


How can they all be right? They are really diverge especially at concepts like the afterlife. Like Buddhist hell is incompatible with catholic hell which is incomparable with Jewish nothingness at the end.

Sir. Would you by chance have a compiled list for your books. I want to begin collecting starting off with Christmas. I am still a NEET and want to begin work for monees for bokees

I like this, I will be waiting for it on the 1st of January!

I think I may dump those two CDs as well tomorrow

Good luck and enjoy your drive!

i... ive said too much

fortunately nobody here as any fucking clue to the true power of this book

Yes holy shit is that ever so true! Just look at cfg

Yeah, the library of entertaining knowledge, written by the "society for the diffusal of useful knowledge", a society in the early 1800s dedicated to mass publishing works that, I suppose, were meant to be informative to those that read it. I don't know what the other volumes are about, but I know there are a lot of them - iirc, more than 10.

Also, old political works would be a good read, do you have any?

Like alladin the story with the genies and china?



If I can I will check tomorrow but I will not know until then if I am available. Thank you again Rare Book Merchant Man and likewise I look forward to seeing you again on 1st of Jan 2017, should I post in the morning (aest) or afternoon or either?

I don't think so, considering you have to ask 1 to be 1, or knock upon the door...
Asking someone to become a mason is not allowed ... So I would expect the exact same to go for views. I'm not really into pushing my views on people because it's like watching what will happen down the road and I feel you are responsible for those things

Thank you! Screenshotted so I can look it up later! I would love copies of this!

>mfw i meant to say XIR
my priviledge has been checked xir.

since i now have everyones enlightened attention. i would like to allude to the fact this book shits all over the face of jules vern when it comes to predicting modern technology

infact, arabian nights is almost direct proof of a higher power governing earth

Fuck, I actually started looking more into it, there are at least 42 volumes. Here is the 42nd:

Hahaha I don't think so! But I would like a copy, my roommate is Mormon (but not religious)

Poor guy won't get his planet kek

nobody really knows where alladin came from

yes the mystery is saucy and thick

You're not allowed to talk about religion or politics in the lodge.

The Masonic rituals are... something else. I can't say any more. Oath of secrecy, etc.

Nothing vintage for that, my oldest political/history book is from 1948. An it's an abridgement of Toynbee, whom i found oddly disturbing. I do like vintage philosophical works like Montesquieu or voltaire though.

The different views happened when the great split happened. If you read rudolf Steiner occult outline it explains it better than I ever could (12 hour audio book on YouTube, it's great)

But yes there was a divide and people split their particular beliefs off and then the mysteries went underground ... They are only a small percentage of what they used to be.

I would love to see books from the spiritual world, there must be some!

Some of my favorites are the James Padgett messages ( exceptional)


You're not religious but an occultist? How does that work?
That doesn't sound even remotely true, how does it predict anything?

I don't have a compiled list yet, but I could work on one, I have way more digital than physical. But it is growing.

Look up a particular author you like and a lot of times they will reference other works, and you go get those, etc and then it branches out into a forest

Sounds super cereal

Either works , I'm on at all times sadly

Oh it is. Only about 6 million YouTube videos exist exposing everything so you really have to look hard to find info.


holy shit yes

As a moderately anti clerical atheist going for a chem degree I actually get really disturbed reading anything that can't be fact checked like this, but I will try and give it a read. For you user. Though how did you get caught up into this stuff?
Also I can't rational how all religions could even derive from the same things? Everything about them is so different.

Yes, I got told that, unless someone wants to compare two things and is comfortable with discussing it.

I was told not to reveal my religion or political leanings.. I totally understand. People mentally label automatically and it sticks, it is like tainted water afterwards

Definitely have my intention, will be looking into it ... Or at the very least reading "about" it

I see, :) no worries then user.


Vegetable substances used in the arts, fuck dude this is beautiful! I had no clue of this... It is making me think of Luther Burbank, ( I read of him In secret life of plants book) growing spineless cactus, brilliant man and the reason for so many diffrerent creations en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_Burbank

I must have this library

i dont know what this book is but ill download it why not

I need to read Voltaire!

How was sitting through it? Were you transported into the book or was it not captivating?

>I believe they are all important and should be studied, but not in the dogmatic sense

its got stuff about real, all powerful beings. you're already in the dogma son

Yes not religious, I started it super Christian ( mother super hardcore religious)

Then I moved to another state at 16 on my own and became atheist , and within the past 2-3 years have grown out of atheism and it has blossomed into a love for the occult esoteric spiritual reality that is our world.

Okay, I'll go upload them in a bit and dump them

It's the symbology, the underlying meanings. When you look into the occult rituals of each religion, as well as ancient religions and how they were practiced it really really does tie all of it together.

Not really his works are dry in descriptions. He is rather trying to get the reader to think about concepts and ideals rather than tell stories.
Candide is labeled a comedy, I wouldn't call it that.
The Maid of Orleans is porn without any sensuousness to it and merely scandal directed at poor Joan of arc.
He is pamphleteer nothing more, to enjoy his works is to discuss them with others. It can't be done alone.

>porn and scandal
>Joan of arc

Say no more I am curious to see these old works

But honestly the concept work is hard without parables, metaphors etc...

I love works with metaphors that stick in the mind, that seeds the concept.

Hullo book merchants, does anyone have a more complete version of the Grand Grimoire than this one?

hermetics.org/pdf/grimoire/The Grand Grimoire - Dark Lodge version.pdf

This may be my chemistry talking but aren't symbols interchangeable and merely tools for describing something
I don''t see how you can tie Hinduism and Catholicism together.

So in this entire discussion, considering I'm not one yet, would any of this have been "off limits"...

It seems like some Mason's are not into this stuff at all, just like most people aren't.... This is not my usual conversation. But I have a feeling not all the members at the local temple I'm wanting to join are on that wavelength

Well porn of a saint is scandal in of itself. It's hard to discuss with out spoiler do you mind some of Candide?

It is more so the symbols, idk how much I can go into that, like the symbols of light and their importance ...
The reincarnation aspect they got wrong and right partially ...

They are very different from each other, but if you go far back enough they both derive from the same source. The same as humans derived from the same source ... ( no not Adam and Eve ) but souls using earth, and the matter of the physical to build bodies for usage over an extremely long period of time until there was a point you could no longer sync with the body... Sounds really off unless you start from the beginning...

This would help in explaining it, 12 hours in total , I listed to it at work and home
My explanation is nowhere near as precise or elegant



why is this occult junk interesting?

I did not know of this, but thank you for what you have posted!

I will have to see if there are others


I'm myself a latin teacher :)
gl, it's pretty hard

>90% of french is basically Latin.


Okay, getting off my ass now to go rip those discs...

Do you mean Marching to Zion?

Well in Candide Voltaire is satirizing optimism of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz variety. his concept of the best of all worlds. He has Candide grow up learning that in his paradise then everything that could possibly go wrong does to him for the rest of the book, fundamentally eternally suffering. It is so severely unrealistic it feels hackney. . Then once he abandons that thought, his life doesn't suck as much but is tolerable.
It's a short far too fast paced book, with stick figure characters. Personally the fun i had with it is laughing at it with others. many likes it's politics and thought i thought it blase fan fiction at best.
Yeah i read some of his work at a friends request will never believe that. I will stick to my materialist world.
I hate it when people use quantum anything especially.

the main book rare merchant bro produced isn't an occult book, it's a translation of the Talmud into English that is ancient. It also includes historical context and an attempts at understanding the reasoning. He just happens to be an occultist.

I believe it's the most famous black magic book. A friend of mine was obsessed with Alistair Crowley, and I think Crowley used this book.

This Chink is being facetious. The Chinks also have a long and rich esoteric tradition; don't be fooled.

This ( kind of) not Talmud but a collection of writings

OP is like a giant shining UFO coming out of nowhere dropping some ultra-advanced weaponry at your feet

Actually researching quantum optics, thinking of possible career change. Some people were using occult geometry specifically for quantum stuff

I like this idea!

Bump for interest

Why want to study Talmud? It will take many years and all there is basically civil laws. But because those laws were written by religious authorities many mundane things are explained in a circlejerkular way.

cheese, please… I am not Chinese and I have PhD in Physics. Basically my understanding is that all the occult stuff is wishful thinking and fantasies of people not familiar with / ignorant of the scientific method. That’s why I’m extremely skeptical of all this bull. The only utility I can see is if you want to study some memetics of some movement like nazis or smth, you need to study history of ideas to get what comes from where.

>quantum optics
You're a physicist? Like a a degree holder?
It's just geometric patterns it's not innately occult outside of occult settings.

I know and agree with yo, but a Australian user wanted to read it to get a better understanding of Jews, and the book merchant had this to help him.
What specialty in physics?

I'm a senior systems engineer in IT, I do DataCenter work for companies, oil, AG, etc ... 1000s of servers

If i use adobe automatic make searchable thing will it work, or will the angled pages mess it up?

>systems engineer in IT
What mathematics and physics levels did you need to cover for your degree?
Like fourier transforms, PED's

I find it ironic that you show such disdain for anything "occult", yet you come here on Cred Forums, which is quite literally a 21st century manifestation of what used to be called "mysteries" in the ancient times.

condensed matter, theory

He's going to expose you Jews for the blasphemers against Jesus Christ that you are.

He wants to know if Martin Luther was right.

Have no degree, I started young when I moved out at 16, got a job, GED, started studying and partial college, not finished yet. Doing heavy duty data center ~95K+ a year, 25years ... Still have a ways to go but I think I'm doing very well so far..

Which is funny because I have slacked off ... A lot... And should be farther than I let myself go

>condensed matter, theory
Cool, how did you get involved in that?

Then you're a fucking newfag.
Cred Forums has Christian threads everyday, and twice on Sunday.

...Christians lurk here.

Yes also very interested

But it’s not a secret. I think the section of Talmud covering idolatry is called Avoda Zara, I think it says some unpleasant things about even Jesus personally. It’s all on the internet, nothing to expose.

>Missing the point entirely

Any career working with signal needs to cover Fourier transforms, complex variable and differential equations.
I dropped out computer engineering I made it to principles of quantum mechanics in the physics line.

There are 94 books on this disk, but for some reason my CD drive is having issues. I'm going to go try it on another system and just push it over my network.

I always wanted to do theory, was attracted to astrophysics more and hated solid state courses. But then one person I had great respect for told me that 60% of all physics is condensed matter (true), so I opted for that for my PhD.

I hated that course, took it only last year don't remember much about it all. Thank god it's not that needed for most chemistry jobs.

So are you an academic or work in industry?

Speaking of network

I'd assume based on my case only differential equation, and different algebras and how operators depend on the algebra being used (graphs, sets, logic, modulo), and also mathematical proofs, combinations, etc. because thats all i had to do when i did that.

but then because of secret sharing and encryption we learned some complex numbers, just what was needed to be practical for the specific project implementation

you had to specifically choose to take electives from the maths and physics faculty to go deeper

Different algebra? is that like linear algebra with differential equations? So partial differential equations basically?


All the versions on the Internet have been sanitized for goy consumption... that's why OP needed an old ass book, pre shoah, Ming.

Please please look up "Scott Jenson (thisfalsereality)" on a website called ISSUU. theres a link to a google drive in his profile and it is a truly gargantuan library of suppressed, esoteric and concealed authors. We're talking nearly 15 gigabytes if literature. Shitposting from phone so cant link but please dudes if you think this is interesting, go and peruse his collection.


Thank you!!! This is what I need !!

Also I would recommend looking at what this user posted here, looked interesting

>That doesn't sound even remotely true, how does it predict anything?

the gene is the power of electricity and basically all other modern amenities. when you keep this in mind and read the rest of the story, it all makes sense

the gene can do things which perfectly describe electric operation

About 20 minute to move the data for the first disc and 10 to upload

Thanks for waiting user

He's the one turning pol into x, I'm onto him.

there is also an allusion to static and rubbing of the lamp.
the word "electric" is greek for "of amber"
this is because the first known method of generating electricity was by rubbing amber.

the rest is as follows and basically goes on to describe modern things we can do now.
and nobody truly knows where the book came from

its basically aliens fucking with us

OP's pdf, 14meg + searchable, I didn't do any effort just used adobe automatic thing


Very cool! Thank you user for saving the time and making it a lot smaller (was initially 200MB after scanning)



it's super organized, but a lot of the folders are empty.

Tfw I understand that logic, books I'm going to eventually get, or this needs its own section but is related to this one thing I don't have yet which needs its own section...

Had 5,500 PDFs ... Sorted the same way

Ayo bookie bro, what can you tell me about my book here?

i connect more with subjects and genres than titles and authors so it's a little intimidating

What are some essential Cred Forums-core books?

It's bound in leather.


Well, well, well,
OP isn't a raging homosexual boner for a change.
I read strayanon's post. It seems like a fucking huge undertaking. Even going to learn Hebrew iirc.

i think it was already linked, but sacred-texts.com/index.htm is really useful, if just for getting leads to other things.

this alladin things has me interested.

when you realize your brain is a station for different sorts of waves and learn to recognize and manipulate them is when things start getting really interesting.

How does Moses make his coffee?

>He brews it.

The one and only


the copy you have is 250 euro, reprints for $40

Copy on google for free

books.google.com/books?id=K3hpAAAAcAAJ&pg=RA2-PP1&lpg=RA2-PP1&dq=borter buch new dictionary des passagers&source=bl&ots=py8f2hnAuh&sig=es01PcUfbnhdagA-pXsrdQ-zybo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjdkp6ox5jPAhUC6WMKHRzCANQQ6AEIITAB#v=onepage&q&f=false

Beautiful book GermanBro, I can't read it sadly.

Says ( worrinen all French words, and the arts and sciences have been expound)

I thought it was a dictionary, looks to be more than that...

Also what a lovely backdrop


Rosy cross/Rosicrucian dump is up, 109 texts


Very nice!

What about my other book?

Second dump is taking forever ( oddly enough it is the demonology dump)

Invaluable kek

Regular ones run for $80

But I know signed versions have gone for 29,000 £

this is gold. the rosies know what's up.

Seriously user


This is an original with a stamped seal from 1934. My grandmother received it as a gift in the 30s

you had me right up until he started talking about how we're all sons of Israel and we're all the same blood, the same people

sounds like some thinly veiled kike subversion with a hint of truth - that's how the best propaganda works. not to mention the guy looks like a Jew himself.


Agreed heavily, I am very much interested in the rosies... Much love and adoration

Holy shit, definitely don't sell.
Truly hope ( and assume) it holds great meaning for you.

That's a cool piece of history.
Whatever the case is don't ever be ashamed of having it.

Agreed, one should not be ashamed of books but hold ones from many different people and points of view.

Even more so for him because of family etc

Of course it means a lot to me. And I would never sell it.

Exceptional condition user, looks well taken care of

Tell me, does it have a stamped feel of letters or a clean printed feel?

Just wondering because I could see through to the other page ( very nice and clean pages)

It looks like just clean printed, idk what I was thinking. Probably from the books of earlier :)


Okay anons I am off to rest, this was a fruitful post, thanks to each of you.

Cred Forums without getting slid is wonderful

Next time you make a thread I'll try to post a pic of my 1700s era Bible with some very notable symbolism on the front. Just found this thread now

Pages are very thin and light and feel like they would tear easy. Feels clean

It's the truth.
Judea was only a single state in the ancient land of Canaan.
10 tribes were lost.

God is real, tbqh familia. It may sound corny, and it took me decades to come to the realization, but listen to what Jesus says. Feeling the way you do about the Jews will open your eyes when you read His word.

The seed of Abraham is with Jesus Christ. He came here to offer the greatest gift ever offered, and it's entirely free. When you come to understand why God the Father had to do things the way He did, it brings comfort through faith and understanding together.

The Bible is prophetic so that those with eyes may see, and believe.
It is a message that reveals itself to each of us in our own unique relationship with God, and is very much alive, His living Word. A love letter to all who receive it.

That would be awesome!
I would enjoy that

Hebrew is Greek


i'm trying to find what document this came from.

these links suck, but useful for finding new books to check out. pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~janzb/boehme/

I know this book isn't old but the subject is very unique: about the belief that Jesus and the God of the Old Testament are not the same God.

i'm also wondering if this is related

Oh user, that image.

So heavy

Yup, in love

A few broken links, but at least the titles are there!

Great find

This is complicated yes/no

This is awesome. Thanks for this.

No problem!

I think the Hebrew God was based off of and adapted from many similar surrounding cultures, Egypt, Canaan, and others. Moses may have been an Egyptian priest that had a falling out and splintered off to form a separate nation. Jesus may have been a well-traveled initiate in the various mystery schools from around the world, and possibly including Egypt as well.

explain the differences between races then

sorry but people are not all the same, groups of people in Europe were isolated for thousands of years and they were certainly not mixing with niggers and abbos

Yes you are possibly correct. Bart Ehrman in his "Did Jesus Exist" book states that the early Jews believed that Jesus was an occult believer who traveled to Egypt and learnt about the Egyptian faith.

After all the Jewish Commandments are very identical to the Egyptian Commandments.

I've been told the German version that hit the shelves not long ago when the ban was lifted is heavily edited to the point of being an outright lie. Have you had a chance to flip through it and compare it to your original version?

i Honestly cant believe i'm the first israeli person to post in this thread, anyways i've only read the "translations" of the second page but so far the guy literally gets everything wrong, even though modern spoken hebrew isnt the exact same as old biblical hebrew, its still very close, he gets all the words in that page wrong.

tell me if you want anything specific translated.

If you're wondering what the hebrew says its: "jesus christ king of the jews"


bump as it is the only interesting thread atm

I'm slowly but steadily learning hebrew
How easy would jumping to Syriac be?
assuming i get fluent in Hebrew on top of me speaking standard Arabic plus my lovely local dialect