My company hires a new secretary

>my company hires a new secretary
>company has to pay for her healthcare
>and her 3 children's healthcare
>2 months into working she gets pregnant
>the company will have to pay for her 4 kid's healthcare plans and her healthcare plan
>they spend more on her healthcare than she's paid in her actual salary
>this is required by law

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Never hire a woman? A man WANTS a job, and will appreciate it more -- in general

move to another country where gender quotas don't exist and pay your taxes there

Women aren't going to pay for their own kids. So you are. It's the price you pay for there being a well educated next generation.

>It's the price you pay for there being a well educated next generation.

Less intelligent people breed more. It doesn't matter how much you educate them, they're still dumb as fuck.

Fortunately intelligence isn't all heritable.

If running your business depends on slave labor, you don't deserve to be in business.

The irony of that statement might be lost on you, only a slave owner is fully responsible for their property

Bold claims, no evidence.

Only 60%
Oh yeah and the outliers kids regress to the mean of their race.

It's only required if health benefits are offered at a all, you're not required to offer health benefits. Company is dumb for hiring her

If only we had universal healthcare so responsibility wasn't placed squarely on the business to provide coverage.

>the law force me not to die at the hospital
>pls let me pay thousands of dolars for a common cold
>americans dont Take days of work when they are ill
>this is ok in america

should've hired a different secretary.

Like a man.

Or a tranny

Meet the quota without having to pay healthcare

Start reporting her for any violations. That is what I do.

>regress to the mean
What the fuck does that even mean?

I get the general idea but then how do they become outliers?
If its their genetical potential that regression shouldn't happen. If its by education/culture whats the problem?

How can intelligence be based on "chance" like some WoW hero select.

lmao. That's smart. Beat them at their own game.

Implying you won't be paying for her 'transition'

If she's white and will bring more healthy boys to world then all is good

If you live in a state that forces you into something like that it's your own damn fault

build wall

Go fuck yourself you "white cuck"

Seriously. Kys.

You are a literally a cuckold.

PS. Slavs aren't white

we all know a working woman will not be able to raise those children properly
do not kid me
i was not born yesterday

Smart people have slightly dumber kids.

Really dumb people have slightly less dumb kids.


Local kangaroo knocks out burger more at 11

>slightly dumber
>slightly less dumb
You're a bigger retard than me then.
You don't ever understand what a outlier is if you said "slightly".
Study a little bit harder on that AP statistics class Junior.

See- the question is how are these mythical genius or retarded outliers produced.
Is it 40% Nature, 40% Nurture and 20% chance now?
Are genius's produced by chance, and if so is this chance a part of what we call "Nature" in psychology?