AfD today in Berlin

Who is with us? Who is with God? Who is with Germany?

Post "I want my Germany back!" in this thread and Frauke Petry will smile at you.

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I want my Germany back

I want my Germany back

I want my Germany back

I want my Germany back

Why do cuckolds make pathetic threads like this? Does it make you feel big to get a bunch of autists to repeat your stupid bullshit?

Instead of asking for OC or pictures, ask people to type a fucking sentence. smart.

She's a qt.

>Instead of asking for OC or pictures, ask people to type a fucking sentence. smart.
I want my Germany back

What are the chances of us getting a pre WW1 Germany back (culturally, not land)



I want my Germany back.

I want His Germany back

Come on Berlin. Your nation needs you!

Can a Germanbro answer, isn't Berlin as left leaning as you can get? I've visited and it seems the kind of place AfD would have the worse results in all of Germany.


She was cuter with long hair though, I wish she didn't feel she needed a lesbian haircut to be taken seriously

The AfD would get 25% votes if she had long hair.

Germany is fucking done with. What are you going to do with all the Muslims? Poland isn't going to save you after all you've done.

>Can a Germanbro answer, isn't Berlin as left leaning as you can get? I've visited and it seems the kind of place AfD would have the worse results in all of Germany.

you observed correctly.

We're going to do it ourself.

Fuck Petry, Fuck AfD, Fuck Pegida! They are all just Bootlickers for Israel. There isn't a good party in Germany.

Pls don't invide Poland this time.

That's why the estabilishment will shits itself if there is a significant gain, am I correct?

Yeah so makes me think if results are low for AfD we can just say, no problems
> 'all those Turks and Kreuzberg were never going to vote for them anyway'

But if they do well today it might scare the crap out of the establishment.
> 'What? They got that many votes? In Berlin of all places? Scheisse, they really are gaining ground!'

I have already risen! BTW it is really good strategy for right parties to have women for leaders, first it manipulates the horny males and second you ca't scream 'FUCKING WHITE MALE' at them.

Except Netherlands.... they have Geert Wilders....for whatever reason.

>i want my reich back
t. afd-brownshirts

brainwashed kids still managed to claim that afd is "against women" to her face

But we all want the Reich back.

I want my Germany back.

You greatly helped us back in the days.

>mfw I just looked up #berlin just now and all the berliner faggots taking pictures of their voting cards selected the green party or the left
>mfw there was one (1) girl who had selected NPD for some reason
I don't even have a pepe for this

You know there was a period of tine between ww2 and 2000's the 1980's Germany was pretty fine so was the 1990's

I want my Germany back

Pls come and occupy us again. I want to be apart of the new Reich

I want my Germany back

Lets work together this time hans

I want my Germany back

i want her back

I want a pre-WWI Germany back. You guys used to be decent allies to have back then.

I hate that bitch

Make germany great again


I want my Germany back

That picture

>tfw you will never pile into a car with your bros and go hunting for commies

>trusting the english

I miss the time when it was always UK/Germany vs France. Europe went to shit as soon as Anglo Saxons and Germans became enemies.

That's a Tranny!

I want my Germany black


Fuck Petry, the AfD and your thread.

>Not supporting NPD

what went wrong?

and ur mum



only fools would unironically support the AfD or that cunt Frauke.

why cant there be a presentable party with reasonable immigration policy? if people feel their best chance is to vote this bunch of corrupt thieves into office, something is seriously rotten in the state of germany

What's your fucking point? Fuck off if you don't like it.

>something is seriously rotten in the state of germany

>hans just not realized this

make a good party

>something is seriously rotten in the state of germany

Join the party bros




I want my Germany back!

ich will mein deutschland zurück und ik wil mijn nederland terug

Make America Great Again.

100% thicc

Weak controlled opposition.
Germany needs a coup by actual fascists.

wtf i love afd now

the things i'd do to her orifices...

I want my Germany back.

Gott ist mit uns.

The (((Allies))) took the great Deutschland away. Make Deutschland great again!

shes now my new waifu, i'll do it for her
Ik wil dat mijn Duitsland terug

I want my Germany back!

Hoffentlich mindestens 15% und jede Menge Altparteientränen!

Germans are the Troyan Horse of Europe. Enemies of personalistic civilizations, this is why throughout history they hated Poland so much. Poland is a moral, principled country that respects human dignity and freedom, and Germans have long ago abandoned the view of moral monism in favor of moral dualism and positivism. Nobody has expected those violent creatures to erupt with such destruction, but history is full of sad surprises! Germans consistently instrumentalize human persons and treat them as raw material and as people are cynical and nihilist. No wonder deep down they hate moral nations and are motivated enough to dedicate their resources to pointless destruction and causing misery! Germany =/= Europe!

I want my Germany back

Is she the She-Hitler?

She is such a qt314

I want my Germany back.

AFD will win
PVV (aka Geert Wilders) will win
Trump will win

Western civilization will win

I hope you are right, but I sadly guess that many bad things will occur before this could happen.

I want my Germany back!


Is poland just the Canada of Europosters?

Dude. If anything you are encouraging us.

I want my Germany back

>What are you going to do with all those Muslims?

The same thing the allegedly did to the jews

you posting the same shit everyday. stupid polack. hush hush

Berlin is a leftist shithole beyond salvation.
But that means if the AfD only get something between 10 - 14 %, the state media and the old parties will be really scared.

I want mein Fuhrer back. Sorry we helped remove him back in the day Germanbros

>mfw first führerin


wtf I'm a #PETRYDISH now

I want prussia back

I want my Germany back.

Good luck German bros

SPD all the way.

There's a live pol chatroom fopr this sort of thing. Come say day

Is Russia the gayest country on earth?

Please, I ask you all to post your CUTEST and RAREST Petrys

I want Germany back!

check 'em




She already made my dick rise

She's a tease and she knows it.

Is there any chance for AfD to be bigger than the Greens in Berlin?
Also how accurate were the different polling station about the last election when AfD became second biggest in that area?

So lovely
So brave

I want my Germany Back!

I want my Slesvig-Holsten back to bh

My grandfather wants his Germany back.

t. american mutt

She has a very 'music teacher' mystique to her that is both cute and unbearably erotic ;_;

What does that button say? Frauke Petry, Meine Vor ???????????

>that pic
>that water

i never realized until i came to Cred Forums and started getting exposed to a lot more media from other countries just how fucking shitty waterways are in other countries

compared to australia, most countries around the world have absolutely shit tier rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches.

I want my (your) Germany back.

>i want a multicultural society free of hate
t. jidf

I want my Germany back!

That's right. Many bad things will occur. To our enemies.

Let's kill the enemy.

Stop posing this its an embarrassment.

I want my Germany back!

After AFD gets huge, they should change their name to "Affirmative For Deutchland "

I want merkel to stay in power.

even as an American, I feel sympathy for all my eurofags out there. get your Germany back.

I'm from Berlin but I don't know the answers to this question mate... sry but AfD and other right wing parties wouldn't be strong in Berlin I; for myself, will vote for PfG (Party of health research) bc fuck it

delete this flatlander


Vorsitzende glaube Ich


you damn gypo scum dont you get it if merkel stays in power than the entire EU becomes a 3rd world shit hole like you

then what scraps will you feed your condemned progeny with when there are no middle class europeans to buy your trinkets you stole or pay for fortune telling services

OMG what happened to her haircut??

sHE looks like a man now!

>tfw you will never live in those great times.

Seriously, why even live.


>inb4 samefagging

about 14% i wish it was 88% but i doubt it.

We have to fight for it though.

muh germany

I want my Germany back!

>tfw AfD gets less than 20%

Did any of you hear about how someone tried to burn Petry's car?

>Tried to
Looks like they succeeded, the animals.

Well im sorry m8 but you're talking to the biggest autists Cred Forums has to offer

The country and the whole eu got fucked by woman and yet they still are going to support a woman that will flip so hard on everything she said if she takes office

It's funny she does the "trump" say some outrageous stuff and be nationalistic to gether the patriotic votes, we're the best shills you can have as a politician, than she'll ditch all she stood for for a nice dress or a good can of spaghettio's

> tried

I want my reich back

Is that car even german?

Good luck Germanbros. When you get your Germany back, pls don't try to invade Switzerland. We are not your enemies and we are not Jews (except Geneva, you can nuke them if you want).

I want Germans to get their Germany back.

they all are one way or the other.

>except Geneva, you can nuke them if you want
It's also full of niggers.
/thread theme

Was a Skoda (budget VW), so yeah.

>posting more Petrys.

I want my Germany back!
I want Frauke to clean out all the shitskins.

Sadly, this is true.

I want my germany back

Well, a man can dream...a man can dream.

Sadly there are also tons of nogs in other parts of Switzerland now, in most of the major cities, just like many other Western European countries.


It stings, to know that we will never see a real prosperous and glorious Germany, doesn't it?

I want my Germany back!

I want my Germany back goy.

I wand my FRG back.

I want my Germany back
pretty good slogan tbqh

I want Germans to get their Germany back.


I want my Germany back


I want my Germany back

I want the DDR back.

Godspeed Germany!
Just don't get carried away like you did before.

I want my Germany back!

dump rare Petrys, also why is there no German pepe?

I want my Germany back! And I want it now!

Dutch is just such a cute language

I want my Germany back

I want my Germany back (Frauke's Germany)

would fill with babies

we found the Roach

Were I German, I would want the Reich back.

The First Reich.

I want my Germany back

BTW is it just me or does Frauke Petry look a bit like Ellen Ripley? Would love to see a shoop of her fighting off the alien hordes with a flame thrower...

The greatest proof of leftist hegemony is that openly voting for AfD is social suicide, while voting for Die Linke is not only perfectly socially acceptable, but actually expected from you in certain circles.

Tfw you will never know the immense pride these people had walking down these streets

She already has 4 kids... pretty sure that is enough.

whew. That beautiful architecture.

>tfw you'll never be an American travelling through Bavaria on business between 1760-1900 getting to see all of these sights at the height of their activity

Fucking beautiful. Thanks for that pic.

>tfw I walk this street nearly daily but something is always missing


Germania erwache

Please don't invade us too.

Hu wait.

Yes, invade us and please remove kebab.

i want my Germany back

>MFW all political parties that put their own people before anything else are populists.


Lyrics translated for non-Swedes

>All the girls except me

>He has slicked back hair
>He takes every chance he gets
>But I know he has a secret
>As no one knows
>He was standing outside my door
>And thinks that everything can be the same
>But I know he has a secret
>As no one knows

>A womanizer pretending
>That he is the right gift to you
>He is the city's desire lackey

>When he goes past then the the music silences
>His magic does not disappoint
>He gives all the girls what they want (All the girls what they want)
>When he goes past then the traffic stops
>Creates the worst Kalabalik (chaos)
>He gives all the girls what they want
>All the girls except me

>He has a smile of gold
>He is the man without guilt
>But I know he has a secret
>As no one knows

>A womanizer pretending
>That he is the right gift to you
>He is the city's desire lackey

>When he goes past then the the music silences
>His magic does not disappoint
>He gives all the girls what they want
>All the girls except me

>He was a short romance
>I left behind me
>Completely without somebody substance

I want my Germany back!

You gotta understand their mindset. They care more about people who have it worse than fixing their own peoples problems.


Thanks to your nukes you will have to do that yourself.

>pic kinda unrelated

Imagine making love to Frauke Petry.

I bet she's the type of woman who wouldn't lay down and take it like a dead fish. I bet she would always be grabbing your ass, moving her hips slightly in any position for your pleasure.

I bet her favorite thing is to be on top. She will be rough and ride it hard, but with an extreme tenderness and intimacy instead of control for the sake of femdom.

Then she'll nestle up with her legs wrapped around yours and her head buried in your chest to cuddle and talk politics. If you're a lefty, she'll leave without talking to you, only saying "Schlampe"

Otherwise she will fall asleep on your chest. She talks sometimes in her sleep with the sweetest voice, whispering "Deutschland, Deutschland" at times during her slumber.

She will smile in her sleep and say "ich zurüchnemen Deutschland" pls fix the sentence for me German Bros.

I want Germany back. I went there on vacation a number of times, and want to go back. Don't let your beautiful homeland die at the hand of East Germany commie subversion. Punish the traitors who hide in the shadows post unification and try to destroy your country for revenge.

I will never be able to understand it. Your own people share the same history, culture and virtues. Why anyone cares for degenerate 3rd world filth is beyond me.
I sincerely hope that patriotic and/or nationalist parties get into power in every country in Europe.

liked and subscribed

I want my forefathers Germany back.

Godspeed Fritz. I'd buy you a beer if I was there.

I don't want just a smile, kitten. I want a kiss.

Remove kebab with nukes will be difficult in downtown, we don't want white collateral damage.

History told us that you're very good at targeted remove cockroach.

sehr gute deutsche Qualität

So fucking autismo that you took the time to write that

It's not at all that hard to understand, really.

Look at it this way:
>being indoctrinated for nearly 80 years now that you're single-handedly responsible for WW2, every single allied soldiers death, the Holocaust as well as every russian that was killed
>being taught that all people are equal, the usual commie bs
>being told that you must never EVER repeat that mistake again
>being taught that borders are artificial bullshit
>being taught that foreign art is more valuable than your own
>being taught that a EU-Superstate like the US is the end-goal of it all

That is basically the current German Millenial. Just now people are starting to realize what it all means and that Multi-Kulti is cancer.

I want my Germany back. When will the results be in?

I will stand with our former allies.

Ich will mein Kanada zurueck.

in 2 hours (6 PM our time)

shit, thx for the fap

cant wait to see all those buttburt Gutmenschen

desu I quite like her with short hair


I want my Germany back!

I want back to Germany

I want my Nazi Germany back.

at least translate it

>nearly 80 years
literally a little over 71 years
rest is spot on and getting worse and worse over time

I want my Germany back!

Where/when can I follow results as they come in?

Oh right, sorry, somehow ended up adding 10 years.

>I want my Germany back


its not that hard to understand
>Cuck: right-wing doesnt understand complex issues and dont have any answers to complex issues
>Godess: talks in a very complex way about immigration, criminality and refugees
>Cuck: Right-wing populist!

fucking hate this guy. at first i thought theres a redeemable quality to him in the fact that he wants to talk to afd, even if its just because he wants them to "expose themselves", but all he ever ends up doing is scoff

fixed that for you
you can thank me later

I want my Germany back

I see. I am a millennial as well(20 yo), but I never trusted the bullshit indoctrination and almost all males that I know did not as well. The females, however, are literal cancer.
But I guess that the white guilt in Germany is a lot higher than in The Netherlands so that must be why Germany is off worse.

The Eternal Anglo Wants Our Germany Back

Just came back from a trip with muh UAZ and will now go vote AfD
What a good day

Deutschland du Land der Treue
Oh du mein Heimatland
Dir schwören wir auf neue
Treue mit Herz und Hand.
Strahlend erstehest du wieder
Herrlich nach langer Nacht
Jubelt ihr deutschen Brüder
Deutschland ist neu erwacht!

Basically. The german liberals are picking up on the trend of insulting their voters which will just fan the flames, really. They cannot fathom how anyone would want to help themselves over others.

We have so many problems in Germany that aren't even being talked about because booohoo some syrian child is being dragged around by their welfare-seeking parents. That's whats infuriating me and other germans so much. We have so many problems like child-poverty, dysfunctional single-parent families, our school system is so fucked up in so many ways and we STILL don't have a unified school system, our old people are poor and receive shit-tier treatment... But no one makes a big deal about those problems. Nope, as long as Muhammed Achmed Hackbrett is getting welfare, all is well in the world...

Lasst uns Berlin wieder sauber machen.

>Where/when can I follow results as they come in?
In one hour: 5:45pm German time, find yourself a stream of Phoenix or ZDF that works from outside Germany

It was a Seat.

I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!I want my Germany back!

I want my Germany back!

Just imagine how much more beautiful it could be... without the Eternal Anglo.

Yup. We can thank modern day feminism, the EU(and the Arab-Euro Dialogue initiated by France around 1970), and the sexual revolution(Frankfurt school and communist parties post WW2) for all this shit.

It must be nice not caring about your own country or people. I started getting invested in politics thanks to Breiviks manifesto and I haven't had a single moment of happiness since.

I want my Germany back!

Oooh bitte sing mir ein Volkslied


Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss

I want my Germany back.

I want my Germany back!

I want my Germany back

Its a hunnypot and the controlled opposition.

Oh, ok. Changes nothing, tho.

Don't remind me...

I want my Germany back!



Also the fucking faggots in Berlin will not deliver.
It will be the Eastern Germans and Bavarians who save this country.
I will get my Germany back!


>Berlin could have looked like this
Thanks jews

I want my Germany back!


I want my Germany back!



>Cred Forums unironically supports the (((((((((afd)))))))))

seems like I don't have to worry about anything after all, have a cookie goyim, you get a next one after you killed some muslims for me.

Minderheitensteuer wann?

Looks like shit. But anything is better than todays Berlin desu

you liked it senpai?

I want my germany back

Please, please come back. We miss you so much.


>tried to burn
looks pretty burned to me senpai

Sure got my neurons firing, Mehmed.

I want my Germany back!

Oh shut up. Historically, Poland has almost always been a stupid chaotic unwieldy mess.



>Translated version

Mehmet is too busy trying to fickificki at Oktoberfest, this guy sounds like a genuine libcuck.

Fat fatima with aids? no thank you.

>25%+ postal votes


I want you to get your Germany back!

Deutschland erwache!!! Best of luck, Krautbros.

While she looks better with longer hair, she looks more serious with dyke hair.

Make germany great again. MGGA

I want my Germany back!

Sorry about the firebombing btw lads

I want my Germany back!

Obviouslly controlled oppostion.

I can smell jews behind this party

Oh don't get me wrong, I'd still fuck the shit out of short hair edition Petry. It's just that makes me think of highly lewd things, but makes me think of marriage and kids.

And it wasn't even the largest old town. Cologne, Hamburg and Augsburg were even bigger. One can only dream... at least we have Prague and Vienna.

Dude kill muzzies lmao

If the press thinks they can intimidate us with their hidden threats, they can think again! Our patience has its limits!

Dgw keine qt dirndl afd Freundin

so when are the first polls coming?

allegedly "wahlbeteiligung" is higher than ever

and this is a good sign

a very very very good sign

18 minutes from now


Never forgetti

>koennten Wahlzettel bald ausgehen?

topkek are they trying to say that they were already signed?

I want my Germany back

>Germany's far-right party leader looks like a fucking 40 year old childless lesbian


>koennten Wahlzettel bald ausgehen

Means that they're running out of ballots which is unlikely.

You have to go back Ahmed.

You seem upset Muhammad.

>wasted time

It took less than a minute. Don't be a mad lefty because I made you hot and bothered for Ms. Petry.

Don't feel so ashamed to want her. Just don't tell your antifa friends about it.

Welcome to Cred Forums btw. Leave immediately. This is the home of autism and smug frogs.


I heard Frauke separated from her husband because he had the wrong political stance with lefty sympathism. I heard he went full leftist, Frauke kicked his Cuck ass to the curb, and he officially came out of the closet by joining the CDU and Merkel.

Is there any truth to that? Is Frauke Petry truly so based that she did that?

Or was he just a Cuck in general that went CDU just out of butthurt?

I heard he was corresponding with some of Merkels people and was caught red handed in a plot to try and destroy his wife's career/blackmail her. Some shit about trying to get her blackout drunk before literally doing a repeat after me to record her saying nazi shit. What a slimey cunt for just being a turncoat to CDU, much less his plot and turning on his own wife.

Pls respond German bros.

Why the butthurt, goatfucker?


It's habbening Cred Forums

The bells are ringing in Dahlem...

All I know is that he was quite a huge leftie and she cucked him with an AfD party member.

>Captcha : Albrechtstrasse

SHIT... only 12.5%, this is shit.

11.5 . Great. Does that mean anything at all?


this is wonderful

Berlin is leftist cesspool of germoney

>Captcha : Ehrenfelsstrasse


>Green actually going backwards
Altough Linke is scary strong

I want my Germany back

Good luck deutchebros.

Berlin is historically the hardest nut to crack.

11.5%, get rekt you retarded nazis

>Altough Linke is scary strong
It's Berlin. I'm not surprised by that.

Butthurt anti german berlin leftfucks voted extra left to show them, still AfD with 12.5%

I want my Germany back!!!




Nailed it. I want to cuddle her almost as much as I want to repeatedly put my penis inside her.

I want my Germany back

Those are perfect results for an uprising party

>guy in the back
>Dr Merkel... I'm AFD

Kek, is this ad for real?

12,5-11,5% in Berlin means more votes than 20% in Mecklenberg Vorpommen right?

>AFD >10% in Cucktopia
That's actually amazing


>tfw you'll never live in a village like that with the 3rd Reich flags waving in the nice Autumn breeze


It's about the same amount of votes. Voters: in McPomm: 1,4 million; Berlin: 2.5 million

I want my Germany back

>It's about the same amount of votes
In 2011 Die Linke got around 11% and got 170000 votes meanwhile AFD got 167,453 votes in McPomm
so yeah, but i think AFD will get more in the final resluts

Nah it's from a create your own election ad website.

I want my Germany back!