Lol when did this fuck grow a spine?

lol when did this fuck grow a spine?

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When will he release half life 3

He's looking odd lately.

not just normal bad, but strange bad.

Source on that quote? He was still openly supporting Hillary as of last week.

In any case, I wouldn't say he's particularly gutless for a leftist, but rather a willfully deluded moron.

I don't believe that.

Unless he is trying to discourage trump votes by association. He is an unliked champagne socialist.


I don't know why this makes me kek

source? He's way too libtard to say something like that.

That's the reason why I'm voting for Trump. I don't believe in the Alt-Right, and I doubt Trump does either, but there are a lot of disgruntled Americans who just want to stick it to the establishment and the goddamned catholic NWO anti-christs.


Yeah, I'm calling bullshit.

best post in this thread.... Period.


>5 youths

Does he mean niggers?

The nigs beat the jogger half to death then another scum CA!e along and raped her. Somehow that make them innocent.

WAIT! Hold up! Did Kek grant the holy 7's to based Michael Moore?

In one of his books, he points out the deceptions of Bill Clinton's presidency, how a bunch of the things attributed to him were put through in a rush in the last days of office and he KNEW Dubya would overthrow them. He then defines George W as a "dick" (an evil asshole who doesn't know how to hide it because no smarts or charisma) and Clinton to a "slick" (an evil asshole who does know how to hide it and manipulate the media. He then says
>always better to have a Dick than a Slick in the whitehouse
Then he backs this up empirically. Moore has always railed against he political establishment, are you really that surprise?

>muh poor disenfranchised whites

Literally no data suggests that. All the data shows that people support Trump for dumb and ignorant reasons. Disenfranchised people are far more likely to vote Hillary because they can't afford to have a retarded cheeto faced cunt in charge of the country.

No, he's strongly supporting Hillary in this election. Just look at his twitter feed.

how much do you get paid per post? 1c?

yeah I stand corrected. Kind of dissapointed but I guess it's been over a decade since he was based at all

fucking nigger

He was never based


I mean, Trump IS me telling the world fuck off