What if Turkey or Iran just annex Syria and Iraq?

What if Turkey or Iran just annex Syria and Iraq?

Would this fix the Middle East?

What needs to be done is the glassing of everything there south east of Constantinople.

Still have saudi arabia

Oh yeah that would a first in history!
>murican education

Yes Americans are this retarded

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explain to yourself how that would work OP.

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Well do you want the restoration of the Ottoman empire then?

Ottoman Empire was even more backward and illiterate than Rashidun Caliphate or Mongol empire

Ottoman Empire didn't fix a shit. Ottomans oppressed literally everyone and left its people uneducated.


>partition Kurdistan out of northern Iraq and Syria, and southeastern Turkey
> split what's left of Iraq between Arab Sunni's (the center/West) and the Shias (in the East)
>roll back Israeli borders to pre-1969 borders and stop settlement building

And that's how you fix it best

pretty sure an arab separatism movement would just start up.

desu I think the west is fomenting /allowing the unrest to try and push a kurdistan partition. It would have been done already expect that Turkey is NATO.

t. kurd
Literally introducing a solution that doesnt make anyone happy and would incite more wars.

The only way to end the problems in the middle east is to establish very strong secular governments in each of these countries. Theocracies (as many are now) basically serve as incubators for radicalizing a religion (in this case islam). The result is them exporting these radicals who become terrorists. With secular governments islam would become less radical over the years, less or possibly no exporting of terrorism.

it'd piss more people off and cause more war

fixing the middle east involves removing american influence from there

because wherever they go, they must also destroy

How to fix Middle East

1- Destroy Islam
2- Destroy USA
there you go.

As opposed to what, forcing a unified Iraq that clearly won't be unified and will tear itself apart theso long as nobody rules it with an iron fist like Saddam?

That's Armageddon, dipshit.

>make Turkey, Israel and Sunni Arabs pissed and then leave

and keep the cockroach
yes yes , pefrect plan

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Sure for a while. Until rebels rise up overthrow the roaches. What you really want is puppet governments. Those tend to less hassle and last longer.

Would cause a Sunni-Shia civil war again.

Islam must become more secular before any Arab unification can happen.

>Arab unification

>giving mongloid-armenian rapebabies more clay


Americucks blocked the development of Iran and Iraq with their thousands of operations like Ajax etc.
Do you really think that Iran and Iraq need you fkn Americans if they want to confederate themselves??

I have just finished the Cat and the Coup

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you americans are that stupid

fuck that, i don't want any more arabs or kurds in istanbul.

Indeed. Ajax was one of the most stupid things America ever did -.-


This only further proves that Turkey is a muslims country now that soon will be under sharia law, kek.

Balkanized T*rkey fucking when?