Malia Obabo celebrated 9/11 with Bongs and Beer Pong

Malia Obabo celebrated 9/11 with Bongs and Beer Pong

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She wants dat BWC.

She gon get soon

Oh no she's enjoying her teenage years, HOW DARE SHE

Let the kid live a little. Who cares if it was 9/11 either it's not like she was celebrating the attack.

that look of terror in green tanktop's face
>want to smash but fear the repercussions
would tear a young man's mind apart

That's why only faggots Snap parties. Trying to flex and end up ratting out the presidents daughter... For fucks sakes people

I'm sure she's had her fair share of young love. She's still a human.

>that forehead

I did worse when I was 18
Call me when she does coke with an underaged girl

enjoying yourself is degenerate

>going to harvard
>getting shitfaced instead of learning and doing virtuous shit
>meanwhile geniuses eat out of garbage cans in Bangladesh

Didn't you know? People can't just enjoy themselves anymore. Everything you do in life HAS to be documented. Even just eating breakfast. Forget enjoyment. It's all about social media and proving to your friends that you still exist. Post everything you do all the time for them meaningless likes.
>inb4 edgy exaggeration

My boss tells me stories about his college parties in the 80s and the mountains of cocaine the white kids used to bring. That shit is impossible now with fags and their cell phones.

exactly, everything that will be wrong with the world in 30 years can be traced back to her participating in this party

considering the drug use and isnt she under 21 why isnt she in jail when her father is in charge of the executive branch which controls all of law enforcement and they arrest people for the same shit by the thousands everyday in america?

She's cute would definitely race mixing and raise the kids up Libertarian

Look out, we got a real badass over here.

shes a racist look at her appropiating white culture with those clothes and hair smoothed out like a white person. shes just another nazi going out of her way because she hates jews.

None of the photos show her drinking alcohol or smoking pot. She'd be fine to do all that in Australia though.


>You are not allowed to party on 9/11
What the fuck

If you find that horse face "cute" you are a furry

Because she's the daughter of the president. She has to be seen doing patriotic things like mourning over something that happened almost 2 decades ago when she was 3 years old.

i hate obongo but the girl is like 15 or something, I don't think teenagers care that much that it's 9/11

Lel fuck off, she looks like that clock kid in drag


>She'd be fine to do all that in Australia though.
shes in america tard where all that is illegal to protect children, your country is founded by baby rapers and pedophiles which is why you have no laws to protect the right of children under 18 to preserve the sacred innocence of childhood.

>beer pong
name a more degenerate activity

>would definitely race mixing
You fucking scum

>raise the kids up Libertarian
And it all makes sense

She was like 3 years old when 9/11 happened. Why would she care?

Looking around to better images resulted in a few "black" media sites pissed that no black males are around or black people period

Holy shit this bitch must be stupid. How does she not know at this point that people are taking pictures of her at all the under age drinking parties she goes too? She's been the presidents daughter 8 years now and she doesn't fucking get it. How do you be this dumb and get into Harvard. Obviously that's a trick question, obviously its connections, but still she is dumb as a rock.
Obviously Obama being the limp worst that he is never instilled any values into his daughter.

Huge forehead

Because her dad knows the truth and prolly told her, hence bitch is being disrespectful

>Princess niggerette does nigger stuff
>surprises anyone

I mean King Nigger did varsity bball, how much more degerate can it get.

is this bait? if not kys.

>when u at the frat party tryin get a hoe drunk but 20 secret service guys in every corner


I'll never unsee that now kek

Who gives a shit?

How is this bait? If you're the daughter of the most powerful individual in the country, wouldn't you pay attention to your image a lot more and make sure you're not seen being a degenerate?

Well it is Harvard lel

even with all their programs theres not enough there to ape fuck obongos daughter

>teenager goes to party

The documented party's this year. Malia Obonobo party animal

she bad, looks like a young michelle mmmm

18 is not a child. It's an adult.

>baby rapers and pedophiles
I know you're joking but a lot of the "convicts" were sent here for simply stealing bread and shit just to survive.

monkeys rule americans


Considering the amount of people in jail for doing the exact same thing

she's not exactly a looker is she

i wonder how many dicks she consumes daily

Who the fuck is going to jail for partying

lol exactly what I was thinking

For weed you fucking nigger

No one goes to jail for smoking a bit of pot you dumb cunt.


Whatever the number, they are all white.
I bet that pisses King Nigger and his tranny wife off more than anything

Come on anons you don't want to cum on this not even a little bit?

in my perfect hyperreal america they do

Ahhh!!!! Holy shit. Get that monstrosity off my screen!!!!

King's cup, rage cage, and any variety of other games at parties. Beer Pong is vanilla as fuck.

You think people should go to prison for smoking pot?

>perfect hyperreal america

i was merely being facetious, please calm down

Her father probably raised her to be a socialist too and most likely also too hate the United States like he does.

But I guess that only makes it hotter.

>race mixing
>with hideous nigger
>make Mischling kids
>raise them Lolbertarian
I don't even know where to begin with telling you how much you should kill yourself.

You were the one who said people should go to jail for smoking pot.

pretty obvious she identifies as white, at least subconsciously.

check the id's bud

Awww, that's nice of you to share drugs with your family, Mexico :3

>Planet Of The Apes is real

Yes it's true :(

Also paki mayors of london going to Chiraq to mouth off to us right in our face.

Not to mention rapefugees in Germany and "migrants" in France shooting up rock concerts and running over 80 people in Nice.


she can look better if you let designers do the job for her. looks like she is simply poor minded and prefers a slag style if enble to choose. anyway I would have had sex with her if you know what I mean.

You fucking idiot.

It's not bait I would breed her and raise the kids to be freedom loving Libertarians

When you're in the public eye you aren't allowed Freedomâ„¢

exactly, she identifies with her white dna, and loves white cock. let her be white

Hate Obama, but id be such a hypocrit saying this is something bad.

Shes a teen, acting like a teen.

Fuck faggots who take pictures at parties like this.

if you are the child of an alumni you get preferential treatment in the admissions process. didn't you know this? its how the children of the elites can be fuckups and still become elites


>that crazy underbite
lol nah
looks like a fish

minchia zio troppo cisti

Who the fuck gets arrested for weed nowadays? Cops here will just take your weed (if you're dumb enough to get caught) and give you a citation.

doesn't she have a secret agent thats with her at all times?

Depends on where you're at, you fucking idiot.

Given the options I applaud her choice. I've noticed she's eschewed the BLM faggotry as well.


i wonder how hangover looks like when you have 10 servants under you

What a manly face, gays may like her.

no, she just has one bff in her squad who is a cia-trained ninja

If I were at that party I would have got with her and bleached her. Then when I was about to bust spill it right on her face while saying "Trump 2016 nigger."

This is why I can't have fun anymore.

happened when I was 15
stoned at a party, someone took a polaroid (kek)
looked like a demon my eyes were so red

little cunt brought it to school and was showing everyone, including teachers

i think they didnt say anything because id tried to kill myself the previous year and didn't want to rustle my jameses

but if I caught that gorilla obabo bitch fuckin a white dude I'd spill the beans



You have an autistic ideology and if you would breed with that chances are you're very ugly.


Fuck you for even making me think about it.

suprised that the daughters are denegrate just like father and whore of a mother?

Yeah she really has. Her sister dresses like a cute "alt" early-90s white girl, too. Their white DNA is strong and calling to them.

>United states
>Teenage years

I know underage drinking happens all the time, but if she's a teenager, she's photographing herself participating in a crime.

That thing where a group of men jack off on a biscuit and force someone to eat it, which I am fully convinced originated as made-up bullshit and just spun out of control due to closeted fags.

She definitely has the Micheal Obama masculine genes tb'h

I fucking hate it too brah. Nobody can just be in the moment, everything is contrived and fake.

Yeah because the police have a taskforce dedicated to lurking social media sites for teens drinking and smoking.

I bet you were fun to be around growing up.


we call that Soggy Sao's in Australia.

You mean her father, and her other father in a dress?

Malia Obufu was intern on Lena Dunham "GIRLS" set. It is possible Dunham smoked her out then eate her out then taked her out to eat

ookie cookie

it switched to "limp biscuit" after the band limp bizkit came out

but it was always ookie cookie

who the fuck has biscuits laying around? i guess in the UK they retardedly call cookies biscuits

look how pale Malia is.. has she been using skin bleaching cream?

>that fat SS agent
Do they not have height and weight standards?

Also, those high waisted jean shorts are fucking terrible. Only Tswift can pull those off.

Dude, he's obviously just some renta security at LELapalooza, you can't see the real SS guy.

Mate she's the president's daughter, she should have a bit more dignity than this

what kind of fucking parties are you guys going to?

>be the child of the POTUS
>literally get caught on camera next to lite beer and a dirty bong
>in what appears to be an low income apartment

Kinda surreal to be honest, i always imagined the presidents kids would party in some secret celebrity nightclub where they have access to mountains of coke and top tier prostitutes.

Maybe malia is just a nerd lol

SS aren't Predators. You can almost always tell who they are even when they're in plain clothes. He's got the haircut, and earpiece, but just fat.

I was not.

Anyway, she's not some joe shmoe in the middle of nowhere. She's the President's daughter. She's obviously not going to get arrested or anything, but it's poor judgement to be high profile and commit crimes and photograph them. Didn't aunt Hillary teach her anything?

Malia Nigger Obongo
>shower only 1 time per week

rich people like the slumming aesthetic of the lower-class. Not really prepared to live it though


Who cares what some rich teenage slag does? She's not a politician.

>soggy sao
>all boys boarding schools

It's a philosophy, not an ideology.

jesus she's ugly

shut the fuck up you degenerate

ita called
wichskex in germany


I don't know about you guys in damage control
>b-but she is just a teen wanting to have fun! let her alone!

but I'm not from the same race as her. I wouldn't consider even shaking her hand. If I ever masturbated thinking about Malia Obongo or praised that nigger I'd probably consider suicide

All paid for by your tax dollars, goyim. Just like Obama's dozens of vacations. So tired of these fuckers living like kings off our dime while daddy ruins the country.

2 gril 1 wookiee

this thread is full of degeneracy

>be literally one of the most "privileged" people in the world
>instead of becoming an academic or something you just scrape through university on daddy's power

Negresses naturally have a certain masculinity to them in our view. They're animals. That's what makes it so tempting.

That's mean user

First day in college. She looks at you and say
>Hey whitey did you know Michael Brown didn't do anything? what do you think of institutionalized racism?

racist faggot, she probably has a great personality, why the fuck would you be racist to someone you never met?

Not at all.

fukin kek

She's the daughter of the fucking President. She should have the dignity to just wait six months to display her degeneracy to the world, when it will no longer reflect poorly on the whole country.

I would say that you have a interesting view on things. Now how about we go back to my place and I colonize that ass.

>right panel

Dat ass tho.

>you will never have Malia approach you at a party, take you back to her penthouse off-campus apartment, and ride your face while secret service guards the building

Why even live.


99% of the time you can only have 1

Two humans, one nigger kin


There is no need to be an homophibian

She's probably been dped by every ss agent in the last 8 years.

Bangladeshis aren't genius, unless the secret to intelligence is incest.
They also don't use rubbish bins.

English please. Why would you be racist to a black you've never spoken to before? Dude, coloured people are just like us, they just want to go about their lives. I don't see race when I talk to PoC. Why do you?

No, I didn't know. I think we are living through it right now. But as the good Reverend King told us we need the Lord and love to and to overcome. A lot of love. Lick by lick we shall overcome. You gotta have the feeling sure as you're born. Get it together. Right on. Right on. Get up!

does noone else notice the way her ass warps light in the first image?

Come on guys, Malia isn't a bad person for going to some party and doing a bunch of okie doke,

She's already the daughter of a Black president, I don't know how much more damage to the image of the country she could do

It really seems unfair. Honest tax paying citizens should be able to compete in a special Tinder for her black vaginal privilege.

When there's like 75 people in the building, doing a vanilla event that everyone understands is kinda the point.

Don't crush my dreams user

Still care about slavery though. And she's 18

Do you think the secret service would not be happy if you're smashing Malia in some back bedroom and you started slapping or choking her out?

They should you cunt. Weed breeds complacency. Chemical mediocrity should be criminal.

Does anyone still actually care about 9/11?

It's been memed so hard it's difficult to take it seriously.

Stop posting pictures and writing this stuff about your own daughter, it's getting weird.

Sex tape when?

*pictures provided by the snitch bitch judas

Who gives a shit. Let her live her own life

shes balding

Act like you didn't have an America party as an excuse to get drunk on 9/11 in college. I know I did.

Not shilling, just saying.

Found osme rare images of Malifa with basketball-americans


what have you nerds done while being young and in college?

>large [2].jpg

lmao she cant hold her laugh back at that manlet

i'd give her a few ropey loads of white pride in the eye.


I want to fuck her in the ass so bad

went to bed early after praying the rosary and drinking a glass of warm milk

She looks more Basketball American than those other little guys. She's so pale. Do you think her nipples are a deep brown? From those picture I expect two dark little cherries.


i'm so mad about this girl enjoying her life

so mad

>them hot white girls and their pet nigger

Who gives a shit? She's not old enough to even remember 9/11.

>No one has checked those digits

she's so fucking ugly

>underaged girl

Why not an underaged boy?

Who gives a shit what she does? She wasn't elected POTUS, her father was. She is just a regular dipshit teenager who probably has a much harder time trying to find her own identity then a normal teenager does.

>typical burger

looks like she is you't be...

Honestly, she's a fucking kid who happens to be the """""daughter""""" of Obama. Who gives a shit what the fuck she does.

Is that at the white house?

Turn them over and you can pretend either way

>daughter of the leader of the world
>drinking Natural Ice

i fucking hate obama but this is normal college tier shit who the fuck cares
remember bush's girls ?

Why does she look like the monster from REC?

9/11 themed college parties are a little on the offensive side.

>making a fuss about what an 18 year old girl does at college

isn't that sjw as fuck, pol?

>Teenager acts like a teenager

Hold the fucking phone

>>Princess niggerette does nigger stuff
>>surprises anyone

What are you talking about? Shes smoking an underaged drinking with white people only, kinda funny if you think about it.

Why does Cred Forums go full PC-warrior whenever a nigger or liberal is involved?

How old is she even? I seriously have no clue, she could be 40 for all I know, either way, alcohol is haram, and if she wants to fuck herself up that's her deal.

double dubs from the only race more degenerate than the seppo's speaks the disgusting truth


Even being the daughter of the president isn't making her pretty

that's some top tier ugliness family.

Sold large quantities of pot and mdma to pay for my classes, while never using them personally. I didn't drink either. I've been iron pilled since day 1. My only addiction is sex, which is far more degenerate unfortunately.

fucking liar

you love the shit, you gigantic faggot.



They're white knighting. It's whenever a young girl is involved.

Typical nigger, just like daddy.

You can a nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

She's 18 user wtf were you doing at 18? Helping the poor and starting a charity event right. no you were hanging out with your friends smoking weed, drinking and fucking your gf just like all of us were.

>No one goes to jail for smoking a bit of pot

i had a buddy from the internet come stay up where im at for a couple months for an internship

we'd go out to eat and he'd just sit on his phone the entire time, have a conversation with me while staring at his phone

after 3 weeks i told him i wasn't going to invite him down on weekends to hang out if he couldn't act like a 28 year old grown ass man and not a tween

he got really irritated but then stopped doing it

shit was really fucking weird

my couple buddies have 0 social media prescence and dont even know what shit like snapchat is.. so i've never dealt with these levels of faggotry before

i stand corrected, Mustafa. Get dat ficki!

I was a girl scout when I was 18... you'd think the daughter of the president would be enrolled in something honorable like that, where we go serve meals to the homeless and encourage younger girls to have good morality and interpersonal skills.

but what else can one expect from a nignog? guess that's better than her being a stripper for now.

>you'd think the daughter of the president would be enrolled in something honorable like that
You are right.

tits, yo.

here you go, buddy. I drew it, so they're technically my tits.

[spoiler]and I figure an australian prefers jacking it to animals anyway[/spoiler]

id enroll my dick in her vagina

Of course your a mlp fan

Not surprised

couldn't she just take a cock in the privacy of her house instead of attention whoring for the world to see?

nah, we just get killed by them.

This is why I find such comfort in torturing animals

>haha, bro, just learn to have fun and chill out dude
>haha, brah, life is a party man
>everyone is human bro, just let them do what they want
Your hedonistic morals are ridiculous. Humans are just so fucking sick.

Drinking natural light, the nigger of beer. Makes sense

She's a babe, get over it virgins. So amazing she's going to marry a white guy too.

Niggers have no class whatsoever.


Ok, boys! hashtags up, lets gooooo

MFW Obama honor kills her for disgracing the family. You know how Muslims are

Not an issue.

Only people who give a shit about this are people who didn't get to do this shit. If you're gonna get offended get offended by the fact they are drinking natty ice.

You're disgusting, she had those Bill Duke eyes

She is hideous. She looks like her Dads

>celebrated 9/11
Doesn't surprise me. Her Muslim dad ran the world like western civilization was the biggest evil.

He's not Muslim, never has been and neither have his parents ever been

I'm starting to think that this "gap year" she is taking before heading to college is gonna be longer than one year. Perhaps indefinitely. She definitely has a problem with drugs and alcohol. Should probably get sober, but I doubt it.

i just wish bae wasn't a drug and alcohol addict.

Actually, both of his parents were Muslims. Mom converted once she went "native" by fucking all those African and Indonesian Muslims, Dad was born into it. Obama didn't become a "Christian" until he moved to Chicago in an attempt to connect to his african-american roots, despite the fact that he was raised by white people, and his deadbeat father was african, not african american - thus giving Obama no connection whatsoever to "da struggle." It was also around this time that Obama picked up his "woke nigger" fake accent.

how tall is bae?

He grew up in Indonesia raised by a Muslim in Muslim culture. That and liberal education made him very anti-West.

Her great grandparents weren't even born when slavery happened yet she still cares about it

Hold on there m8. If the place smelled dank that's probable cause, and were police to arrive she would be fined/ticketed likely for paraphernalia. Also weed is legal in DC so the fine is more likely if this took place there.

They do in (((FREEDOM))) land.

is she a cokehead or something?
she looks like she would suck your dick for a perky and a spark lmfao


>she looks like she would suck your dick for a perky and a spark lmfaoshe looks like she would suck your dick for a perky and a spark lmfao

>implying that nearly everyone in college doesn't party all the time while also learning

how in fuck is an 18 year old drinking alcohol or smoking weed at a college party degenerate? Who fucking cares? I swear to god there is something wrong with you people

>the entire country pays taxes to support a nigress get high

>raise daughter in a totally protected and isolated environment
>surprised when she parties all the time as an adult

its no different from miley cyrus, really. too much of their life being expected to be perfect.

So it's basically legal for politicians to light up but not the rest of us?

if youre going to celebrate 9/11 it should be by playing Jenga, surely...

It's still federally illegal, and I imagine there are like 10x more federal officers than normal officers in DC but yeah if a normal officer catches you smoking in public in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC it's a citation/fine.

Are you fucking serious that's a real thing ?
And then people wonder why i never go out of my house

She looks like she dusts her skin with cocoa powder to put on the image of increased melanin.

friendless r9k betas having a fit over normie lifestyle

She just wants to be one of the gals, if you know what I mean.

This lmao
Bunch of nerds and/or losers on pol, I'm disappointed

I'm bad at fractions, a 3/4th nigger racemixing with an aryan male gives you what? A 1/3 Black?

To the guys saying she's a teenager and let her live. She literally needs to wait like a year and people won't even really think who she is.

In 20 years she's going to regret this when she inevitably enters politics/law/business and these will be circulated to discredit her, because she couldn't hold out till the end of her dads term to slut out.

Who cares? It's good that she's getting to live a somewhat normal life. That's important.

heard about whats going on in the Philippines?

She's just a teen being rebellious.

>go in for an autistic hello and offer a beer
>praetorian guard escort you out
>became organ donor for Hillary

Oh come on. Let her have some fun.

5/8ths white or 3/8ths black.

Just imagine how weird it must be to be part of her SS deatail.

You're in the corner at a party full of kids getting shitfaced and doing drugs.

What if some dude takes her to a room and they smash? Do you stand outside the door?

Jesus christ, she's nothing but forehead.

What a weird looking person. Fucking gross

got it america=3rd world shit hole with mindless vigilantes instead of police.

Said no one in the media about the Bush daughters


Surprised that a Brazilian doesn't know how to do this by instinct.

>finds comfort in torturing animals
>hedonistic morals
Pick two

>tfw you will never fuck a country leader's daughter
>tfw i will never fuck based tone's qt daughters


Embrace the race mixing you Cred Forums cucks

You're talking to someone who's probably 12 and has little memory of the 00s

Don't really care. She's a kid. She's doing kid shit.


you are a fucking retard


Yeah, they end up getting spitroasted.

>race mixing
Of course

She is a classy chick, likes to hang with white guys smoking weed and drinking shitty beer. Wouldn't surprise me if she's red pilled - maybe even shitposting here...

>coolest thing she can think to do is play beer pong with retarded students

What give fuck is this bullshit "class" meme?

>coolest thing she can think to do is play beer pong with retarded students
Seriously, if i were her I'd be a raging lesbian on tour in eastern europe.

>A person of college age playing beer pong and smoking weed

Classy Pepe for you


She could be working on set with Dicaprio. Playing chess with Magnus. Bullying Hawking, making that faggots chair fly down a set of stairs. She could be anywhere with anyone.

But this is the best she can think of.

Talk about looney coons. Low IQ, low creativity is the hallmark of the african American

The real crime here is that she is drinking natural light

She's going bald

seriously, "classy" people do the same shit as non" classy" people , but it's a circle jerk to convince those around them that they are pious and moral

I always hear "class" being used by the most obnoxious people

Nah, blacks just have bad hairlines.

She looks like mr vargas see

Also you have to remember that she has an happy life with lots of sex.


Unlike you fags lol

>Natty ICE
>Beer Pong
>Doesn't want to be near niggers

She's more American than most faggots on Cred Forums

Pol is full of Russo and Euro philos, or at least the memes about Russia and Europe

Perhaps really closet Muslims, just like Obama

>She's more American than most faggots on Cred Forums
This raging cock addict has no idea Cred Forums is international

Her dad was drug dealer!

>USA: country of """""freedom"""""""


And the rapeugees certainly believe in the memes

America was founded by the Jews and Masonic Christians and was always an international experiment

America was founded by private stock companies with permission from the monarchies of Europe, it would be like us trying to colonize the moon via Ellon Musk

Cool bong Malia, wanna bring it to the White House?


Your a cuck

And the Jews profit off of division

Religion and morals helps divide and distribute memes

And they are really good at marketing


>the body on that white girl
holy shit lmao. Starting from the legs and going up, there's a point where she goes from possibly attractive to chloe-grace-moretz-level fridge mode. This bitch has Garfunkle proportions.

>That chin

Double standards and hypocrisy

The constitution as originally written

(((Freedom))) (((equality))) (((capitalism))) (((Protestant work ethic ))) getting scammed by (((the American dream for everyone))) echoing through history parroted by increasingly stupid Americans and their sociopathic rulers to justify whatever they want

"America was built on judeo Christian values"

That has defined the right for years, thanks to technology, we have learned the right are a bunch of hypocrites , as are the self identifying Jews and Christians , who Define what "class " is and are privileged enough to do whatever they want and get away with things others cannot

Morals and class and self induced political correctness, self censorship

I want to suck on her hard nipples.

So as an American anti PC image board notorious for being the most classless place on the internet, is class a good thing, is PC ever a good thing, can anti PC go the same delusional route as PC

In the end it all comes down to what you eat and who you have sex with and gaming/competing with one another

Or is there something that makes us Human