guise, wtf is going on here, can someone plz Correct The Record™ for me?


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am I just racist, or is this kinda odd?

Two parallel universes are merging together

>the like to dislike ratio


Holy shit guys i absolutely didn't believe the conspiracy theries.

This is an actual screenshot from 13:12
From OPs video


dude watch the whole end of the video, they werent exactly hiding it, but we need someone to Correct The Record™ and explain what is actually happening


I'll try...

From my very limited understanding of cameras, they work by producing the image from top to bottom and if the stream is of poor quality only the last bit that was filmed gets sent and then it repeats itself to try and produce a full image. That's why it looks like she disappears for one full frame the top bit got filmed and then it repeated itself all the way to the bottom.

At least that's what I think it happened.




Why doesn't the background fuck up

we need someone to Correct The Record™ harder

pretty obvious she's a reptilian and her cloaking device malfunctioned. We've already discussed this user

Because it's in front of a greenscreen. She's so sick she can't even do live speeches infront of am audience.

>hilary hologram rendered in fox engine

like in a normal error?

good question

also- why did the podium disappear?

I still believe that she died on 9/11.
This shit must be fake and staged.

A somewhat serious question, following all the insane events this presidential election, would anyone be surprised if Hillary was actually an extraterrestrial lizard in disguise?

Because her and the podium were in front of a green screen


even the hologram contracted a virus. Holo Hill is unfit for presidency. Vot Holo Trump for safer fire walls.




it's funny

i've never seen a person disappear like this

ive seen lots of errors

but ive never seen the 'SHE FUCKING GONE AND YOU CAN SEE BEHIND HER' error before

>the hologram even has a virus
kek'd hard

Meme material. But unfortunately it's just mpeg magic.

Top Kek


Okay, this has gotten a little more interesting.

I have a background in audio engineering/composition/producing.

The cheer before the laugh, I have heard as stock. Can confirm.

someone tell me I'm not going crazy

Is this an unedited piece of the original or is this guy pausing and playing it so we could see what it looked like better? Honestly can't tell with the button that keeps clicking at the bottom left

what a time to be alive.


Look at the end of the video, there's a guy taking photos on his phone of Hillary. But she's not even in the shot. It's not out of focus so you can see it's not like she's even there



I'm all for conspiracy theories but this one is just fucking stupid

Yeah thats a fake audience audio track. This is very interesting.


When I first heard about reptilian shapeshifters I thought it was a meme but shit like this makes me think it's real

They say they feed on negative energy and trumps been saying their low energy

The cellphones in the start of the vids doesn't match the backround??


>I thought it was a meme
well you thought wrong

Thanks for correcting the record fucking shill. There are multiple instances of similar shit happening. From her and the podium disappearing, to her glitching out with the podium, etc all while not effecting the stripes behind her. Just go watch her NC "rally" from a few days ago

>iphone cameras- no flags onscreen, no hillary in frame, don't match up to what is happening in front of them
>hillary and her podium decide to vanish
>laugh track is too loud, turn it down!
>camera man exists simultaneously right next to flag and also 30 feet away right next to hillary

dude just because you don't understand that there was a camera glitch doesn't mean shape shifting lizard people are ruling the world

This ruptly video and the ABC video are the only two I have seen of this rally. Any of those fans upload their footage to youtube?


>they pasted her over a generic background

This speech was probably recorded in a studio months ago

youtube.com/watch?v=nCP3HIhQgLI Too spooky

>2 microphones

The one by Hillary obviously overrides the other when it registers sound, that's all.

>is greenscreened into the frame
>laugh track stops
>people filming show nothing
>they uploaded this and thought it would fool people

that doesn't even have anything to do with my post

The link I posted is of a fake laugh track in her rally.

So if Hillary can't even get real people to show up at her speeches how is the voting 50/50? Have any of you even seen any Hill dogs IRL I havent

it's a frame by frame through the errors

it's about 2 seconds of film

she is gone for exactly one frame

that's the best i could do with 4ch filesize limits

it happens only on one youtube video

taken alone it's hardly proof of anything- but with all this other evidence it's hard to ignore

read the comment I replied to you dumbass

the background repeated from the top down

just because you dont understand how something works doesnt mean its a fucking conspiracy, jesus you guys make us look stupid sometimes

>iphone cameras- no flags onscreen, no hillary in frame, don't match up to what is happening in front of them

you realize phone cameras have different aspect ratios to broadcasting cameras right?

if you go back and watch you will actually see the flags on the wall, the phones offer a much wider field of view. and you will see the blueish background that Hillary walks towards. unfortunately this disinfo webm thats being spread cuts out right before you actually see her walk fully in front of it


why did you choose to post that image?

It appears to stop exactly as she starts to talk, meaning that whatever devices are being used to amplify the sounds of both Hillary and the 'laughing audience' have

Not to be that guy but you can clearly see there is a crowd next to the flag on the right where she is waving at 2:44, you even see a shadow of the crowds signs, but that doesnt make the whole thing any less creepy or staged.

holy fuck yes they do you blind fucking retards

LOOK CLOSELY here you can see the flag on the phones if you look closely, the phones have a much WIDER field of view than the broadcasting camera that's zoomed in on Hillary

jesus christ you people will believe anything

Also saw a video on kikebook of someone breaking it down. A Blackman is standing literally right infront of some woman, wearing a grey suit but on the woman's phone it shows none of that. Then he moves and is standing infront of another women, but this time on her phone it looks like a guy with his palm on his chin resting

Nigger I have been to a Trump rally in a large crowd of people that are amped up like Hillary is trying to make her crowd seem, and no matter what crowds don't just silence in unison that quickly after laughing.

This sounded like a sitcom show.

Nothing to see here goys move along

agree, angle of fov of camera just makes her look like she's pointing at the backgound, but that doesn't explain the glitches or the what appears to be superimposed crowd in the front and the crowd noise

to get attention because I'm tired of seeing these retarded hologram threads all day

"HURR THE CELL PHONES DONT MATCH THE BROADCASTING CAMERA" yeah no shit, they have a much wider field of view and if you actually look carefully you can clearly fucking see that

whoever started these threads was probably an actual disinfo shill or a super clever troll

Not so, you're talking about a transient gate. You can hear distinctly that the laughter cuts off prior to Clinlol speaking, whereas the laughter preceding it tails off well into the speech. The levels are the same and no gate ever acts pre-preemptively to transient activity. By design it can't unless it was using a look-ahead, in which case they would be identical AND it would prove that it was a separate audio channel.

The second giveaway is that once a threshold is passed, a gate doesn't have a variable fade/cut; it would be the same on each. The gain level is identical.

So it's fake. Very very fake.

Nice ass, but your getting payed, shill



You would think the guy with the sign would say its fake or something.
So he has to be controlled, actor, whatever.

>actual disinfo shill or a super clever troll

If its not true, who cares? The media will never pick this up anyway, even if we had concrete proof. We enjoy breaking things down. If you don't like it, stop bumping the thread you idiot.

you posted a nearly naked woman 'to get attention'

that doesn't make sense

why did you post that image? what was your reasoning?

you have been arguing with people all day, and you are tired and now you are posting random images of women with your arguments to 'get attention'

please elaborate

Why are they all recording the exact same thing? And why are they simultaneously using Snapchat? And the longest video you can take on Snapchat is 10 seconds, why are they holding up their phone for longer than that? Why isn't the podium, the flag, or even Hillary in the frame of any of the videos????

it does, pay more attention

oh that giant red flag?

i can't see it either

isn't that weird?

I didn't even notice that wtf

not in the gif that i posted
pay more attention

Yeah, if it was an error, why would it only remove Hillary from it and not the immediate background to her as well? Trying to as objective about this and I've never heard of a camera error like that only removing the person and not also the background

Ok, I thought you guys were just meming but wtf is going on?

me neither

and i love camera errors

This, and there are a few similar instances throughout the NC rally.

Ditto. The phones showing something completely different than what we're seeing was a sloppy mistake.

>obvious broadcast error
>Cred Forums and Drumpfkins think it's a hologram

Are they this desperate?

Well that's irrefutable proof that the footage of her was prerecorded in a desert in New Mexico

I posted on the day after Hillary "collapsed" that she died and Obama will claim she was poisoned/have her double assassinated in public and enact martial law and got trip 777's

I wonder what it means

>what is video compression artefacts due to packet loss
>what is an orthographic camera

You are all making us look like retards

Whoaaaaa. Get this to Infowars.

>hillary pays people to go to her rallies
>hillary uses a laugh track and fake audience sounds
>calls us desperate

This is Cred Forums, no one cares.

>why did you post that image? what was your reasoning?

so people read my post and hopefully listen to some reasoning, instead of just skipping over it and continuing on with these idiotic threads. not sure what part of that is hard to understand.

i have been seeing these threads all day and have kept quiet. I was hoping they would die out. But now here we are and they're still going. I'm tired of seeing them in the catalog, it's cringey and makes us look dumb. so now I am saying something about it.


Why do Americans come in like two waves? Whenever something like this gets debunked, the board stops with it for like 6 hours and then some retard makes another thread about it and everyone buys into it again. Use the fucking catalogue and find the other news stations that broadcasted it videos. Also look at the pictures from upstairs which show the position of the news cameras.

we are retards

that's why we do this

This fucking confirms all the ISIS videos were greenscreened as well

It's made by the same fucking people

rate my OC

>makes us look dumb

Caring about the image of an anonymous board that shitposts about niggers. K.

Watch the other fucking snippets. There are multiple times where there are compression errors and shit where her/the podium are effected but the background isn't. Where she literally disappears with the podium meanwhile there isn't a single frame that has the flag without the podium before thusly it's a greenscreen or similar



How the fuck can she even drag her soulless body to the debates? IS SHE EVEN ALIVE ANYMORE???


>makes us look dumb.

nothing dumb about hating brown people and discussing racial differences and how we can use that information to improve society

Fuck off retard

EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS. THIS US 100% GREENSCREEN FUCKER. Ignore that some user mad Ethernet stripes green, the video still is almost identical otherwise.

>There are multiple times where there are compression errors and shit where her/the podium are effected but the background isn't.

Because it's an error where the top portion of the frame including the background pattern is extended right down the screen.

The top part of the frame showing only the flag pattern has glitched all the way to the bottom.
Much like, in other instances, part of her head/body is being repeated.

>makes us look dumb.

oh god It's Happening!!!

"No". It's actually spoops me that there are real life shills on this board right now like you desperatly trying to convince us otherwise.

Fuck off, no it isn't.

i laughed

A while ago I saw a video about someone using tech to make it look like Trump was speaking on TV when it was someone elses face and words, anyone else remember this? Anyone have a link?

Get this shit to info ward asap

Apparently as well if you skip to around 8:34 I believe I read on twitter (within eight minutes anyway) and slow it down you can clearly see a tiny little edit

She's trying her absolute best to not let her true centipede form break free from its human prison. Can't you see how badass that is?





Found It!!!!!!!!






Ok now I'm convinced you are the actual shill spreading this disinformation conspiracy flat-earther-tier bullshit

I've seen that shit before. They demonstrated it with a bunch of different political leaders as well

we were hoping that you went to sleep so we could discuss something that we are interested in talking about in the spirit of discovery and cooperation

just let us know when you are going to sleep so we can talk without you here, okay?

Ok, that's pretty fucking suspect


That's not how you spell dead user

If I go through the effort of finding the video do you promise to never come to this board again?

seriously wtf is this?

Always creeps me out a bit

seems legit

What are you doing? Spamming so much for because this
>makes us look dumb

Fuck off already shill

Why is she pointing and waving at a wall?

If anything it should be spread to the normies how very few people were there. Small small crowd. 1200 maybe? It's been like this through the whole campaign.

>It's flat earther-tier to suggest that a sickly candidate would do a prerecorded speech in front of a greenscreen and they'd hire actors for play the audience and just do a quick and dirty editing job
Just stop

Cheers, this is a great find. Everyone needs to watch this video

Why is she wearing this outfit again? Was this pre-recorded? It sucks when you can't trust the media at all, huh?

Everyone in this thread has just been BTFO'd. Get the fuck off this board and never come back.

That's amazing. We're going to have to step up our game lads.

we have a couple feminazi cunts at work who are voting for her but thats like 2/120 people


>when she waves and points at the wall
Do you think she died?

what the fuck
Is he like fucking 12?

Kek this is some /x/ tier shit.

Anyone notice the echoing of her speech?
If there were an actual crowd of people in there then there shouldn't be any echoing
Does anyone know how to analyze audio?

that guy seems totally unbiased

Video of the tech used,


Website: graphics.stanford.edu/~niessner/thies2016face.html

Also, check 'em

Always wondered how far into the batman filming Heath Ledger got before he died.
Kinda freaky the possibilities with CGI

>It's another Australian

a new conspiracy theory every day

It started off as memes, now it's so much more.

Is it time to admit Hillary is cursed by Kek?

Look at the phones on OP's vid.


Cool, they probably got even more advanced software for that in (((Hollywood)))

Has anyone tried analyzing the audio?

You can't even chalk that up to pointing at the crowd to the left of the wall, that's clearly going directly at the wall at not to the people to the left of it


Hey... Where are all the flags on these phone screens???

What moment is this? I want to hear it in the video.

found the retard

i have worked with drug addicts for my entire life. the more shit i see about her the more i am convinced that she is a drug addict. the convulsions, the shakes, the ups and downs. the sleep deprivation shit, and these moments where she looks completely euphoric and fake. this woman probably uses amphetamines and or other stuff to keep strong. might as well be a cocaine addict or even barbiturate abuse. either that or brain damage.

i want to punch you in the face

Yep. Now on to the people's phone screens.

Is this further evidence of a ruse? Has Cred Forums cracked another case?


if you can't understand the concept of depth there's not much else to talk about here.

you can even see the green coming through on the rightmost phone

So if Hillary is at the debates live, what are you going to chalk this bullshit up to? Trump is a hologram too? Everything is holograms and reptilians? Symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia i'm thinking.

me too

and i can't watch that video or download it because of reasons

someone please just tell me the time when it happens




this is not a hologram it is just a staged fake speech. hillary will show at the debate but she will not be well. she ill collapse.


Not a single flag. And why is it green?

What the fuck is going on?
I'm not drunk enough to make sense of this shit.

Look were her fucking arm is extended to, and extend back to were her finger is actually pointing to. The people that to the left of it are a good 2-4 metres away from that wall, and you can see that's clearly not where she is pointing. Also the the laugh track audio, also the edit that's actually in the video. Also the fact that multiple peoples phones don't show what they're actually pointing at

The video errors / corruption are pretty easily explained because it usually only occurs on the objects that are in motion while the static background (which is also just 2 flat colours in this instance) remains unaffected.

All the other spoopy shit happening I have no idea.

Well, lads. I tried to get some footage of the future POTUS on my phone, but vampires can't be recorded it seems.

holy fuck, meme magic helped kill her but now more advanced powers are stepping in. Hillary may be chosen to win, dead or alive. We need something like an AI that can more effectively identify things like this for us.


then why does the podium disappear?

it's not moving

it's clearly gone for one whole frame

so is hillary

ive never seen that before


pls be my ai gf

Notice these people are all in the front row.

Now notice the crowd that appears on their phones and they are much farther from the stage.

A stage that looks very different.

i think they rendered this phone. see how high she is holding it - almost for the camera to se.

hillary has already done this before and was caught, but no one said anything:


this time they smartened up and rendered the phones in the audience

What do you think the width of that flag is? She wouldn't have to move her finger more than 10 degrees to be pointing to the first person from the center of it.

Everyone must see this image.

>green bro

what a missed opportunity

This has been happening a lot of certain videos today.

>the background repeated from the top down

Alright user, if it repeats from top to bottom. Then why did it repeat without hillary or her podium for a frame? If your going to tell me that it copied the top above her head and rendered down, the flag is offset and would have left jagged edges down the flag if it did that.



Notice the shills all stopped talking while they figure how they're going to debunk this image.

Protip: You can't.



>This speech was probably recorded in a studio months ago
This speech was probably recorded in a studio years ago

fixed that for you

>guise, wtf is going on here, can someone plz Correct The Record™ for me?

Hillary died a week ago.

The hologram projector is malfunctioing.


the background stripes being straight while she is completely missing with podium is the smoking gun

Those were explained already by the top of the image being repeated all the way down.

Now... explain this:


>Dem comments

They've really fucked up this time


dude wut

At 21:00, it glitches and a voice says "Join Us".

I'm scared Cred Forums

we all are user


Hillary is right in front of the guy filming with his phone, yet she isn't on his screen.


Holy shit man, thats really scary
That reminds me of Merkel, who had some issues like that too in 2010

There would not be a straight line m8 I am in video editing.

As well that would imply a algorithm exist that copies pixels from above the crop of the frame and realigns them to fit perfectly in the lower half uniformly.

not possible.

This is fucking amazing

professional illustrator here.
all i do is perspective grids all day everyday for my work.
shes pointing directly at the flag and in no way to the people to the left of the flag.

Are you saying that she isn't one?

>the background stripes being straight while she is completely missing with podium is the smoking gun
you can clearly see in this post the background stripes are not straight


This one is the most strange, others are just the top of the image repeating but this one isn't. The compression algo does not have any way to know the stripes continue behind her.

>teleports behind you

What the fuck are you talking about. refute the evidence you dumb kraut


Sorry m8
in this frame
Your posting about the wrong glitch

21:07 / 21:08 also is pretty weird... "free"

You need to find a new line of work then pajeet.

yeah, it's like a frog is caught in her throat.

holy fuckin' shit

>Website: graphics.stanford.edu/~niessner/thies2016face.html
Wow I can never trust the news again.

The entire video is really strange, the beginning shot looks like a bad greenscreen effect because the background is much softer than the foreground, doesn't match the crowd as it normally should.


The phone isn't aiming at the flags retard.
>inb4 CTR chill

Oh boy you will freak out if you ever start using VLC

Listen to this satanic voice shit, it's creeping me the fuck out.


find it.

Find it now.

Even if it takes you all day.


Oh God it does!

I hope Alex Jones does a piece on this

Absolutely, positively fucking this

Nope, it's too late. Not gonna listen to that shit right now

You all need to relax, it sounds like that because that's actually what she said. Spooky right. Focus on the important parts of the video, not freaking out over something she actually said, she says it at 21:26 too, also gives you a join hotline.

21:00 is the scariest. "jOiN US"



Cred Forums and /x/ have crossed over tonight. Don't ruin my fun.

>he still doesn't have a computer generated leader with computer generated votes in 2016
Get with the times grandpa.

now im curious

but it's dark and late and ImScaredOfHer

I'm with you spoopy bro but you all need to calm your shit, and focus on the actually creepy shit.

We broke something in the matrix.

It's not even a good greenscreen effect, there are artifacts all over the place.

21:00 definitely the spookiest part

she is such a great supervillian

it's worth noting cuz it's out of context with the sentence and it suddenly staggers in as the prior word is finishing, not spoopy but a hint of potential hologram use. someone know where to find video examples of holograms glitching? (concert use, testing ,etc.)

It's a blurry mess

>OMG Hillary ded

How did you manage to pause it exactly on that? I've been trying for ages but I always miss it.

This confirms flat earth btw.

these people obviously filmed something with their phones.
you jackasses only have to find where they uploaded their shit, like they must have, who takes political footage of anything, only to keep it to them selves.
if you really want to put nails in this coffen, find the phone footage of the event.

Why does she point and wave at the wall then?


She's fucking batshit crazy that's why

If it existed, it would have been shown by now, somewhere would have found it.

Hillary confirmed for Enclave-tier president


we download the video (no small feat)
then we look at it frame by frame in VLC with the 'advanced controls' turned on (it's in the View menu)
you can also make recordings of smaller parts of the video and then use online conversion sites to turn them into webms and gifs




LOOK UP VLC GLITCH OR POST SOMETHING ABOUT VLC IN Cred Forums. weeb shit pic related

what is she talking about when this happens?

how far into the speech is it?

I meant on the YouTube video since the picture he posted shows him pausing at the exact point just by using the youtube player.

severely underrated

here is the creepy part
.....there is none

that could be the sound guy though.. the images are where the truth lies.
that sounds like a volume curve like you would get from operating a mixing desk fader.
i think they have sound guys live at the events to cut out any coughing or hecklers.

The video is far more interesting than the sound IMO

>Trying to demoralize us, so we can't find the truth

Nice try, Aussie

End of the video they side-by-side the recorded speech with the transmitted speech for all the parts where she glitches out.

She is a reverse vampire


Right well, I'm going inna woods now. Bye.




The conspiracy retards quietly sweep that under the rug so they can keep roleplaying. Just like the picture of the venue.

This combined with the vertical stripes background. The background is glitch ingredients too but it looks like it isn't because of the stripes.
I hate the lying old hag as much as the rest of you, but there's no point pursuing this.


>Did Hillary Stage An Event?

>background doesn't disappear but Shillrod and the podium does
10/10 made me reply

sans ingredients

t. phoneposter

You call this a compression glitch?

New thread after this one please OP

> I recently had a cough that turned out to be pnemonia



Isn't Jones a strong reptilians believer?

h-he's fast...

Why do I have more & more the feeling that Alex is 24/7 on Cred Forums


SORRY M8 The stripes are perfectly straight this does not happen with any modern algorithm

Where is all the videos from the crowd?

It's literally a "Corrupted Hillary"

This is the best election, EVER,

it's okay

nothing to freak out about

i disappear with my podium sometimes too

but only for a moment

but only when a whole bunch of people are suspicious that i am already dead

>She is pointing at a wall
>Omg yuo guise!
Literally immediately after camera pans, and reveals the people just to the left of wall, where she was pointing...

I can't stop thinking about this:

If there was a little sign or plaque or something on the wall behind her

Would it be shown when she disappears

Would it appear at all


Nice glitches in the matrix


Does Hillary believe she's in the 90's still where she could more than likely get away with this and have no one question her because technology has barely gotten advanced?

The background should be pixel'd up and blended with her jacket, yet it's maintaining linear display.
The composite overlay got separated

I'd rather hear Alex Jones speak about it, does he even work there anymore?

Wahmbulance present that day.



He'll prob talk about it on today's show.




Her face at 21:55 looks insane.

Also the music choice "I feel good" seems like they're really pushing the "Look she's not dead!" idea.

What's Hillary's stand

maybe hillary did died but her ghost is still trying to win the election


I can already see the ben garrison comic next week. Clinton will be in a bed hooked up to all kinds of machines, looking like death while a greenscreen is stuck (badly, almost falling away) to the wall behind her and there's a laptop with a webcam in front of her.

There could be a bodyguard with an MP3 player playing generic audience clapping and other sound effects too.

WTF I hate YouTube now!

Was completely surprised at their bot voting output because I thought it was 70k-1k at first instead of just 70.

I imagine it to be something like the sprite-version of her from the Trump 8-bit game

Either that or 「Delete」- the power to delete thousands of things overnight?

Read up on Long GOP compression.
Basics are: Instead of compressing all the frames, the algo looks at what changes from frame to frame, and then compresses those changes in 'predicted' and 'bi-directionally predicted' frames. Its entirely possible, almost expected behaviour from digital video encoders...

>Fools! Behold the power of 「Stayin' Alive」!

The drawback of her stand is that it drains her lifeforce to power up its ability

>Also the music choice "I feel good"
James Brown died of pneumonia.

Calm down folks.

Hillary was there, the people are real.

Thing is, the tv stations put a stripes flag behind her virtually because the actual one in the background was to far away so it doesn't look right.

hence the fake shadows and her ponting at the flag which in reality isn't there but people sitting next to it.

also her disapperace can be explained that way as shortly only the cgi background is shown.

so the only thing which is altered are the background to make it look nicer but all the people were there and so was hillary.

it's just that she likes to fake things.

Read up on predictive compression m8

There is no explanation for the podium and her to disappear while in the same linear pixels the background stripes to stay the same straightness.

your shit is debunked

Only insofar as he's on Genesis Communications Radio, which is a Christian Faith-based station; Satan is the deceiver and the (((serpent)))

Sick digits, famalam



Somebody make new thread pls?

He has a staff guys, I'm sure some of them browse. Almost positive PJW is always here seeing the threads

Ironically, James Brown died of pneumonia


In the greenscreen room, she just points to a random spot and waves not knowing that there will be a fucking wall there in the overlay.

Get a load of this goyium!
You aren't fooling anyone here Pajeet. Kill you're selfie.

Made me look... and kek
Nice shoop


She can barely stand up, why would she have one?


The humongous red-and-white stripes were just added later or something?

What's the point



we're reaching simulacrum levels that not even Baudrillard could've imagined

marketing, corporate design, make everything look good and clean, shes a brand and it needs to look top knotch

Makes sense


>it was a hologram

This was filmed months ago.


I skipped to that part in the stream last night with my headphones on and yes the laugh audio just stops abruptly. This vid and another one do this, but aren't messed up like the ABC 15 stream. The ABC 15 one just has major problems in general. So not sure there. Skip to 43:53 and wait for her to talk about the Dr Oz show you'll hear it drop off.


Well she can admit that and until then we will and there will be speculation on HOW fake this shit it is sorry.
besides we already know she was "healthy" up until she collapse like a dead body and now we know it was "just pneumonia"

Apparently this conversation is continuing here


>that's the best i could do with 4ch filesize limits
Convert to webm next time.

>21 minutes in

>"Join Us"

Our enemies are amusing.