I took a haplo test

...and found out that i am %26 european

We wuz whites!

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fact: more than 90% of turks think they wuz steppe man an shiet

eternal roach dna

Asia Minor dna is Ancient Anatolian and Armenian dna by the way


that picture is wrong

i'm probably paler than your average serb nigger or spanimoor.

and my nose is straight.

and why do they think that? majority of turks are native Anatolians mixed with different invaders. Your result shows that.

More like an autosomal test

>and why do they think that?
Average iq of Turkey is 88 and our education system is shit tier


Also i am like 72% byzantine
Now i can shitpost about byzantines all the time

i would probably find you attractive

Why are all non-whites so desperate to call themselves white/european, and at the same time being very racist towards europeans?

Jelousy is extremely apparent.

The claim in general is that Serbs are dark because they are Turkish rape-babies. In this case you claim to be paler that the average Serb. Would it mean that, given your paleness, Serbs should be even whiter?

>Serbs are dark because they are Turkish rape-babies
Do you really believe that? They are more Greek than Turkish.
Learn genetics before you talk you inbred muslims mountainnigger.

Oy Gevalt! Did i hit your wannabe white feelings?

>wannabe white
first of all. if you read thorougly, i said "i'm probably paler than your average serb nigger or spanimoor."

pale is the keyword here. why didn't i say "i'm whiter than your average serbnigger or spanimoor" ? because pale and white are not the same thing.

I hope Serbs genocide your nigger kind i really do.

Roach please, you're basically a sand nigger. Also saged

>I'm pale
Means nothing faggot, albino niggers exist allover Africa, maybe you're one of them.

>I never claimed to be white
Check your win post

>I hope Serbs genocide you
You're going to have to wait for a looooooooong time roach

Convert and we will talk.

I'm 99.8% Northern European...
0.2% African



>tfw half-black and still more white than any turkroach



this post shows us that albanians are illiterate and retarded
fuck off with your sand religion

>17% asian


How much you paid btw

>9% Mongorian

Isn't that the exact average for Turkey?

central asian dna is not asian dna.
it's Indo-Aryan (R1b or R1a one)

We are achmet

Whatever cuck
Tell me it's cost

don't know the average.
Haplogroup distributions in Turkish people pic related

Why do you even want to be European right now?

forgot pic
now you pissed me off

Imagine looking back and seeing nearly every great act or real societal act of compasion the magna carta, the declaration of independance, first real civilisation that stopped slavery, and then you look inward to your history and its just shit. Thats what they feel.

R1b is celtic faggot, R1a is Indo-Aryan

wow that is some nasty genes.

>56% Middle Eastern

ill rather be a nigger.

>Want to be european
I never said that

I am a Greeco-Anatolian noble. Why would i want to be a celtic/germanic peasant?

>getting triggered this easily


>ill rather be a nigger.
what is the difference between a viking and a nigger?

>>Heir to one of Alexander's weakest footsoldiers
>>Heir to one of Ghenghis Khan's dogs
>>Heir to a Polish rape baby

Truly the whitest mudslime in all of Greater Arabia.

I'm pretty sure 9% is the average

all those Turks and Mongols raped the shit out of Anatolians until Anatolians began identifying as Turks instead of Byzantines or whatever.

Can't stand the truth now can you Achmed?

greek is European, roach.

aren't you forgetting something?


>I am a Greeco-Anatolian noble.

>56% Sandcoon
>19% debt

sure my liege you are of noble blood!

albanians are deject criminals kys

and here i thought you guys loved turks
some of you are alright

>Buttblasted euros itt
Go back to your caves
>greek is European
Not even genetically. Their main haplogroup is E1b1b and it's not european

European=Barbarians and cavemen (basically pale niggers)

If I can't fill in the blanks in the most negative way, then why am I on Cred Forums?

whitest in thread and maybe all of Cred Forums

are you into hairy apelike men with swarthy skin?

each to his own fag

nice genetic knowledge.
now go back to your cave and suck off Jamal



>being proud of being hittie

> finnish

how can be finnish european? You are more like 88% mongol.

nah ill rather hand around and watch your mental gymnastics trying to justify your "whiteness".

its damn hilarious to see you roaches try this shit on a daily basis.

How far goes your retardation roach?

>Here we go again

are you into hairy apelike men with swarthy skin?

yeah finns and reykjaviks look like mongoloids

You realize Anatolians spoke an Indo-European (Aryan) language before all the invasions right?

I just think Anatolia was pretty great before the Muslims/Mongs ruined it

>muh haplogroups

dude you have to look at chromosomal DNA not just the y/mtDNA


>Genghis Khan rape-baby

t. Mehmet

I might hate you and you might hate me but we both hate roaches so you're fine

Nigger i am E1b1b, and that Haplogroup came in Europe 7000 years ago, plus extends up to Finland.

epic meme
Sometimes i miss the Hittitefag. If he were around i'd not have to deal with butthurt underages


>You realize Anatolians spoke an Indo-European (Aryan) language before all the invasions right?
Hatti language was not an indo european one. Actual Hittites invaded anatolia and got assimilated.


>Came 7000 years ago

More than*

>wuz roman
>wuz conquistador
>wuz egyptian
>wuz aztec

feels good mang

>Greeks and Etruscans were E1b1
Pretty logical, modern Greeks and Tuscans are highly related to each other in terms of genetics
Turks are not, though

>i am nigger E1b1b


oh and
>wuz anglo too

who here is neandrathal master race?

To be honest your ethnicity and/or skin color does not matter if your iq is above 100

Are Brits Really White?

Daily reminder that turkroaches are the reason we don't have nice things.

he never made it to Finland

you do realize invasion is how most Indo European language was spread right?

>muh butthurt underage

this is the best you can do roach?

>We are all descendants from Africans! That means im "white" too right guys?

haha this is great! keep it up my "Greek" nobleman.

What is it Mehmet, did i hit home?

nice reading comprehension
read what i said there >greek is European
Not even genetically. Their main haplogroup is E1b1b and it's not european

yeah but the original anatolians spoke hatti. not hittite.

>being proud of being gr**k
yörük master race here, too bad my mother was an eternal anglo and ruined my yörük genes

the Original Euros/Indians/Central Asians didn't speak Indo-European either

Do you know what a Basque is?

You slaughtered all noble Greeks back in 1922, don't claim their heritage if Rum is an insult in your homeland, this is cuck-tier
Turks are Middle Eastern, debatable the best one, but still too far from Greco-Italics spoken for culture and genetics
>Inb4 Izmir

ethnicity and skin color does matter when it come to finding a qt
come on now

i said "To be honest your ethnicity and/or skin color does not matter if your iq is above 100"

i know but you said
"You realize Anatolians spoke an Indo-European (Aryan) language BEFORE ALL THE INVASIONS right?"
i agree with you

>Not even genetically. Their main haplogroup is E1b1b and it's not european
Look, Greeks are genetically Southern European, so is their culture

>You slaughtered all noble Greeks back in 1922
More like fucking subhuman-tier idiots who can't beat a shitty nation of roach, they deserve genocide. They invade Turkey, expected victory but still lost.

>You slaughtered all noble Greeks back in 1922
how many did we slaughter? 6 bazillion?


I meant the ones that mattered

RIP in peace Byzantium

I cry erry teim ;_;

Why do Turks think they are whie? Every country on the Balkans mistakes them for gypsy's. Honestly half of them look like indians and the ones that look white have had someone in their family tree that was not a turk.

>how many did we slaughter? 6 bazillion?
Well, it was war time, also most Greeks in the Asian Minor were send right back due to Mustafa Kemals population exchange

This is coming from who? Maybe in Balkans you're white but rest of Europe hates you subhuman Bulgarians. Also you're T*rkic like T*rkroaches.

>Well, it was war time, also most Greeks in the Asian Minor were send right back due to Mustafa Kemals population exchange
This was our biggest mistake to be honest. But if i remember correctly Greece demanded a population exchange.
Byzantines were based
Fucking catholishits destroyed it. The West is our enemy since the great schism.

>it wuz all dem turkis fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
learn history, you fucking stupid roach

>This was our biggest mistake to be honest.
fucking cuck roach

>let me roleplay as a nigger
take a dna test and let us see your "yörük" dna.

Ladies and gentleman, the average Turkish diaspora of Europe
>Yörük genes

>This was our biggest mistake to be honest. But if i remember correctly Greece demanded a population exchange.
Well yes, it took some European influence from your Western coastlines

fuck off gr**k, atleast i'm white

stfu i'm not diaspora fucking kraut, i'm half anglo with fucking potatonigga descent

Is there a way to get free haplo test online?

what? too afraid or too broke to take a dna test?

Huh that's funny Ahmed. I've visited your shit hole of a country and realized why you're the laughing stock of Europe. You're population is only 30% white. Wtf happened there?

Britain was the greatest empire to rule the waves, what is Bulgaria? A fucking bunch of Slavified T*rks who are only known for being poor. You're a laughing stock to the whole world.
too poor, plz give moni

Are you seriously asking if you can send someone your DNA sample online and expect them to analyze it and give you back the results, FOR FREE?

Crusade Rape baby.

yes, i'm poor america boss
no bully plz

Well, I don't know any other company other than 23and me, but all I know is that those kikes jacked up the price from 100 to 200 dollars on top of removing health analysis

Based sqiptar kek

Welcome to the club, now you're nothing and your women look Gary Busey.

jannisaries are the main reason you arent full shitskin

>that feel when you earn only 330 dollars monthly and if you would buy such test you wouldn't eat for two weeks

>Welcome to the club,
Bulgaria isn't in the club, unless its the toilet cleaner

every kebab is equally hated, we do not discriminate

>southern europe
>eastern europe

Not white.

It's probably for the better user. Why would you since the information about your very existence to some shady kike company unless you're a mutt with an identity crisis?

you realise they always put in 1% ashkenazi jew in the results to fuck with white nationalists right ?

I'm Pole but some of my ancestors were georgian
I look like georgian too

I'm european or not?
I would remind that georgian are christian

Shut up Mohammed we wuz thracian and shit when you was island monkeys


I'm curious if I have Jewish or German blood in myself.

My great-great-grandmother was a servant in jewish shop in Germany. She might be jewish/polish/german, her granddaughter have polish surname "Szreder" that comes from german "Schroeder".

gg-grandmother have no husband, but still, she have a daughter. It's possible that her jewish supervisor make her pregnant or something.

I have blue eyes and dark-blonde hair, but big nose. Probably I have jewish, german and polish blood, but still I'm just curious

thx for the good kek for breakfast, take a (you)

How much did you pay to receive this picture? It looks like the typical shitpost you would get from Cred Forums after posting a picture of yourself.



Why talk if u aren't orthodox

Thats the real Greek deal

Armenia>Gruzja but yeah, you are European.


where do you buy this test. also is the results protected as much as can be against the jew


At least the mongolians still have finns so it wasn't a total defeat.


Yes you are. Like Chechens.

Good Turk, you should be proud of your 17% Turkic Asian Ancestry. On a side note, guess what blood that Asia Minor is?
Yes, you can visit Greece and tell them you're at least half Greek and what not.
It's not Middle Eastern in his case, Asia Minor, probably a mix of Anatolian, Armenian and Greek.
I have Greek Ancestry, took the 23andme test, I matched up with Italians. The modern day italians and greeks have the Etruscans as one of their major common ancestors, there's more though. On a side note 0% Asian in me.

janissaries were very tiny group even within the ottoman army. only 15% of ottoman army were made up by janissary.

also, since janissaries were not allowed to marry and have children their effect on society was even smaller than their numbers.

Kurds are not natives of the asia minor. It means hittites, lydians, galatians etc.

Rape baby.

I love that this is probably true and making all these slavic/spanish posters nervous.

How can Polish be European when the mongols invaded you in the 1200's