How do we stop the millennials?

How do we stop the millennials?
They're destroying everything they come in contact with.

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>They're destroying everything they come in contact with.
Sounds to me like it's the millennials who have been destroyed.

What percentage of "American" youth is actually Mexican now?

Wow so 12 years of gubment education was literally for nothing?

Yeah no shit. Spending 7 hours a day in school for 13 years with no actual hands on experience will do that. Im glad i wrote 100 essays for english class. My school discouraged taking ANY classes that werent 100 percent academic. They wanted you at a desk, taking notes all day.

Just got my degree in operations management AMA

The kike-engineered destruction of the west continues.

Some of this bullshit is even spreading all the way over here already.

I had an American literature course at uni a year ago or so, where the professor would ask us not to be offensive in our essays, so we should for example write 'humankind' instead of 'mankind'

Decades of passing along every student who breathes to the next grade with a rubber stamped high school diploma.

My grandfather who was drafted at 18 after returning from WWII finished his senior year of high school at age 20. He said his high school exams were hard for him since he had been away for so long.

They are skilled though, very skilled. They just don't have experience and no company wants that.

a reminder that if you leave school with a humanities degree, you have no more skills than a high school graduate, there's literally nothing you can do than somebody else can't

even a plumber or a cook is above you in terms of education

a reminder that the majority of Westerners and almost all women will graduate with a Liberal Arts degree

>inventing a new word when humanity would do just fine

They are busy memeing on the net

Millennial here
I found my passion (audio engineering) a while ago and basically sacrificed my social life to stay home and tech myself how sound works.
Now I'm 20 and I'm basically a freelance music producer. I'd really love to begin scoring film music and SFX so I've started to build up a portfolio. So far I've had 4 of my own songs published/released under a label as well as at least 30 released tracks that I took a producer/studio engineer credit on.
Regardless of whether or not you guys think my career is worth anything to society, I at least can say I'm proud of my accomplishments.
Meanwhile my classmates from high school are just now deciding on what field they want to go into.
Feels good man.

Nice dude. Audio engineering is some crazy shit.

>They are skilled though, very skilled. They just don't have experience

"Experience" in this context is skill. It means "have you done this job so you know what the fuck you're doing".

Why is this necessary? Because they have no fucking skills. They don't even have basic life skills, or an understanding that you work while you're at work.

The amount of washouts that can't figure out that you don't go to work to sit on your phone and browse Facebook alone is staggering, and it's only in the blessed sanctity of normalizing incompetence and having strong unions these people aren't out begging for handouts on the streets.

t. employer

flipping burgers and playing vidya are great skills.

children are a product of their upbringing. i guess the boomers are the worst parents ever

Enjoy your shitty studio apartment next to the neighbourhood hooker that you'll live in when youre in your 30s

I'd say the fact that you found something that you both enjoy and can make money from is worth more than the opinion of anyone who considers that work "hipster shit"

Probably not going to be making the mad bucks though.

>stop the current generation that's supposed to become parents, homeowners, voters, etc.
>stop them
>what's the solution Cred Forums?

who the fuck makes these threads? Why do you hate? shouldn't we be fixing, not stopping?

so many questions

And they want """FREE COLLEGE"""" When most of them aren't fit to dig ditches.

You now need a degree to do simple things like secretarial work or payroll. Before you would be thought these in a job. Since most people cant afford full time education this turns out to be hurr durr millennials are least skilled our generation was way better.

It all comes down to the quality of my work. The better the product, the more I can charge for it. My goal is to live comfortably, and if I'm making enough to pay for a roof over my head and food, then I'm content.
Plus I'm young. If I flop, I have no family, I have nobody dependent on me. I can afford the risk of such a difficult market. Rather be a failure than someone with regrets of never attempting to follow their dreams

They touch themselves a lot.

40 years to gain workplace experience
>Gen x
30-20 years
>gen y and millenials
>10 - 0 years with largest recession since the depression

Yeah I wonder why that's the case


the new generation simply has to bare the bad decision of the previous ones. boomers and gen X had all the power to give and or raise milllennials as humans but instead they choose to normalize faggotory, so what you got? yeah.

You forgot that most workplace experience for a milenial consists of McDonalds or other braindead jobs where thinking is not allowed.

>not hupeoplekind

Gets you a work ethic which is frankly better than some millinials

>Americans less skilled

No. Of course not.. How could that surprise literally anyone?


>Orwellian newspeak

Did they shoe in a bunch of no-name black authors?

Skilled to do what?
All the jobs have moved to China and other turd-whirled shitholes.
Youtube partnerships and gaming on Twitch is all they got left.

We had to read some black literature like 12 years a slave and such, but it was pretty much only the big ones.

This also reminds me that we weren't allowed to use black, we had to write african americans or the likes

It's a catch 22; need experience to be employed, need to be employed to gain experience.
Millennials can't get experience if they aren't hired. Because of the world recession, lots of senior employees lost money they would have had for retirement, so the older generation stays employed to recoup what they lost in the stock market, generation-x doesn't get promoted, which means there aren't as many openings for millennials to even get their foot in the door.

I've noticed at my last job they would just fired the most paid/oldest people. I hated that place's culture but those Boomers are getting purged whether they like it or not. Suck's to be an old Xers or a BoomBoom.

im highly skiled in fuking your mom

They're also the "most educated" supposedly. What universities are doing is criminal. The Dept of Education needs purged badly. These kids are sold a lie then given little or no direction, or worse simply indoctrinated into leftism half the time.

Of lot of millennials are unskilled because too many Gen X'ers are hogging entry-level jobs. It used to be that kids could go into a restaurant, ask for a job, and get one. Now they have to go to hundreds of businesses, fill out a trillion forms, MAYBE get an interview, and after the interview hopefully get the job. This is why they've all flocked to communism.

The consequence of narcissistic late boomer parents.

Millennials are lost. Face it.
Its because you stopped our great revolution.
Now take the consequences and bend over for the black people.

Your grandparents have done this. You choosed the wrong side back then.

It's not just that automation is decreasing the total amount of jobs, but that automation, along with other advances, is changing the distribution of skill levels needed by jobs. In the past, unskilled workers could be fine because they were still needed. And it's not just unskilled, a lot of people are not smart enough to do skilled work, they don't have the aptitude even if you train them.

Now, we only need skilled workers since everything's automated, and yet we don't have enough jobs for people to have an entry into these positions, even if they do get trained.



Far from it.

Their country hates them, the left hates them, the right them, the world hates them, the rich want to make them slaves, and God help them if they dare be Christians. Honestly what do you expect them to do?

The say the same shit about our youth despite me having language skills in five languages, having done basic military service, learned a trade, worked two years overseas in a non german speaking country and having a university degree in a non retarded field

But no those 50+ old timers who learned a trade 30 years ago and then did nothing else and you have to ask you the same question about how to do shit in microsoft word are totally the master generation

>trained since day 1 of school to pass tests and write essays
>never taught how to cook, fix anything, do taxes, get insurance, or any real-life skill
>all classes to teach these things are electives
>not allowed electives until high school
>discouraged from taking electives
>"user, you can take electives but you won't have enough credits to graduate"
>"user, you can take electives but you won't be able to pass the federal standardized test"
>"user, you can take electives but you won't be able to pass the SATs"
>told by everyone that I won't be able to find a job at all if I don't go to college
>"user everyone will have a degree and you won't get hired"
>go to college
>suck at STEM because school never encouraged it
>get useless academic degree
>try going into academia
>totally ignored by advisor and literally all my colleagues in favor of the ABDs and the people who already have PhDs and JDs now going for a history degree because why not, right?
>live at home
>nagged every day about a job
>I'm useless, my skillset is useless, nobody wants to hire me and my degree makes it impossible to even get a minimum-wage job

I'm seriously considering suicide

This. the kids/teens just out of school what do you expect them in the workforce? It's like saying apprentice is not skilled enough. Of course they aren't they're still in training and just fresh out of their school

Plus everyone know how bad boomers are. No generation in history is this bad and they leave young people a fuckinh mess to deal with

Kids need guide and help not discouraging. I'd say this time boomers once again avoid their responsibility and blame all on their kids

trash education = trash results. It's really not that complicated

About the same as the amount of moor blood inside every Spaniard.

their generation was done a disservice being prodded into college for useless degrees. the trades are wide open and pay great wages, and yet tons of millenials are out of work or flipping burgers while 1 and 2-year trade degree holders are making 40k a year and way up

>world's least skilled

I blame the education system, from elementary right through college. We are taught nothing of value. I'm entering the workforce with a degree (a decent one and not doxxing myself) and finding out employers don't give a shit, they just want experience. With a degree only I can't even get an entry level that I could without the degree but with xp.

Our school system should be abolished...our youth get into the workforce so late, it delays starting a family or accumulating wealth, contributing to the economy. It wastes a lot of tax dollars for schooling that is complete shit. If I were dictator I'd abolish it, get kids graduated from high school by 14 and from college by 16, while having learned real, valuable, and applicable skills.

I get angry thinking of how many years of my life were completely wasted by the "education" system. Meanwhile I had to teach myself everything of value so I could stay afloat. A day of the rope won't give me those years back but it sure sounds appealing to me. All education majors should fucking die. You have a bunch of useless moron cunts teaching kids. Why not have STEM majors teach kids? Education majors are a fucking joke, and these people go on to be teachers, no wonder kids are fucked.

You can't even blame millennials. Their parents give them zero guidance or advice, their schooling fails them and steals years of their lives, even the government screws them over by letting immigrants take all the entry level jobs.

ITT: millennials who are know so much about history, yes fail to realize life has always been difficult.


How are they the least skilled? I know Excel, can use almost any tax software, and can prepare corporate tax returns. Maybe they just majored in something useless. I studied accounting and got a master's degree in tax.

i want to learn to use tax software. do you know any decent (preferably free) programs i could use to get started?

>I know Excel, can use almost any tax software, and can prepare corporate tax returns.
i hope you didn't go to college for tha...
>I studied accounting and got a master's degree in tax.

Obviously I didn't major in Excel. Accounting--financial accounting especially--is incredibly difficult. Tax requires a lot of forward thinking and a solid understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations, and court cases.

>Bolan being one of the worst

I usually use OneSource, but that's paid. I'd try to familiarize yourself with tax law before you dive into the software. Maybe take a tax class at a community college or take a tax elective if you're still in college.

Why are you making this shit up? Do you want to know what you do with people who browse facebook all day and use there phone? You fire them that is what happens when people don't do there fucking jobs in the US. They get fucking fired and the fact that most employers are damn quick to fire people these days and HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE I would imagine that people wouldn't be doing that.

Oh and people get burnt out on the job as well. Think about this someone is working as a secretary that job only entails about 15 or so different duties such as file papers, answer phones, make copies, or whatever menial task that needs to be done. Now imagine that you amplify that by 300 you are now doing things that are outside your job description ever day while your boss adds extra duties on top of your already overloaded work duty. You start missing shit because every single person is asking you to do shit that they should do themselves. You get burnt out by this because you do not want to be fired.

i'm a meat-cutter at a grocer, and this is real as fuck.

the company I'm in starts cutting hours because the CEO's and bigwigs want a bigger bonus or whatever, so they lay people off and just throw more work on the few people in the building.

as a meat-cutter (which is no longer a high paying job, especially in the south) i'm.

getting buggy's
working seafood
breaking down the trucks pallets
working cold-cuts
closing the meat department
stocking the store

and no pay raise for basically becoming a manager overnight, and the workload is fucking massive, seriously physically exhausted every day over a low paying job that I'd thought would be easy.

>be in STEM
>basic bitch classes for my field
>full of muslims already working who need remedial education to do their fucking job
>when I graduate I will be told I don't have experience

They would rather hire unskilled shitskins to do the job and pay them less and say you don't have experience. Vote Trump or we're fucked.

But at least they are not islamophobes, antisemites, racists and misogynists !

>mfw I actually have no skills

>tfw generation x/millenial lack of loyalty toward their employers made in house training a thing of the past
Nobody is going to take the risk of training someone that will jump ship for 50cent an hour.

Your fault. You listened to the school, they don't know how to do anything but raise idiots. You had 12-13 years to have fun and learn on your own. Then 4 paid at college to do whatever but you took an easy way out cause you didn't prepare.

You are never gonna go anywhere without a destination.

Sit the fuck down, alone and have a talk with yourself.

Where the fuck do I want to be?!?!?

How the fuck do I get there?!?!?

What do I need?!?!?

Do it faggot. Make a plan and never come back to this place.

>lack jobs
>illegal immigration
>old people still working because they fucked everything up
>bad parents
>employers don't train employees anymore
>most starting jobs are just mindless tasks
>women in the workforce
>outsourcing jobs
>terrible education system
>families have been destroyed so men don't care to play
>but it's the millennials (especially men) who are at fault

I fucking hate living sometimes.

>Fucking niggers/beaners/pajeets/asians took my job man!

There it is...

You can't. They can't help themselves.

they want free daycare.

Just take 20 minutes to an hour out of your day at least once a take to try and teach yourself a skill, and only 20 minutes to an hour at a time, even if you didn't get anywhere.
Eventually you'll learn something. It's how I (kind of) learned how to juggle in 3 days. I could at least juggle for a minute or two before failing anyways.

>employers don't train employees anymore

Not to mention that workforce offer surpasses demand and they can do everything these days such as paying an engineer minimum wage.

All of my this. We basically send kids to prison for the duration of their childhoods and then kick them out into the streets to fend for themselves. I can't believe how fucked the world has become. In my opinion, Millennials (and gen X) were betrayed and did not bring this hell upon themselves.

at least once a *day

>there are literally people who will go through post secondary education and never (or barely)
>use excel
>use R or any statistical analysis program
>read a scientific paper from a peer reviewed journal

>everything is 10 times more expensive
>have to lick the floor to get simple retail jobs
>tenure and seniority fucking everywhere aka young people first to get fired

Are you suggesting that if all else fails, trading to be a fucking clown is a good backup?

Are trades actually a good career choice n burgerland, or is it a meme?

I have two jobs right now, starting the second as a night supervisor at a college 'll early tomorrow. My first job is glorified burger-flipping at an independently owned convenience store. This is my first job out of college and my first real job at the age of 22, since my parents never forced me to get a job and always sustained me and continue to. I didn't feel it was necessary to get a job in high school because the purpose of a job is to get the money you need to get by or get the things you want to consume. My parents being capable of doing this for our whole family, my laziness was never a massive issue.
Now I go to work flipping burgers, stocking shelves, taking phone orders, and doing twenty other menial tasks that my boss says any regard can perform with a week of training. Three months in, I still have questions about things, partially because my neurotic boss changes his mind about half the procedures in the store once a month. I've never been on this end of a cash register before so that took some getting used to.
Now I look back and I honestly don't think experience would be worth the treatment I get at this shit job. Anyone who can afford not to work shouldn't be forced to. Being insulted on a regular basis in front of customers by a man half your height for not knowing every single procedure in his store after working there part time for a few months is honestly one of the most dehumanizing experiences of my life. Here I am, an educated adult who finished college with a degree in history and philosophy, and apparently I'm an idiot because I don't always do things perfectly. I can understand why I'm a bad employee. I don't give a fuck. Anyone deserves a better work environment than the service industry offers. Especially someone who has been told their entire life that a college degree is a gateway to gainful and satisfying employment.
If you own a business and treat your Millenial employees like shit, they won't want to become better workers.

This guy is not a faggot.

all "you can get a job if you x" are memes.
You have no idea how bad it is until you've tried finding work with no connections.

High quality pepe, may I save it friend?

I love how most of us brought this shit up in middle and high school and the teachers just had to dance around it with "'s important for college."

Not possible. We've more people graduating from college than ever before in history.

these feels oh how I know them..lived them. 10 years the same as you ...working in cold and wet all day back is ruined hands are ruined my mind is ruined MFW I am only 28.

Us millennials will not stop until we meme this planet with no survivors. From the ashes of meme apocalypse a new world of dank memes will be born free of constraint by boomers and gen x with their lack of understanding memes.

Cooked-turd tier bait user, good job.

Someday most of these menial service jobs will be replaced by robots anyway and no one will have to suffer through how shitty they are.

>all "you can get a job if you x" are memes.

The meme in Italy was: "why don't you become an electrician?". As far as I know the only method to get certified was to work under another electrician (and he has to pay a small wage). As a result only the nephews of electricians become electricians.

>You have no idea how bad it is until you've tried finding work with no connections.

I do. I tried asking a friend if his uncle wanted help in his garage shop. Nope, not even for free.

Praise the Lord, for He is good.

The general idea is that you do a services job when you're young to realize how absolutely shit it is and to motivate you to work hard and never go back.
Reference - Ex. kitchen assistant

Worked in retail for the past 10 years and can confirm this experience. Entry level workers today are expected to do and have the work load that middle managers were responsible for about a decade ago.

You're an idiot for getting a degree in history and philosophy, honestly. Then also for being so conceited you think that puts you above more successful people than yourself. Come back when you're more than a convenience store manager/owner and then you can talk shit about your idiotic, manlet boss. Until then, shut the fuck up and accept that you're pond scum like me and all the other people working shitty jobs that they hate (a majority of the working population.)

Nobody needs masses of average and below average people anymore.

Not enough to pay them a living wage anyway.

You need to bring some special talent or skill to the table or you are not looking at a great future.

'Education' is more a way to keep youth occupied and socialized now. There is no need of the vast majority of kids going to university. They just dumb everything down.

Soccer Referee is pretty cozy work. You just have to be in shape and you average around $25 a game.

Did you miss the part where I said I got a job as a supervisor and I'm starting tomorrow? I'm sorry you view yourself as pond scum, I'm sure you're a valuable human being capable of bringing a lot to any table you may sit at.

Italy is more nepotistic than virtually any western nation.

Most northern types don't even want to work with their family.

As much as I hate lazy people and sulking faggots, it is kind of fucked up how our vulnerable youth are fed lies by education. Student loans are where i place most of my anger (SHOULD NOT BE THIS EASY TO GET)

This is obviously a generalization, but I think the biggest reason why people "arent as skilled" is two reasons: time, and the job market overall.
You have to remember the millennials have been taught that they can be what ever they want and be successful with no regard for the job market. No one ever told them they all can't be something. Hence the reason why there's a lot of aspiring musicians, photographers, and artist ect to name a few. Add insult to injury they we all basically told you can never make a decent living without school and that to be happy you need to be a specialist of some kind. Most of these degrees require at least a decade to complete so they will be working crap jobs for a long while. Also millennials haven't had much time adjusting to this new environment. I'd say in 10 years or so things get better

No, it's true. (((They))) just espouse that crap because they want an excuse to hire lower-skilled foreign labor for peanuts.

I don't know if you've been to the Microsoft help forums but they hire a bunch of Pajeet's whose knowledge of computers and Microsoft OS itself is just them telling you, "run it in administrator mode" or them telling you to update your OS.

Stand and Fight. Claw your way up from a shit system. Educate the next generation. Our parents did this to us. Go to a wielding class. There are tons of educational classes out there that are cheap that will teach you a trade.

We need to PUNCH the liberal school system in the face.

>Fortune H1B1 propaganda piece!
>Who could have possibly guessed Fortune would post an article slandering the American worker, and promoting H1B1 Worker programs

yes, blame me for my upbringing
please, mr. boomer, tell me how everything is all my fault
>where do I want to be
not living at my mother's
>how do I get there
>what do I need
a job
oh look, back at square one

see you're really gonna say it's all my fault that I won't be and do middle management work for minimum wage?

The point is to invest in yourself. If you can learn to teach yourself, you'll be more likely to find success is anything that you do.

>Italy is more nepotistic than virtually any western nation.

Yep, and my family is small and without connections. Kill me.

>go to welding class
with what money? I already sank ~$12,000 into grad school and that was with help from my family and federal grants/scholarships.
trade classes aren't nearly as expensive as 4-year degrees, but they are still an investment.

C'mon, we're still young.

I'm 22, JUST now I found out what I want to do for a living for the rest of my life. Should've payed more attention on web development back on high school.

Quit fucking bitching about it.
You should have picked up hard skills along the way. When I went to college I saw that all the degrees were soft skills except for CS. That was my fault for going to a liberal arts college. I got my CS degree and all my friends who got economic degrees and history degrees are "underemployed"

>how are they less skilled? i have an anecdote that contradicts an entire study
you're not helping our case user.

upward mobility in-company is pretty much gone, but the opportunities to change jobs and move up is incredible. with the wealth of resources available online, other 'millennials' can suck my balls and blame themselves for not taking advantage of all that there is. I had deadbeat, loser parents who were poor, cruel and stupid. That kinda awful upbringing makes you hunger for more.

>lazy youth has awesome opportunities, but lack the determination to take advantage of them.

Then they're distracted by social media or other asinine entertainment and have better off parents telling them it's not their fault and it's some evil force. They house and feed their worthless kids and the problem grows like a cancer

It's a perfect storm with plenty of blame to go around.

Wow! I wanna work in US now and take their jobs!

Most adults I work with do not even know how to configure a mail exchange. I work in the IT field that most are saying is getting outsourced. It has not gotten outsourced completely yet.

>grad school
you just can't stop the bleeding eh?
>with what money
You can't find $500 bucks?
or how about becoming an apprentice.

Stop the bleeding, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

keep at it mate.

persistence is key.


>gen y and millenials

Gen Y ARE Millennials.

They only have themselves to blame, I never had a problem getting a job after getting my CS degree. Now that I have close to 10 years in the industry, I can be pretty picky with which company I work for.

>get degree in something worthwhile
>get entry level job in industry you went to school for
>move to next job after gaining some experience
>get raise, better title, more experience
>move to another job, try finding one of the better places to work
>stick around for awhile
>keep resume up to date
>field calls from recruiters

>night supervisor
Wow its fucking nothing. Enjoy your gravy train though.

>Wagecucks being this booty blasted

Yawnnn. Tick tock wagies! Less than 24 hours before you have to get back to work.

Me? I have the day off for the next 80 years. I'll probably sleep in tommorow, and then finish writing my essay on the benefits of being a NEET before going to starbucks to meet up with this hot college girl I met on snapchat.

Anyhow Wagies. Toodles.

>welding meme

That's what happens when you make a student's entire academic life about taking tests. There should be an abstract math, science, history, civics, and literary foundation, but by the time you hit high school, your talents should be appraised and the future of your education should be decided, along with major players in the industry that will likely hire you. That way you can show up and do your job day one.

As cucked as Germany is, they have this down. In this respect we should all copy them.

For a change of perspective ; I wanted to go into the hospitality business by my own desire, not flipping burgers, and got a bachelors degree in hospitality with practical education as cook/pastry chef.

Now I am overqualified and the other jobs that would take me are full of lowlifes working for minimum wage, which is what I would earn too.

At the unemployment agency they will not let me apply for jobs out of my field of specialization, which I obviously despise now.

Since I quit my last job I am not entitled to touch the dole.

Fun fact I quit because my former employer was a cunt to the highest degree and took all motivation I ever had to work for anybody in this field again.

Our lives, such a waste.

Shots are constantly fired in Mexico

get rid of liberalism.

>be a millenial
>have two consecutive bachelors in chemistry and biochemistry
>went to medschool for MD
>decided against the clinical rout and am now going back for my MD PHD
>basically be the most educated person on pol
>see these threads all the time

>Wielding Class

No ones going to pay you to wield a sword user.

Wait so we went from non stop praise throughout the years about how they are the most educated gen and now they are the worst? I'll tell you whose at fault here it's the media again. I can't tell you how many self centered selfish hipster millennial losers were created by that constant praise who were so full of themselves thinking they were God's gift to the world.

Have sex

Meh, if you are really good at something it will show even when you are young and have no experience. It's like a spark and a smart employer will recognize that. I'm 29 and from what I see looking at recent interns most of the guys and girls in their late teens or early 20s are little entitled shits. No spark, no will to work their asses off and LOTS of demands.
I know I'm already starting to sound like my grandpa but 10 years ago things were not like this.
Personally I thank Obongo and the leftist wave that has spread across the western world in his wake.
Joke's on them tho, the world will most likely belong to us and not them.

yes, it's just me feeling sorry for myself
it's not the fact that I've sent out my resume 100 times in the past month and haven't received so much as a peep from employers
it's not the fact that I'm continuously harassed by my family for being a lazy good-for-nothing despite proving to them that I'm actively looking for a job
it's not the fact that I'm continuously harassed by my family for not "doing a good enough job" on my resume which literally just has my college degree and one office job where all I did was correct information
it's not the fact that I can't get a job capable of getting me out of my mom's house because they want you to have 5 years of experience with software that's 2 years old
it's not the fact that I can't get an entry-level job and "pull myself up by my bootstraps" because my lousy degree makes me overqualified
it's not the fact that trade classes are way fucking more than $500 a pop, and it's more like ~$5,000 when you factor in the whole program (classes, administrative fees, books, equipment I'll have to buy myself)
I'm just a little bitchboy
got it

you're using the exact same thought process that you've most likely been using for your entire life, forced on you at a young age to get you to shut up sit down and not cause a fuss

mate you're a grown ass man now, you're not going to be arrested if you leave the house and there are no artificially enforced consequences for leaving home, getting a job, meeting new people, etc.

in order to get you to shut up this worldview was forced onto you, and now because you haven't learned to let it go you're looking at everything from the perspective of a fucking 13 year old.

"i can't leave home because i don't have money" - this is bullshit. it's not that you can't leave home, i left home at 18 with nothing but two sets of clothes and a 20 dollar bus ticket. it's that you don't want to leave home because every time you've had that thought prior to being an adult it's been stamped out with "you can't leave home now shut up and eat your beans" or some shit.

you are a free man. they can't do shit to stop you. as long as you can secure food, water and safety (easy as fuck) you can live, and you can always pull yourself out of a bad situation. believing otherwise is deluding yourself.

"i need a job"
yes, and you can get one. everyone wants a laborer, if that wasn't the case we'd have bigger problems than high debt and illegals. the problem is that you don't want to get a job because of, again, the worldview you have. you need to change your worldview.

unless you change that, you're going to be doing the exact same shit, and you're going to get the exact same results. only you can change, blaming anyone else is retarded.

do you have any idea how easy is to start your thing? learn how to use wordpress and build websites for idiots and take on tons more. get better at wordpress and raise your prices. there are millions of fucking things you can do without working for someone else.

The problem is that parents and families need to either fully support their kids but also not be afraid to tell them not to be fucking wasters and give them a job to do whether they like it or not OR they need to be hands off and force their kids to fend for themselves earlier.

What we have now is generally is somewhere in the middle that creates kids that are the worst of both worlds.

>allow Jews to design education system
>children emerge poorly educated
>must be something inherent...something genetic...fucking awful goys...

>have a listless/circuitous route and still not being satisfied with education
>"basically be the most educated person on pol"

I make 85,000 a year welding barges. Its a lot of work but its good money.

It doesn't apply to me at all. All of my friends are rednecks.

There are very few skills you can't learn through the internet, and public libraries.

If you can't cook, fix basic car problems, apply first aid, garden, make a fence, build a coffee table, then thats really only your own fault.

Millennials are fucked just for the fact that they're the "in between" generation.

You see, soon there will be no such a thing as job market. This wage culture is about to end, millennials are the ones telling them to fuck off.

There are many millennials doing freelance.

I'm 32, an older millennial, and I see this all the time. Part of this is the millennials' fault for not adapting to new market pressures, but the real problem is that boomers refuse to retire and now even "entry" level positions require 2-5 years of experience. Companies don't want to take a chance on anyone anymore and train them. They only want to hire senior level people and pay them entry level salaries. This is a big reason companies are so quick to say how terrible millennials are. It plays into the narrative that we need more foreign (read: cheap) workers.

Millenials are unskilled because they don't have the drive to attain those skills. Myself, I realize how useless I am, and I joined the Marine Corps on an electronics maintenance contract to learn valuable skills.

Let me give you some advice confidence and not being a NEET goes a long way. I am a computer programmer but I honestly suck at it but I am outspoken, funny and confident so I keep getting praise and raises and new responsibilities. Just last week I led a meeting on a topic i new nothing about and got shit wrong but due to me selling it like I knew what the fuck I was talking about I got praise. I feel if I was an anti social quiet NEET things would be different.

You do realize it's possible to have a college degree and be unskilled, right?

Why should I toil, when I can live a luxurious NEET life. The Government pays for almost all of my expenses. The rest I get from charitable donations. Being a NEET is like being a holy man. A monk of sorts. I am closer to achieving NEET perfection each and every day.

Why would I muddy my NEET mind with the Jewish Money religion called business, and self employment?

I do not worship the Jewish system, nor the Jewish System of control (IE the monetary system).

As a NEET I am free from these influences, and while enjoying my subway each morning, I am able to spread my NEET enlightenment to all, free of charge.


leave it to a shitposting aussie, could of at least brought some bantz
>leave home with nothing but your shirt on your back!
and do what? live on the streets? cost of living has skyrocketed everywhere in the USA except for blighted areas where no one wants to live and nigs/white trash/spics/insert your preferred poor ethnic group will rob homeless people for a few quarters.

saying that you can't leave home because you don't have any money is a legitimate problem because you need money to not starve and live on the street. saying that I'm being a little bitch because I don't want to live on the street is kind of a retarded statement.

>everyone wants a laborer
I have applied to several laborer positions and received either no response, or the offer to work a 4-hour shift for one month only at minimum wage.
how am I supposed to pull myself up by my bootstraps for one month of work at minimum wage and 1/2 of part time hours?

borderline personality disorder

We don't. We let them check out of life because they have no skills and we should just improve on ourselves

>get degree in something worthwhile
>get entry level job

This is overly optimistic. Having a degree and doing well in school doesn't mean much anymore. If someone wants to get a job they really should be putting in more work while in school with internships or something that can make them stand out. People only look down on younger people because they don't understand that the standards have gone up a lot withing the last decade. millennials are certainly more skilled than the boomers that only needed to be able to shake someone's hand to get a job.


My advice to young people is to get exceptionally good at teaching yourself.

Don’t be like the others who quit the moment it gets remotely hard. Check you ego at the door and fight through the plateaus.

If you are in school, don’t just focus on grades and actually ensure you are learning/retaining.

Forget any special snowflake indoctrination you might have received. Give this intense analysis to understand how it might be affecting your psyche.

Expect no reward/fanfare other than your own internal judgement.

Remember that most teachers/profs have no concept of what it takes to be successful outside of the education system.

And get on it ASAP as it becomes harder to change your ways as you get older.

>Take literacy, for instance. American Millennials scored lower than their counterparts in every country that participated except Spain and Italy

Spaniards and Italians can't read?

Millennials are turbo-lazy.

I see them being overtaken by the next generation very soon and a lot of them will be crying and whining until their parents die and the sheriff finally removes them with a fire hose from their parents house.

meh, do your thing man. growing skillset and meeting interesting people while traveling is such a great way to live life. but then again that's my thought for mine. if you're happy, then that's good too. i'm just glad you've found your way as I have mine

You don't. We will outnumber you.

I get really bitter thinking about it. If my parents had given half a shit about me they could have told me useful life advice, helped me get a first job, set me up for success. Instead they were too busy doing drugs. Not even a nigger btw. The school was pretty much a daycare or like you said a prison. Just a waste of my fucking time. If I think about it too much I get homicidal thoughts, so I try to just carry on. Feels bad knowing chad and stacy had their parents give them a helping hand, get a job at 16, and get better and better jobs over time, and gave them life advice and taught them useful skills. I may as well be a kid raised by wolves dumped onto the streets. I've done well given the circumstances, but if only I had decent education and advisement I could have been making six figs by now.

Mass immigration propaganda

Hahahah. My neighbor used to preach this same shit to me years ago while I toiled.

He never left his parent's house, killed himself.

>Self taugth full stack Java/js dev
>Working at an International company in one of the largest polish cities
>Making mad dosh(90k), still live with parents
>Help them out, so we all live comfortably
>They're grateful, I'm grateful they let me skip school to play wow and program

Life's good, just do shit your way and fuck everybody else

I'm sure I could do most of those things if I had to using the Internet but I struggle to see being able to Google things and follow basic instructions as a marketable skill.

>Wow so 12 years of gubment education was literally for nothing?

It is now that Jews and liberals completely run the system. All male teachers have been removed from grade school level education due to muh feminism, and the only males left in higher education that aren't kikes were tenured before the purge and just haven't retired yet.

The libs need a desperate, ignorant, dependant on them for handouts population that will ignore all of their crimes, all of their lies, as long as they are promised gibs. Libs have destroyed generations of your youth to give rise to more niggers, all because niggers vote solid-ticket Democrat.

You're not too far off the mark. If you want to get a good job as a young lad you need to do a few things;

>get an education
>get connections with people within the industry while studying
>become unusually good at a skill within the industry

People these days are all over the place, unfocused. If you abandon pretty much everything in life these days - internet, television, hobbies, distractions - you can properly master a huge majority of tasks in the space of six or seven weeks.

Problem is everyone is always getting a little taste of everything - your casually dating, watching six-seven-eight movies a week, you've gotta a moderate addiction to internet porn, you don't sleep that well, you're studying one thing but also thinking you'd probably be pretty good at a couple of other things so you're keeping an eye out on opportunities elsewhere.

You've got to obsess over specific success and you'll be fine. I'm 22 years old and I'm an industry award winner within my field of work because I'm willing to focus on one thing at a time.

Yeah, it's nothing, but it's something.

>He killed himself

When will you stop believing the lies of the police, and medical examiner. They are wagies. Of course they would lie about how the international Elite murdered a peaceful NEET for spreading the truth.

NEETs belong to the most persecuted religious group in the world.

Orthodox Jews are constantly slandering us, and mudering prominent members of Neetdom. We promote a NEET lifestyle for all. The Ultra Orthodox Jews require a slave class of goyim .

Your friend was likely murdered by Mossad.

>I joined the Marine Corps
Opinion discarded.

Skills learnt in the military are often of very little value in the civilian sector. They don't tell you that but it's the reality of it.

Probably because there's so many shitskins contributing to these "western" stats now.

>10 cents have been deposited in your account.

Pic related

You're doing everything correctly. If you can set aside your ego. Start working with some of the more notable studios in your region. If you're skilled enough, you might even get offered an exchange from a college program. Which means funding (though possibly under the table can be significant) and free labor from students.

>in Poland

Is that even possibile?

>one post by this id
>no archive

This is a shill thread, possibly for Fuck those kikes.

>be younger than older people
>be less skilled because they're younger.

Might as well suck dick for 25 a pop

He's the 1%

Middle management faggot

It was compared to people in their age group of other countries

>Problem is everyone is always getting a little taste of everything
Definitely a problem. One I know all too well. I really wish I'd just focused on something but instead I got lost in my wispy thoughts and became a useless dabbler. I now have no confidence in my ability to do anything.

Don't be so quick to dismiss military experience.

It doesn't have much immediate connection with civilian life but guess what - there's a lot more to life beyond the civilian sphere.






Are you going into the cannabis industry? Can't see why else someone would get this degree

>i... i.... don't know how to function in the real world
>better head back to school!
>most educated

you're retarded

>h-hey g-guys, remember the 80's? haha
>how bout those millennials, huh?
>aren't they awful? haha
>we're so much better than them haha, right?
>remember when we used to like go outside and stuff, they don't even go outside hahahaha
>all they do is sit on their phones and stuff heheh
>we only use technology to shitpost on Cred Forums and stalk girls on Facebook so we're better than those millennials
>aren't we so much better? hahahaha

If you're after some genuine advice;

Get yourself a personal study area. Nothing but a desk and two chairs. Get yourself as many whiteboards as you possible can afford or have room for, at a minimum you need two. Label one short term goals and the other long term goals.

It's self-explanatory but write down what you want in the long term on one board and then all the little things you need to get there on the short term side.

Don't eat or sleep or do anything else in this room. Think about it like a war room, a concept of operations den, something the army would use to plan an invasion. It's for business and for focus.

Having a set up like this had made achieving goals a lot easier for myself.

Thanks boomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least we got lots of sex and fun while growing up. OH WAIT I DIDNT IM A 25yo virgin LOL. My existence is a joke but at least drugs like weed are legal here. OH WAIT THEY ARENT LOL. Well at least its easy to get a job. OH WAIT IT ISNT LOLOLOLOLOL. Jesus im going insane

The same job in italy pays 30k a year, before taxes. 90k seems outrageous.

Pretty much. I learned more from wikipedia and my electives over the course of high school than I did from the "important" classes

Joining the military of a failing state that hates you for wanting to save it isn't admirable.

thats how I feel too ....why get shot at and go through all the suffering so the government/people can give it away to shit skins and people that hate everything I value.

calm down sven

This isn't about kids and (most) teens. This is about millennials. People born at or after 2000, so ages 1-16. Are a completely different group.

Roughly ages 17-34, the "prime" working years are millennials.

Hell, you're probably a millennial and don't realize it.

Also, Gen X has a significant contribution to the state of Gen Y, not just Boomers. Generations are born from the previous unless the parents were mid-to-late 30s when they had kids.

was about to say exactly this

Drama queen detected.

No but military structure is a universally relevant masculine code of life.

>People born at or after 2000
That's not what millennials are, that's Gen Z.

disregard I misread

The only thing that makes me human is my level of fitness.

I'm not shocked at all, and the boomers/gen x are equally to blame.

They're the ones who started the whole "everyone gets a trophy" culture, and now we're seeing the end result.

Euros. I'm taking PLN.

underrated post

>Mfw I literally got my first job by walking into my department chair's office, shaking his hand, looking him square in the eye and telling him that I wanted an internship.
>Got an interview the next week and an offer the next month

Boomers were right

>why go through all the suffering

Because military service offers up a truly masculine code of internal conduct which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

It's amazing how many people spend their whole lives in search of meaning when all they really needed was to start getting up at 05:00, showing respect to those in positions of authority and living a life with purpose and structure.

>Hello, everyone! I hate millennials! I swear I'm not one! I was born in 1976 and browse an anime imageboard!

I'm gen y, actually

90k slotzy, 20k usd, the 1% in Poland.

>1 Zloty Polacco =
0,232039792 Euro

That's more reasonable

I live in a one room apartment so this might be difficult.

I tend to have short periods where I realize I'm wasting my life and am highly motivated to change but I can't seem to channel that energy very effectively. I get a few things done and then start to feel overwhelmed by it all again.

I have tried writing lists before but I don't write them with much commitment, just on some paper scrap I inevitably gave up on. Part of the problem is I feel like the more I complete the closer I get to having to deal with the bigger issues that are causing me the most stress so I do nothing at all to avoid reaching them.

I might take part of your advice and properly commit to goals via a board of some sort... it might help. I'm almost willing to try anything to get out of this hole now. I'm very close to cutting off my arm with the dull pocket knife.

>What percentage of "American" youth is actually Mexican now?

Like half of all millennials are Mexican or other South American flavor.

>I was born in 1976
user I think you're forgetting that it's not 2006 anymore, people born in 1986 are 30 now

Interesting, we're also the most highly educated. 33% of us hold a bachelor's degree.

Which one is true?

>Country where blacks and hispanics are about to outbreed whites
>Minorities getting preferential treatment for high education
>New generation is mysteriously dumb as shit and can't do anything right
pure coincidence

>be the parent of the next generation
>be the educator of the next generation
>be the employer of the next generation
gee, maybe you're not looking at the problem?
I'm not saying millenials are blameless, but you can't expect a dog to know not to shit on carpet when it has never been taught not to

>33% hold a basic tier degree in liberal arts
I'm the pretty sure fortune is right on this one

is it any wonder that all the boys want to be girls

>Replace all education with "hurf durf you're all evil"

Both. A lot of worthless degrees being handed out. Maybe 18 year olds should know what a worthless degree is but the universities aren't putting warning labels on these programs.

Additionally, all of those degrees only further reduce the value of each individual degree. That's just supply and demand.

How many of those are in useless fields like liberal arts?

>live on the streets or you're a little bitch
how fucking dense are you

>push the you need degree to get job meme
>give people loans no matter what they're going to study or whether they're actually qualified because the economy MUST, KEEP, GROWING! and the rest of the population is already shackled by debt
>people that shouldn't be in uni in first place pick easy degrees because those are the ones they won't fail
>easy degrees also happen to be useless
>why are these people so retarded?

Good luck mate beyond everything else know this - I'm wishing you luck and good will. Your heart is obviously in the right place and I'm positive you have what it takes to make it.

If you've only got a one room apartment considering separating the room into two halves via a curtain or a bedsheet.

I really urge you to get a couple of boards going. It makes a massive different being able to stare these goals in the eye every day.

When you keep it in your head the ideas morph and change and after a week we forget what we were ever chasing after - even though spiritually that desire never changed.

Once upon a time my life was on track and everything was running perfectly thanks to this system. Then I got hit with a tidal wave of disaster, both external and internal and slipped into a massive pit of depression.

In order to combat this crisis I wiped all of my studies and boards and pursuits blank and tried to start again, to get everything going again. The boards ended up staying blank and I remained hopelessly depressed.

The depression only finally started slipping away when I sat down and got those goals back up on those boards and began ticking objectives off once again.

And now I'm back on top, thank God.

You're from Denmark, what the fuck do you care if americans are unskilled? Unskilled, stupid americans have always been a running joke in europe.

>boomers refuse to retire and now even "entry" level positions require 2-5 years of experience.
>only want to hire senior level people and pay them entry level salaries.

>Boomers own all the property & set the rents
>Boomers own all the companies & set the wages
>Boomers blame millennials for not being able to buy more stuff after paying rent
Also, most internships I've seen are basically a dowry system. Your parents/you can either afford to feed you and pay your rent while a company gets your labor, and 'thinks about' giving you a real job.

I work in media research. I was born in 1981, so just barely a millennial. It is amazing how fucking some of these kids now graduating really are. They don't know any math, they literally can't find a percentage. They can't read a fucking bar graph. And these are most white women who have graduated from prestigious schools in the US -- DC, NY, CA, etc. It is fucking crazy, and I would never have believed it until I saw it.

Not a popular opinion on Cred Forums as personal responsibility is so big here; but kids are being duped to go to college and being told they'll make a million dollars more than with just a diploma. Once they sign the loan papers, they're fucked.

Blame them if you want but this is pure kikery.

Yes, you are just feeling sorry for yourself. Lie and embellish that resume, ignore your dumb family, find a way to save if you're stuck at home. Lazy fuck.

Idgt with engineers too. They're really smart people but after they hit a certain age they just refuse to learn anything knew. I interned at a place where one of the senior engineers entered hundreds of lines of data into an excel spreadsheet. I wrote a Python script to automate it and literally save him 30 min every time he had to do that. He'd been doing it manually for the last 10 years.

>I'd say this time boomers once again avoid their responsibility and blame all on their kids
My Dad isn't a boomer but he sure blames me for everything wrong with me while I was a kid.

I hope I don't do the same thing to my son.

I mean everybody qho takes part is to blame, but young people are stupid, that's widely known and when you have a system that encourages stupid decisions you either need to guide them or change the system and too many older people are avoiding any kind of responsibility in regards of younger people and younger people are just dumb.

>we weren't allowed to use black, we had to write african americans or the likes
this is the thing that bothers me the most
why waste all that time on superfluous syllables?

>They wanted you at a desk, taking notes all day.
Pretty sure you can past these tests if you actually do that. Its "no one is left behind" practice and handling diplomas to illiterate people as result shows.

Our school curriculum now teaches more than ever.
Everyone is starting to focus more on STEM.
Basic skills like driving might be lacking but that isn't a big issue.
People who say shit like thise...

Thanks user, I'll do my best; there's not much else left.

Hope you manage to keep it all at bay yourself, good luck mate.


>How do we stop the millennials?
thats an american problem and pray to god it stays that way
of course I say that knowing it wont

>Everyone is starting to focus more on STEM.

Wasn't there an issue a while back where there were just too many lawyers because everyone thought it was the golden ticket, so their expected wages plummeted?

This is because American companies don't train their employees. At least in blue collar settings

>yes, it's just me feeling sorry for myself

Yeah it is, faggot. I fell for the STEM meme. I couldn't find a job so I started teaching after school STEM classes for pennies on the dollar. I built up my lessons and now I am in 3 counties and I have more work than I can hire for.

Stop being a faggot and learn a skill.

>thats an american problem
Said Germanistic student on HARTZ IV that did Alternativdienst

You guys have much deeper rooted problems than millennials

Why do they blame millennials?
It's not like we are in power yet and it's already fucked up, also if we are the least skilled they must be the least skilled teachers.

you deserved it
stupid cunt

this is the problem, millennials like you just bitch and moan about the system but do nothing because "it's their fault!"

>work as security guard
>assigned shift as loss prevention at retail store
>watch workers run around like crazy
>meanwhile all I have to do is walk around and look scary while getting paid as much or more than them

What's the matter, capitalism not working in your favor?
And I thought US unis which you 100k per year are best in the world?

Oh, wow, those tests...

Numeracy – Sample Item 2

This sample item focuses on the following aspects of the numeracy construct:

Content Dimension and shape
Process Act upon, use (estimate)
Context Every day or Work

This item is a Level 3 item on a five-level scale1 with Level 1 being the easiest items and Level 5 being the hardest. Respondents are asked to type in a numerical response based on the graphic provided.

This is "level 3"?
This is something you teach at kindergarden!


Woah what's the backstory there?

Isn't it a little soon to write them off? The oldest millennial isn't even 30 yet.

They'll soon realise they can't do fuck all for the rest of their life and get their arses into gear. They'll be the late bloomer generation.

This is stupid. Of course the people who have just started to enter the workforce are unskilled.

We could have posted the same article 40 years ago about boomers.

Sorry if it seemed like I had an ego, that was not my intent. I'm actually the kind of person who gets uncomfortable talking about the things I've done and normally I'll keep it to myself.
But already way ahead of you. I've been networking with all the local studios and artists. I know that I won't become anything unless I pay my dues, and that's exactly what I'm doing. My professor owns a studio and I've been volunteering my time/basically interning with him.
Aside from that I've been reaching out to small local bands and offering my services for free to both help them out and get my name out into the open. I've recently started to have people reach out to me and I'm finally starting to see some cash as a result, so I'm definitely seeing results of my work. It's not much, but it's a start, and because I'm working with different styles of music it's giving me great learning opportunities. Not only am I building a resume but my portfolio is getting very diverse. My own music is mostly electronic but I've worked with jazz, rap, rock, metal, and even a few string ensembles and it's put me in positions where I have to approach different problems in ways that I would never have if I focused solely only my own music. I'm optimistic about the future, definitely.

I'm gonna ride this fucking snake to Valhalla, yo

The oldest millennial is 35 years old, user

>Our school curriculum now teaches more than ever.
Another problem. They keep adding hours, new classes and years of education and yet... half of the students could barely read and know no math at all. Total delusion of the system.

>be millenial
>have no experience
>get fucked by the system
>in order to change the system you need to be in position which requires experience
yeah just stop bitching

ban meme degrees
>>never taught how to cook, fix anything, do taxes, get insurance, or any real-life skill
also this
knowing how plants process sunlight or how some medieval king ruled a country that doesn't exist anymore is nice and all but knowing legalese is way more useful.

Then go get experience, or get a degree that people will actually hire for. Yeah you got fucked but no amount of blaming the fuckers is going to unfuck you

Millennial here

>Dropped out of college 5 years ago
>Worked a string of terrible jobs
>Minor success with small business operations and freelancing

I decided to go to trade school, thanks in part to seeing some strong evidence on Cred Forums back in January.

Now I'm getting CNC certs at a community college. There is a strong demand for machinists in my area and the jobs pay well.

>mfw shitposting at work because that's all there is to do besides look at nothing

How is Law now? I thought about going back and studying for it since I feel like the skills you learn I could easily sell as applicable to a great deal of different positions outside of the field if necessary, or desired. My Step-Sister did just that actually.

I've been carrying an albatross round my neck ever since dropping out the first time and I think I have to absolve myself or I'll be carrying it forever.

>Be you
>spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on school
>Still don't understand that the exception is not the rule

>ban meme degrees

This is the red-pill solution. You simply can't trust an 18 year old to make a decision that has the potential to seriously fuck up their life. We don't allow them to make similar fucked up decisions. Consider:

An 18 year old would be refused a 50k loan for a new business, yet they'll hand out a loan that cannot be defaulted on for them to get a gender studies degree?

Ban the meme degrees. Get skilled or GTFO.

>trained since day 1 of school to pass tests and write essays
>never taught how to cook, fix anything, do taxes, get insurance, or any real-life skill
They taught you. You didn't pay attention like a dumbass you are. How fucking stupid are you to not be able to learn that fire cooked shit. History class taught you niggers from prehistory used fire to cook shit. And you can't pick that up? Didn't learn fractions from algebra? Or compound interest formulas? Get insurance? Seriously you need a class to walk into allstate?

You're to blame not the teachers.

Trying to do that, I'm working as outside consultant for ESET and trying to encourage them to hire fresh graduates over skilled guys but it's still a pain.

They don't have blacks in any of the other countries. So they score higher.

non union obviously.
I do feel for you bro.

That's because our schools and collages don't prepare you for the real world. They are indoctrination centers for left wing agendas. Designed to farm more votes.

>I'll probably sleep in tommorow, and then finish writing my essay on the benefits of being a NEET before going to starbucks to meet up with this hot college girl I met on snapchat.

See until my mid-20's I was like you. But I have news for you, at around that point being a NEET becomes a serious barrier to meeting those cuties. Bullshitting about being a freelance artist might work on the 18-23's when you're under 25, but after that no one wants your useless NEET arse.

statistically you are more likely to make more than if you just have a high school diploma
the problem is they don't tell them that it's not a guarantee and you have to do something actually marketable

I seriously doubt you're the most educated person here. This place has just as many perpetual students as it does NEETs, and you're not really much better than them.


>suppress social mobility
>load the next generation with debt
>import cultures that hate us
>wonder why motivation and achievement has declined

Its a mystery.

I'm 24, and I've been dying to break into this exact field, but with more of a focus on video game soundtracks. How did you go about submitting anything to a label?

no. Americans have the deepest problems, and for the longest time too.
add to that that the only reason these problems will come here because we lost ww2 vs you guessed it - the americans.

This says more about our education (it's shit) and the priorities parents give their children (go to post-secondary school; get a job; its the only way!).

It also says a lot about how uninvolved parents are. Faggots like complaining that they were never taught life-skills in school. Those things should be taught by your parents, just like sex-ed. Your parents failed you because they were taught to rely on the government. I didn't learn how to cook until I got a job in a kitchen. I didn't learn how to do tax returns until I worked as an accounting clerk. I teach myself basic woodworking by building shitty furniture. I read books to learn about history, philosophy, and also for catharsis (great literature).

The government has gotten too involved in education, and it's desire to spit out carbon copies with the same strengths and weaknesses. Once I have kids I will seriously be considering homeschooling them.

It's a dumbpill solution. Bans, i.e. more government involvement, never works. The real solution is to get the government OUT of the educational system. Without subsidies post-secondary costs will plummet to remain competitive in a super-saturated market. If the government pulled out people would think twice about their degree in english lit. There is nothing wrong with english-lit, but it should be the most passionate students studying it, willing to spend their money, or have earned scholarships through their academic performance. Because those people WILL make their degrees work for them, regardless of meme-status.

Let's all posts on 4chins instead of trying to get an internship

You can blame most of these issuse on one thing NAFTA.
Perot was right


Teacher here
>Teach financial math
>70% of my class can't even figure out decimals and rounding
>Get to FICA taxes
>They can't even multiply or divide. A few can't even line up decimals to add

I'm trying anons, but some of you people care more about football and parties than trying to learn useful skills.

Works both ways when your employers actively fuck you

you cant stop me
>if i work i get 100 € more than when I do nothing

Well I'm submitting my own music to labels because I'm trying to become an artist full time, if you're going for film and game scoring then it's a totally different industry.
I'd recommend doing your own scores to different games, start building a portfolio that shows your skills.
There are shitloads of indie game devs that would definitely give you a shot of you offer your services for free.
Find a clip of a game you like and replace the music with your own. As an exercise I once replaced all the audio on a trailer for the watchmen. Even if you're aiming for game music, showing that you can create your own score to any sort of media will be a great way to let a game dev see your potential

Go into trades, that's what I'm doing now. Got a useless university degree but now I'm studying something that might actually get me money. My brother graduated just last year and now owns his own house.

>least skilled
>all education is paid for by the state (high school) or subsidized (university)

I-I thought throwing tax payer's money at the problem would fix it!?!

Except it's literally true. All of the coders at my work are H1B poos

We're fucked. Atleast, the majority of us are.

Born In 98, been lurking for years. My high school was fucking cancer, no one did any work outside of the few who knew they were gonna make it to a good Uni, and even then some of those opted for community college because they fucked up. Didn't help that the majority of the white kids fell into a drugs or alcohol addiction due to the majority of kids attending being niggers or some other minority, mostly Mexican.

Give it 5 years tops, once everyone my age has gotten out of college I think we'll see how truly fucked this generation is.


To be fair they aren't really displacing workers though. Driving down wages, sure, but not keeping people out. Only Comp sci grads who can't get jobs are ones with literally no personal projects.

Unskilled workers are far more harmful to the NEETs.

Children are idiots for trusting their parents, educators, and care-takers. Their elders.

There's some hope lad. Born in 96, and was in college during the Brexit vote - never saw anyone openly saying Leave should win bar one lad in the first year who wore it once, and never again.

The day of the results will be etched into my mind forever as a day of great memes. So much butthurt, not enough time to bask in its glory.

Kek chooses his worshippers well.


>or how about becoming an apprentice.

A few years ago I tried to join the plumbers and pipefitters union in my area. It was very stiff and tough competition. I made it to the interview but didn't get chosen. They had like, 5 openings and more than a hundred applicants. Only a few even made it to the interview.

Not sure who they chose, but I attended a few weeks of an optional free class they offered and the teacher said they would probably choose people who already had some experience. I had none.

The one thing millennials are good at is changing the meanings of words to get their way. Too bad this is also a way to avoid reality.

College gets a lot better, weeds out a lot of the degenerates. A lot of people have gotten their act together too. Most people in that age group are just in general a mess which explains the drug use and general stupidity like people dropping out

Cred Forums might have a pretty significant base of educated people, I'm a pharmacist and have an honorary degree in quantum shit posting

>boomers nuke the world economy
>boomers refuse to retire and allow upward mobility
>boomers demanding unpaid internships and college degrees before considering hiring
>boomers can't stop sending western powers into war
>boomers continue to pile up our debt and won't be able to pay it in their lifetimes
Boomers consumed generations worth of accumulated wealth in less than a single lifetime and are probably the most poorly educated generations currently.

You'd think that a proportional amount of these degrees would be so called "useful" degrees.

ie 10 people out of 100 get a stem degree.
If 200 people instead get a degree, then something like 20 people get a stem degree.

Maybe the public isn't capable of achieving that though.

Older crotchety Boomer here (45yo) - These Mill kids grew up on the INTERNETS. A place where 65% of what is presented on there is NOT REAL but exists only in a fantasy world of virtual reality!! - Is it any wonder then that these damm steekin kids have trouble changing a goddammed light bulb??

>Born In 98, been lurking for years
how the fuck old am i


You guys are making me scared to graduate and get a real job..


Okay, shitlord.

>tfw born in 1990
>kids born in 98 can post without being underageb&

if you're stem, just be willing to move. The meme about there not being any jobs is only true if you want to work in some bubble city.

Only US millennials falling in skills. Funny isn't it?

Part of the reason kids choose arts degrees over stem is because they're way fucking easier to get (i.e. they're lazy), the average arts degree only had about half the contact hours of the average stem degree and since tertiary education is being pushed so hard so that nearly everyone does it, a lot of kids are just treating it like an extension of highschool.

>make close to 50k a year
>military expierence got me a civilian license to practice medical science
Yeah try again achmed

You sound like you just came from reddit