Rachel Maddow: "Pepe The Frog Is Racist" on MSNBC

Rachel Maddow: "Pepe The Frog Is Racist" on MSNBC


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I wanna see them show these kind of pepes on live tv.

Never in a million lifetimes would I ever have thought that Pepe would be featured on mainstream media, especially as an influential aspect of the presidential election.

I mean , Jesus Fucking Christ, major news networks devoting time to a cartoon frog, associating it with a pro-nazi, white supremacist rhetoric? Holy shitballs.

>[..] the 'Alt-Right.'
Can we find this guy


I know. There's nary a frog anus to be seen.

I'm not giving you views, msnbc. Get ratings by way of legitimate journalism.

>internet cartoon frog causes rationality and credibility of media and clinton campaign to disappear seemingly overnight

we might be onto something with this meme magic shit.

tv is nothing but a joke now

I wonder if they gave Rachel a few extra bucks to do this Pepe story. She can't be this stupid to believe its actually newsworthy


she seems pretty into it. She's definitely indoctrinated. Kek wills it.

Holy shit. I use various news sources but NEVER watch msnbc. Is this what it is actually like? I dont like alex jones but she writes him off as a conspiracy theorist while shes grasping at straws and making connections that arent there. Holy fuck i cant believe people actually watch this shit

Holy shit, that cartoon NAILED it!

I have to slap myself every day, just to clarify that I'm not in some fucked up dream world.

How did this happen?! Seriously just think about it for a minute.

A fucking cartoon frog image is being shown across the world, as a racist symbol of nazi right wingers.

It is actually having influence on the presidential election of the United States....

>Never in a million lifetimes would I ever have thought that Pepe would be featured on mainstream media, especially as an influential aspect of the presidential election.

Embrace it.

remember when this meme was called "sad frog"?

Here's just the logo if you wanna have fun with it.

Enjoy World Famous Meme™ "Pepe" responsibly.

Yeah because that's relevant. Retard.

You guys find this funny? I don't fucking find this funny.

Even if we assume that Maddow is a paid shill and doesn't actually believe what she's saying, there's still enough retards out there, willing to consume that bullshit story in order to make a profitable news show.

That's fucking scary. That level of retardedness exists in our society.

I really like how they put no fucking effort in investigating and just went with "hurr durr white supremacy cartoon" "what is a 'MEME'?" "who are these Alt-Right neonazi's?"


that entire video was cringe. Maddow is cringe, and especially this faggot Spencer is cringe.
>hehe i said 'dank memes' in a speech
what a fucking joke, fucking larpers and normies appropriating my fucking culture GOD DAMMIT

reminder rachel maddow is a rhodes scholar, now reduced to poorly analyzing pepe memes on a dying cable network

People are seriously going to wonder why a frog is getting more attention than all these bombings


when were you when peep forg dies

I was sat at home drinking crab fluid when chair ring

Man, she's just so annoying to watch and listen to.

Like 'that annoying teacher's pet girl' from a sitcom or something.

Do adult lefties actually gather around the TV to watch Rachel Maddow?


This has to be a joke, we're being pranked I swear to god what is wrong with people

Kek does indeed will it.
You expected someone on fucking MSNBC to be free of Alinksy taint?

this might be my single favourite image of the last year

this election cycle is peak humour

>reminder rachel maddow is a rhodes scholar.
That just makes it even better.

holy shit david duke is based


The numbers don't lie. Kek wills it.

Maddow outed herself with that cringe tier softball interview with hillary clinton where she looked like an 8 year old boy realizing his first crush. I know people who like her, but even for leftist media i find her tone and style overtly condescending at times. i do think she is smart, though,

I love how the predicted timeline was broken, in the most glorious unexpected way.
Truly we live in the most blessed timelines, SHADILAY.


So who's the faggot in the second clip she shows?


i know its real but i still have the hardest time believing this is legitimately his twitter


my vote will go for Duke without a doubt.



nice work

What the fuck have we done to reality?

remember when meme was pronounced me me?

Have you the read the comments in any of these (((news))) sites? Literally 95% of the normies are demolishing them.

You fucking idiot. Hes an informant and this whole david duke trump bullshit is a failed psyop

He's posting with us

The reason they are broadcasting these messages is to turn those close to you against you and make them think you are a neo nazi. Always browse safely anons

Remember when pepe was pronounced 'peppy'?

Are we at Zimmerman levels of hilarity, Cred Forums?

Has anyone here screenshots of the thread whith the guy who scremed pepe.

Cher tweeted this.


He is among us.

Sadly it doesn't even matter at this point because media is now 24/7 and there's already too much info/dis info for the normal person to comprehend

She isn't smart, she is deceptively ugly.
Let me explain, a typical female news-reporter has a nice voice and body. Rachel has neither. But because she stands out from a poor appearance you can be fooled into thinking that by poor virtue of being on television, Maddow must have other talents.
She doesn't, she is a shill through and through. She dismissed Hillary's health concerns as a sexist conspiracy, despite Hillary having a blood clot and a concussion apparently so bad she used it as an excuse as to why her memory under oath was so shit. This dismissal to even entertain the notion came days before Hillary's collapse.
I'm not even going to get into the cartoon frogs.
Maddow is as dumb as a brick, don't be fooled by the ugly.

I thought it was alwasy pronounced 'meem' until a couple years back 'maymay :^)' became a thing and 'meemay' after that until it reverted to the original 'meme'

I understand that it's easy to get hyped about this kind of exposure and the sheer ridiculousness of a Cred Forums meme having such a large impact on the presidential election of all things, but I don't think it's anything to be happy about. Every time shit like this blows up, Cred Forums gets worse.

That Hillary speech.

Is HRC really trying to accuse republicans of race-baiting?


Tell that to Cher, family.

deadset the most retarded bitch on tele. why the fuck have they given a fucking tumblrina faggot her own segment to read from her shitty blog?

High politics today are about literally losing shit over a fucking jpeg of a frog.

I don't know if I should beg to wake up or enjoy the absurdity of this existence.

Im I the only one who cackles loudly watching this video?

Jesus fucking christ.

A network nobody watches with a host nobody likes do a segment about a cartoon frog who is a white supremacist.


Comedy is reality is this election.

Oh but we are the scary Nazi-frog posters, normies are told in great detail to avoid us at all cost.

Meanwhile the intrigued outcast who thought the raging transexual angry at frogs was hilarious, comes here. And the cycle continues.

Remember when 'meme' was referring to a trend rather than each individual image?

man this is getting fucking retarded

Is anyone else starting to get a tap uncomfortable with this much spotlight?

Guys, how fucking desperate are they to force the pepe-is-racist thing?

"How can Trump JR. Not know the evil alt right adapted this hateful symbol?" Jeeesuuus I cringed

I've first seen it on r9k these boards are literally next to each other

>the us of a in a nutshell

What a time to be alive

RIP EyeBro

ould attempt to poison and destroy my shitpost. And you will know my name is Kek when I lay my digits upon thee.

>that merchant in the corner
Makes me laugh everytiem.

they should be wojacks in that field, farming poo

>every time shit like this blows up, Cred Forums gets worse
I don't understand cynical people saying this every time.
yes there will be a short influx of normies sniffing around and fucking off after a while, but if you take a step back and look at Cred Forums, and see the ultimate banter we have on this board becoming so rediculous that the fucking poised winner of the election gets mad about it, that's beyond priceless, and in fact it only gets better and the shit we get away with is getting better

How are people going to explain this to their grandkids 50 years from now?

>mfw my hard left friend who donates to Calais and is as anti racist as they come posts Pepe everywhere all over her facebook and instagram

I remember having to carry around a beeper so I could be contacted when I was online because muh dialup tying up the line.

I remember there being no problem with allowing children to just go outside and fucking play, and not being worried if they don't come back for like 20 fucking hours.

I remember when giving a kid a hunting knife and sending him into the woods with his friends was normal.

I remember when BLM was someone I contacted for cadastral maps to figure out who I needed to contact to get permission to hunt on their land.

I remember a better time.

i respect your view, but i don't think you can be stupid and convincingly deceptive at the same time. i think there is intelligence to maddow, i don't think it's admirable intelligence, but it's there.

Even if she is intelligent that's not a virtue by itself, when paired with shit-tier ideology it just allows them to believe crazier things than the average person can manage, and/or be a more dangerous jew. Moral and cultural relativism are used as intellectual frameworks to deny reality, which is necessary because reality is filled with triggering hatefacts.

why aren't the workers wojaks?

>implying in 50 years, children aren't the biggest memelords of the universe that have banter beyond our imagination

ebin memes are to them what 60s slinkys are to us.

You can add the french leftist news paper "Le Monde" to the list


Poor nazi frog

>Pepe the Frog, le mème coopté par les suprémacistes américains

fuck he's right

the memelange was just too potent, there is no going back now, the memes must flow

Hey MSM why do you have to use "alt-right" as your moniker for what you obviously know is Cred Forums?

If the MSM doesn't know that there's literally hundreds of millions of different types of pepes and the Nazi ones are heavily outnumbered by autistic ones someone needs to inform them.

They're making themselves look like morons.

Now we know why Pepe has blessed us. We're his chosen, his mortal followers through which he can spread his dominion among the masses. He's giving us a Trump presidency in return for exposure and more followers.

This is our covenant with him.


They are memelords already especially for anything related to vidya, my 11 yo nephew told me about "get down" a while ago which I remember from when it was new but would have thought was pretty obscure by now ...

>implying this isn't what the Jews wanted.

Now we're KKK 2.0 apparently.


>High politics today are about literally losing shit over a fucking jpeg of a frog.
This concerns me.

It's proven the massive gap in knowledge boomers have about the internet. They're panicking over literally fucking nothing.

>Maddow goes to war with Pepe
>Ratings plummet
>Ailes brought in as a consultant
>MSNBC pivots to pro-Trump effort in order to survive
>Maddow rage quits
>Maddow flys out to tolerant Al-jezzera
>"Mr Mohamed will see you at the top floor xir"
>Al-Jeezera goes live on TV with homosexual tossing Olympic Games

It won't have that effect, especially when this "truth" comes from expert shills and liars like CNN and MSNBC, all they do at this point is wrecking their own reputation, to think that I used to believe that news stations like CNN or BBC are somewhat neutral, what a fool I was, never ever will I make that mistake again.

>Rhodes Scholar
>Degree in memeology

Do you think the history books will record that Trump's rise to the US presidency was all just part of a plan to retake a cartoon frog from normies?

Ban assault MS Paint frogs.

This is such a complete 180 from what was going on only like a year or two ago with the rare frog meme bullshit. I love it. Cred Forums accomplished what r9k/ couldn't with their poo poo pee pee campaign. As a memeologist this pleases me greatly.

How the fuck does this Hillary-kissing retarded corpse consider himself "alt-right"?

Almost like he's been paid to discredit the movement.

Is this a serious news show? It just looks like Jon Steward without the laugh track.

>soros is in another castle

I think that might be true unfortunately. But we did beat baby bowser :^)

I always pronounce(d) it as "mem" like the French do. It's their word after all.

yea I think thats what they are going for

If she still can't let go of the book of revelation - she must be freaking out right now.

>milo banned for racist abuse
>does sodomy with niggers



Not yet. After the debates

these poopoo peepee comics have a tom and jerry feel to them, way funnier than they have any right to be

You should realize he's likely a controlled agent provocateur

Praise kek

Propaganda/Bribes Reminders:


>Former CNN and Emmy award winning Journalist Amber Lyon just blew the whistle on CNN’s shady business practices. According to Lyon, ‘CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others. The Obama Administration pays CNN for ‘content control.’


Wonder how much someone's paying for these hit pieces on Pepe.

This is kind of similar to the hysteria in the 80s regarding subliminal messages in Judas Priest songs that were causing teenagers to kill themselves.

There's not much more to it. Normies are simply that stupid.

Imagine a future historian watching this MSNBC news segment, absolutely confused af.

You poke Pepe, you get the frog.
The Hilabeast done fucked up big time, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

This is basically the MSNBC equivalent of the segment that Fox News did a while back about "Hackers On Steroids" lol.

finally, full circle

Fox news covered the alt right and "cucks"


what's wrong with 'racism' anyway?


You wouldn't get it, it's a european thing.

does she not understand satire?

does no one understand satire now?

thats why jesus was a carpenter in the story. its never the scholars who will tell you the truth

wait when did pepe become exclusively racist?
fuck you stormfags

pepe is kek

> it can't win, it can't win

such a plea of despair at the end

> appropriating my culture

hello jamal

Jesus thats old

Nothing. We just need to normalize it.

what children's book is that from?

It's not a plea, but rather a scolding from an "authority figure", directed at weak-minded individuals, basically telling them they would be literal idiots for considering voting for Trump. It's like a Liberal professor bullying a not-entirely-batshit-insane-Leftist student in front of the class.

>> inanimate cartoon has a brain and furthermore a hateful brain

Democrats: The definition is fucktard

Oh yeah! I member that

What does slandering Pepe even accomplish?

Who the fuck is going to go "hey, I'm not going to vote Trump because he retweeted that racist frog"?

Have they run out of things to attack Trump with? Is this actually damaging?

Adults are all conservatives. Only teenagers are lefties

Thats robert byrd dipshit

outrage olympians want to associate being triggered with the offensive racist frog for their viewers

The irony is that they've called us racist for so fucking long and the whole reason we do what we do is to mock them for completely demonizing us for such minor, inconsequential thoughts we hold. They blow everything about race out of proportion, and gender. That's the meme.

I think it's fucking poetic that they look so fucking stupid calling out Pepe like that. Fuck them. They deserve to look stupid.

You retards. You can't see that Maddow is actually right for once? You fucks have highjacked Pepe for your extreme views. On any given day a month ago, looking at the Cred Forums catalog, you'd see a half dozen pepes in nazi unis or otherwise hatefully depicted. He IS a symbol of the shit ideology that pervades this place. Just because he did not originate here is not important. And Hillary and the dems are totally justified in trying to link Trump to this shitty place, because Trump tacitly welcomes the support of you fucks and gives nods to you fucks all the time. Well, the dems are calling trump out on it.
>mfw Cred Forums's hate costs trump the election


the normie destroyer strikes again

You're an idiot.

Cred Forums is one of the largest, most popular mainstream websites in the world.

Pay attention leaf, the average person is tearing news organizations apart for bringing this stuff up. It's incredibly fringe and makes the (((MSM))) look even more like they're in the pocket of Clinton (they are) because she keeps talking about it too.

lmao who cares, people innocently posted him on facebook and knew nothing about this and now think hillary is just senile


Such an angry little man. I guess his parents naming him Rachel must have fucked with his head

well said. just cause shes perky and "dorky" doesn't make her not a shill, she is. i hate her right now.

I had a very minor crush on her to some extent but honestly i have no real respect for her


She's really smug and condescending. A few other Fox News and MSNBC hosts are like that and I can't stand it.

>normies will think Hillary is senile
Really? Not after they show dozens of images of nazi pepes and Cher tweets shit like user postsd above

that image...

>Implying David Duke is part of the Alt-Right
>Implying he is not a plant by the DNC

The left is stuck in a loop.

"Guys, this is getting bad. Call something else racist. I don't care what!! Make it happen!!"

Enjoy the ride, brother. It's not stopping anytime soon.

Seeing a cartoon frog dressed like a nazi on mainstream media being talked about seriously does not convince anyone Hilary isn't crazy. It does the exact opposite. Everyone knows weird shit is on the Internet and a frog dressed like a nazi is tamer than 99% of things people see who have ever been on the Internet.

No, anything nazi moves the needle for the normie. You fucks have desensitized yourselves being here for too long. Most murricsns are literally disgusted by this stuff

saving this so I can add the alternate timeline that begins in 2500 BC

Disgusted by a cartoon frog. Lol. I bet most think it's just liberals bitching over nothing again.

I mean the whole reason Cred Forums started with the nazi shit was because it was the most offensive thing possible. Little did oldfags know you stormfag fucks would take it seriously

of all the rare pepes out there she uses only the nazi pepe.
>a reporter
fuck this bitch


Nice pepe you got there lad, i got the rarest

and original

Mfw when I get up in the morning last week and see my oc was the first pepe broadcast on msm.

Pepe was in my yard at 4am he must have saw my Trump sign and knew he'd get safe haven from (((Maddow)))'s persecution

Hes not you quack its why this is so funny. Media is just that dumb/likes to stir the pot

David Duke was "alt-right" before "alt right" was even a thing you dingo.

that's hypnotoad, bruh

All is proceeding as PEPE wills it.

Have we started the kek?

The Kek rises.

David Duke is a con artist who betrays any ideal he proclaims the moment it doesn't further his lust for power.

Kek shouted it.

>giraffe neck

>that's a toad user


>capcha just had Illuminati symbol, wew.

clip and save

Poor guy, looks kinda scared.

this cunt

"OMG donald jr mentioned gas chambers, they want to use it on jews! at the very least it was a antisemitic joke, even the honorable ADL is going after this nazi" - the guy was literally saying the media and the establishment would use the gas chamber on them

The left is so empty they became like people hunting for illuminati triangles everywhere. They really think a person can't entertain one thought outside their safespace without immediatly wanting to oppress and kill those "FUCKING WHITE MALE" jews (because that's what they'd do if they go one step in that direction)

She talks like a kiss ass eighth grader who's gotten way more praise than she deserves and therefore believes she's smarter/more talented than she actually is.

I thought that it was just memes when people come on Cred Forums and say they are from CNN or MSNBC.

The comic that would later go on to influence the goddamn United States Presidential Election


I wonder if the guy who made the original comic gets royalties

Anyone got this pic? Please post if you do.

Never mind, I am an idiot.

David Duke was born too early.

He was pretty much Cred Forums before Cred Forums existed.

He's clearly a natural at the bantz.


>10 minutes talking about the Pepe
>superior American journalism
Loled at the end: "it can't win, it can't..."

I 'member

>tfw its not high resolution
i just want a racist white supremacist wallpaper in high quality

>He wasnt always a believer

Meme magic IS real, repent

>Tfw not white so I have to hate Pepe now

You're not gonna convince anyone, unfortunately. Several boards, Cred Forums included, are overrun with "le sekret club" underaged.

Toads are a term for any frog that's bumpy and more terrestrial, it isn't actually a proper category.

Pepes are incomming!

Completely lost my shit at 1:20

just put me down senpai.

Ideocracy is the world we live in now but unlike the Marxist propaganda that that film was it was government whom dumbed the people down to be easy to control

Fuck this guy, he's a liability to our movement

>bare hands

fucking gross


Pepe is great, since you can never talk sense to liberals, all you have to do is post dank pepe memes and wait for the bandwagon to support you

Why's Twitter gotta be such a pain in the ass? All I want to do is view replies to comments inline in a drop-down. I don't want it to take me away from the original post.

He should do Morning Joe 2bh

I was thinking Spy vs Spy


I found a dead one of these in my bathroom and I couldn't figure out how he got in there. Looked just like the guy in your pic.