Whats the deal with blackwashing white characters?

who pushes it?

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Those soulless eyes... like a shark

>fuck that shit

And why do they use the most nappy headed looking apes possible?

They're remaking Anna Karenina with a black actress?

fuck this shit, that is all... it has to stop

It's meant to make history and art in general resonate better with black people.

(((who))) could it be?

I think in the case of russians it's not so bad because russians act like niggers anyway

anyone have the screencap of the japanese post where he says russians are like black with wroing color by accident?

In the UK? This guy.

Daily reminder they actually made a sequel to Romeo and Juliet with black actors

The only thing that resonates with niggers are jungle beats.


Jews and self hating white cucks.


>Libtards read stupid books like OP
>try to boost waning book sales
>contrarian race swapping scheme to entice dust cover buyers

That's one ugly fucking monkey

Hahahahaah, wat

I'm surprised there are any nig nogs who've even heard of Tolstoy


Little fat women with short hair and glasses push it.
They know what is best for us all

>ana karenina

no nigger has the attention span to do even read the damn book

adapted by jo clifford. thats this woman.

It's simply theater, guys. Black play whites, men play women, old men play young men, it's been insane since... Forever.

Cause they are too lazy to make good original work themselves.

This thread has an official song now.


>first movie black man takes white woman against her family's will and kills her
>second movie black woman cucks white soon-to-be-husband with black man
>subsaharan africans ruling renaissance italy
I'm not even surprised at this point

Does she jump in front of a train for real at the end? would watch

Whitewashing is reminiscent of bleach and sounds right.
Black washing is weird, nothing is washed with black.

Blackstaining sounds better.


I hopw they changed the plot to accomodate the actress nationality..as in Karenin smashing her like a pulp with an hammer


Movie industry is dying

no one wants a risky new film

>>rehash old movies

how to do it?

>make a sequel
>change the characters

Anah Ja'Karen Nina III

Okay, now I'm fucking disgusted and mad. Don't touch Russian literature, you fucking niggers.

It's disgusting, but it's not called blackwashing to them, look at pic related.

Holy shit.
Regressive libs seriously need to be lobotomized

As I said, it's shitstaining, that fits to the fact that nigger shit on everything they touch.

They didn't even read the fucking book

>who pushes it?+ 0 post omitted.

Geez I wonder who would do such a thing...


>Laugh about people of colour complaining about white washing in movies and tv shows
>Complain about black washing in movies and tv shows
Are you people for real?

Holy shit. These fucking fat niggers. So many fat niggers.

>Laugh about people of colour complaining about white washing in movies and tv shows
I don't do that, unless it's a WE WUZ KANGZ situation, and I prefer native actors for native roles, if possible.


Because blacks are the new face of Europe.

who you think?

all these is to be ignored, as its same as it wasnt ever there. kinda like garbage in your trashcan

at least the white replacements don't have ape faces though...

>white washing in movies and tv shows
you mean jew washing


Daily show gets black host
First thing that changes
Opening song gets some jungle beats

>I just make things up so I have something to type so the world knows I'm alive.
Fucking kys

This always get me confused. They have some good looking apes but they just choose the niggest of the niggerest everytime.

The new face of Finland. It says,

>assume another perspective

The new face of Iceland.

Блять cyкa нy этo вooбщe пиздeц пpocтo нaхyй

because a story about a selfish crazy 19th century Russian woman is going to appeal to nogs. lel

I hate how people claimed that white people were trying to rewrite history as white.

Old film never tried to pass non-white characters as white. An actor would typically wear heavy makeup or get a tan or something.

It had more to do with the fact that they couldn't get foreign actors.

>all that support in the comments
>all the good goyim who have to confirm that they love the casting before they critique anything else


how did this

became this?


It's a white country though.

No one would care if China did a western movie with all Chinese actors.

Seriously, why do I always feel compelled to torture myself with youtube comments?


J. K. Howlling would say that in the book she was described as a brunette only, and you cannot infere she was white.

btw, it's a wonderful book. I felt I was seeing a classical painting. War and Peace is in the line to be read - after Crime and Punishment.

thats what I said, ya dip


These fucking shitheads spouting this vomit, and other people who also know nothing of history won't try to object since they're scared of being called dumb

By the way, this was Alexander Pushkin's great-
grandfather, who ruled Reval (now Tallinn)


>resonate better with black people.
>interested in russian literature

dude, stop playing yourself, they don't even know who Tolstoy was.

You would need to "modernize" it to include rap, gang signes and twerking to interest the black masses

It's the fucking jew trying to push pc down everyone throats.

First we are forced to accept that niggers might be human
Then they push that niggers are equal to whites
Then we accept that niggers might play historical white characters
Then they will demand we accept those retared das rite claims that niggas were everything

fuck this shit

May the Lord have mercy



Y'all are beyond fucked. Tiny population, mass immigration, and a largely cucked society will spell your doom.

America isn't perfect, but at the rate things are going, we'll be whiter than Europe in 100 years. Really sad to see my brethren essentially get genocided without even attempting to fight it.


>america will be whiter than europe
60% and counting, burger

And this was Abraham Lincoln

This is Pushkin's great-uncle, son of Abram Gannibal. Just read this:
>Gannibal was the oldest of 10 children born to Abram Gannibal and his Swedish wife Christina Regina Siöberg
>born to Abram Gannibal and his Swedish wife Christina Regina Siöberg
>his Swedish wife Christina Regina Siöberg
>his Swedish wife
Coal burning is not a contemporary trend confirmed.



WE NEED A WAR! I love Anna Karenina, and these apes will shit over it, dindus will destroy one of my most cherished books. FUCK!.

It's "blackstaining"

>who pushes it?
welcome to the juden dystopia.

>Black actors playing white characters
Aww its so good how minorities can be represented in films
>White actors playing black characters


His adoptive parents are Jewish and now he plays in France

pushkin was like 1/8th black, therefor every Russian noble was a full on negroid

How do you make a sequel about people who die at the end of first story?

Dude, did you read the book?

>too stupid to invent things
>instead steal things
stop the presses

because its lazy and easy to milk

>Mr.goldberg we need more shekels but I dont have a new idea
>oh I know Mr. zachariah! lets make the exact same movie we did 20 years ago except this time lets make the main character black!
>OY VEY Mr.Goldberg youre a genius!!! we'll be rich any the critics cant bash it in favor of the first one because that would be racist!!!

accept your new masters russian pigs, sweden did it already

Holy fuck, rev up those ovens.

This triggers me

Seriously, what's the difference between russians and niggers anyway?


They have their outbursts but they don't deserve this shit.

This needs more dislikes

Never liked Anna Karenina.

I was of the opinion that she should have had her bastard child put to death before her eyes, before having herself and Vronsky flayed alive.

Didn't get me a good grade in school when I expressed that opinion though.

Uhhhh, I hope you genocidal slavs realize that she gets punished enough as it is, to the point where she commits suicide.

what the actual fack?!
Anna Karenina got BLACKED
ahahah the west is so degenerate

woah woah woah they're going after russian classics as well?

That wasn't punishment.

That was her own choice. Same as her adultery.

These things didn't just happen to her.

She chose to be unfaithful. She chose to get pregnant with another man's child while still married to her husband.

People scorned her for it, rightfully so, but that was just a consequence of her actions. It wasn't punishment.

Why is there a pile of excrement on the cover of that classic piece of literature?

>Minority roles
What? Look at World demographics, whites are a minority.

Idris Elba would be a pretty decent Bond, I think. At least he's pretty cool for a darkie.

is that the nig who played Hermione?

This is upsetting to the highest degree. I'm too redpilled for my own good. I wish I could not have seen this.

Can't be, not nearly hideous enough.


fucking violent nigs

They're pushing the diversity stuff but Ronaldo and Messi are still considered Gods. "New face of Europe" is just typical media hyping language.

>almost everyone is a nigger

this is peak WE WUZ

> Dat skin texture

Anyone know this grill's name?

Goddamn when a thread full of nigresses suddenly has a white woman in it I'm reminded just how beautiful whites are.



more like Sholandaland