This legit?

this legit?

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Fortunately yes

it's 2016 and you are still posting nazi frogs.

you guys are morons.

God fucking damn it, stop shitting up Cred Forums with this conspiracy bullshit

>tfw Hillary has been dead for weeks and /pol cause it


none of this explains her completely disappearing and the podium while the back ground lines stay completely straight. Your picking the wrong glitch m8

That glitch was not mentioned anywhere in the video.

Thanks for Correcting The Record, though!

There's already a containment thread for you absolute retards. Stop making these stupid threads it's been debunked.

>a frog says
you moron are gay

>There's already a containment thread for you absolute retards


t.absolute retard

explain why the podium vanishes as well senpai, background stays the same.

Here's your containment thread:

In here you'll find autists who don't understand the concept of depth. Enjoy your larping.

Here they come

Where can I get a paid shill job? Seriously, I could use the money

I can't believe this conspiracy actually took off on Cred Forums...You guys really are dumb as a pack of niggers. Embarrassing.

You believe more than half of Cred Forums are paid shills. Why even stay here at this point?

Thanks for correcting the record pham. I shall be voting for Hillary in November.
Seeya around pham.

I believe that every time there's a thread that could possibly bring PR trouble to hillary, the army of internet shills shows up.

And we know she has invested a huge amount of money to hire those shills. It's a fact.

Yes yes everyone who doesn't think Hillary is a reptilian and the Earth is flat is a shill okay thank you for that.


they then pretend we only can focus on one issue and as if we have a direct control and line to the MSM and what they report and as if they are going to start reporting on the OLD crimes we already know about and somehow us talking about this jeopardizes that

Do you think it's possible that you guys are just dumb and wrong sometimes and we're trying to stop you guys from being retards so we don't look like retards by association?

Because this is a case of you guys being retards. It's embarrassing how dumb this one is. It gives the possibility of casting doubt on Hillary's health, which hurts us in an actual tangible way.

I really appreciate your tactics. Exaggerating my arguments and throwing then back in my face is a really effective way of undermining them.

I've dealt with too many experienced debaters to fall for it, though

So you actually believe that the Earth is flat. I think we're done here. You're also on the wrong board.


Did I say that? You're actively truing to make me seem like a stereotypical conspiracy nut. Why is that? Don't you want to actually debate?

Is it possible that all you want to do is make me look bad. It's cool if you get paid to do that. I get it. I'm going to call you for it, though

Why havent you thanked Cred Forums for saving your stupid frogs from the normalshits yet?

Jesus fuck how can you spout all these logical fallacies and be sastified with yourself? Embarrasing.



You'll notice that the background does actually change when she disappears, the lines become straighter.

I bet if you just take the section of the top of the screen above Hillary, then take it and paste it again and again to fill the screen thus removing her and the podium, you'll end up with the same "disappearance" frame.

Is completely right about what happened in the other instance where she didn't disappear.

Why call people who are merely being realistic shills? Hillary is clearly sick but there are perfectly normal explanations for these glitches that don't involve a green screen.

If it was a green screen she should be able to disappear entirely without the background changing at all. But it changes every single time, only slightly because it is a background that appears the same if you repeat the same section.

Because I literally posted a link showing the venue which debunks the Alex Jones vid. As for the glitching, search "Reptilian hologram glitching" and you'll find a thousand or so vids of the exact same thing happening and the claim that this is proof of a hologram. There's a few vids on Youtube that explain why these glitches happen.

Not to mention that if this is a pre-recorded speech with a green screen, they have all the time they need to fix any errors and not leave 2 minutes at the end where everything fucks up.

Thank you. Now you're actually using arguments.

How about the laugh track that gets cut off? It was in the other thread. I'm curious to hear what are some possible explanations for that

CTR is having an absolute crisis right now.

Suffer, you pieces of shit.

Why does she then point and wave at the wall behind her then?

So, where is all the videos from the crowd?
They should be up on youtube/twitter/facebook.

>Thank you. Now you're actually using arguments.
>How about the laugh track that gets cut off? It was in the other thread.
I had to reboot and lost that thread. Does someone have a link to this? I need it for the cause.

Just shut up and stop posting about this, okay?

such a feisty shill

its delayed m8 because she cant travel m8 it is not pre recorded

This totally is not suspicious

Here you go

thanks, consider me corrected
I'm pretty sure that this is legit.

Thanks based finnbro.

This is silly. All of the networks were at the rally. Why would Fox news stay silent about Hillary using green screen?

>Why does she then point and wave at the wall behind her then?

She doesn't. She points and waves to the crowd behind her. See:

The red and white stripe back drop is a lot farther behind her than the televised portion would have you believe.

Patty-chan is pretty based on twitter don't bully her

That doesn't make sense then.
There is no possible position of the camera which would both show Hillary, the wall and hide the people.

Hello CTR friend. I'd like to join you and sell my soul for shitpost-derived beer money. Could you refer me to your recruitment manager?

So does becoming part of infowars mean you have to change your persona and start believing in bullshit?


Not news... it was obvious since 9/11 that she is dead. (Jezebel's death 2 Kings 30-37)

I'm not going to spend too much time on this video, but when he says you can't see the American flag and the wall etc, look at this pic. You can see the news cameras on the right side. Look at that distance. The video is confusing everyone's depth perception,

>They're onto us, they know Hillary is hiding a chronic medical condition

>Give them dumb theories about doppelgängers and holograms

You believe those idiots about my health? They are tinfoil conspiracy theorists.

It's ironic because we're being called the shills when they're perpetuating what could easily be a smear campaign against Trump.
>Alt right believes Hillary is attending events via hologram.
And there we go into the loony category.

Yea m8 that smear is totally going to be more effective than outright creating the alt-right and calling it racist by every major network m8

just like the body double "smear campaign" effected trumps numbers right?


Anti shill bump

is that Based Flannel Guy from outside the Trump rallies?

Use real footage.


... whoa.

What the jizz is going on there?

Yes it is

He got hired by infowars

Jews will defend this

I fucking hate how you had to make this picture in order for retards to understand such a basic concept. I don't know why you waste your time doing this though.

Where can I get a mummy like this?

Here boys, I've done a video with all the pertinent clips in it for you to spread to normies.

Crimea, friend

I live in Greensboro NC and when trump came it was a huge deal, tons of security everyone talking about it and a obvious police force around the building he was at. With Hillary I saw nothing ha he and a lot of people didn't even know she was coming.

Well it didn't really take that long, too bad no one will see it though.