We need to stop this bullshit ausmates


My only hope is the like/dislike ratio of the video.


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By the way 30sec version of this is on tv as an ad for the bank

>Lie to children and then exploit them to push a political narrative

I thaught Australia was supposed to be based?

We used to be until burgers spread their poison over here.

checked too by the way

You know the world is fucked when banks start to take the moral high ground on issues like inequality.

Repeating digits and Marxism makes a violent comeback.

no revolution today lads.

Fuck you. Youre the idiots that gave up your guns over a false flag jewish ritual sacrifice. After that, you deserve all the fucked up shit that happens to your country.

Is that a boy?

>Youre the idiots that gave up your guns over a false flag jewish ritual sacrifice
Yeah, the reason a major bank is going for #equalpay is because we banned guns?

When I think of 18th and 19th and early 20th century it was intelligent stoic men using their reason and analytical ability to rule a country and convince others of their opinion. Now they LITERALLY use children to make a point, this is how far we have declined. First men made points, then women made points with the feminist movement, now children, what is next? babies and blacks?

babies are already making a difference, 4 year old going thru gender transition because lqgtqfhsrt rights


>tfw all you wanted to do was ride your bike and swim in the river

>Yes goy! pay women mo- er... I mean "equally" to men... and then they can put that extra money in my bank!

Fucking schizophrenia. Im slowly becoming insane because of all this illogical stuff that retarded assholes shove to normal people's throats. I hate them so much, each time I see another piece of mental fuck that these idiots push as "progress" my blood boils and world turns red. They deserve death, slow and painful, all of them, without any remorse.

>"this is all because you banned yer gurns"

It's almost as if sharts don't know that foreign governments and societies have their own unique political situations.

Id fuck him in the ass. We will see how much he supports gay rights afterwards.

So progressive :)

Not anymore.

If they really wanted to make it like the real world they'd give the boys harder jobs for longer periods of time...
and the girls would still complain about being paid less.

I'm all for equal pay but when the evidence is that that is exactly what's happening all this bollocks pisses me off.

Yeah in reality males would be under the car changing the oil, getting dirty oil on their faces while the girls just polish the paint.

Idk this is actually really bad for austrailia, with the ammount of poisonous shit and all around danger in that shithole you cant afford to be oxymorons, the only reason Austrailia is even inhabitable for people is strength of will and fast reflexes, nature will literally pick you guys off one by one

where my country gone cunts!

>comments disabled
Like/dislike bar is next.