>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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Reminder there is nothing wrong with this

>be pepe
>have rumors about nazi connections spreading all over the internet
>fucking clearly not a pepe shill hillary clinton weighs in
>says your white supremacist connections are of grave concern
>you want to respond to the rumors
>you have trump on your late night comedy jew
>you sit awkward as fuck behind the desk because you’re a cartoon frog
>literally your feet are on the edge of the chair and you are leaning forward like it's a log
>trump reminds you to smile
>trump says this is a lovely late night comedy jew you have
>you dispense multiple repeating numerals in an accidental spasm of joy
>you smile and play it off as a joke
>this is a late night comedy jew after all :^)
>dispensing repeating numerals every once in a while actually feels good
>you tell trump that rumors about your nazi connections are nothing but crazy conspiracy theories
>as the audience is laughing about how wacky the conspiracy theorists are you have surreptitiously asked trump to help you out with the rumors
>you ask him if you might perform a big stunt
> tousling trump’s hair
>to shame the conspiracy theorists with mockery
>this should shut them up
>nobody will suspect a thing
>nobody will think for a second that trump would let a nazi frog tousle his hair
>you happily run his fingers through his hair
>both of you are smug af
>you laugh
>you laugh because you have rused them all
>you cant stop laughing, actually
>you see no need to stop yourself from laughing
>this is the late nite comedy jew after all

That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again, this time by a reality TV star with a bad combover, despite having the backing of every major media outlet spinning things positively for her and covering for her, and despite the fact that she had an endless flow of cash and endless corrupt connections to support her campaign.

None of it was enough to overcome the happenings. She's the 2010's version of Baghdad Bob. Blunders, misfires, and random happenings going against her narratives proved too much. Nothing to see here, don't mind all of the shit hitting the fan in the background. Ignore my faintings, my coughing spells, the Islamic terrorism, the chaos in the middle east that I caused, the email scandals, the pay to play schemes as secretary of state, and mysterious assassinations of key people who potentially would throw a wrench into my campaign.

It was supposed to be her time. A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago. Now she's seeing it happen to her again. The presidency is slipping from her grip. She'll be too old and unfit to run again after this cycle. She'll die an angry and bitter death on a hospital bed as she watches the combover man with the prize he didn't deserve to win. She deserved it, not him.

This fate is most suitable for such a lying, murdering, pathological cunt.

The Lügenpresse last night were fucking ridiculous. Literally sperged out at Trump for calling it a bomb

wtf I hate real Americans that bleed red, white and blue now


how does that make you feel Cred Forums?

Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I'm so distressed right now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that to my mom but I'm literally in shock from the results tonight. I feel like I'm going to explode. Why the fucking fuck is she losing? This can't be happening. I'm having a fucking breakdown. I don't want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I want Hillary to be president and fix this broken country. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this, I thought she was polling well in Vermont???? This is so fucked.


Are you fat shaming?
Donald ist healthy at this size

Brady will win

Can I get some r8s on my OC?
Big thanks to for the pic


First for greenscreen Hillary.

The blood of the liberal suicides will be on the hand of the (((MSM))) and (((pollsters))) in August for deluding them so much they're going to win.

"Her fall will be so low that none can foresee her arising ever again. For she will lose the best part of the strength that was native to her in the beginning, and all that was made or begun with that power will crumble, and she will be maimed for ever, becoming a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the shadows, but cannot again grow or take shape. And so a great evil of this world will be removed."


Current campaign theme

protip Billionaires can play golf looking like that.


>11% independent

havent turned on the tv yet...
the msm still trying to blame everything on trump?



Real theme.

Hey, do any of you know where the fuck the cant stump the trump video maker is? its been over a month since his last vid and so much shit has happened, the next videos should be about an hour long

This, this made me smile. Thanks user.

Can I get a summary?


First for Kekism

>war in libya
>millions suffered
I like it. Slav qts are the best.



keep this faggot shit out

Best pasta is best

>405 respondents
>unknown pollster
>far off from other recent polls
>not even included in RCP
>Hillary winning the white male vote

Nothing fishy here

>"and above all, never ever give up"

He was never a true adherent to Trumpism.

That's what a real thin skin looks like.

Toomey is tied in the race and definitely not losing by 5



the 8 get was pretty cool too

Post what you will be blasting at 9PM EST when polls close and Trump is announced the winner

Trump used it as entrance music at a rally. Keep your faggot self out.

Are there polls today??


>trump made a comment that was correct before we knew it was correct

I doubt Russia would want an all out war with the US anymore than any sane American would want a war with Russia. Even if you ignore the potential benefits of a Russia/US alliance, the war would be a meat grinder where nobody truly wins.

Well, its not like he's wrong, is he?
Didn't he call that a shooting suspect was muslim before details were revealed?

no it wasn't

>Post what you will be blasting at 9PM EST when polls close and Trump is announced the winner

something strange about that picture

fucking katy tur tweets never fail to piss me off


Mayor Bill de Blasio has cancelled some public appearances scheduled for Sunday in the wake of tonight’s unrest, but has confirmed he will meet with Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, to participate in a forum about building inclusive cities.



aww yisss

No western fashion

I see Trump is making MSM dance for him yet again

4d extraterrestial timetravel bingo

Law enforcement does love Trump.

You guys, even though Trump is up in the polls I just can't see him winning.

In order to win he will need at least 1 of the following: Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
Unfortunately, he is significantly down in all of these; he's down by 3 points or more -- even at the peak of his poll numbers

Youd think they would learn from their mistakes

Deja vu


Her dad is a tranny

Hasn't he lost something like 25lbs while campaigning?


Did you say piss?

No one is being paid to correct the record here. It's a Republican-funded lie and a pathetic attempt to smear her campaign.



Why isn't the word "transvestite" used anymore when referring to dick choppers?

Don't forget about shy voters, and people who will sit out on election day. Reuters doesn't include the Neither option in polls cause it bumps Trump's numbers too high.


>red PA meme

He also called the missing Egypt Air plane



he tweeted a nude picture to Trump thanking him after Trump made the comments on what bathrooms trannies should be able to use

I like it, praise kek.


>explosion in nyc last night
>first responders say clearly looked like an ied
>their bosses say investigation is ongoing
>media says too soon to tell
>trump says bomb

>they don't want Tay back
Look like (You) have to go back.


Does she think small-scale entropy causes massive explosions or something?


I want a slav gf ;_;

anyone able to MAGA my skinny slavfu?

>I unironically came buckets while fapping to her porn vid

So Drumpf is just an ironic thing, right? We all actually support Jill Stein.

>11% independent
>40%+ of Americans are independent



I'm reading the news stories now. It really was a bomb, wtf.

Some of them are STILL leading the stories with "Trump said it was a bomb before Teacher called recess I'm telling!". Is there anyone left in the press corps anymore?

he is a billionaire from new york with all kinds of connections ... guiliana might;ve told him

>only 1.15 a day at a nickel a post with bonus for (You)s
fucking disgraceful
I can shit out 1000+ shitposts a day and get multiple (You)s on each
fucking libshits, they can't do anything right

so what, in 2012 it was 45%, 35%R and 20% I for PA

Yeah, Jill Steins proposal of eliminating all fossils fuels and nuclear energy by 2030 is incredibly realistic


now post her dick

Am I the only one who has a feeling that something big is going to happen in the very near future?


You can order one off the net, but she'll leave your ass as soon as she gets a green card

Not praising kek now are you Trumplings?

fuck nigga those hard bangs

I'd anticipate weebs and neets to support her, Socialism is after all the most fitting thing this useless bunch.

Can kek confirm?

not enough ass m8


I wonder why that is?

if you're gonna MAGA Nami then do Kagami's stuff instead of that kusoirasuto

>but she'll leave your ass as soon as she gets a green card

Fortunately, my basement doesn't offer greencards.




>eliminating nuclear energy
Good fucking luck doing anything at night.


because it's pointless to give attention to shills.

He quit? what the fuck

i wouldn't care if she had one

Yeah, dude. No one unironically supports a racist meanie like Drumpf anyway. He'd probably start a war with Russia and he wants to use nukes which are bad for our environment.



Because a lot changes in 4 years. Also pic related is why they under sample independents.

>explanation requested

Someone please explain what the electoral College is and how it works?

I heard on Hannity that trump had "broken the electoral college lock". What did he mean?

Also, how was it an issue in 2000 in the election between Gore and bush?

Responses appreciated; wanted to know this for a while.

Like i seriously dont get our media.

How do they not see how theyre making Trump look so well informed and knowledgeable, when in reality saying its a bomb is a safe bet and not at all risky given the information publically available.

I think there was a dilbertman post about this, but im too lazy to find it

>Aug. 19
Really got my synapses spinning




You can hit him up there

This. Is it possible the second the cops saw it, they told hiim?

It's unlikely, but possible. A NYC Cop? Absolutely, thye'd have loved to tell Trump before the press

>tfw slav who knows Ruskie and a few balkan languages
>tfw also US/Canadian citizenship
>tfw literally a slav girl magnet
Feels good

Electoral college is how our states elect the President. Each state has a certain number of electoral votes, based off the state's population. Those electoral voters are compelled to vote however the state votes as a whole. It's just a way to make sure states are fairly represented regardless of population.

Shit poll.

Lets just say ok, there are more democrats in penn, which I dont know if theres THAT many more but ok.

However when they keep independents that low.. They help Clinton. Its clear.

>swn cook for you then allow you to make sex with her

Stein is an open borders commie freak

Her only redeeming quality is stealing votes from Hillary


I wouldn't expect a subhuman gypsie like you to grasp how statistically insignificant those polls are now. And the one poll featured in the month of September had 400 lv, and oversampled dems by 8%

Even though sleepy clinton called it bombings kek

Wtf? I hate Drumpf now! Thanks for showing me the light, fellow nonbigot!

> Old Lady
> Macbook
> Windows

Does not make sense.

Tila is my fav crazy person on twitter


>eating a leg with a fork

Nah, I dont want to beg, I was just wondering where he went, those videos were quality

loving this, keep it up

Alright, wheres the edited version?

why some states got different electoral regions like maine and nebraska?

why not make whole country this to make more fair?

Debates haven't even happened yet. Hillary will defeat Trump on foreign policy issues. They will ask about some obscure political leader and Trump won't know what the hell to say. His numbers will tank after that, and Hillary will win in a landslide.

How are you measuring "oversampled dems"? Are you comparing the number of registered democrats in the state against the number reporting themselves as such in the study? Or are you assuming it should be 50/50?

> Hillary will defeat Trump on foreign policy issues.
Lol m8. When foreign policy is brought up all Trump has to do is mention Libya and Syria and he wins.


You're confusing Trump for Señor Aleppo


>and it's more fair since you get shitholes like california where a 51% give a whole 55 electoral college votes instead of fragmenting them more fairly


she's russian.

They poll way more Democrats than there are democrats as a proportional % of the electorate. It's fairly simple to understand.

reported for ban

I don't care if it's degenerate, spent a year with a short girl with a big round arse and this makes me diamonds.


>why not make whole country this to make more fair?
It would make the system harder to abuse by either side, and would make it much easier to see a third party candidate. No state or federal congressman would vote for that.


>Trump called the EgyptAir incident, Muslim shooting and now the New York bomb
>the next potus will be the man with a time machine


>not including the shilling on this attack people will see as even more proof that Trump is right

>any birther shit just got cut off today

Yes. Hillary has shown time and again with Serbia and Libya that she can handle foreign relations. Like from her own mouth she said that not a single American died in Libya which is true.

I know I'm getting older when suddenly the idea of plowing Jill Stein isn't so difficult to imagine

You don't need a time machine to know that if something looks like a terrorist attack it probably is and it's probably a Muslim. Trump has common sense.

He got offered a sizable sum to stop making videos.

Florida Guy @floridaguy267 18m18 minutes ago
BOOM! LA TIMES POLL TRUMP'S biggest age group of support are Millenials (18 to 34) TRUMP 46.8% Hillary 38.4% +8.4%.

I'm afraid that Hillary will give Trump pneumonia when they shake hands before and after the debate

He also has intel briefings

>Sept 7

>Take the money
>Use it to make videos with better production quality
Why not do this?

Yeah. That bigot Trumpf said he wants to shut down all Muslim immigration. Then how can you stop ISIS without the help of our moderate Muslim rebel friends?

She is THICC lately

Thanks. So how does that work where the popular vote is greater than the electoral college vote?

Was that, for example, the most populous states voting for one vs candidate but a majority of the states with smaller pops voting against him?

He probably was briefed by one of his friends in the NYPD before anyone else knew about it.

>In-Yo Cafe

Is she a slut or was her show just utterly staged bullshit?

The Obama admin literally just friendly fired 60+ Syrians and she's running as another Obama.

>Then how can you stop ISIS without the help of our moderate Muslim rebel friends?
Are you serious? With bombs.

He also probably has better intelligence than the MSM news channels.

It's pretty common if something blows up it's a Muslim.


Popular vote is irrelevant but normally the person who wins the electoral college also wins the popular vote.

>Obama can team kill and not get banned but if I shotty ask team mate in Blood Gulch I get banned


The Bush campaign and Karl Rove essentially ran on a strategy of getting 269+1 and saying fuck everything else. They carved out the map into red/blue and basically said "we are only going to focus on three swing states and nothing else". This strategy persisted since then. Blue states got bluer because republicans completely ignored them, red states got bluer because republicans took them for granted, and 16 years later it has completely fucked the GOP because formerly solid red states were sliding blue, solid blue states were considered untouchable, and using a strategy where you focus on 3-5 states and have to win every single one is fuckig retarded when you're up against the MSM. Any other republican would have been 100% dead in the water after the DNC. We might as well have not shown up to vote. Trump appears to have scrambled the map a bit. If he wins, even if he only flips one blue state, he'll have started the trend of blue states that he didn't win at least sliding red. The GOP was 100% boxed in in the former strategy. They absolutely needed to win all swing states, including VA, and gotten NH, NV, and IA. With the ideological purity purge the GOP has had over the last 8 years, no other republican had any other crossover appeal whatsoever and would have been fucked. If he scrambles the map, it breathes life into the GOP. If not, they're done. Simple as that

He doesn't even look bad desu

>everything stays the same for 4 years while the two most hated candidates are running
I doubt the number of independents remained the same, that's why they're a huge group now.

The popular vote (in each state) dictates how EV votes. You only get situations where a candidate loses the popular vote but wins the EC when like the entire state of California votes against you. You only need to win 50.1% of the state to win all of the the electoral votes.

So depending on the states and their populations it can happen. I'm sorry if this was poorly explained.

But you need the Moderate Rebels to overthrow the evil dictator Assad and replace him with a new and nice regime that is friends with us and Israel.

why has it not put this on the average?

>>Look deep into my eyes and you will see the future!
Not seeing shit, Tila.

Paragraphs nigger, paragraphs

He's lost about 30 lbs since then by why are you fat shaming you shitlord?

If our goal is to stop ISIS we should be arming Assad.

Smart. When you reach a certain age skinny aint an option. Embrace the THICC.

Obama wants to further ISIS interests though. That's why it happened.

Lol. Drumpfbaby is mad his candidate has been BTFOD.
He's a meanie though.

It doesn't help that she's squinting.

You mean Hillary's amazing memes like "More like Chillary Clinton, amirite?" and pantsuit t-shirts aren't winning over millenials? SHOCK

Checked by the way

I'll take fat over brain damage any day fammo

A bigger reason is America getting less white, California used to be solid red until 1988. More minorities means less Republican votes.

Pokemon Go to the polls. Xddddd

Trump will embarrass himself at the debates. Hillary will come armed with facts and experience...while Trump will just be his usual annoying self.

We're breakingtheconditioning.gif !

Yeah. There's a definite slope to her eyes.

Trump is maintaining his lead over Hillary in the LA Times poll now.

Even if it's special, it's a barometer on the entire race.

He's up in Pennsylvania though. The only polls that show Hillary winning are obvious shill polls with like 50% Democrats 15-20% Indies sampled.

She's not brain damaged. She was just taking time processing the complicated information of that press conference.


I just woke up, looks like a kebab allahu akbar'd in Minnesota

Say it with me:


>He's a meanie
>Pokemon Go to the polls. Xddddd

are you 12?
at least you stopped replying to yourself

>peak of his poll numbers

So... Trumps losing North-Carolina, PA, and Pennsylvania

is this just a meme? I really want trump to win

Hillary can't even win a forum let alone a face to face debate. All that experience gets you nowhere when you can't answer a single question without acting like a bitch.

This trend should reverse with trumps family policies. I'm sure he's well aware of it. He needs to open up immigration from European countries too.

I just don't get why he is so red. And his eyes are white. Why does he do this to himself? Does he really wear glasses when he tans? I notice this shit in newer movies too. Every actor has these obvious racoon eyes.

Can someone explain the Khan piss meme to me?

It was the only chink in her joke; without it, the joke may have made sense.

Down by 1 in Maine.

Down by 3 in Oregon.

Down by 6 in Minnesota according to the hill.

OR and ME are in margin of error.

>PA, and Pennsylvania

Trump is maintaining 20% black support in the LA Times poll...

I wonder what Trump's internals are telling him

It's you're fault for not following the dankest of epic Hillary memes, alt-rightist.


Billionaires don't give a flying fuck what they look like. He only started caring when he got into politics because appearance matters more than anything else to the American voter. Which is why the media is so desperate to suppress Hillary's health problems.

It's not a meme, it's true.

It isn't a meme. He made some sort of fetish sex operation off the grave of his son.


LA Times is a joke poll. No serious pollster polls the same people every time.

Lies. Latinos are naturally conservative and will vote their conscious and elect a True Conservative.

>OR +3 C

W o w


It was discovered he ran a brothel out of his dead son's foundation. It specialized in piss fetishism.

holy shit she has Pepe eyes


Fucking explain it then

Thank you

No statewide

of course, they've adjusted the results for the negative media coverage, whether its an accurate reflection of the real world we will never know for sure :)

Holy shit he's tied in what are supposed to be solid blue states like Maine and Oregon? How is this even fucking possible? And this is a fucking Ipsos poll, so in all likelihood he's up a few points in these states.

Landslide incoming.

It hasn't gotten any more black statistically, and literally half of the entire hispanic population lives in California. About a third of them live in Texas, Az, and NM which are not swing states. They're largely irrelevant and have historically had very low turnout. If the GOP had made major plays for the rust belt and north east since 2000 they wouldn't be in the shit situation that they are, but they refused to modernize the party. The MSM didn't help, but they also didn't bend even a little bit. Since 08 they've chased nearly everyone who is t a hardline neocon out of the party, doubled down on issues nobody cares about like gays and abortions, and tripled down on shit people hate like free trade and corporatism. Demographic change seems like the easy answer, but that really isn't it; otherwise the NE would be solid red and AZ and TX would've been blue for a while

that's pathetic, jesus christ.....
that shit is all in illary's brain damaged head

They still not calling the #NYCExplosion terrorism?


>Billionaires don't give a flying fuck what they look like
>talking especially about Trump

This is how I know you are a pleb, appearance is big thing

I dunno. All the protests are mainly beaners and coons and a few whites.

At least in the south west.

>Trump will lose PA
this is the biggest fucking meme of all time
I can see it coming all the way from the primaries and the whole country's going to be shocked in November

If he doesn't care then why does he tan in the first place?

Nope. Cuck extraordinaire de Blasio said this was a widespread act or something but didn't mention the word terrorism

aren't you embarrassed that this is the best you could come up with?

i want to beileve

Your probably just jealous that Hillary is doing great and has such sweet, epic and dank memes that alt-right, Drumpf-supporting manbabies wish they had.


>Not seeing shit, Tila.

he doesn't know...

Because he's been planning the run for office since 2001.

wasn't clear, he's going to win it 60 40 or higher

No wonder the Minnesota democrats were trying to get Trump off the ballot.

Part of his brand faggot, same with the hair
How dense are you?

They know Trump will just be proven right again.


I know you're shitposting but the idea that some people actually believe this is disturbing.

I'm personally insulted. think of muh legacy!


why does he have raccoon eyes? does he not know how to tan properly?

No. Hillary thinks through her answers. Drumpf just says whatever racist and bigoted poo poo is on his mind.

there are two ways for Trump to lose PA
>cuck up the debates
>King Nigger focuses 100% of his efforts on Philadelphia, this might not even be enough

I wish they had. That shit would've blown up.

No serious pollster concerned with capturing the truth with polls wouldn't strategy by party affiliation, but nobody does, do they?

Whatever happened to that plane explosion? The story just kind of disappeared. Was that because Trump was right? Did they ever find the black box?

Is this a pornstar? If so, who?

the kek cultist butthurt was glorious

Thank you for correcting the record.

There are fewer of you around recently. Is staffing getting cut?

Well played sir!

Probably just an unfortunate accident. The bombings are far more serious, there's no way it's not terrorism

What do you mean, friend? I am just a regular nonracist that realizes we should vote for Jill Stein.

>polls the same people every time.
They don't. Thanks for demonstrating your ignorance.

The fact they tried should be spread around and should be a battle cry among Trump supporters.

Thank you, fellow burger; MAGA!

>all polls pre-9/11
>shitty muhlenberg college with ~50% dem and ~10% indies
nate election is damage controlling


> inb4 obama elects refugees as dhs guards and tells them to kill republican voters on sight as they leave the polling buildings.

dilbertman is a fucking retard. he's saying everyone should just vote via taking a picture of their face while they vote....

If it's the one I think you're talking about I actually just heard on Fox this morning they're almost positive it was an inside job so they're still investigating. Something about traces of something but I really don't remember.

You sure BTFOd him, fellow nonracist! That racist, annoying orange has no place in politics!

She is so much hotter now

Holy shit apparently the stabbing rampage in MI was done by a guy screaming about "Allah"


Trump gen is the only thread on Cred Forums I use now

Olivia Jensen, she does youtube stuff

When's the last time a Republican won Oregon?

>Parents away in America
>Have purchased me a Trump T-Shirt and soon a hat




Oh boy how surprising.

we have ID's here
Go start a jill stein general and try to tell people why they should vote for her
coming here and just saying stupid nonsensical shit about Trump does nothing

>After Obama the end of the world
the world can hate USA Shillary and Trump

New or whatever

Not the only but probably most common for me

I don't get it.






Reagan 1984

the jews






It pisses me off how my phone keeps getting blown up with texts about Trump wanting donations.


Yea, but how about the fact that Russia is mean to gays?

Same. 98% of the time im on the trump gen

I think he does know, either that or it's just that what's good for whites is good for America as a whole.

It's both. Not every white is Republican but a lot fewer minorities are Republican. At the end of the day it's still the Republican party that caused this, they could have stopped the immigration surge at just about any stage from 1965 to now. If the electorate was as it was in the 1950s Republicans would win every election in a landslide.

She was a crazy slut, that's how she got her tv show "A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila" in the first place.

Hey cunts, don't ask me how I know this, but a massive part of Assanges October surprise is going to be Libya based.

He has legitimate proof that multinational oil companies made a deal with clinton and co to get rid of gaddafi and have the spoils of oil - at the cost of 'donations' of course.

This is going to be the smoking gun. Prepare highly incriminating audio recordings.

first debate has not even happened yet, Trump will win 2 of those 4 states AT LEAST. Including PA