Is a military coup in North Korea inevitable?

Is a military coup in North Korea inevitable?

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(((Military Coup))), however, is.

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No. Theres this strange "other worldly" feeling of NK and their political and cultural schisms

Their populus is heavily controlled by their communism and propaganda unsurprisingly.

Yes, but since nobody in North Korea has had a meal in years it probably wont last very long.

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There's no point. China would starve them to death first if they become too much more trouble.

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not true. North Korea isn't communist. It follows the principles of Japanese Fascism.

They are extremely nationalist and view themselves as the most pure virtuous race of peoples on the earth. They resist western influence because they believe they will be manipulated by the sweet sounding platitudes of """western""" values.

The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why it Matters by Brian Reynolds Myers is a good starter.

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It could happen, but there are big issues. First, North Korean leadership knows that they have a precarious and fragile political situation along with a military that doesn't actually have a "real" job. The military is mostly an employment and propaganda scheme that keeps the soldiers busy and helps brainwash the general population into thinking "North Korea is best Korea, so stronk." It doesn't have real strategic objectives because the leadership knows they would get rekt in a war with South Korea and the US, so they rely on nuclear weapons as a deterrent and don't have any ambitions outside of self perpetuation. That means the political class has a strong incentive to promote to the high brass people with strong loyalty to the party as opposed to the most intelligent and cunning officers. The rank and file of the army are also true believers who don't want to rebel against their god-king. Second, a military coup would need support from at least some fraction of the political class and state bureaucracy in order to be effective. The people in the government aren't stupid. They know enough to realize the country is a mess, but also know that if there were a coup or revolution, then they would be in a day of the rope situation. In the USSR, the elites figured out how to grant themselves "severance packages" when the Soviet Union dissolved, so they had a motivation to break the whole thing up. The citizens of the USSR had also been primed for a breakup thanks to policies like glasnost and perestroika. North Korea's elites are afraid to introduce any reforms because they know they'll get screwed. There aren't enough resources or industries for North Korea elites to divide among themselves and they're afraid if a coup or revolution happens, then they're going to ousted and killed as there's a full severance from the old regime.

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