Say thank you


Thank you?

Y-you too.


Jimmy is the most indecisive cunt. Jumps ship every other week.

This cunt was up Hillary's snatch four weeks ago.


>Women's health magazine
>What a disaster!


i'm going to help u start this meme

Thanks Left mole

Thankyou meme man

I think he's cool, I like how triggered liberals are that he doesn't constantly tow a political line and constantly crushes le Satirical Conservative man and le Black Englishman man in ratings

He is very decisive since he is there for the money and makes 'controversial' episodes to boost up the ratings. Falling for the entertainment jew and his 'political beliefs' is the biggest mistake Cred Forums can make since he can shift all the focus whenever he likes

He's a talk-show host, retard. What do you expect? The whole point is that he's supposed to be inoffensive enough to appeal to the widest audience possible. Do you really expect punditry from talk-show hosts?

Thank you for doing your job as an entertainer...I guess.

>yfw you realize Jimmy Fallon cropped moonman out of his profile pic

Hillary goes to late night talk show:

>Hey bitch, what happened to your emails

Drumpf goes to late night talk show

>C-can I touch your hair senpai :3

But yeah the media is totally pro-Hillary

no shit faggot. but i'm not going to thank him for it.

Thank you.


I, too, saw that epic meme on facebook.

Why should Drumpf get a free pass on all the deplorable things he's said? The media should simply ignore him, but all they care about is ratings.

Thanks senpai

>Why should Drumpf get a free pass on all the deplorable things he's said?

You mean the things the jew controlled media misquoted so gullible fucking morons such as yourself could have the regimes propaganda implanted into your soft brains in order for you to come onto the internet and talk to your friends and family and parrot what you have been conditioned to believe?

Thank you based Jimmy

To me you are the new 90s Conan


Go watch the show White Collar.

She got fucking hott as hell.

Thank ya Jimmy & thank ye happenings

thanks for what? being a decent human? you don't deserve thanks for that, it should be a standard action

what happened ?

Thanks Jim.

You didn't obey your Hollywood masters.

Sorry, I disagree - young Tiffany was so pefect she coudn't have aged worse.

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long