Pepe, tell me

Why hasn't Europe called our candidates out on their bullshit?

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They don't need a minimum wage because it's not full of low wage laborers, greedy worthless big business kikes and Anglos.

For whatever reason, the Europeans do seem to be against the minimum wage though. They aren't even participating in the conversation about our candidates.

Who do they expect to save them when the muzzies get out of control? They clearly can't be expected to that on their own anymore.

Europe has fallen already. America will follow soon. Western Civilization is dead this cycle.

Don't say that. There must be a better reason.

IT's dead. Better luck next time.


We cannot lose this fight. We are not descendants of fearful men. How do we take it back?

We have minimum wage and it works out surprisingly well.

Not surprising, price controls are the worst of socialist policies. If there's one thing markets can do effectively, it's set prices. Subsidize, tax, that's fine but don't price control.

Can you tell me what it is?

Sweden has unions controlling wages. If a company tries to have waves under the agreements it's put in blockade and then goes bust.

>Europe 90% white

Look guys Europe has fallen already, muh 57% whitenessssss masterrace USA.

Who built Sweden's roads before they got their new rapefugees? Who did the jobs sweds wouldn't do?

thats not true wage germany 2016&oq=minimum wage germany &aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.3055j0j7

Because why would we? It's entertaining to watch your weird elections.

This is wrong regarding Germany. We have minimum wage but it can be suspendet for some time if you are jobless or a refugee.

we have minimum wage too.

OP = shillary trying to make liars out of Cred Forums

wrong, we have an average wage as negotiated by unions but we have no mandatory wage dictated by law.

im guessing it was made into law after 2013



No law-mandated minimum wage, but strong legal protection for unions, which collectively negotiate effective minimum wages for all sectors.


No legal minimum wage, but strong legal protection for unions. Unions collectively bargain for various minimum wages in each sector.


No law-mandated minimum wage, but very strong legal protections for unions. Extremely strong unions negotiate for various minimum wages by sector, all of which are fairly high, compared to American minimum wages.

Etc, etc, etc. Unions are the key here.

We don't really need it since we have many good social policies and access to different kinds of welfare etc.

>If there's one thing markets can do effectively, it's set prices.

I'm jewish not black.

subsidizing is the same as regulating prices.