Serbia YES

>Thousands of Serbian riot police cordoned off central Belgrade on Sunday to protect a gay pride march from possible attacks by """"""extremist"""""" groups in the predominantly conservative Balkan country.

>"This gathering should become bigger and greater,” gay right activist Boban Stojanovic said. “Belgrade is our city too.”

>No incidents were reported and Stojanovic said the march was held with less tension than in previous years.

>“There were threats this year but they were smaller than before,” Stojanovic said.

What the fuck serbia?

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Its probably to join the EU by showing muh tolerance

Seriously, what the fuck happened in the last few years?

At the very least it should be like webm related

Why does it bother you so much what 2 GROWN males do in the privacy of their own home?


>hat 2 GROWN males do in the privacy of their own home
>parading on the street

fucking sweden man

What movie is this?

You know it's still "SERBIA NO" when they need to be cordoned off to parade, because otherwise Serbians would beat their ass.

All they ask is the right to be together.
What's wrong with that?

I mean, as long as you country does not end up in this hypocritical and moral system where you have to approve every behavior like in the US. It is ok!
If people just want to have a life like everybody else and be left alone... what's the problem?


Shut up common kike

Gays aren't as bad as muslims.

Also the movie is called Parada

just give the rest of serbia to kosovo already, serbs don't deserve it anymore

It's usually at times like these that fans of Red Star and Partizan forget their differences too...

>Serbia confirmed for EU wannabes

What are you talking about faggot?

No one cares about Gay Parades anymore.

Muslims are an external problem that can easily be dealt with
Gays infiltrate political systems and bend them to their will, destroying families and society in their path

>in the privacy of their own home
Then why are they showing their dick in public?

Why, exactly, do gay people need to march? It's like they are trying to antagonize people. That's why nobody likes them, not because they take dick in the rectum.

...but the gathering is smaller then before
>we are winning you capitol of homos you!!!!

The protests against the gay parade don't happen anymore because people who do anything that upsets the public image of Serbia to the EU, so that our government can leech off more money from it, get sent to jail or just get clobbered to death by the cops.

They fucking close downtown every time they do this.

Every single time.

t. Tonibler

It doesn't


Really makes you think


Why can't you fags be more like us?

I was riding my bike from Nbg to Zvezdara and instead of riding 50min i had to ride 90min because the police blocked all main roads around the parade and i had to go around.

Everything effects everybody.
Love is setting people on the right path, even if they dont like it, however i cant force them
CUM is what gay people define themselves by, they define themselves by their sexuality. And if you define your sexuality as LOVE then theres a problem. Love is not just making someone cum...

ehhh look what happens at the Latvian gay pride parades. Hell, Latvia even has SS parades.

But then again Latvian SS soldiers were exempt from war crimes

>There is nothing wrong with people that partake in fisting.
>Swedish flag.


we should allow necrophillia too right? because it doesnt affect me
you disgusting faggot :^)

>we should allow necrophillia too right? because it doesnt affect me