Will trump win?

Will trump win?

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canada dry pepsi and sprite the the only true kek tier choices. trump will win tbw


all of that is shit

He'll meme his way

only if you realize that Faygo is the master soda, and a photo of Trump drinking it flips Michigan.

>golden grahams not god tier
>smorz god tier
shit list

You shouldn't be allowed to live of you make shitty tier lists like that.

>Kellogs or General Mills
wew sick choices

>unironically drinking sugary jew

Godammit you fuckin sharts

>mfw not stuffing my mouthhole with SMORZ

>he doesnt put mountain dew in his cinnamon toast crunch in the morning
why live

>Drinking the fizzy jew
Eating the boxed jew

>Surfing the cyber jew

>breathing the gaseous jew

>Breathing the gaseous Jew


Crush needs to be higher than fanta, mug is better then a and w, there should be vanilla coke and pibb extra and cheer wine.

Are you 10 years old? Almost all of that cereal is sugary kiddie shit. Cinnamon toast crunch is good occasionally, but most of your other upper level choices are garbage.

>Raisin Bran not at least Top Tier
>Sprite not in Elder God Tier

Insane fag posse pls go.

>drinking soda
This is why people think we're a joke

If you drink soda you don't care about your health making you a filthy degenerate

I like crush orange and ginger ale fuck you

>drinking the high fructose corn syrup Jew
Drink water or tea you fat fuck.

>eating the sugary Jew
Eat oatz all day every day. Oats and milk is good in macros and gives you energy to actually do shit.

>irn Bru not on the list

Im not fat at all, im actually athletic as can be. I work out everday and have fruits and protein. I also enjoy soda so fuck you

is this a meme or do people actually like that?

>Above anything

Enjoy your trip to the hospital diabetesfags

Its a good drink
I understand people disliking it because its so sugary & really sweet but a lot of people up here have a sweet tooth so it goes down a treat
Apparently the Ruskies like it too but idrk about that


Irn Bru

No. Gary Johnson will.

>Mountain Dew
>God Tier
Basement dweller detected

>DYEL tier: everything
>Mirin' dem trice heads tier: water
>Meme tier: vitamin water, diet soda

>falling for the food and drink jew
>not starving yourself to death

Hey fuck you, I like Corn Pops.

Anyone else got god tier taste like me and loves Coca cola vanilla?


my great-grandparents really enjoyed it, people should try it

>cherry coke
>god tier
yeah nah mate fuck off

Stop making my country look bad you disgusting fat slobs

Froot loops should improve a lot to get into the shit tier.

>drinking soda from a can instead of a glass bottle

May as well light a cuban with a smoldering piece of shit you gross blob.

Do you have any diet options. A nice diet coke would go along with my salad.

>mountain dew
Gaymerfuel maaaaaaan

>Posting on 4Jew

it's mascot is a gay brazilian bird


God tier:
Sprite, Pepsi, coca cola in a glass bottle

>drinking soda

>Dr. Pepper and Barq's
>not God tier
>Coca Cola
>anything but mid tier
>no Vernors on the list
Great list except Honey Bunches deserves God tier

Glass bottle Barq's is above god tier. It's bottled by Barq's bottling company, not Coca-Cola and is less sweet with more of the bite that makes Barq's stand out.

>drinking anything

>Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the low tier

Could you be any more wrong?

You focking wot m8?

Also if you're at one of those freestyle fountains, try a shot of vanilla in your barq's. it's pleasantly different

Oddly enough Wal-mart off-brand Ginger Ale is pretty fucking good.. nice ginger taste

Jewing on Jew-jew, while jewing your jew to jew

He is the only candidate fighting the illumishitty degenerate kikes so no.

>shit tier

You know how I know you're a fat fuck?

>not drinking the GOAT pop
It's like you guys don't even want to MAGA

Swap Barqs and A&W

I know now this is a thing. It is now on my wish list.

>shit tier
confirmed for never having been in any of the slightest of physical activities

>Sodie pop
>Anything but shit tier

I'm sorry, but this is the only acceptable God-tier soda.


all these crap makes me fat. if i'm fat, girls won't look at me. if girls don't look at me, why live ?

Is Captain Crunch under "Cut your mouth open" tier?

Im sorry, OP, but water after like 2hrs of hard workouts...just a nice cool (not freezing cold) water is like nectar from Lord Kek himself

I Sent furry porn with him to the frosted flakes tiger on twitter

Canada's sodas are like their posters

>living in the spacetime jew

best soda ever but I haven't seen it in a store in nearly a decade.

>Mfw no dandelion and burdock

>froot loops
>shit tier
Does it taste differently on America or something?
Its not that bad.

What a nice pizza boy!

god bless you and your excellent taste

they sell it at micro center

Everything about that pic is wrong

Moxy tastes like cough sryup.

Shit list

If you are over the age of 18 flip the tier list upside down

>no blueberry frosted mini wheats

>crispix not in its own tier above all tiers
Fucking take that back

>god tier
Fuck off with that bullshit.

Water only drink

Honestly, what's the problem with canadian people?

>no self frosted flakes
just kill yourself, i'd rather starve


>Special K above Fruit Loops
Haha what a dumbass

>Coke products
>Anything but shit tier
Pick one and only one.

>he doesnt like self frosted flakes
what the fuck do you even eat?

>glass bottle

Guess how widely available packs of fucking glass bottles are.

This one is miles better than any of that liquid shite

Is he a Jew?

cherry coke is shit, so is mountain dew

>god tier is coke, boylan's root beer, and boylan's cream soda
>high tier is sprite, boylan's red birch beer, and seltzer mixed with fruit juices

honorable mention is a&w if you make it a root beer float

everything else is disgusting. if you drink pepsi or a fruit soda you're most likely a nigger unless it's some weird shit like grapefruit izzie or something

>god tier
steel cut oats oatmeal with fresh fruit and honey
>mid tier
cheerios, mini wheats, frosted flakes, apple jacks, froot loops, kix
>nigger tier
everything else

>Politics board
>Arguing about soda
>Ignoring politics question.

Actually, I'm having fun.

>Fanta as mid tier
>Was invented by nazis for nazis during ww2

Move coke to mid tier. Add energy drinks to shit tier. Add to mug an asterisk by it because it's God tier if in a root beer float.

its just yellow cream soda my man

old Cred Forums was like this all the time. it was magical

Kill yourself

It's not real root beer

Mi negro


>drnking the high-fructose jew

>He drinks canned carbonated gravy
Fucking subhuman kill yourself.

Unfortunately It is only available in Mississippi, and perhaps louisiana. Barqs retained the right to distribute it in glass bottles in that area. Everytime I'm out that way, I make sure to pick up several cases.

>not God of Gods tier

>no RC

>drinking regular soda instead of diet

There is literally no reason to drink regular when 0 calorie versions that taste exactly the same exists.

Ginger ale:

>Put 1/2 cup honey in a skillet
>Put 1/2 cup sliced peeled ginger in the skillet too
>Simmer it for about 15 minutes or it mixed together into a syrup
>Pour syrup into 4 cups of water
>Carbonate it using a home made carbonation rig or
a soda stream (which uses proprietary cartridges so is shit)

Every decent soda is Jew owned but thankfully it's not that hard to make your own when you're not adding the 100,000,000 pointless ingredients they put into the carbonated Jew. Ginger ale is the easiest to make but root beer and cola aren't any harder, they just have more ingredients.

>counting calories

>shit tier

good goyim

When is assanges October surprise coming?

Well it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he told you specifically now would it?


>no mention of milk

Have fun being nogainz

No wonder why americans are so fat, I would not eat any of this poison even if you paid me everyday to do it.

Alright lads, let's settle this.

>fanta over crush

>root beer in any tier

fucking why? its disgusting. Tastes like those shitty candy hearts you get around valentines

Honest question, are you from Texas?

How is this supposed to work when we're near halfway to bump limit?

god tier should be
crispix, raisin bran, life, rice krispies, and vector
although i do like reese's puffs, sugar crisp and cinnamon toast crunch i usually get them as brunch or a mid-afternoon snack instead of breakfast

Raisin Bran Crunch > Your entire picture

>mountain dew = shit tier
>coke cherry = shit tier
>dr pepper = god tier
>fanta = shit tier
>7-up = shit tier
>root beer = high tier

What the hell is wrong with you? You don't drink club soda, you mix it with alcohol such as gin. Or you use it to clean stains out of your carpet.

kek reverse list.

Don't worry m8, I filled it out with the right answers so you can copy.

>bump limit
the fuck is this shit?

It's called autosage.

>The only true answer

>grape flavored drink

Found the nigger

>move shit tier to god tier
>move frosted flakes to god tier
>flip the chart
>chart is now correct unless you're a diabetic assblasted faggot

Is that a term from krautchan?

obviously not, they speak finnish on krautchan, not english

>God tier
>Good tier
Black coffee
>Okay tier
>Shit tier
Anything else

>God tier
Steel cut oats
>Shit tier
Everything else

Grape Crush had an undeniably soft first couple rounds and Mello Yello was overperforming. Barq's had bite but went flat when it counted. Mountain Dew was living off past glory and couldn't seal the deal, probably overconfident from stomping Vanilla Coke (who was certainly the Cinderella).

>No RC Cola, Pop Rouge or Sundrop

Yankee faggots detected.


Step aside, plebeian.

>>no Vernors on the list
Vernors would distort the scale like the gravity well of a black hole; the other drinks wouldn't even be visible on the bottom end of the scale. You don't put pisswater in the same league as the nectar of olympians.

>Honey bunches
>not god tier

>not god tier
>not being a waterfag
>current year

Don't you fucking talk shit about Froot Loops, faggot

Root beer tiers are about right, just forgot about
a MAN'S soda

Nice quads m8

fucking soda hipster

fanta > sunkist

fucking autist

sprecher is better than whatever that is. sprecher is the best root beer

sunkist went from 53g to 43g of sugar a few years ago and it sucks now.

sounds like your a loopy fruit

nice trips. fanta is surprisingly good. trump tier orange soda

We're all autists down here. Fill the bracket out so I can make fun of your shit taste.

>God tier: Diet Coke
>Low tier: every other sweet drink
>Shit tier: Mountain Dew

new meme


This is all fucking garbage.

>super sugary cereals

No wonder Americans are so fat.

What tf happened to that person?

No Irn Bru, the greatest fizzy drink in the world.

no it tastes like heaven

I only drink water and milk because im a /fit/ fag. Dont get me wrong mountain dew and coke are god tier I dont mind having one once in a while.

A&W deserves a much higher place on that list. It also mixes better with dark rum than coke does.

Best Rootbeer right here.

Shame it cost so damn much

Really confused me on which thread I was in for a second.

Golden Grahams is the GOAT cereal.

Honeycomb and Crispix are at least mid tier.

Cocoa Puffs are trash and overrated. There is no conceivable universe where Cocoa Puffs are better than cocoa crispies, and that's not even on the list.

Also, Life is on this list, but no grape nuts?

no lilt?

Soda is for faggoty diabetic children, martsharter

>muh grape drank