Alt-right """""""""humor""""""""""

>alt-right """""""""humor""""""""""

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That's Reddit

This video


A friend of mine who is a Trump supporter who browses the_donald religiously sent this to me, thinking it was just the funniest thing ever

I hate what Reddit has done to my friends.

Please delete this. Faping to Clinton gives Mooloch power.

I don't get it. What centipede?

Worst part is krebschanners that think Cred Forums is leagues above reddit. Both sites are pleb central, Cred Forums is just a little bit less.

"blah blah blah """""shill"""" blah blah blah"
alt-right all-purpose humor/comeback/justification

will you be my ai gf?

I work with this super numale Redditor lefty faggot that I absolutely despise but have to pretend to try to like. This morning I played this for him

He had a look of utter shock upon his face and said "it's so dark!"

Told him it was sad he couldn't handle the banter.

This is the price we pay for mobilizing vast numbers of normies, it's well worth it IMO.

OP you're just mad that you're a leaf

Shit wrong link.

Both good songs though. This is the one I played

i mobilized my family and toys to fite new worl order too





no this is reddit humor fuck off

We don't joke about our Glorious Leader, user!

The nimble navigator

Just let the semi-normies enjoy their crappy memes

This is a slide thread. Stop posting our memes. We know where they are. There are pastebins linked in another thread.

Is this fucking Hilary Clinton trap porn

how is it alt-right you fucking disgusting anglo ?

i wish i didnt have your fucking ugly flag next to my ID it feels like a fucking star of david. I fucking hate you my parent voted yes in 1995 and ill vote yes myself too when given the chance


Nope. It's Hilary Clinton loli porn

I fucking hate nu-Cred Forums

holy shit shad went all out with this comic