/sg/ Syria General - Assad must go edition

Everything you need to know

>Newest Interviews w/ Assad

>Live hohol with ticker
>Interactive military map
>Timeline map of Syria

>Fan maps

>Latakia Sept 9
>S. Aleppo Sept 8
>N. Aleppo 4 September
>N. Hama August 31
>East Ghouta 2 September

Developments Sept. 18
>Syrian Minister of Defense: "It is only because of Russian Air Force support [that] the Daesh offensive was stopped"
>Obama apologised for “unintentional loss of life” in attack on SAA, despite U.S. arming of groups that kill Syrian soldiers
>Russia convenes urgent UN Security Council meeting after US coalition strikes on Syrian army
>The ceasefire seems down, fighting is coming
>US used an ECM/jamming jet to cover it's attack on Dir Al Zor airport, making sure Syrian radars didn't see them coming

New SyrianGirlpartisan - youtu.be/aHdknYHZAE4
American commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels after they threaten to kill them - twitter.com/LinaArabii/status/776766275242582016

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1st for k*rd genocide

Wouldn't it be great if Jihadi Julian got killed in a terrorist attack?

Truce failed?

Assad must stay in Syria and make it great again


>a fucking g*psy






>islamic state in iraq and the levant
>jewish state in iraq and the levant

hmmmm, really makes you think

Fucking nation-wrecker. GTFO of South Africa you filthy kike.



i cant stand this woman, its like watching and hearing Obama in a white woman's body.

seriously, look at her gestures and speaking style, she does the obama pause and everything

>ISIS Claims Credit For Stabbing Rampage In Minnesota Mall That Left 8 Injured And Attacker Dead

> Julian deserves a sudden death without any fear/pain
I bet being him is far more painful than that. Just let him waste away.

>#DeirEzzor: Several reports that up to 7 #Russia|n soldiers were killed by #US airstrikes south of #DeirEzzor City yesterday.

>Incoming reports: Allegedly 7 #Russian soldiers were killed by the #US airstrike south of #DeirEzzor


>SAA General Rami Riad Rahmoun killed in #US airstrikes south of #DeirEzzor City yesterday


How come so many "anti-Zionists" have no problem with supporting Zionist interests in Syria?

i-is /sg/ still mad at Americans?

Jesus Christ he looks like an Altmer, circa ES4.


Money makes miracles

Like you would like to sound like either of those, poop eating brown man

he's right tho

Well, guys?


Tell Jimmy thanks........


Behead that fucking whore.

assad is a cuck

>inviting the world to bomb it

What an insufferable cuck that faggot is.



Assad should surrender

>muh master race

Being a sovereign state and having an elected government has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with each other.
t. pol sci. major


safespace baby

>tfw liked reading the intercept sometimes because of their coverage of NSA/wikileaks type stuff and reporting on corruption in politics
>tfw found out one of their main writers is an anti-Assad shill


1) The problem is not with Assad but with those who caused the war by massively supporting the rebels with money and guns, without foreign support Assad would have won the conflict would have ended in 2011 or 2012, foreign support is the problem because of how it prolonged the war and the bloodshed

2) Regardless of the fact that he used to be a dictator he was elected in 2014 in an open election that others could run in and all the polls show a majority of Syrians support him.


>being this jealous

>ISIL has lost 40% of its territory

She says it like they did it, the very people they consider terrorists are fighting and dying on the ground in Iraq so that these fucks can claim victory.

>wanted to support SAA
I wonder what the drugs are that the Qataris are feeding him.

>This loop for those who also want to cut out the eyes of this bitch and give a shit in eye sockets.

Turkey has to admit the Armenian Genocide.

>1) The problem is not with Assad but with those who caused the war by massively supporting the rebels with money and guns, without foreign support Assad would have won the conflict would have ended in 2011 or 2012, foreign support is the problem because of how it prolonged the war and the bloodshed

Yeah it's true, but syria was only good for the minorities, for the sunnis it was shit. They wanted their freedoms back, so they started a revolution since political means didn't work.

>2) Regardless of the fact that he used to be a dictator he was elected in 2014 in an open election that others could run in and all the polls show a majority of Syrians support him.

He inherited syria from his father, he faked the elections. Literally nothing would stop him from getting power either way and we both now this.


nice nitpicking mustafa

i agree

>Report: Syria shot AA missile at the American Coalition Drone

>Network "al mayadeen" reported that the Syrian army has activated the air defense system and fired at a coalition of US drone over airport Deir al-Zor. It was also reported on intelligence missions carried out by an American spy plane off the coast of Syria and Lebanon.

heeere we go.

how can g*yim even compete?


>ISIS claim 60 FSA killed when they entered isis mine field in north Aleppo near Jakkeh and Talghar towns


(((Kerry))) must go.



how the fuck would they even count the bodies

They can't... Their only hope is to get behind us or stand with us. Beautiful Israel will literally quench everyone's thirst one day...

I have a question for americans

What's your thoughts about Kerry ?


>ISIS claim

>Degrading a cut off community who lives by the principle of staying out of degeneracy and living in modesty

Honestly, no one cares what you have to say.

>for the sunnis it was shit

Bullshit there was a huge merchant class made up of Sunnis, they dominated the middle-class and upper-middle class in pre-war Syria, especially in Aleppo.

Observers from around a dozen countries said they saw no signs of election fraud but even if there was it would not matter because all the polls (even ones taken by western firms) indicate he has enough support that he would have won anyway.

looks muslim

You demons are the most degenerate group on this earth.

Inbred mutts at best.


yeah but practicing sunnis couldn't get into politics or big business, and they got killed when there was an attack on alawites

>it was in this moment that moshe realized he's surrounded by (((kikes)))




>Lost his virginity the the Rabbi

he's a member of the homogeneous Neoconservative Borg hivemind, along with both Clintons, every member of the Bush family, McCain, and Obama.

more concerned with the advancement of intern American military and diplomatic hegemony than he is with the well-being of the American citizen, or the well-being of any citizen of any nation... same as the rest of the neocons.

>we dindu nuffin


Hang this fucking cunt already

Soldiers of GOD.

Can you just fuck off kike. Stop shitting up the thread cunt.

I could easily write things about a community who does not communicate with the "world". It's the past time of tyrants. No different from Hillary and her pepe crusade.

Hit the hive, get stung. Learn from your mistakes.

she should post nudes instead of talking about things she doesn't understand

That one is a low level poor jew
If he had been a common jew, he wouldn't have to use a weapon in the streets

do common jews have superpowers? Or are they using a dreidel as weapon?

Just fuck off. Youre not wanted in this thread just like you're not wanted in any country other than Israel.

Just like how you weren't wanted in your last country.

Why are kikes even on this board?

Big fucking mistake for us to be over there in the middle of a big Muslim fighting Muslim civil war.

Obama looks to have us at war with Russia before he leaves office. He hates this nation.

Yes, they have the only superpower in the world called as media and through that device they're spreading their corruption among the members of Eternal Anglo.

Its a shame, we'll never see those honorable knights once again in battleground.


When will people realise Syria is a false nation and just break it up into different bits?


What is it like after SAA takes back control of a city? Are there reprisals? Do they clean up the streets and turn the power back on?

we saw in Qaryatayn that gov started fixing electrical grid, cleaning up the streets, and resettling people that had fled from there to other parts of Syria

Palmyra similar.


>for the sunnis it was shit
They say if you keep repeating a lie long enough people will believe it

For Chechnya!

Faggot stopped answering

I'll just leave you with your shame in defeat. Enjoy your symbols belonging to a failed tyrant.

Reminder that the only reason Sunnis were originally mad was that there was no Sunni religious law.

brilliant national anthem
>tfw you will never fight for chechnya

Lets assume that these Jews have built themselves a new state in Levant
Enslaved Arabs, exploited their oils and gathered power so much military power in 20 years of time

What if they decide to declare war on America ?

Can someone explain to me whether the kurds are fighting the rebels or assad. I really don't understand who they're fighting.

Good goy.

Murica, nice job bombing goverment forces in Syria. Now you are ISIS suppoerters in everybody`s eyes. Nice job fucking up your not that stable reputation


greater oman when?

If Chechnya and Armenia just swapped places things would be easier for a lot of people.

I'm glad we lost it desu. Oman is already diverse enough without all the other issues being that big would have.

just genocide the ethnicities you don't want

I have family living in your country.

u mean allah? right?

Your family are Europeans or are you diaspora of somewhere else? We have people from all over the world here.

Too much effort.

On the streets of Latakia, the battle rages on
Syrian people fighting for their land
Fought the french, british and now the kikes too
Gotta help them, support Al Assad

Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Remember the victims of their bombs

Gotta change our policies and hang the Fsa
Let Bashar deal with them his way
Corrupt politicians and sniveling left-wing scum
Are quite content to let them get away
Come on Al Assad

Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Remember the victims of their bombs!

FSA supporters are marching on our streets
Are we gonna let them spread their lies?
Are we gonna let them march or are we gonna smash them?
Laughing while the Syrian people die
Come on Hezbollah!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Remember the victims of their bombs

SAA now is literally worse than Iraq army, tahts even not funny
Only god-blessed anglo-saxons can genocide, not filthy %insert_nation_name%

Syrians are a bunch of scumbags, I can't wait for Israel to take over.

>easier for a lot of people.
for many but not for the Turks ... Chechens is the nail in the ass, though perhaps the Turks have decided the issue by a total genocide.

can all the shart in marts fuck off
go shill for trump, leave us alone

лoл, эти пoeхвшиe нe внимaют cлoвaм.

why do most of the kikes wear glasses? Is genetical inbreeding over years causing this?


Have we discussed this yet

They're of Dutch descent.

CIA pls go

She's literally subhuman. A wailing banshee.

If there's any justice in the world, she should be the victim of a gruesome violation by her pet Jihadists before her death.

also this is kind of surreal because I suggested yesterday that another coalition nation might be involved and some aussie got really pissy with me

That was me flying the plane.

That's cool.

>SAA now is literally worse than Iraq army, tahts even not funny

As in what? They are undisciplined?

What the fuck happened yesterday?

Is IT finally going to HAPPEN?

Why can't you aim for shit?

They lived in Muscat for about ten years, then lived in Dubai for about 5 years, and now they're back in Oman again.

Did they move from the Netherlands to Oman or have they been country wanderers for some time?

You think it was an accident?

Why would Samantha lie?

Do the emus allow you to fly without supervision?

Married to (((cass sunstein)))

Who do you think made the orders for that attack? They've got plans and I'm worried for the future of the planet. If the emus kill me, tell them I'm sorry.

No, they lived in Cameroon for several years before moving to Oman.

>implying that he's not an emu himself

Why is America bombing Syrian Government's Army Bases before ISIS assaults ?

Are these barbaric ISIS beheaders their ground units ?

Please for the love of god get rid of obama and keep hillary put of the white house

Russia pls release more emails or something

half of their family and half of their wealth probably lives in america


SAA doesn't torture anyone, just secures the town for reconstruction.

This is why everyone hates us!

Get a fucking life you dumb bastard

>CIA posting in 2016

>OY vey! firing my gun will mean less bullets and more shekels out my pocket

Yeah, I know that
But I don't think this will stop them from defeating America by using their economic superpower. They might cause a fucking civil war to weaken America after transporting most of their wealth and people to their new state.

I was born in Ibra, what a beautiful country you guys have.

Daily reminder that the rabbit hole goes far deeper than most normies believe.

I really want to conquer Oman.

me too

Quarterfinals on Twatter have started! Go vote for your favorites

Tengri biz menen
Death to Russia
Death to Arabs
Death to K*rds
Death to everyone not Turkic
Victory to Turkish nation
born too late to burn the enemies of tengri
born too late to conquer europe
born too early to conquer the universe
born just in time to remove slav and conquer northern levant

what a time to be alive, my contribution

Bozkurtlar ulusun, Tanrı Türk'ü korusun.
Türk gibi yaşayın Türk gibi ölün

oman is true neutral

Unfortunatelly my english is not so good. Can you tell me what means your pic? Again fucking russians against the world?

what...t-the fuck? even if non turks want to help turks they must die?

....Stop making my job more difficult than it already is.

t*rks have no friends

Of course no lol

fuck you

Russians and Chinese trying to rob jews. Jews using media and other crafty shit to keep shekels.

I just skim read.

Daily reminder to not reply to Anti-Assad roach shills. Don´t respond to roaches posting half-naked corpses of minor girls. Don´t reply to any post regarding roaches being somehow human.



Imagine if America was the festering shithole Syria is and the answer is no.

>hides face with gasmask

>posting half-naked corpses of minor girls.
wtf are you on about? kek'd


As usual. Always russians.


I congratulate you all on victory in Russian elections!

Autistic neckbeards will deny, but she speaks truth, it's the same. US genocide when?



Somebody explain to this gentleman how to the balance of power in the US works.


>/sg/ will never be roachless again
and all because of this stupid jet they shot down


>poland angry over a few dead shitskins
You really are the niggers of Europe.


Turn off the fucking proxy you butthurt turk.

Yes :(


Be sure!

Suck it faggot, should've voted different now watch dead americunt dogs

Hey losersyou are piece of shit virgins who drink the western cool aid too much, bitch ass wankers.
Stay mad you fucking cucks.


rip norwegian tigirs

deusss vAulttt xDD!!

daily reminder: syria is rightful turkish clay

those guys look like fucking losers


>BREAKING: ISIS-linked Amaq Agency claims the #Minnesota stabber 'was a soldier of the Islamic State' in which 29 people were injured.

Is Minnesota-tan kill?

nooooooooo not the doggos

>autistic trump shills on twitter





you are of worst k*rt roach

Good luck. We don't put troops on the ground in the Shittle East anymore.

Nah.. He would be crying about a Jewish psyops too. Maybe it's his more ambitious brother?

Sarcasm right?

Only jets bombing SAA?
Wait for S-400 and remember that when your pilot goes down his skills are worth millions $$ not mentioning your obsolete jets


>said the fundamentalist hewal who hides in the mountains with his k*rdish girl butbuddies while imagining the k*rdistan he would never have, and "We will have k*rdistan great in 2023 Yaratılanı severim, Yaradan'dan ötürü ÖHÜHÜHÜHÜHÜ ." in a low tone

Fugg :-DDD

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think I did it again
I made you believe we're more than just friends
Oh baby
It might seem like a crush
But it doesn't mean that I'm serious
'Cause to lose all my senses
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, baby

Oops!...I did it again
I played with your heart, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops!...You think I'm in love
That I'm sent from above
I'm not that innocent


nice shot t.b.h


I showed the stabber my boipucci and he let me go

nice try jew

>cucked so hard by towelie farmers they decide to pick up their toys and attack from the safety of their planes instead


see: vietnam

I can't believe that Ivan Sidorenko made a poll about /sg/ posters, fucking front line autism

Spierdalaj, mam na imię Maciek i nienawidzę tych imperialistycznych psów, chwała wielkiej carskiej Rosji, Czołem Wielkiej Polsce

>we finally found minnesota tan's address in america through the Cred Forums turkmod and a turk working at charter communications dsl provider
it's been 21 days hurry up and send me a bomb or something, you turknigger

We have a better commander-in-chief now.


Do you buy water filters from Alex Jones? What is your diet like?

post boipucci

> Poland trying this hard to be relevant

Then why are there U.S. special forces in Syria?

No I just hate your tryhard nation without history
Special forces are not regular military, it doesn't count as "foot soldiers" more like intelligence

mostly instant ramen and doritos :^)

> without history

We are making history, we will be remembered as one of the greatest nations of all time, what will Poland be remembered for? This king nigger thing is a minor set back

And as you can imagine I have unlimited number of dead US dogs outside their country


>#Aleppo: fierce clashes as pro-Regime forces launched huge assault on 1070 Project.

>#Syria: Fresh airstrikes reported in #Aleppo City's Sakhur district.

>Earlier today, in Daraa, heavy shelling killed several people in Dael

>Warplanes strike Aleppo city for the first time since ceasefire began on Monday

>Syrian activists now reporting airstrikes in three Aleppo neighborhoods.

>#Aleppo: first airstrikes reported in the city (Sakhur district) since the ceasefire began.

>The division 13 commander Abdel Karim



Ceasefire over boys.

>No I just hate your tryhard nation without history
It's called having an inferiority complex.
Get over it ya pussy.

You will be remembered as a nation which was relevant for 300 years, while Poland has 1000 years history. You will regret it ended like this, but as I said earlier - you should've voted different.

>Ceasefire over boys.

;_; Kremlin is crying and sad now

The only people who should be hanged are those in power and everyone who supports them.

Those soldiers are not more than mere tools they don't deserve to die for such a shitty leader, I can only feel pity for them.

>>we'll make minnesota miserable though guaranteed
>i'm going to dox le minnesota man :DDD
holy fuck i'm scared now. you got an autistic NEET Cred Forums mod and a turk at charter comm
oh no! the army of autisic aspies are after me! whatever shall I do?

I know it's sad that normal people die like this, I feel sorry for them and their families, but it doesn't change the fact that they willingly chose their governemement

>Mostly leached estrogens

No wonder you are so loopy.

Nice one, Obama, you fucking retard.

No bro. No hugs. Putin gave him a chance and Obama lost it.

I think that Obama doesnt control army and they fucked him up



>Assad must go edition

God damn, I am so proud that we broke the echo chamber here. Masallah, spread the memes brothers.

Putin knew very well how is it going to end, he started from GRU, he's competent.
Question is what did he try to achieve with giving US so much free space in Syria..

Hey polandbro why such hate for the USA?
I hate USA myself but it's weird, most polish people are pro USA or better to say that they hate Russia so much that they will gladly be US colony.

>ypg took off 3 american flags
>FSA rebels kicked US special forces from a town
Feeling bad for americans now

>Feeling bad for americans

Consider taking back these words famalaman.



"Missile defense system" which is more like a "use Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, etc as a buffer.".

I had to explain to my family that if they vote for Clinton, they are voting for the results that we ran from almost a hundred years ago.

>I think that Obama doesnt control army and they fucked him up
He does, they're just russing you and you buy it.

Or what? :3

>Question is what did he try to achieve with giving US so much free space in Syria..
I wonder (((why)))
Pic related

It's called "Polityka Jagiellońska" in polish.
Policy of two enemies, Russia and USA.
Now our government wants to be cucked by US, and sees Russia as threat.
In my personal opinion it's useless. We should be wary about Russian "going back to Soviet Union" agression style, but nevertheless we also should remain neutral in the western politics, because we have no interest there.

To prove contracts between isis and white house. After it kick USA from region and became a garant of peace.
This will be done in 16\17

I will cream your boipucci

I will make sure some inside people get some info about being a Fetocu if you know what I am saying famalasampai.

>In addition to destroying one Turkish army tank, IS claims that approximately 60 Syrian rebels were killed after being lured into mine fields today.

lmao get fucked

If you value your national identity then Russia has no excuse. Polish people are extremely nationalists.

This whole globalism is going to end with a global nationalism.. As there is value in national identity within the marketplace

Ok. So he signed a contract with us and breake it on the third day.
Very cleaver.

>He actually thinks micro-penis Russia will confront the USAF after what happened in deirezzour

you actually believe that?

>he actually believes that
Stupid slavshit.

> kek


No wonder you guys eat Kurdish propoganda as well so easily. Just because you hate a certain group, any negative news about them is instant WIN WIN.

Masallah your IQ.

>Rebels facing 1 of the fiercest assaults so far launched by pro-Assad forces on 1070 Project w/ intense shelling and airstrikes
mr ghostly on suicide watch

>I didn't get to make the OP so I want my safe space now

>Turkish Army mobilizes near Kurdish stronghold in northern Syria

>Assad must go
kill yourself neocohen pieces of shit

Jo, anyone got some video material I can turn into WEBMs? I am bored and I wanna take my shitposting into next level. No gore though.


Vlad's party got 45%, less b 5%. Zhirinovsky is now the second strongest part with 15.3% and Commies are in 3rd place with 14.9%y down by 5%.

Far right that is LDPR didn't achieved such good result sunce the first elections in early 90's.

Voters message to Vlad is basically "don't be a Pussy, fight for our national interests".

of course i don't, i'll believe when turks confirm but so far theyve been pretty honest, so again

get fucked

Can't threaten me with pleasure ;3
oh shit

k*rd genocide pls

>Assad must go edition
Wrong. Assad must stay. Haven't you learned anything yet?

>Polish people are extremely nationalists.
How would you identify yourself if not nationalist after you've lost your nations sovereignity for 123 years after 1000 years of existance?
Fuck off with this kind of banter mememaster
I believe it's courtesy, not "paper deal"
ISIS feels it needs the US and US feels it needs ISIS. They don't have to write the sign of their cooperation.
Geopolitics between one of most important nation on Earth and a Sharia non-state

Oi al-Masdar reports al-Waer district of Homs is going to have a similar settlement as Darayya

Rebelshits run to Idlib

why do cucks think that their faces look deep and meaningful ?

Naah senpai don't you worry, I only call the AKP popo on those who consider boi pucci.


>>Turkish Army mobilizes

I'm beginning to think that K*rdshit genocide is a meme. When are you going to roll in already?


>yfw isis used their limited anti tank missiles on a bulldozer

>How would you identify yourself if not nationalist after you've lost your nations sovereignity for 123 years after 1000 years of existance?

Well, people who vote out of fear of nationalism. Safe spacers. Hormone therapy patients... I doubt there is much of that in my mother's land.

>Voters message to Vlad is basically "don't be a Pussy, fight for our national interests".
Vlad is going to lose the election in March 2018.


well i'm fucked then :/

that sosisyalist comic is so accurate regarding k*rd mentality, I wish more were translated to english

>destroying a bulldozer with ATGM
Money talks




never because they still have tanks from 1960
the Altay is just a meme. Turkey only has 4 or 5 of them built

So is the cease-fire confirmed to have failed?

are many Syrians talking about the American airsupport for ISIS?

Voted today for commies.

First time we had really good elections. Gov was trying to make them very opened.

But EU and USA will say that we are mordor with dictator

>why do cucks think that their faces look deep and meaningful ?
SyriaBro! Tell us, how bad are things in Quneitara and Deirezzour?

ALEPPO, SYRIA (8:50 P.M.) - The Turkish Army reportedly mobilized a large force near the Syrian border-city of Tal Abyad in the northern Al-Raqqa countryside on Saturday night.

According to activists in northern Syria, the Turkish Army increased their total number of military personnel at the Tal Abyad border-crossing, causing great concern for the local population.

Some reports on Saturday evening indicated that the Turkish Armed Forces had already begun to shell Tal Abyad; however, no visual evidence was provided to corroborate this claim.

On Saturday, the Turkish-backed rebels launched a large-scale offensive to capture the Islamic State's main stronghold in east Aleppo; this is believed to be Turkey's latest attempt at breaking up the Kurdish federalist plans in northern Syria because it will permanently split the Rojava pocket.

no it actually didnt

but c/f will end in 1/2 hours

You may be right somehow, we just generally wait until people born until ~1960 will die and we can have free country just for ourselves.

That guy looks like (((Ataturk))) from a distance.

>Already Happened @M3t4_tr0n 5m5 minutes ago
>Reports also say that there are not #US SFs w/ them (#Turkey) instead #UK & US Special Forces are supporting Kurds to reach Al-Bab. #Syria

I want to see this please

>he thinks only tanks win war
Please tell me what is your IQ?

which one are we talking about? this?
i would translate all of it to english voluntarily but too bad the artist is not online these days

There's been United Russia vote fraud reported all over Russia.

Do you think this election spells the last chance for the neo-cons like Lavrov/Shogi/Medvedev/Putin?

>Hitler invented the swastika
Jewish education, everyone.

And retract from East Thrace.

Yes. The general census is that the strikes were intentional. personally I am soothing with rage.

yes, found lots of em here


you'd take huge losses without good heavy armor. and the kurdniggers all have TOWs

I will choose not to believe it.

He is neoliberal

Last chance for what? For Australia?

yes, found lots of em here

I don't hate kurds personally, but their virtue signalling is nauseating.

Hitler used the swastika as his symbol you shitlord. I never claimed he invented the mirrored swastika. He lacked the creativity to come up with original symbols. Feel better?

Keep making babies, brother.

shit. double post

i hope they will fight each other

I mean consensus

these are funny

Allah protect them.

first time i've seen much on Assad and him talking, he seems pretty good, is he Cred Forums approved?

So is a Grey Wolf or a AKP Islamist? Because both of them are just as cringeworthy as the socialists that he mocks.

Okay, now you're just too obvious.

Amin brother.

he must be feminine as fuck then

sup /sg/'s boipucci


>*stein stein stein* while rubbing hands


Amin ;)

>God promised joos the only part without oil of the Middle East.

Joos cucked by their god

Not really. His incompetence is the reason his countr is in it's current stage. There are a minority here that support him, but deep down they also know the real players here are USA and Russia with Iran, Turkey and Israel in the background.

Assad is done for, he is just a pawn to give an image that Syria government still has control.

poland will be a regional power in 50 years, the usa will train their military and share tech with them (to counter Russia), their economy will boom like japan after ww2

His irrational stance on the issues would imply truth in your statement. The need for attention from both the NSA and Jihadists leads me to believe this as well.

true. turks have a massive case of unwarranted ego/superiority comp

also explains his affinity for cocks and sluttiness

>Turkey and FSA
>ISIS calls them DAD
It's like pottery.


new bred pls

Once I made half-italian child I regret it until today but I've never seen it luckily (I feel sorry for my genes tough)



The dominate genetic characteristics will find a way...

He's just a non-Grey Wolf nationalist I suppose because he also despises Islamists which is big indicator.

A crime against humanity if happens. Reason to invade and occupy Norway again.

/sg/ is a pro-Assad general, don't fall for the turkroach and their diaspora lies.