Why is no one talking about this?

why is no one talking about this?

Gas is pretty much gone from gas stations where I'm at.

>leaving your house
Stupid cucks.

because it's bullshit

there will be no shortage because we have a surplus

this is just panic to drive the price up

t. ncfag

I work at home so if there's no gas I still win

Charlotte NC here.

Can confirm this is happening

>tfw scooped up gas at 2$/gallon an hour before it turned into $2.50

Nc here as well. People for once aren't buying into the bullshit. No long lines, no one fighting over pumps. A few stores have price hikes, but they'll get fined for price gouging like always. Fear mongering always has profit of some sort in mind.

It'll be fixed this week. The only shortages will be at independent stations because the major companies paying for the pipeline have first dibs on it.

Quick trips are out of gas.

Just filled up so I'm not worried lol

Not in nc.

I've got a 1300 gallon tank of diesel at home. No worries here

Post pic of a gas run then

Why would price increase be against the law or wrong in any sense if there is a real shortage?

gasbuddy.com or the gasbuddy app

Quick trips buy left over and surplus has. That's why their gas is always so fucking cheap.

diesel isn't rising in price tho, you'd be fine regardless
on my drive home i saw gas at 2.40 and diesel at 2.30

>alabama, georgia, north carolina
That is why

Running your own truck business or are you just counting down the hours to the apocalypse?

Its almost impossible to get in trouble for "price gouging" . This is the US. You can charge anything you want

thats just where the pipeline broke; it dumped some 300,000 gallons of gas in that area...and th epipeline is shut down

that pipline runs all the way to maine through jew york city and supllies the east coast with its gas...

>Eastern US
and nothing of value was lost

Gas was already nearly 3 dollars a gallon where I live for regular.

literally who

A small ranch off a major Hwy. Easy to take delivery. Save a few $ purchasing gas off the truck.

what if this was another attack; small scale systematic harassment of large things

That's why we need to build a bigger one, what could go wrong?

I'm not buying into hysteria. Northwest NC fag here. Just filled up and got some gas in a can just in case the prices rose later this week.

The normies have largely tuned out the media, nobody is buying their bullshit.

My thoughts

Murca without gas.

(Just messing with ya.)

Huh i live in nyc. It wont reallly bother me since i take the subway, but still interesting

Georgia here. work at a quiktrip, we are out of regular gas and premium. All gas stations near us are out, but a Kroger got a small emergency shipment, which they charged a whole lot for. Theyre out now again.
We just put non-ethanol tanks in, and we wont run out of that, were getting swarmed everyday since were the only ones with gas.

Gas has been too cheap for too long trying to make Obama look good/crush Russia's economy. The oil industry jews need an excuse to jack it back up so they can harvest moar shekels.

You're getting jewed hard. 2.35 here and it was closer to 2$ a few months ago.

thats just shit timing and poor managment. what day of the week do you you re up on gas

Oil companies are getting keked hard right now because of low oil prices. The only reason a lot of them still haven't gone bankrupt is because they're taking on more and more debt. But of course this leak is just an unfortunate accident... which is going to result in higher retail gas prices.

I live in NC should I go get gas right now?

that was no (((rupture))) it was an attack on the oil pipe line infrastructure of the united jews of murica.

you fucking cucks will belive any bullshit MSM shits outa there holea to you.

you assholes probably think that yesterdays NYC bombing was just an "intentional incident" and not an act or terror. because you fucking idiots all believe in newspeak.

western civilization will be destroyed because of hopelessly unintelligent fucking cunts like all of you.

go fill a can up if you're worried

>that was no (((rupture))) it was an attack on the oil pipe line infrastructure of the united jews of murica.

what's the evidence?

a lot of gas stations OTP North Atlanta are running out.

Same thing happened about 7 or 8 years ago. Never got extremely bad, but it got sketchy. You didn't want to let it get below a 1/4tank for a week or two because sometimes youd need 20-30 minutes of drive time to find fuel.

>waste your gas

Eastern US is best US. The rest of the country is essentially third world or communist.

>No worries here
You say that now, but just wait until a bunch of guys dressed in football pads and BDSM gear turn up looking for the gas.

Thanks for the info OP.

Absolutely not reporting this in Knoxville.
Toped off both cars

Went to Walmart and bought 5 10 gallon Jerry cans that are now filled and sitting in my living room

It's the chemical companies jewing you this time, excluding the integrated companies like Exxon and Chevron.

I drive Tesla so idc op

Eastern NC here, the last station of the 3 that I frequently use ran out around 9:30 pm last night. Shit ton of lines and panicking fucks. Glad we all filled up when it was still 1.85.

Because Trump doesn't care enough to talk about it.

The few gas stations in nc that still have gas are flooded with people. Takes twenty minutes to even get to a pump.

East Carolina university here