When #Texit?



Flyovers are pussies.

I would only be for this if we built the wall

If we're incapable of calling in the national guard on a no go zone, our current governor certainly won't allow texit. I see it happening after zero hour of the Muslims havent won

Never you pussies, you didn't help us in the war of Northern Aggression you're too fucking scared to run away on your own.

god bless that old man

Texit can't come soon enough.

>One of the United States most major economic hub
How fucking stupid are you?

You have a shit economy

You have a shit ton of debt

Do you actually believe in that little spic brain of yours that you will become a state?

There's no way the US would want to lose Texas, Texas is way more important than that tiny spic island of your where you live

I think he's saying flyovers would never allow Texas to leave

when trump loses

They first need to cleans southern Texas of all the wetbacks who vote left for more stampias de comida y dinero

Texas could be a small world power if they would #Texit and it wouldn't have to bow down to Bobama.

No no senor, you are correct, we heer Teexas es layover country

Mostly objectively, Texas is becoming one of the most important states. World headquarters are moving here. People from all over the country are moving here. One of the major economic hubs of our country. Ranches. Food production. USA kind of depends on it. Without texas, you have a bunch of liberals screaming "mah refugees" and unable to compete with our production

triggered 2bh

if trump loses, they can go

but until then, we need their 38 votes to make america great again

>Do you actually believe in that little spic brain of yours that you will become a state?
Let me see.
>65% of the population favors statehood
>Pro-statehood candidate poised to win the election
>There will be a status referendum next year

>Texas isn't in the bay area
>texas isn't part of NYC

Yep, you are flyover as fuck.

i don't think the GOP is pro-secession, and as long as they run the state govt you guys won't leave

plus like you said, there are a lot of international business headquarters now in texas due to your guys business friendly policies, i doubt they would want to leave either

you would almost need an independence party, kind of like what alaska had in the 1990s

Yeah but that does not mean that we want you in our country

They need to cleanse Texas of them because if Texas leaves it would be at the mercy of Mexico. Then the US would once again come back in and save them and Texas would be a state again

Texas should become independent lest it wants to turn into a shithole like commiefornia. Literally one of the last truly free places in northern hemisphere.

>at the mercy of Mexico

Mexico isn't even at the mercy of Mexico

no one wants your shitty island

You don't get much of a choice in the matter.
>PR chooses statehood
>Its sent to your Congress for debate
>No-one can vote against it without being labeled a racist

That means that we definitely do get a say in it and nobody wants you and your bag of trouble

Never and this meme needs to die out .

>not wanting to tip the scales by adding more senators
ok hombre


Do it sooner than later Texas, or you will wake up one day as Nuevo California

>No-one can vote against it without being labeled a racist

Same is true of Statehood for DC, but that's still voted down every time it comes up.

jokes on you. If puerto rico becomes a state i will move there when i'm old and i will refuse to speak mexican and i will be very loud.

No he is actually a stupid faggot.

In 5 years if Hillary wins in November.


Not really. We would simply have to hash out and keep deals with these companies. Wouldn't be hard. The rest of the U.S. could grandstand but most deals would be on our terms. Regarding the gop? If it truly hits the fan, almost the enirety of our state is ready for war. There's a reason Texas is big on muh guns. We don't trust what's happening. No Texan I've talked to does. We're ready and waiting. Are you?

I'm surprised Dems haven't pushed harder for statehood for PR and DC. That would almost guarantee them 4 more Senators and practically a permanent majority in the Senate.

You got to realize the state GOP has strong ties with the national GOP. They know damn well if Texas left it would be over for the GOP nationally.

usa doesn't need texas. usa doesn't need conservatism. usa doesn't need christianity anymore. it's not a white country anymore. you can make your own little confederate country, but pls don't take usa from the world. LA and NYC are what the usa should be all about. it should be like singapore, a country for everyone. btw i will move to the usa soon. kind of my dream

When I say ready, I mean they know the gop knows this. They are aware of who would need to be... 'removed' from office. Texit, if it even happened, would not be bloodless. It wouldn't compare to brexit

>Cred Forums thinks texas has state pride

Texas is made of massive elite oil families, millenial hipsters, spics from down south, and of course nigger athletes. The Texas you faggots think about hasn't existed for decades.

You can move here right now, you dip. Just as I could move up there tomorrow, if I felt like it.

>your bag of trouble
You mean the one that your government is already dealing with for us?

DC statehood issue doesn't carry the same baggage as PR statehood. This is a mess 60 years in the making, and its all the result of the US lying to the UN. You won't have a choice but to approve it.

Stay rumproasted, cletus

I contend that flyovers are the only non-pussies in the whole of the nation; that urbanites are mollycoddled, comfortable, and possess few practical, honed non-commercial skills inherent to their mode of living outside of (automatic) automobile driving.

The only good thing about people like you is you are so weak and stupid you will be taken advantage of / used / killed by yhosr better than you in the end.

The reason I'm opposed to it is you guys would give us 2 more Democrat senators.

It would be like Hawaii where things aren't even competitive.

There are too many pacos here. State fair was brown, short, and smelly last year. At this point we need spic genocide.


Anglo-Texans will eventually be an endangered species

it's obviously a troll.

We already are. 45% population in Texas and dropping yearly.