What are some Red Pilled video games Cred Forums?

What are some Red Pilled video games Cred Forums?

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System Shock. Deconstruction of heroic sci-fi fantasy.
Bioshock. It is basically a spotlight on what awaits elitist postindustrial upperclass.
Bioshock Infinite. It is satire of occupy movement.

>Europa memeversalis

>Not CK2
top kek

Persona 4. Meme Magick teh game.

>baby's first gsg

all video games are bluepilled
virtual reality is always bluepilled

>not playing Liquor sim 2

>playing ck2
>after a long time unite ireland via bloodshed
>looking to keep expanding but england and scotland are fucking massive

wat do?


>Play nice
>Marry into both
> Intrigue intrigue intrigue

Marry into England.


Anyone over the age of 18 who plays video games is a failure.

Marry into their family, try to sow dissent, basically this CK2 is unique in that intrigue can be just as profitable as war

>Cuckhold Kings
>not Hearts of Iron 3 and Darkest Hour, or Liquoria 2 if you're a pleb

Kull yourself


civilization series, 5+expansions are my fav actually
pro tip: you're not an actual Cred Forumslack if u didn't jack off while playing a grand strategy game

Witcher 3

Age of empires 2

>What are some Red Pilled video games Cred Forums?

Little Big Planet, it's a game based on Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".

Heroes of Might & Magic III



I watched a video of the gameplay and I had no fucking idea what I was watching. What is thebaim of the game ? Just talking to people?

Step away from them and claim your life back. Gaming is an addiction that sucks the most precious thing out off you. Time


>Just talking to people
Pretty much, the actual gameplay is hands down the worst part of it, if only because of repetitive (and thoughtless) it is.

>Not playing Vicky 2 with vickymod so you can commit genocide

Mercenary doomstack all up in this bitch.

Bretons, Irish and Swiss are good value.

everything sucks time out of you

existing does that

gaming makes that fun

Ban assault necropolis.

World of Tanks

Nothing more redpilled than driving a big hunk of steel around shooting big chunks of metal at other big hunks of steel for the Fatherland

Sounds awful desu

I don't know about vickymod, I usually play HPM because at least that gets updated fairly often. It also has genocide but I never use that as it's counterproductive.

>Event: Republican Traditions debated
>We need a Queen!
Government form changes to Republican Dictatorship
Hillary Clinton (1/1/1) becomes Lord Protector
-50 Republican Tradition
+2 prestige
+100 relations with the European Union

>The Republic is sacred!
+20 Republican Tradition
+100 relations with Russia,
-100 relations with European Union
-100 relations with China
-100 relations with Saudi Arabia
Start construction of 5 carriers for 50% of the time and 0% of the cost
Donald Trump (6/6/6) becomes Serene Doge

Make Venice Great Again

The Irish Band saved me from the Ummayads many times in my 796 Asturias game.

>The Godfather 2:videogame

>Shit was made in 2009 but has jokes that feel very relevant now in 2016 ; a prime example is when 2 civilians are having a conversation,one would say ''my wife asked me to help her wash the dishes, I told her I was tired and then she called me a misogynist ; what the hell does that even mean!?'' ; fucking gold
>Game doesn't shy in viewing commies as dipshit brainwashed retards
>Able to beat the shit out of female racket managers for extortion money (There are even specific voice lines for the character when doing so)
>No forced gender equality bullshit

And much more but I don't want to spoil the game for anyone.

Command and Conquer: Generals

Spec Ops : The Line

Age of empires

u fucked up son
there's an easier way
don't become king, only great duke(multiple duchies)
swear fealty to the english king
from the inside create a faction for elective monarchy
get elected king of england

wish this was a real mod desu

>playing in Ireland as one of the O'Neill chiefs
>unite Ireland
>inherit Mercia after a several generations of Irish royalty marrying Anglo-Saxon royalty
>end up conquering all of England
>convert to Anglo-Saxon because all my Anglo-Saxons vassals hate me for being a foreigner
>Irish culture ends up being wiped out

>faction for elective
>not just marrying he daughter of the king, waiting until she's dead, and then revolting to place your son on the throne

The Civ series is overly simplified.

Every F2P is bluepilled as fuck, especially russian scams.

Different strokes for different folks, it's the same deal as the Legacy of Kain series, where gameplay is an impediment to the story, except in LoK the story is actually good and the voice acting is fucking great.

Europa Universalis is SOOOOOOO slow.

Iberia in CK2 triggers me, especially when the Pope sits on his ass doing nothing or when uncoordinated crusader armies get btfo by smaller coordinated doom stacks.


World of tanks is cartoonish compared to warthunder

As for nothing happening or in game speed? If you mean the latter, try it with the MEIOU&T mod. On one hand, it actually makes it bearable. On the other hand, it will run like shit unless your CPU has great single core performance.

Total War in General is redpilled as fuck.
>be me
>be on Napoleon Total War
>be Prussia
>Campaign of the Coalition
> slowly grind and take over France and all her territories
>I know!
>Declare war my former allies
>by the end of it Austria is gone, Britain no longer rules the sea and russia, lost a few spaces

The Witcher 1,2,3.
Made by based poles for a couple of sweatpants and vodka.

Anyone here played knights of honor? I like it a lot more than eu4 as it is more relaxing and has real time strategy battles. In my opinion the best strategy game there is.

Looking forward to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It's made by based Daniel Vavra

gets repetitive once you establish your state as a regional power

Black and White
Metal gear

>women in history dlc

It's like a realistic dynasty warriors where you also control your troops and tactics actually matter.

The ultimate.

love this game so much

Is it worth checking out at least? I'm downloading it right now. Looks pretty cool.

Don't worry, we fixed Iberia.
Why are Slavs so based? Also, Moors were not niggers.

>see a based video game thread
>no one has mentioned DUES EX yet

Superpower 2

CoD Black Ops 1
Every Metal Gear game

Epic exploration into Reynold's masterpiece - technologies, facilities, ideas. If you love that piece of art, I think you will like this tribute to it as well.


its definitely worth a try

i gotta say i love czechs

rise of nations

>Tactics actually matter

Field battle just use nothing but swadian knights. In a siege use nothing but rhodok sharpshooters.


>where they made Albania part of South Slavic culture group

Beware the eternal Swede.

I see the passification of Cred Forumsacks is going well. When do you will the Cred Forums meme factories be ready for out general's superior memes lads?

Being a manchild that trifles with toys is not redpilled in any way.

Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne


Go outside.

Company of Heroes 2
Call of duty: world at war
Red orchestra 2

These titles triggers the fuck out of Russian vatniks. Also check em

If retaining at least some of childhood enthusiasm and joy while interacting with sometimes extremely complex and high quality pieces of art makes me a manchild, then so be it.

Dude, the human revolution team has to be somewhat redpilled. "Unintentionally" predicting the future society

Absolutely based

I want an hd remake right now

>If our society seems more nihilistic than that of previous eras, perhaps this is simply a sign of our maturity as a sentient species. As our collective consciousness expands beyond a crucial point, we are at last ready to accept life's fundamental truth: that life's only purpose is life itself.
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, "Looking God in the Eye"

Anyone who has a shred of fun over 18 is a failure at life.

For some reason I couldn't get into COH2 as much as 1. Not really sure why.


Yeah, but they also let you genocide the Africans

beyond earth was such a disappointment

>As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth's final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
Commissioner Pravin Lal, "U.N. Declaration of Rights"
Accompanies the Secret Project "The Planetary Datalinks"

R8 my empire, I have Spain as ally and vassals in southern france and North Africa :^)
Also colonial colombia.

>de Trastamara

>form a lot of colonies in South America
>they form a country of their own


Deus ex

Honestly ricky is the best strategy game out there and it is also redpilled. I don't see how anyone could play games where all you do is press a button and turn farmers into clerks.

>The righteous need not cower before the drumbeat of human progress. Though the song of yesterday fades into the challenge of tomorrow, God still watches and judges us. Evil lurks in the datalinks as it lurked in the streets of yesteryear. But it was never the streets that were evil.
Sister Miriam Godwinson, "The Blessed Struggle"

Ignoring the disgusting dynasty, I'll give your empire a 7/10. Are you going to colonize?

>de Trastamara
The fuck happened

Someone made a graphics overhaul as a college project. The cunt never released it and as far as I know he never, EVER will.

Me neither even though the graphics are flashy as fuck. I like men of war more because of the realism

The fucking text about teleporters was creepy as fuck. Convinced me to never use them if they ever become real in my lifetime.

This guy is either based af, or a sarcastic faggot.

>perpetuating the myth that it happened

the door is over there kike

As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth's final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

Commissioner Pravin Lal,
"U.N. Declaration of Rights"

i start a new job tomorrow and 2bh i cant wait to not have time for video games.

honestly ive done literally nothing this year except gain weight, play video games and drink.
im going to be able to buy shit again

>beyond earth was such a disappointment

I remember when they announced Beyond Earth, i was hyped as hell, disappointment is too weak to describe how they fucked Civilization.
We never have such a deep game anymore because this society is to dumb to enjoy it. I'm sad user

Ruskies love RO2
what the fuck are you talking about

>These titles triggers the fuck out of Russian vatniks
>play RO2 in russian server because the euro ones are shit and the burger ones are empty
>the roosters ALWAYS teamstack the soviet
>the soviet team rarely if ever wins


Lots of royal marriages, I mean we are the most powerful family in the World, Souther Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, First colonies. De Valois was wiped out when I annexed provence ;(, my God tier 6-6-5 leader died in battle fighting a coaltion war against Austrians. I fucking won with 100k v 300k.

probably dota 2. you get to see how subhuman south americans really are. peruvians are just some human/monkey hybrid experiment. it's the only explanation


Also to add to this: given how many russian servers there are and how russians even come play in the US server I seriously doubt they hate Red Orchestra.


We are all aware that the senses can be deceived, the eyes fooled. But how can we be sure our senses are not being deceived at any particular time, or even all the time? Might I just be a brain in a tank somewhere, tricked all my life into believing in the events of this world by some insane computer? And does my life gain or lose meaning based on my reaction to such solipsism?

Project PYRRHO,
Specimen 46, Vat 7.
Activity recorded M.Y. 2302.22467. (TERMINATION OF SPECIMEN ADVISED)

You'd better at least form then in to a union somewhere down the line.

Do you have one with the xpac factions too?

Are there any HoI gulag or concentration camp mods out there?

That's wonderful

They have more provinces though, when they integrate Aragon and Naples. I'll try the Polish boys, low prestige after Muscovy war. Plus need allies against eternal Anglo and Austrian.

no i haven't seen that one unfortunately

Make Planet Great Again

That was the one that freaked me out as a kid.

It would be better to force them in to a union before they integrate Naples and Aragon. If you do it after, they'll take centuries to integrate. If you do it before, you get the union over Aragon and Naples as well, and can integrate them much faster.

Gaming is also a form of escapism from our fucked up world.

It can help enhance your creativity as well as reducing stress.

Just don't let it become an addiction.

ohh I want this game now!! it seems very exciting

Are there any red pilled mobile games so I can take my autism on the go

I used to play that some years ago. It's nice, has god tier music and all but it needs a better ai and actual multiplayer. That's why I switched to paradox. CK2 at first and then all the other ones.

P.s Can someone tell me how to industrialize properly in Vicky 2 and a fun nation to play?

If you can emulate SNES Koei games, sure.

Will the next one feature crusades? Or do you think it won't be added because of muh feelings

I noticed in the atilla DLC age of charlemagne that they were really mild with muslims in speeches, they also didn't add any islamic texts on their banners or shields

Victorian era is best era
Prove me wrong faggots

Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Victoria 2
Total War
Mount & Blade

>weeb game

pick one


Encourage bureaucrats in every state until admin efficiency is 100% all across your country. Won't work in states that don't have enough people of a primary or accepted culture. Go to the population screen and start with the most populated states first until the percentage is colored red on the right.

Encourage Clergymen in every state until they are 4.00%. Remember to research techs that increase Education efficiency especially Biologism. Make sure education spending is at 100% at all times. You should now have +0.1% literacy every month.

Build liquor factories in every state with grain. You have won Liquor Tycoon 2.

Shadow President

>Can someone tell me how to industrialize properly in Vicky 2
First: google "Victoria 2 industrialization guide". No really, most of the info is there.
Raise state efficiency by encouraging bureaucrats as high as you can. Note that only bureaucrats of accepted cultures count, so if a state has little to no pops of accepted culture don't waste time on that.
Raise clergymen/intellectuals (if you play HPM, and you really should) to 4%, education slider at maximum, especially if your literacy is shit (eg

>I usually play HPM
fuck off alex grandi

Shouldn't you encourage clergymen first and just up bureaucry spending

The story is shit and Ulfric Stormcloak is a detriment to humanity
Morrowind's gameplay is kinda shit, but it is by far more redpilled.
Also Mount & Blade: Warband

forgot pic

How is this the only mention of the official video game of Cred Forums? It literally predicts all of current events.

Literally my favorite game of all time.
>still smashing cunts with Rampart



Another thing to note is that you should only give subsides to "vital" industries (eg, anything military related as they tend to run at a loss during peacetime) and factories that "make sense" (liquor factory in a state that produces grain, in general a factory that has something that is produced in the state its located at as input, stuff made by other factories counts), if a factory doesn't fit in that criteria cut off the subsides as it will usually always run in the red, hell if you're running out of space just close it and destroy it.

Nope, unless you like militancy up the ass and less productivity. The modifiers you get from low admin efficiency can also fuck up your POP's ideology among other things.

dwarf fortress
metal gear solid 2
sid meier alpha centauri
planescape torment
vampire the masquerade: bloodlines
deus ex 1
i have no mouth and i must scream


>blob universe
Guilty pleasure. Rate my grossgermaniums lads, end goal is carving up France and the Ottoshits, they're allied so they're like the final boss.

Well fuck me all that time i thought encouraging bureaucrats was useless

i should add: persona 2

Turks are allied to the french? Welp you lost. Frogs with their fucking Elan and the infinite manpower of roaches will fuck you over.

EUIV and HOI4 both suck ass.

EU3, Darkest Hour, and Victoria 2 are the best Pdox games.

That's fucking disgusting

Pic related teaches kids valuable life skills the jewducation system never will.

Thanks. I've already read that guide. I tried playing with Persia and raised the literacy as much as I could by promoting clergymen. Then I built a lot of factories, choosing them so that they will produce raw materials or use things I already have to produce something else. That's the idea right? But some of them couldn't support themselves and I didn't really have enough pops. What are some reasonable economic policies? I usually like to play with those that allow building of factories but I read that the laizes faires(or however it's spelled) is better.

>vampire the masquerade: bloodlines

It's a fun game but how is that redpilled?

Bureaucrats also affect the efficiency of taxes and tariffs (NEVER set tariffs too high or you'll royally fuck up your industry, unless you have top notch tech and blob). By the way don't even bother with trying to educate colonies. If you can set the national foci to soldiers instead.

prussian armies are the best in the game


really? the fucking stand-alone?

I dunno, as soon as I learned about the cheat codes I abused them a lot. Not very realistic.

that one doesnt really belong i will admit
but its too good of a game to not mention

How does one get more capitalists? My tax rate is at 0%, no tariffs either, there are no shortage of anything and yet i gained literally 0 merchant in years.

The entirety of the Persona series. It deals with Jungian psychology and human emotions and desires and is red pilled as shit. Take persona 4 for example. The "world" inside the TV was in fact created by the wants and desires of the population of Inaba, wanting to escape reality and to live in a world where no harm or uncomfortability exists. It bears a striking resemblance to the SJWS's of today, and their want to live in a utopian society where literally nothing can make them feel uncomfortable. Even though we all know they are just fooling themselves.

>no nuclear capabilities


That as well. I've tried encouraging capitalists but all I get are useless factories and railways.

Only Jihad inshallah, infidel.

For a starter, don't play as a fucking unciv unless it's Japan or something.

>then I built a lot of factories
That's really not a good idea unless you have the literacy to back it up (you seriously NEED clerks, in the optimal ratio (1/5 clerks, 4/5 craftsmen) they increase a factory's output by 50% without increasing the necessary inputs). And again it's a thing to consider on a state by state basis.

>will produce raw materials or use things I already have to produce something else
Again a thing that depends on a state by state basis, that said you can make mad dosh even if you don't have any of the inputs in your country (eg if you get sphered you can make shittons of money by making luxury clothes or furniture).

>What are some reasonable economic policies
STATE CAPITALISM. It has all of the upsides of planned economy (you can actually build factories, give subsides, close them, reopen them, expand them) and none of the downsides (capitalists can still build factories and railroads, and you should fund them as funding their projects ALWAYS costs less than building something yourself). Laissez Fare is laughably bad.

Peruvian rats are fucking cancer in that game. They are at least as bad as niggers and turks.


What is funny is that I had a steady growth of kikes until i've tried encouraging them, then it went downhill

only aristocrats can become capitalists when they become literate, so first get the education policy up and encourage clergy, then encourage capitalists. Also, build a lot of factories so business is great

I'm out here, now what?


What way did you form Germany? I usually start as the Teutonic order, form into Prussia and blob westward as quickly as possible. Only trouble is that Austria usually counter blobs into the HRE and cucks me from forming Germany in the late game.

Man i'm at 90%+ litteracy, got a shitload of factories and yet i got less capitalists than 10 years ago, they only pay for fucking railroads now the cheap cunts

The more successful your industries are the more capitalists you get, it's that simple. Encouraging them is pretty pointless, use your foci exclusively for clerks and only after there are craftsmen or artisans that have more than 50% literacy.

Oh and by the way a level 1 factory that makes 50£ or more per day is successful.

kill yourself, the game.

the premise is simple. you clog the exhaust on your parents' vehicle and take a nap inside. first one to meet god wins.

then finance the railway projects yourself, when that is done they should start building factories. that's always worked for me

I love this game so much i steal my sister's DS to play it and i also play it on Dolphin. I offered the Wii version to my girlfriend just to play with her

t. a fucking leaf

Can't remember what sci-fi universe it's from, maybe a Star Trek fan theory, that the transporters don't actually teleport you but instead make an exact copy of you and send one to the destination and destroy the other. Also pretty creepy.

read a book you gutter slav

I boosted literacy as far as I could before building. I got it from 20% to above 50%. Then I think I had some grain and cotton if I'm not mistaken or wood so I build entire industries around that to avoid imports. I made good money but my industry score was still negligible. I had one game as Germany where I had shit industry and I built a shitton of ships and my military score was so high that I ended up first.


No MGS3 and Piss Walker? Those games explain what MAD is and elaborate on how trying to undermine it is a very bad idea and I find it hilarious given how Japan absolutely loathes nukes. PW even talks about the nuclear umbrella.


That's what I do but then I get 0 (zero) project

I'm rolling on cash tbf
Do wars have an influence on capitalists number?

underage b&

>wanting more merchants

good goy

Actually, Andrew Ryan was a good guy. Rapture went to hell when Fontaine used the poor as his personal army to attain power

Never rely on capitalists for buying factories. More often than not they build something retarded such as steel mills in states that don't produce coal or iron.

That is because your amount of employed clerks and craftsmen is tiny compared to Germany, there isn't much you can do about that other than investing in other countries and encouraging craftsmen and alternating it with clerks.

>I built a shitton of ships and my military score was so high that I ended up first
Military score doesn't even matter THAT much. What matters is the tech and your ability to project power (having an actually good navy) Look at Qing, their military is a complete joke, all they have is an absurd amount of brigades of irregulars and practically no tech whatsoever, yet they start at number 2 and usually stay there for a while.

I fucking love shogun 2

>Do wars have an influence on capitalists number?
Not that I'm aware of, but wars increase the amount of dosh you make from military industry since the demand rises and all that stuff.

Also, investing in foreign countries can give you CBs, especially if they decide to turn gommunist and nationalize your shit.

Nothing more than a more palpatable system shock 2 remake.

Even the major twists were identical.

best game of my childhood, also 10/10 music

mgs3 and piss walker are trash. utter trash.

first it's important to recognize how mgs2 is amazing on every level. technically it is amazing. for instance, on the ps2 mgs2 ran at 60fps. it was perfectly optimized for the hardware. the designers wanted it to feel "alive" with the smooth framerate (in 2001!). very few console games ran at that framerate. even today.

mgs3 ran at 30 fps. isn't that emblematic of their differences? i'll get to that in a bit.

mgs2 and mgs1 deal a lot with virtual reality training. why? because they each came with hundreds VR missions for the player to play with. and they're extremely fun. but they tie into the game. the protagonists, snake (mgs1) and raiden (mgs2) are both VR trained rookies. they represent you the player. the rookie who treats war like a game. in mgs1 and mgs2 you only hear about big boss, the greatest soldier to ever live.

mgs3 is wish fulfillment, you play as literally the most talented soldier of all time. you have a hot chick who rides a motorcycle shake her tiddies at you. meanwhile in mgs2 jack and rose have 5 minute long dialogs about their troubled relationship every half hour or so in the game.

mgs3 is fanservice through and through meanwhile mgs2's dialog with jack and rose was based on kojimas own relationships.

I mean the goal of the game is to score points right? In eu4 I just paint but since that's not really possible in v2 I suppose there's no other goal.

Age of Empires III

Oh and by the way if you're playing with the latest version of Vicky 2 you should be able to use national foci for encouraging the type of industry you want them to build.



the combat system is fucking retarded, instead of doing just straight up blocking and attacking like in the original Rome they now have to pair off start these retarded animations which make combat retarded


>nba 2k17
>name your player Trump
>make him look like him
>automatically get the nickname "The President"
>make basketball white again

"Go through, my children! The time of miracles is upon us. Let us cast off sin and walk together to the Garden of the Lord. With God's mercy we shall meet again on the other side."

Sister Miriam Godwinson,
"Last Testament"

> be old-school religious when mankind is at the verge of becoming gods themselves
> commit mass suicide by stepping through 'psy gate' with no destination programmed
Sometimes you have to take a stand, desu.

> attack ottomans
> surround their last city
>"sire we are outnumbered! Their archers will cut us down!"
>raze city to the ground

I want another one

The goal of V2 is whatever you want it to be, really, and that can also be said about EU and CK. For example I like to pick an euro nation and play it imaging what the best interests for it would be.

>Will buy gf for 2gp


Endless space is based as fuck. Nothing is more satisfying then destroying an entire star system that attacks your colonies

To my side my noble Einherjar!

According to how the trek universe describes how their transporters work, they do indeed kill you. There is no reason to destroy the original either.

Why not create a copy of a very effective crew man on an alien planet and keep the original too?

>mgs3 and piss walker are trash. utter trash.
Not an argument.

Sure, the tie in in MGS2 is nice, but I doubt that many people even played the VR missions.

>snake (mgs1)
Maybe I should stop reading here.

>mgs3 is wish fulfillment
>you play as literally the most talented soldier of all time
When he still was a literally who and he got it out of the whole ordeal mentally fucked up - other than killing his mentor he also found out that the country he did that for is completely corrupt. And Eva was easily the worst part of the game.

How good dis it feel to slaughter these faggots?


I said shogun 2 not Rome 2 you pleb. The archer formations are awesome, aswell as the arrow physics. Don't even get me started on the flintlock troops. Probably the best in the war game series imo.

HoI3 is best (BICE)


Broken Sword was somewhat redpilled
>secretive,subversive globalist kikes attempt to take over the world using templar mind control powers

Doctor Freeeeemaaaan...

Yes but since there is the great power system that works with points, that's where I'm looking at. But I want to do it realistically hence I'm trying to figure out the industry mechanism because it's the only thing I don't get. But thanks for the help anyway

Any suggestions for android games? Sick of Plague and Bio, inc.



>mfw the ai fucks up the order of battle and 80% of my troops are not properly supplied but I still push on

>expel the jews


>Not borrowing money first
outjewing the jews!

after the next update EU4 will get pretty cucked

Save money and hire mercenaries
Or invest that money into buildings
Or wait for a civil war

>HoI 3
The worst one in the whole fucking series. Then again I wouldn't expect pasta to recognize good vidya.

How come no one ever says Grand Theft Auto in these threads, the game is literally a satire on the degeneracy of America,


>my first serious ck2 run
>pick Ireland
>Form Ireland
>take over Wales, Scotland and Cornwall
>England is a theocracy and I can't marry into their dynasty

And you call that bait?

>nba 2k16
>make the whitest player you possibly can
>start the story, you still sound and look like a nig
>you go to an inner city school
>friend gets shot
>black lives matter

>The worst one in the whole fucking series
>not HoI 4

Shogun 2 uses the exact ssame system dumbass, it's just explained in the video

are there really mountains north of italy?


>no ArmA and PR mentions
mil sim = red pill, faggots

>no Holstein
>no Posen
>that Austria
>no Oberschwaben/Konstanz
>no Sundgau
>letting Swiss lands be like that
>Ottoman Europe beyond the danube
>spending resources on creating Czechia instead of just annexing it
>that Rigan exclave
>only 60 years to fix this mess
Good luck.

That reminds me of my very lucky 3rd Grossgermania game, story time:
>Brandenburg start
>get Hohenzollern on Bohemian throne
>push it and win the PU
>keep Poland as ally until I have eaten the Teutons
>regular blobbing
>take all cultural polish provinces
>take Baltics
>want to achieve saturation in the East

>my Hohenzollern leader (2/1/1) is an autist who does not bed any women
>only alliance at this point (1650ish) is with Muscovy
>4/4/3 Rurikovich
>not bad, reverse catharined
>autism is infectious
>Russian leader dies heirless
>only alliance is with me
>Personal Union as leading side
>Lebensraum secured

>they already went East of the Urals
>and don't stop expanding
>liberty desire constantly rising
>have to contain it
>have to counter-blob
>there is no other way
>for Lebensraum
>take Byelorussia
>take Ukraine
>take South East Europe except Greece

>meanwhile Sweden forms Scandinavia
>gets mad at me for getting the PU and ending their Eastern aspirations
>they break the alliance
>because of constant war against Britain for Orkney I was their only ally
>but no one escapes the autism alliance
>RM still intact
>Swedish house dies out
>Rurikovich gets the throne
>dies 5 years later
>2nd PU





>already took the Dutch and Flemish provinces Bismarck style
>decide to pull some shenanigans in France
>diplo-vassalize Luxemburg
>attack France for some bullshit
>feed Lux
>France gets sick because of instability
>throws up Burgundy
>throws up Aquitane
>throws up Bearns, Foix, Bretagne, Hainaut...
>yum yum yum for my Luxemburgian vassal
>conquer all of France this way

>conquer some Mongols for my Muscovy
>look west for some reason
>fucking France is there
>t-this can't be
>click on it
>it's my vassal
>Luxemburg actually formed it

>meanwhile Muscovy does not form Russia
>try to pull the same shit in Italy but with Savoy
>game ends before I can go that far

>pic from before related
>allied to Great Britain
>PU over Scandinavia and Muscovy
>France and Savoy as marches
>Muscovy reached the pacific
>some provinces look like that because it was some patches ago and some provinces did not exist yet

Hm, apparently Austria ate up France in this game. I totally forgot about that, kek. No wonder they were instable.

>Are you a man, or a slave?

Need to replay this god tier game.

>be me
>empire total war
>be sweden
>start by conquering russia
>keep invading south
>reach africa.
>nigger line infantry
>nigger line infantry is now the backbone of my army
>invade the rest of the world

Truly magnificient.

Delete this

Dunno how redpilled it is, but this game fucking rocks

if you post on Cred Forums you don't really have the right to call other people failures

command and conquer

honestly its ok if people play games as long as they don't spend most of their free time playing them. I think you're fine as long as you spend no more than two hours on them.

>what are the Swiss Alps


>path of exile
>0 of 0

Cred Forums confirmed bluepilled

You can mod it to make a seperate Albanian cultural group.

Wtf am I looking at

looks like a horse with their hoof removed :(

Look it up. Just pretend they are muzzies

>guilty pleasure

Why, though? Is it too easy\too mainstream?

THIS FUCKING THREAD. I was on pol a year ago lurking randomly and someone came in a eu3 thread and advertised fucking Nostalrius. This server fucked up my 2 terms of university, my long term relationship and my life-well actually it was me who fucked up- If this guy is here FUCK YOU and THANK YOU. After ruining my 21. age, I have much better life now and server was great actually.

Silent Hunter III

The funk how would that happen?

My legs are OK

>You gain BROUZOUF

Hearts of Iron 4
Shadow President

hopefully they kill the poor thing before the procedure, but i don't know how they do it: a kinfe? a saw?
I guess look up how glue and gelatin are made since you need horse hoofs to make them

>Liquoria 2

Fuck off Alex.

CK2 > HOI4 > EU4 > Victoria > everything else

that is a fucking dystopian southern/eastern europe

Only modded though.

Kill yourselves.

>any of those
>higher than Victoria2
you do realize that only Victoria has any good genocide mechanics?

Shut the fuck up, Ireland. Just because you can't have any fun.

Brandenburg > Prussia > Beeline to the provinces you need for Germany > Use claims on all of North + South Germany to expand rapidly. You're in the HRE so you don't need to worry about Austria interfering with your expansion up until you form Germany and instantly leave, but by then you should be strong enough to take them on anyway. Pro tip: Occupying all the electors + the emperor's capital at once allows you to dismantle the HRE.

I should be able to able to clear up all of those, so long as it doesn't involve provoking the indomitable kebab + baguette alliance :(

It's just kind of shit and watered down compared to, say, Victoria 2. There's really not much to it when you get over the learning curve, just a map-painting timekiller. This is the direction Paradox is going with all their games, map painters with no depth for mental toddlers.


>mad cuz he has shit internet and can't play without hella lag and mad download times

Because Rockstar are a bunch of middle ground faggots. They make fun games but are a bunch of pussies when it comes to politics.

>I should be able to able to clear up all of those, so long as it doesn't involve provoking the indomitable kebab + baguette alliance :(

Have you actually checked the ledger and compared army sizes? Maybe you can get one of them alone by taking on their other allies.

That's what Germany usually tries, kek.

Apart from that you might try to force your enemies into choke points around the Alps. Baiting them to attack a mountain province and then reinforce as soon as the enemy troops cannot go back.

Command and conquer zero hour and the ROTR mod for it

>Mfw the European army has units that literally apologize for fighting

There's nothing 'red pilled' about video games. You're quite literally waisting away your life staring at pixels on a screen when you could've been doing something more productive with your time like reading a book or learning a useful skill that could benefit you in the future. These games drag you away from reality and keep you trapt inside of this digital prison which keeps you sedated with these frivolous virtual achievements that equate to nothing in the real world.

You're no better than the dope addicts who abuse drugs to try an escape from their inner demons.

>ctrl f brood war, melee
>0 results
for shame

Rome total war anyone?

>not recreating the Mongolian Empire

I've worn myself out playing EU4 about two years ago, and I concur that Vic2 is a superior game.

However i find that Vic2 sorely lacks anything to do besides staring at the income during peacetime. I hope that some of the mechanics (like financially supporting rebels to make sure new government is friendly towards you; ultimatums) carry over to Vic3

What is this pic from?> what game? Tell me please!

Literally stuck in the past

they form an autonomous administrative unit because if you didn't know it was extremely difficult to control large colonies and they generally had a lot of autonomy, and when the mother country tried to exert high amounts of control shit like the American Revolution and the Latinos revolting all at once against Spain (This was an over time thing).

As an example of how far royal power went in Colonial US, a royal order in Boston had as much power as an old newspaper.

>Konstantinopel is still Ottoman

I see room for improvement

Books and the learning of random skills are as much of a time waster as playing a game. The only different is that games require you to take action.

Anyways, I'm throwing in "Hotline Miami 2" is my Red Pill Game.

Medival II: total war

Says the guy on Cred Forums

one good fucking leaf

>be me
>munster fusiliers
>be in trench
>this will get independence at home
>Time to go over the top
>the whistle blows
>we charge as German machine guns tear through us all.
>end up in shell crater
>guy next two me is alive
>everyone else is dead.
>he decides to peak over
>head gets blown off
>He's screening for his mother
>dies with me beside him
>Germans suddenly counter attack.
>get stabbed by a kraut
10/10 would get independence again.

Age of Empires


lad....you can't build a liquor empire like that....

>When white people discovered the world, and decided they didn't like it.

Gets me every time

Verdun seems like it could be fun, but there are too many Cred Forums memers playing it.

>giving money to leftist Swedes

No thanks.

>literally DLC: The Game

You want to get jewed by Swedes?

yes nigga

Meh. That's what makes it fun leaf.
Beats bf1 with "muh diversity meme".

>it's 1821
>God knows how many patches ago
This was before the introduction of states as well.

I remember being sad that I had to blob this much to keep my PUs. I wanted to go full Bismarck that time and become saturated after uniting the Germanic and West Slavic peoples.

That's probably what stopped me from kicking out the Ottomans. "Pay denbts" was a strong meme back then as well, I guess.

What game is this pic from?

WC3 is very red pilled. Everything in that game, revolving spirtual portals and manipulation and kingdoms is spot on.

Red Dead Redemption is redpilled , Marston knows how corrypt the FBI are.

Command & Conquer series.

>Shit AI
>Cant use cover
>Go Online
>Every one is sprinting 8km with a .50 cal and a ghillie suite

>Mil """"""""""""""""SIM""""""""""""""""

>red pilled
>video games

So ignore the chat?

Jesus it's not that hard it's a tiny little section of the screen up top left you faggot. Or just mute the two guys that actually talk in that game.

>S-stop having fun goy you're supposed to work 14 hours a day to appease Dr Shekelstein now be a good goy and go to sleep!