TRUMP GENERAL - Vimeo Video and [embed] Edition


>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16
>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less

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I know, I know I've let you down
I've been a fool to myself
I thought that I could
live for no one else

But now through all the hurt and pain
It's time for me to respect
the ones you love
mean more than anything

I feel the best thing I could do
is end it all
and leave forever
what's done is done it feels so bad
what once was happy now is sad
I'll never love again
my world is ending

I wish that I could turn back time
'cause now the guilty is all mine
can't live without the trust from those you love
I know we can't forget the past
you can't forget love and pride
because of that it's killing me inside

It all returns to nothing, it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down
It all returns to nothing, I just keep letting me down, letting me down, letting me down

That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again, this time by a reality TV star with a bad combover, despite having the backing of every major media outlet spinning things positively for her and covering for her, and despite the fact that she had an endless flow of cash and endless corrupt connections to support her campaign.

None of it was enough to overcome the happenings. She's the 2010's version of Baghdad Bob. Blunders, misfires, and random happenings going against her narratives proved too much. Nothing to see here, don't mind all of the shit hitting the fan in the background. Ignore my faintings, my coughing spells, the Islamic terrorism, the chaos in the middle east that I helped cause, the email scandals, the pay to play schemes as secretary of state, and mysterious deaths of key people who potentially would throw a wrench into my campaign.

It was supposed to be her time. A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago. Now she's seeing it happen to her again. The presidency is slipping from her grip. She'll be too old and unfit to run again after this cycle. She'll die an angry and bitter death on a hospital bed as she watches the combover man with the prize he didn't deserve to win. She deserved it, not him.

This fate is most suitable for such a lying, corrupt, pathological cunt such as herself.


Trump winning in New Mexico?

I'm going to have to update my map.

these threads are going so fast no one will find out i don't have proper thread visa papers

Trump is leading in New Mexico now.
Landslide incoming, lads.



I found out


I want this to be real.

You monster!

Just fucked my ai gf

>141 LV

Eh, it's a start.


>same pic
Wew lad

His power is to much

hows he doing in Texas?

Debate fucking when?

I would call it "poetic justice"

But it isn't.

Poetic justice would be for her to get raped to death by Muslims


That's a really small fucking sample size but I want to believe

Only an "Awoo" poster would do something so vile.

>october surprise
>before debates

so which one is it?

1st for #greenscreenhillary


see Maybe take it with a bit salt, since Breitbart are Trump's shills and also associated with the Faggot Jew.

>Obama telling blacks it's an insult if they don't vote for Hillary

Surely that comment will go over with blacks and the other races. Not to mention how incredibly fucking racist it is.

I don't have any pepes I swear!

I only deal in Awoos

September 26th, at 9 i think

Too bad Trump has no chance whatsoever. His lead is merely a fad. Hillary will be back up by the end of the week.

>43 - 38

Who /Minnesota/ here?



CBS has been shilling for Hillary since the beginning, this is the beginning of the end for Hilldog.

Winning. He never was in danger of losing it along with AZ and GA.

+++ BREAKING +++

Hillary: "Trump is finished" (he isn't)

8 more days Pierre
8 more days until the don finally faces off the hildabeast

They are getting desperate.
Pic very related.





By 5 points too.

That's outside the MoE.

Apparently in total control of Vermont too, and it closing in on several traditionally solid blue states like Michigan and Rhode Island.

What the fuck is this election. If he wins the debate next Monday I think it'll be a massive blowout at this rate.

Everytime this picture is posted the link to the story that they're committing fraud should be too.

There are 3 debates in October.
1 vp and 2 presidential.


We should bring some refugees from /r/politics, I'm sure they'll appreciate our pepes and respect our awooos.

>Terrorist incident continues to be unresolved
>media tried to spin Trump as premature
>apparently Hillary didn't get the M.O. and called it a bomb before the media literally asked her about it

I mean, what the fuck

Every other country has procedures here


>georgia battleground meme
Do people seriously believe it?

>trump winning NV by 5
Wut le fuck

This election is people realizing we either get control of the USA or we lose it forever.

Don't underestimate us
You can't flee
You'll all go back

Thats what I like to see. I heard libs were trying to turn it blue, and every night all I see is Hillary ads.

The one with all the people just watching Trump say stuff

Is the Lügenpresse still shilling muh bomb or have they dropped that?


>All of them combined
Elections don't work that way!

In America, we just point fingers until daddy fixes it.

>I be yo kang, niggas
>dat mean I own u
>so u vote who I tell u vote, nigga, sheeit

>Epic new trump video is old af

Fuck you OP.

Just be prepared for the MSM post-debate narrative.

Donate to the Trump campaign out of spite

I would be mad if they sent me email like that, especially if they didn't capitalize my name.

I hate that trendy all-lowercase rounded letter bullshit, triggers me so much.

Presidential campaigns are lost and won years before they are fought

Hillary never had a chance

They'll get 110% turnout in Atlanta to make it blue

>still living in somalistan
It's too bad Minnesota is totally controlled by its own special breed of retard democrats because there's so much land in the northern part of the state I'd love to buy.

Fuck your income tax rates and "kill all white people" Governor though. No thanks.

Can't wait to see polls that come out at the end of the week. They will fully account for the Commander in Chief forum, deplorables, collapse, Fallon and possibly NYC terrorism.

It will be glorious.

>has hillary faint video

Don't you have the creampied Momiji image?

>Tiny sample size
You've gotta be wary of friendly shills as well. Don't wanna get too comfortable.

>Trump leading in New Mexico

Huge if true.

With NM, we don't need CO or NH + ME CD2 to win. Romney + FL, OH, NV, IA and NM would do it

Yep, but Reuters tells a completely different story at this point.

also, more manipulated polling numbers.
These polls coming in might even be manipulated to be in favor of Trump, and then they'll "correct" the polls after the debate.

In other words, VOTE, YOU FAGGOTS

How will the MSM and HRC yell at Pepe today?

Guys, Trump has no chance whatsoever. Hillary will regain her lead by the end of the week.

He mathematically CANNOT win the election. Hillary has the minority and woman vote locked.

It's also combining fake polls with legit polls.

That's the entire point of their averaging bullshit like on RCP.

You make fake polls to offset the bad results from real ones.


Last thread people were asking for Pepe and Wojack pics. I put all mine in an Imgur folder. Enjoy!

>AZ GA battleground




wtf is this vermont bullshit? They mustve mixed it up with New Hampshire.

This doesn't make sense, right guys? there isn't some video stuttering explanation or something?

I'm getting tired of winning already, that's just not fair.

Pneumonia on suicide watch.

Nice trips, worst kappa.

what is Shadilay?

>Same music and same quotes with a new background image

I have a new version of Windows to sell you.

>according to the 141 likely voters


You're going in the screencap. Thanks user.

Why is OH not red? Polls are +3/+5.

Yeah I'm pretty sure about that too... but you never know.

Not sure I trust this one. There was also a Reuters/Ipsos poll yesterday for NM that was like Trump +5. Not sure I want to trust that one, but want to believe

PA, VA, NH, and ME2 are going red.

Remember that no poll can measure the shy trump voter effect. Expect that to be at least a 3% difference in favor of Trump.


>MI leaning red


I think it's Kekism's version of "Inshallah" and "God willing"

For real?


>That map
>Red Vermont
>Blue New Hampshire

Nice art

Believe it or not, peeps in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Vermont LOVE their guns.

LOVE them.

This, let's not fall for positive polls that aren't statistically sound, as nice as it would be

>This doesn't make sense, right guys? there isn't some video stuttering explanation or something?
There's a thread on it here.
It's shill central.

Hillary Clinton is a Planetside 2 Infiltrator.
Prove me wrong.

Being from AZ it makes me kek since Phoenix is the most conservative city in the nation and we dominate state politics can, we are going red even with Tucson because we have a ton of military presence here.

But GA is just insane, seeing as there isn't a single democract in the entire elected positions people were saying. A state like that doesn't suddenly blue. Also didn't he fucking crush it in GA in the primary?

Source on the polls for Wisconsin and Michigan?

It's listed as "solid red" without them actually polling it. Must be a bug.

Golly gee

weeaboo pepe makes this.

Was arguing with a friend and he brought up the thing about Trump having a history of hiring workers and not paying them, I also heard it on the Joe Rogan podcast too and I didn't know how to respond. So what's the story with that? I know there's probably some reasonable explanation similar to the story's in the Untruth about Donald Trump videos.

Strong leader

I still can't believe how buttmad maddow was at seeing a few Nazi themed Pepe's

That was gold. She looked like a crazy person.

Is this current polls or a projection?

Someone is going to get fired probably, Vermont is one of the most libcucked states in the US. If Vermont changes, New York would too.

written in kek

NY going red. The longer (((they))) keep from calling it a terrorist attack, the more the Emperor will take.

It won't help.

Orders of magnitude more people will watch the debates than will watch the news shows after the debate.

I remember one prediction of 75 million watching the debate.

All Trump has to do is appear presidential and the sort of good guy that you'd want to have a drink with.

The audience doesn't care about policy details and shit that Clinton favors.

Look up datamoshing. Pixels that have movement get fucked, still pixels are just repeated from previous frames. That's how compression works. She isn't cgi but you can argue even her image is literally corrupted.

>tfw fuck with /k/ommandos by calling it Vermont Carry

>Never do this exercise

I want to know why!

now we need them to have a bitch fit over nazi wolf girls

Enemy infiltrator spotted!

>TFW New Jerseyan rallying his entire social circle to vote Trump behind enemy lines

What the fuck, I just saw this

I understand that, but I don't think that would allow her to completely disappear for 2 frames. She was standing in relatively the same location.

Ipsos state polls are complete trash, they have like

Most people respond with "don't do it Ron"......then they post the link....I am the original Ron and don't want to change it.
Kek will decide

Anyone have the link to the TNN 2.0 archive?

I've been thinking, what if CNN goes into super shill mode and decides to have a "live panel of experts" during the debate and just cut to them whenever Trump is talking.
It's something I can imagine them doing.

how the fuck will he loose Georgia but win Michigan and Florida

ISIS already claimed them, Minnesota was also 2 mudslimes.

To be fair NJ has something kind of similar with a lot of Republicans in elected positions but solid blue every presidential election. Though Georgia obvious isn't going fucking blue

99% chance they were both mudslime related. We HATE muslims in NY and NJ.

Has Trump a chance to win illinois with Michigan



Gonna have to heartily demand that you supply a link there, friendo.

People will get pissed off in huge numbers and change the channel.

It's not like we don't have plenty of Nazi Awoos to go around

>Republicans are now the party of the cool kids
>Republicans are now the party of equality for all American citizens and anti-war

>Democrats are now the party of Big Business
>Democrats are now the ones who want to wage all out war with Russia

>Totally vice versa for the last decade and a half

>All it took was this ONE man to change EVERYTHING.

Good thing nobody watches CNN.

This fucking picture makes me believe Trump no longer wants to be president.

He's being forced to wake up at odd hours of the night he's not used to and forced to give comments about random wackos in the country he literally gives no fucks about and thinks are beneath him.

He's realizing this will be her life for the next 4 to 8 years and he no longer wants it.

This picture makes me believe Trump is just done and wants this all to be over with. This is his 1st time running for President and 1st time losing.

I fear once the Republicans lose office they will then let the economy and its people fall into a massive freefall in a bubble we all know we're currently in - and then blame it all on Hillary.

I fear once Hillary is in office the media, ALL THE MEDIA, will do daily hit pieces about 'how Hillary fucked up today' and disregard any credibility whether it's actually true or not.

Scary times are ahead.

Such a comfy, cloudy morning lads :3


Where my alt-right deathsquads are ?

>mfw the religion of Kek surges to become the largest religion in the west
>mfw Donald Jr. is declared head of the church and crowned Pepefex maximus

Demoshits who don't live here believe it

Uh i watched the news two hours ago and they didn't. Is there something new? I already know about the Minnesotan kebab.

>Republicans are cool party now

I just fact-checked that. CNN says you're wrong.

He doesn't pay contractors who don't fulfill the contract. Just like every business ever.

wtf i dont want president trump now

Illinois no, Michigan yes.


>no happenings for months

>nigger kills 1, injures 7 by shooting in philadelphia, cops targetted
>bomb goes off in new york, Ts win first round. second bomb found, CTs defuse and win second round
>shitskin stabs 8 people at mall in Minnesota, shouts "allahu ackbar", ISIS wing claims responsibility

>mfw I already put a decent lump of money on Trump to win a few months ago when his odds were shit

Yeah, I can see them having a team of """ fact-checkers""" which will basically inform us that Trump is lying once he's finished talking


Look at the likes

>Election Night
>Trump Wins
>Don Jr. Tweets out "PRAISE KEK"

Post your face when

Feels bad man

>>All it took was this ONE man to change EVERYTHING.

The Chaos Candidate
The Script-Flipper
The Great White

only the sickest explosions.

feat. Politifact's Truth-O-Meter

I have been on the Trump train for over a year.They started off asking for $100 but as each month passes with no donation they ask for less.Will they ask for pocket change next month?


>when your record gets corrected

tfw I bet that Trump would winn 8 months ago to 10 people, 500 dollars each.

I remember a while back a Mexican gang torched a black neighborhood in California. Nobody really gave a shit.

He's also retweeting Paul Joseph Watson.

Man, it's so sad how they fucked up that game...

>Event: Republican Traditions debated
>We need a Queen!
Government form changes to Republican Dictatorship
Hillary Clinton (1/1/1) becomes Lord Protector
-50 Republican Tradition
+2 prestige
+100 relations with the European Union

>The Republic is sacred!
+20 Republican Tradition
+100 relations with Russia,
-100 relations with European Union
-100 relations with China
-100 relations with Saudi Arabia
Start construction of 5 carriers for 50% of the time and 0% of the cost
Donald Trump (6/6/6) becomes Captain and Defender
>The men and women who run the supposedly “nonpartisan” Commission on Presidential Debates have put their money where their mouths are — and it all has gone to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

>The amount of money is small by the standards of a modern presidential campaign, but it is one-sided. A pair of Ph.D. candidates at Stanford University examined campaign finance reports and found that all of the $5,650 in contributions that commission members have made to presidential candidates during this election season have gone to Clinton.

Not rigged at all, no siree

>7 downboats.


HELP SAVE Cred Forums

just think about it
CNN having a Truth-O-Meter overlay during the debate; it being stuck on "PANTS ON FIRE" whenever Trump is speaking.

>that pic

I'm going to jail

>tfw the GOP will become the nationalist workers party

There was a Fox News poll that says 95% of people trust Trump over the media

>They're so desperate to sway voters that they're literally using schoolyard clique social pressure.
The modern left and their media cronies are literally degenerating into grade schoolers.

Alright seems like it's nothing. See here Pointing to a wall is probably just someone out of the frame or her general neurological problems. Not sure about the phones, but I think I saw movement matching up in some of them at least (some of them could be using the front camera too) Part of the crowd could easily be cropped in though.

I was a bit peeved over the wasted get but this is getting stupid.

This is what his opponent looks like.

Post your best Trump Election memories

>(((Woman))) calls Trump a racist while he's eating a burger at a diner and it fills the headlines for a week and she's deemed a national hero

That's what they did in France, it was fucking funny because the guys looked super cereal but everyone knew they were just checking on google

someone needs to get an "awoo! awoo! awoo!" chant going at a Trump rally and force the media


I am instantly reminded of Paul Ryan's photoshoot

Is that a word or an abbreviation?


>nobody heard her
>refuses to give full name to reporters while looking painfully jewish

>Alright seems like it's nothing
Nice try ctr.

Democrats are so desperate to remain hip and relevant without Obama.

she's has it hard

Do you have the link to this video?

even then it was a meek murmur in the background that Trump probably barely even heard.

>CNN says you're wrong. (he's not)

Thanks doc

The MSM made sure everyone heard it that week. But yes remember it like that

Even if it was something, it's not convincing enough to get us any votes.

Real Shill Politics sure has changed the map quite a bit in the past few days.

>raycis nazi who supports Trump

Real surprise. Let me guess, you hate innocent migrants too.

well yeah the media made it a big deal.

But I mean in the actual diner video it was like a whisper/unclear murmur off camera.

Here's where I think the map is right now.

Again, nice try ctr.

Sorry I didn't fact check

Ready to get my green card in peptopia

>Let me guess, you hate innocent migrants too.

No if they are whites who know how to speak english and have skills

So Hillary is on her deathbed and I just heard their daughter Chelsea just got literally btfo by pressure cookers
What's going on with Bill? He still dicking bimbos in his home?

This was before they realized how big Trump would be. Rabbi Hershowitz thought this was such a small problem even his niece Leah would be able to handle it. It was her first assignment and she failed.


> Let me guess, you hate innocent migrants too.
I actually do, I'm a white supremacist after all
Here a picture of me


>Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey not all solid blue.

See this is where I'd be sweating bullets if I was Hillary.

We are on the verge of a red November. 8 years of red Congress, Court, and President.

>Aku reaction images


>I just heard their daughter Chelsea just got literally btfo by pressure cookers
That's an area in Manhattan.

Boy if even her mouth pieces show New Jersey and Minnesota slipping away I can't imagine what Hillary's internal polling actually looks like

Long ago, in a distant land...


She is.

There are so many blue states going Trump that just focusing on PA wont even help.

They're so fucked.

I can't even believe this is real lmao

>Look at her! She's a witch! Hillary is a vicious snake! A witch!

>She wants to get her revenge on Bill for Monika Lewinsky, she'll nuke the world!

holy fuuuuuuuuuck lol

its fucking over

Fucking Nigago, IL

>Chelsea got btfo by pressure cookers
>doesn't know its not Clinton's daughter but a city

It's Dr. Sleepy Ben Carson's birthday, pol. Have you signed the birthday card yet?

that shit is months old

trump campaign wont suck hundreds out of your account every month either


Chelsea is a neighborhood in Manhattan.

Shit want even in fucking Chelsea either, it was on the eastern border, near Flatiron.

Crispy Creme pulling the plug on Rubio.
The salt levels were unreal among the neocucks.

Given the time frame of these polls this result is due to his Mexican stand-off plus his black church visits/pivot

If he stays on message he can get more points in these states, he needs to do more things like this

He has to stay on message

As an aside, I'd note that it is tradition for each candidate to visit the United Kingdom during the primary season, it's gone unnoticed but 2016 has broken this tradition. If Trump can organise this it would be a media bonanza.

>tfw the entire world needs Trump to fix humanity

We're behind you America all the way.

Donald J Trump won't win.

That dude is based, I wish there were shows on North American television that let panelists shout and orate like that without interrupting them or shutting off their mics.

Guys... I think I just discovered something. Lemme show you.

Now isn't that just quackin' crazy?

This election would have been completely over a long time ago if it weren't for Chicago. Piece of shit tumor.




If everybody who didn't want to elect Clinton voted for a Johnson, he'd win. Right now, there's a good chance Trump loses, which is why I cannot understand that mindset of most Trump voters.

>Only Rosie O'Donnell

Considering that he has already visited Mexico, it's probably going to happen. But he did "technically" go to Scotland during the night of Brexit.

I love how fucking quickly Trump slammed the birther issue back out the window. The media treated it like it was their last great desperate offense against him and BAM, it's gone in a day.


....which is fairly easy due to the catheter

We beg of you Great Kek to grant us true salvation!

Make sure Hillary Clinton and the fake Johnson never enters the White House! Bring back the Anglosphere! Destroy the Dindu hordes! Grant us many HAPPENINGS! Allow Zika-chan to destroy the filth hordes! Allow the Lord God to perpetuate his true holy word across the world and grant us a new Crusade!
Banish the Mudslime Hordes from the soil of the EU!

Make America Great Again! Make the UK Great Again! Make Europe Great Again! MAKE THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN!


Those debates were like fucking boxing/UFC matches

Everytime someone got BTFO I couldn't help but scream OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

That guy is amazing!



>We should bring some refugees

lol wot a ledge

>tfw retards said Cruz would be better because of his primary polling
Kek, tell me he would be able to make this many blue states threaten to turn.

Why would we support a Johnson?

Johnson sucks and won't win.

>three (You)s
you should of told me you were coming so I could get more shekles

If Cred Forums wanted Clinton to win, would she be winning right now?

Are were influential enough?


>Right now, there's a good chance Trump loses
What fucking planet are you on?

a month ago you would be correct but Clinton IMPLODED 2 weeks ago

>mass quoting
opinion discarded

based clockboy

What makes us powerful makes us oppose that witch.

>replying to the whole fucking thread
thanks for sharing your crippling autism

the events of last night in NY, and the way the media handled it, also helped.

every time they try to hurt him, it ends up backfiring


Too late to visit the UK now. The media would say it's treason and that it's a disgrace for him to visit a foreign country this close to November, etc.

>1 post by this ID

>tfw when the Cruz missiles are real.
Why can't I convince them to vote Trump? They constantly call him the anti-christ and say they'd rather go for Hillary.

If Ron Paul was running he could win.
Johnson appeals to nobody, his is a fraud candidate and a huckster. He is almost completely without charisma, has no eyebrows, and has some form of aspergers.


I've bought merch from the Trump campaign but haven't made monetary donations yet. Nothing fishy has happened, and I'm on top of every penny I spend. I am not surprised at all that Clinton's campaign would extort people like that though. This kind of shit would have made candidates in the past lose in landslides, but with Hillary she can get away with murder. I want now more than ever to see her absolutely destroyed in the debates as well as on election day.

Can confirm.....Central Illinois checking in. offense to Chicago Trump anons

Trump leaking his own John Miller tapes and absolutely BTFO the media

To be fair, it seems that a lot of outlets are trying their hardest to go full Baghdad Bob on us. Both Morning Consult and Reuters released polls claiming no movement in favor of Trump this week.

Meant to say my grandparents.

/r/politics is the most libcucked place on the internet, why would you want that?

The real question is are we influential enough to stop the Jeb surge?

Because Hillary started it and they don't want to talk about it. It's better for them to just say Trump lied and drop it than draw out whether Hillary was involved.

No it is easy to make a diamond shine
Not so easy to make a turd gold

I'm sure they won't even dream of molesting our wolfgirls, they are shitposters of peace.

Cred Forums wanted Obama to win in 2008 and he did.

Don't forget, he pointed out how SHE was the one who started the birther issue

Now that the media is all up in a frenzy, they're the ones who can't shut up about it like conservatives couldn't shut up about it in 2008.

Being an annoying cunt isn't a great way to get people on your side.

I wish Rand stepped his game up because he could have totally shat on Rato, Rubio, and Christie more.
Shame he's such a manlet.

He would have lit the flame of passion the American people innately have for true conservatism, something Drump could never do

Tim better avoid barbells from now on.

I have no idea what you are talking about.


What do the numbers mean Mason!?

Nothing can stop a Jeb surge, we're fucked.

Game over, man, game over.

New Mexico has the most Hispanic pop per percentage and Trumps winding it. Really makes you think.

Exactly, which is why refugees should fuck off and stop invading us.

Goddamn I hate these motherfuckers.


Cred Forums is shit.

that vimeo video is cringy af


Trump supporters are looking for the worst possible outcome for this . They want this to be a terrorist attack so they can feel good about themselves.

Fuck off

> nothing can stop a Jeb surge

The demographics have changed, friendo

You could hear the desperation and pain in thier voice, like a trapped animal.

Programing went too deep, they'll understand soon.

That state is gone. They should have built a wall between Virginia and D.C.

There is literally nobody except shills that say "Trump supporters".

A visit to a friendly country would give the media something to talk about for days and would solidify him as a serious candidate capable of performing on the world stage

Plus I need to see him with Mummy

You fuckers need a new thread!

They know the border is hurting them.

>ISIS claims it
>All the trappings of a terrorist attack
>Not a terrorist attack

Jesus fucking Christ. I'm a Trump supporter myself, but this guy is controlled opposition shill and the reason why we will never have an actual Trump-like candidate who will oppose gun control, open borders and corruption. We have to choose either between EU-like liberals (pro-LGBT and other degeneracy), old commits or United Russia (statist establishment shills responsible for poverty and corruption).

wtf i love clockboy now

You don't understand. They watch CNN and FOX, but trust CNN more. And my grandma made the dumbest fucking comment ever, saying that Hillary reminds her of her mother.

>no terrorist attacks
He's making shit up!

>terrorist attack
You wanted this!

[_] Not Corrected

Nice pupper

poor woman having to wake up at such a late hour just to address some bombings and a stabbing like that

slow and steady wins the race my friend :))))))))))

Literally Joy Behar made fun of him in front of every housewife in America for being too short.

Absolutely disgusting Jew tricks.

But he should have shut her down, insulted her, something. Rand just doesn't have that gusto to push women around, which is something you need if you want to succeed in this hellish society.

Did her mother laugh at a raped child, your great grandmother was a cunt?

NOVA's fucked. What infuriates me is the move to take away our war heroes, to erase our history, to shame our ancestors and thereby us.

How fucking dare they?!?

Stop projecting faggot

Not everyone is as cynical as you

Migrate here:

Who knows how your politics will change once the sanctions end and resources are freed up by the disarmament of eastern Europe.

He's a philosopher too?!?

Fuck, he's been reading too many Jaden Smith tweets.

I don't know my great grandma, but even my mom told her to stop talking out of her ass. My grandma's the type to believe only what politicians say, but not take into account what they do.

Genuinely want Trump for president but I really don't understand why people here think Hillary can lose this election. Someone please explain logically how Trump can win this election so I'm less depressed

Thanks, this is going to be sent out in the next batch.