Want to have children and continue my bloodline

>want to have children and continue my bloodline
>divorce courts are against me
>women are generally bad wife material
>women are generally bad mother material
>world is going to shit, don't want to raise kids in that environment

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

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Stop being such a fucking pussy OP. Good women are attracted to strong, smart, good men.

>tfw all the good women are taken

t. roastie

why should I work my ass off so some girl can divorce court/child support rape me for half of my worth?

Your best bet would be to look for a devout Christian.

>>world is going to shit, don't want to raise kids in that environment

That's your only legitimate reason.

Is this truthstreammedia chick? I want to suck her pussy so badly.

go to the church and find a christian gf

>women are generally bad wife material
>women are generally bad mother material
who you gonna marry and have children with? caitlyn jenner? stupid bugernigger.

If you were a better husband who spent all your time and energy servicing your wife's needs, she wouldn't want to leave you.

Unless she got bored of you or some other chad shows her interest, obviously.

This is all fair of course.

this is unfortunately your best bet

sperm bank senpai
let some cuck raise your son

be alpha
grab world by balls
take a good woman for yourself
breed children with her
world goes to shit
walk through that hell by LEADING your family like the strong alpha you are

Everything before millenia has a 50:50 chance being good wife material. So search user, search for your life.


go for this ho perhaps?

Marry a girl that has yet to be corrupted, like

>If you were a better husband who spent all your time and energy servicing your wife's needs, she wouldn't want to leave you.
>Unless she got bored of you or some other chad shows her interest, obviously.
>This is all fair of course.

Spot the cuck.

Want a good female? You'll have to put some effort into it faggot, since all the good ones are either already taken or are surrounded by so many males that they can freely filter out the trash from them. Blame lack of wars for male oversupply.

My advice however would be to stop "wanting" a good female and simply let go. Don't be a part of this primal instinct-based bullshit. Find a better, more productive way to contribute to society. You can actually do far, FAR more by inventing some shit or managing capital correctly, we have more than enough people already.

I don't know OP. I tried Okcupid because some anons said it was worth a try and my god. The only ones messaging me self admittedly have a man at home already and are close to a decade older than me.

spot the person unable to sarcasm
(I thought the "fair of course" bit would've tipped anyone off, but there's always one)

Go to another country and have unprotected sex with as many women as possible. Wait until one of them tells your they are pregnant then return home safe in the knowledge that you have spread your seed.

It's fair for the woman to shut the fuck up, tend to the children and the household or else she'll just die from starvation and get thrown out.

That's from a time when we need to go back to.

There are no good females.

This is the true, redpilled answer. A lot of these girls are incredibly hot as well. My cousin fits into this catagory, and literally all of her friends are 8/10+ qt3.14 goddesses.

Go to Asia, Find a decent woman. Raise kids (sadly mixed but with based race) to hate the West with passion.

OKCupid was much better like 10 years ago. Met five or six quality fucks and my eventual wife before it got popular. It's a meme now.

>it's another mgtow thread

haha totally not shilling you guys

OKC will match with you trannies and try to tell you that they're just women. It's fucking obnoxious.

Well it's definitely possible to change a woman

Been dating a girl 4 years. At the beginning she was a super feminist, obsessed with tumblr, against gender roles, etc. No she hates feminists, hates tumblr, and believes in gender roles.

Still probably not going to marry her, but I'll keep her around

Yeah and you obviously wouldn't want a "general" or average woman in any time.

There are good women out there, they just want equally good men.

Good conclusion, they are all designed by nature to be artificial and manipulative. Even the best of them consciously manipulate you because they have evolved that way, and if they didn't back in our ancient civilizations, that most likely meant an increased risk of gene death (being alone, not having access to a male's protection and resources, so on), so the ones who did so reproduced.

You are also designed by nature to actually understand that but force yourself into delusions because of "love", which is an illogical feeling that can even lead to an increased risk towards your survival.

The most logical option would be to come in control of the obvious desires and instincts and exclude yourself from that game. Fully dedicate your time towards other, more beneficial activities. Our current civilization needs higher quality people, not more people.

We spearheaded the split to quality once, when we decided to migrate to Europe and develop advanced civilizations by doing so, while the quantity-focused of us stayed behind and lagged in development. I believe that it is the time to repeat that again, which is specifically why we're seeing such rapid declines in birth rates and an erosion to the family unit that promotes higher birth rates.

Get gay with me and we'll get a surrogate.

Actually, now that you say that...

It did give me my highest match as a tranny. It was like 70% match, 0% enemy. While all the actual girls had like 40-50% enemy. I of course didn't message the tranny. Fucking thing looked like slim Frankenstein.

Artificial womb. If it's a girl donate it to stem cell research.

christians are only devout when it suits them. christian girls are no better than non christian girls. in many cases, they are worse.

t. fucks married "christian" women on the regular

Stop being delusional cucks, christians aren't any better and oftentimes just women that are shut down by their families. Once they move out, they turn into the same dick sucking semen demons like every woman.

t. dated a super christian girl for a few years and now fuck some "loyal Christians" on the side.

World isn't fair. Suck it up an be a man.

that shit is only in america you fucking alimony cuck

Change? she's just mimicking your behaviour.


for me it's either leaving the country or suicide and i choose the former i just have to figure out how i don't have to come back

t. betafaggot

I highly doubt your "bloodline" is anything special.

My partner and I (we're gay) have had two kids through the same woman who lent us her womb: one with my sperm, one with his. She's got great genes as well and the kids are great. No women to deal with at all, and our bloodlines continue.

Look for a good wife, at church for example. It's easy if you don't go to jewed places full of degeneracie. Either you're an hermit and just get out or you're a degenerate yourself and you don't deserve to live.

Not be a bitch

I doubt that some cunt who'll rent out her uterus to two fags has "great genes"


There really is no "good" women. As long as you find one that wasn't a complete whore she'll start to act like you.

It's why married women are much more right leaning than single women.

dude brah just be a man brah its all in your head brah

>reformed sluts

Rare as fuck

It's not like a girl is going to want you anyways

Artificial wombs are coming, women will finally be killed off.

Sure you do, spaz. Sure you do.

Amerikon, I was talking about real church. Protestants are infidels.

>women are generally bad wife material
>women are generally bad mother material

I know more intelligent and right wing women than I do men.
The problem in our society does not lie within women, but men who have become limp wristed faggots. Women just follow the trend

filthy spic

Pump and dump

Rare as FUCK

I have fucked "devout" Christian wives. You are kidding yourselves. If a woman wants dick she will get it. Sluts find a way.

I asked all these "devout" Christian wives you supposedly fucked and they said you're lying on the internet.

>sinners six days to sunday
>going to church makes them wife material

>tfw was stabbed in the back hard this weekend by a girl I was getting close with from school.
>tfw my church doesn't have any singles, so no devout Christian girl
Why do I even bother to do well in school and put up with uppity niggers at the pharamacy I work at? Shit, I can't even find someone on Tinder.

Am I the only one who finds nose rings absolutely abhorrent?

No, I loathe them as well. They just signal "I am a degenerate whore"

seriously what is the answer, if all women are shit then what

like...we just have to accept shit guys, that is the answer...

I'd rather die alone than be married to a hambeast


You forgot the most important problem

>I am an autistic far-right nutjob who will never get laid and has no business raising a child anyway


>Just walk up to the manager and give him a firm handshake, he'll give you the job right away!
Boomer please...


clearly you dont even know what that means

the rest I agree with though

>What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Vote Trump, make America great again.

>tfw 26yo touchless virgin
>tfw urge to have a family is rising
>tfw know I will be forever alone

This guy gets it

>tfw you rake the good women and still aren't satisfied.

Not really, I don't really like the Alpha/Beta dichotomy because it's reductionist, there are more classes of men with Alpha-Omega frameworks within them:

You should identify with one of these, the majority of people are either producers or warriors. 'Priests' doesn't mean anything necessarily esoteric, it's modern application is scientists, intellectuals, people with true artistic vision etc. Basically intellectual creme of the crop. People who think big picture a lot of the time, deal well with abstraction and essentially live for the love of knowledge. These are the 'high minded' people of society, their intelligence is focused on the big picture.

Warriors can be as smart as Priests but their attention is limited, they prefer instant gratification and thrills, these are your investment bankers, Defense attorneys, Soldiers etc. Smart people who live for a rush. These are the 'mid-minded' people of society, their intelligence is focused on experiencing high minded sensations but they do not have the attention to focus on them intellectually.

Producers are focused on the world and how it works, they can deal with monotony as long as they are reminded of what they are producing regularly. These are your food producers, tradesmen, bankers etc. They are completely tied to the world, they are the 'low-minded' people of society, their intelligence is focused on all that is earthly, they cannot (or will not) contemplate anything higher. They see themselves as above the former two classes because they are embedded deep within Platos cave and are likely to get out.

Basically you need to find out what you are and work on it, find your place in the innate caste system of human beings. When you are confident of where you are and where you stand in the world, even if you have not achieved anything by societies standards, you will be able to keep and maintain a relationship with a woman because women adapt to men.

Wymen are like asteroids floating in the space.
Men are planets.
If you have strong enough gravitation pull they will be drawn towards you.
If your pull is strong enough. They will mold their views on the universe to suit yours.

Yes, I like space

>tfw urge to have a family is rising

All I can think about now is girls, girls, girls, 24/7
It's rather infuriating really


My dad married a Christian fanatic and still got divorced

>give up reproduction
>Find a better, more productive way to contribute to society.
a society that would just take your inventions, say a black man did it then take your fortune when you die and give it to the lest productive races ever to exist on this planet?
A society that would slander your name at your own funeral as having lived a privileged life?
A society that would see you dead just so a couple more niggers could live?
a society that wants has abandon mans dream of the stars for a nwo style globalist "paradise" this is the most backwards thing ever created by (((man)))?
no thanks.

>All I can think about now is girls, girls, girls, 24/7
>It's rather infuriating really
kinda funny how all they can think about is carmal frapiatiays, the new iphone, and what the kardashians might be doing, huh?

>Cred Forums makes a thread bitching about how slutty women are
>permavirgins come in to bitch about how they're virgins

I don't even understand how this is possible.
Something doesn't add up here.

he's a newfag 12 year old, what can you do?

>Don't be a part of this primal instinct-based bullshit. Find a better, more productive way to contribute to society.

>Contribute goyim
>Use your brain to create nice toys we can steal from you and then die because your high-IQ children won't even exist
>erase yourself and your lineage that literally survived the fucking black death, WW1 and 2 like the ungrateful son of a whore you are
>good goyim, ignore your family history and heritage goyim it's not worth it.


I don't see any contradiction.
Some men have standards you know ?