"How the cool kids are voting I November."

Wow. Really makes you think.

If the cool kids are doing them #ImWithHer


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Isn't it cooler to go against the stream?

Holy shit in my 30 years on earth i have never seen such blatant propaganda

>tfw orwell's 1984 is getting closer every day
Also, chek'em

do you think rock will become mainstream again when trump is elected?

>"cool kids"
>sally kohn
>hillary "chillary" clinton

this is the gayest fucking thing ive ever seen compiled into 1 page.

the pendulums swung lefties, being right is the new alternative counter culture.

Look at me.

We're the counterculture now.

"Sally" ((((Kohn)))) needs to be purged.

kek confirms


You can only hope.

Seriously, the level of propaganda and bias is reaching travesty levels. It's becoming beyond ridiculous and embarrassing.

Trump likes Soul music.


>(((cool kids)))

>Cool kids
>A bunch of coke-addicted degenerate celebrities who once were A-listers for a short while

wow I bet these kids would also complain about some foreign form of right wing propaganda

Despite the headline, the article itself isn't actually some weird ploy to get retards to vote Hillary. It's just talking about how Democrats have been winning the culture war and that's why Hollywood is full of liberals. This is 100% true. Sally Kohn is still shit though.

feels pretty good to be the bottom of the barrel and the new frontier of rebellion at the same time.

whats (((katy perrys))) endgame?

Voting age is eighteen right? Why are they running this shit like middle school kids are voting?

this is just sad

i would go back to attacking trump

To suck as many nigger dix as she can.

>All the cool kids with their pumped up kicks
>better run better run

Their desperation makes me diamonds senpai

>Du u want 2 b cool like us?

Guess I'm a #Dildo4hilldo now

>And cool kids don't just like taco trucks. They like pluralism, tolerance, marriage equality, a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and wait for it, Hillary Clinton. While in some ways this election seems like the last ditch effort on the part of the traditionalist right to "make America great again," the cool kids are not interested in entertaining such backward ideals. They like where we are as a country -- our progress toward gender equality, sexual freedom, racial justice and integration of immigrant communities into our national tapestry. They want that progress to continue, and even more quickly.

This article is painful to read, but at the same time strangely hilarious.


I actually wonder how effective the media negative stigma campaign is on some peoples votes.



free shills.

Tip: I never conceded the right to decide what is cool and what isn't, and I have been deciding since 1983 - the year I graduated high school.

Here's what's cool:
- Not voting
- Not caring about politics at all
- Rock bands featuring at least one heroin addict
- Johnny Cash
- Binge-drinking, smoking weed, doing coke to facilitate additional binge-drinking
- Casual sex with girls

Here's what's not cool:
- Acting as if politics matters
- Voting
- Boy bands
- Toby Keith
- Sobriety
- Casual sex with boys

Thank you for your time. You may now go back to being perennially and hilariously uncool.

Since when is Katy Perry cool?

She's literally a sperm dumpster

CNN is fucking retarded holy shit


Lol she's not even allowed to vote. So this post means nothing.

Kids can't vote

pick one

Cool kids where i grew up looked much more like Trump than Hillary. hillary looks like one of those weird girls no one likes.

Get off of Cred Forums faggot grandpa.

pic highly related

Nickelodeon is doing the same shit, telling kids to go online and vote on Nick

You know what's cool? Joining Isis.

All the cool kids voted for Bernie because he promised to make pizza and pudding on the lunch menu EVERY DAY.

BTW, children can't vote. If you're an adult and still being swayed by the "all the KEWL KIDZ are doing it" line then you are a fucking faggot.

Katy Perry?

She voted in the primaries

Aren't most youth the "do the opposite of what someone tells you"? I doubt they like MSM telling them who to vote for.

Good thing their turnout his atrocious.

>> - Binge-drinking
I can't possibly agree

t. hungover binge-drinker

I feel sorry for Katy Perry, she probably thinks she's doing the correct thing, but I doubt she has an informed opinion about the Asian pivot, containment of China and the hostilities between China and it's SEA neighbors.

so i cant be a cool kid if i support trump? awwwww maaaaaaan

but mawwwwwwwwm


But even Trump droning on about CHYNA, will at least get some American bumpkins reading about the rising tide in East Asia.

Is Katy Perry even relevant any more? I don't follow garbage music.

>Sally (((Kohn)))

When is someone going to do something about these fucking kikes?

this is now the 4th time I've seen some lefty jew use the phrase "cool kids" unironically as a persuasive technique in the past 2 weeks.

fuckin (((cool kids)))

Lol if the MSM says something is cool Its not cool



>Sally Kohn
I read the name, then read no further.

Wtf I hate Trump now. No drugs no cigarettes no alcohol? What a total square.

Wtf I #killforhill now


why are liberscum so fucking childish?

kids do anything that media says, they are just idiots

kids can't vote, and celebrities live in a privileged bubble. They like the way things are. They believe America is great. It's great for them. Just like kids, they are clueless. They live a sheltered, guided life...

because the older you get, the less likely you vote on the left

This. Back when I was in high school only ~5% of people cared about politics at all.
All teenagers care about is trying to fuck eachother.

thread theme:

>Katy Perry

Now I will immigrate to the US just to vote for HER.


Katy perry is a white supremacist

>How The Cool Kids Are Voting
>Pandering this hard

Katy Perry is a tired hag and I regret my faps to her

The article says "hip-hop is reflective of multi-cultural aspirations"
for my non-american friends, 'hip-hop' goes like this:
Break it down bitch,
Grab that dick it's yours, bitch,
me and my niggaz got them '28s
and so on and so forth.
(((Kohn))) needs a dose of reality.

Take your shit music and GTFO of here

Can't see Kohn without recalling this:


Checked and underrated
I'm staying away from school tomorrow and I advise everyone else to do the same.

no tricks?

>do you think rock will become mainstream again when trump is elected?
What is mainstream depends on what big labels decide to pay to air on tv stations and radio stations.
This is called payola. At 50s the big labels paid huge fortunes to make radio stations stop playing jazz and switch to rock and roll. Some big radio station owner even said "stop playing everything else and jump straight to this new thing."

Almost, no one know the real bad things payola do, and trump will be one of them, its not his fault, 99.99%+ wouldnt know better, and so trump wont do something about it


literally cuck music

>(((katy perry)))
easy there, wasn't her first album christian soft rock or something?

People here stop caring about what the cool kids do after middle school. Are Americans this retarded or can middle schoolers vote there?



Rock is pretty much dead. It's ruled by fags with skinny jeans and side bangs, screaming every word and failing hard at djenting. And social justice and feminism is also taking over rock. One example is the whole girl power movement. You can thank fucking Cobain for that.

Remember at the Dem's Convention when Katy Perry got up and was like "I didn't even graduate high school, but let me tell you how to vote"

Fuck, America is gone.

Whoa, I'm glad this ugly dyke was here to tell me that sucking cock and sticking my dick up another man's asshole is """""cool"""""

Wouldn't want all of those faggots thinking I'm not one of the """""cool kids"""""

Cool has always been associated with the counterculture, and we're the counterculture now.

Besides the article being on CNN being qualification for automatic discarding, it is written by a lesbian who defended Sharia law.

You can't make this shit up.

Nickelodeon always does this, at least back from Bush/Clinton/Perot in 1992 because I remember as a kid. Wasn't on the internet until later obviously, I think it was more of a studio audience type thing or Nick News program at the time.

Nice facebook maymay.

wow based kike does great work battling in the mainstream

still a sniveling kike rat

Probably not effective at all. In the US trust in the media is at an all time low of around 30%. Plus you have to realize the nobody in our generation watches tv anymore. At the most you get preppy girls watching MTV and stoners watching Adult Swim. Most of our generation gets their entertainment from video games or YouTube shows like Filthy Frank. We've taken over video game culture and now were taking over internet culture (you could argue we already have since we influence memes but they've only been used for political reasons fairly recently). Right now we are an underground movement around as big as the punk and hippy movement's of past and in a few years we'll begin to become mainstream (we're very close to mainstream now that you have people like Trump, Milo, and Sam Hyde getting bigger and bigger).

The mob will always be a bunch of self destructive idiots.

It's up to us few, and our traditional outlook, to not just survive but also thrive, until their decadence makes them too weak to struggle against our noose around their neck.

If you're voting age and still think of yourself as a kid, you are definitely NOT cool.

Why does that rooster look like Pavarotti

The main stream claims to not be the main stream and the stupid goys believed em

> We're the side on young and cool people
is not addressed to young people, but to their balding, aging demographics.

there is no escape

This is their millennial outreach LMAO!

Jerking about being on the millennials side is actually a Gen-X / Boomer outreach program.


so much fucking this holy shit

>tfw white cis males have become the counter culture

What a marvelous time to be alive.

I'd listen to this man, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to cool.

I don't think i've ever seen propaganda this desperate in my life.

But Cred Forums has always been the good people.

Chokers make my dick go doki doki

Hey fellow kids! I can't believe a racist xenophobic bigot like Trump is running for president! Hopefully Hilldog will beat him in November!

Here's the one I force my Chinese gf to wear

Pretty much 0-5% because most people realise once they enter a voting booth that their vote is anonymous.

That's the thing about Democracy, you can say anything you want to fit in but the only thing that matter is that tick in a box, and nobody know it's yours.

Liberals don't realise this, they're always "shocked" when the right win because they ostracise those who disagree and thus force them to hide their opinions, which often solidifies the desire for silent rebellion.

>mfw khv


>it's real
what in god's cock?

did a 12 year old write this?

in socal supprting anyone other than trump is usually seen as not cool


millenials have the mentality of a 4th grader

Your choker is shit.

Wow you just won the millennial vote for Trump you fucking retards.

This is anti-smoking propaganda tier out of touch.

Don't worry about it, she's not very attractive so your not missing out much. Just so submissive I can do literally anything to her

Same door for reference

Because the millennials literally havent grown up yet

Thanks dad

Thanks for preserving our delicate /pol sensibilities.


i saw one person wit ha maga hat since this whole thing began just the other day.

just one person.

all the people say trump is racist etc because a lot are some kindfa mexican or just want a women president,

"Vote for Hillary. Please? I'll be your best friend!"

Would it include being pictured with said collar on a Peruvian carpet weaving board ?

Of course and so can dead people.

claiming they have the cool kid vote when Clint Eastwood supports trump. you cant get any cooler than that sorry shills

No problem.

so you have a hardon for marco rubio? so many mexican faggots

I think recently CNN has been an absolute over the top non-news bullshit propaganda channel, much like FOX has been from its beginning.
Is the still a more or less neutral channel in cable TV or have they all now picked a side in the propaganda war?
As far as I can tell MSNBC at least doesnt seem as bad as CNN or FOX.


"Cool" is for children.


>Johnny Cash
>not a raging homosexual
You know that "Ring of Fire" was just a metaphor for his swollen ass, right?

hahaha oh fuck, I thought this was all CNN's doing.

>pop stars

Pick one.
The clearest indicator that something isn't cool is a major news network telling you it is.

what the fuck why is that cat such a douche? that's not its parent right?

>cool kids
Yeah whatever you say CNN.

wtf I'm with Hillary now

in America, you choose which propaganda machine indoctrinates you. red or blue, pick one, swallow it, hope your side is armed well enough to kill off the other when race war happens.

at least Cred Forums cuts somewhere in the middle

user come on,be a good goy,this article he wrote wasn't all that bad.

Casual sex with boys is cool gramps

Using subjective terms like "cool" is clearly propaganda, not journalism.

Real journalism informs and stays impartial. A real header would have been "Celebrities vote democrat" but if you add positive of negative image to it then it stops being journalism and becomes blatant propaganda, saying stuff like "The good people vote hillary. You want to be good right?"


Dems have gave up winning in 2016. They have started trying to build a new base for 2020

If the cool kids are doing it, #ImWithHitler

nothing cooler than getting paid money to support a political figuren, kids



Wow, what an asshole. That cat probably worked really hard to afford that hat, now he's getting picked on and resented for being more well off than the other cats. I bet the big cat votes for Hillary.

I fugged up the 1st time :-DDDDD

Yeah $he vapes... $o what?!?!?!




what did she mean by this?

>why are liberscum so fucking childish?

Because it is difficult to propagandize adults.

oh no, i want to be cool too


Western liberalism surmised.
I dunno how they delude themslves into thinking they're a fringe group or some shit when everywhere you go only the liberal narrative is present and everyone is voicing their liberal opinions. It's like a fucking brainwashing cult.

they're getting so desperate


>The absolute madman

>dat id
>calling others grandpa
You can't hide from Kek

Member when Chillary Clinton was a fucking meme, even normies thought it was cringe

Children can't vote so why the fuck would anyone care what the """""cool""""" kids are doing?

haha that's epicly clever!

underrated post

The average American 18-24 year old is functionally retarded.

It probably thought something was attacking the kitten dummy.

What's wrong with screaming? Plenty of metal is redpilled. Screaming is only gay when it's Metalcore bullshit hot topic music.

Does CNN not realize how uncool they are?

CNN's owner Time Warner literally donated to Hillary's campaign. They're obviously biased.

Not much. People don't like to be TOLD what to do. You have to subtly subvert them, make them think it's their own idea. This is why I can't figure out why the media has amped the shilling up to such an obvious level. I suppose if they reported honestly though, Hillary wouldn't even be the nominee.