What are your honest thoughts on this movie? Is it red pilled or is it your usual Hollywood SJW propaganda?

What are your honest thoughts on this movie? Is it red pilled or is it your usual Hollywood SJW propaganda?

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It's purple-pilled

Enjoyable flick overall

I respect it a lot for using some of our arguments. Was disappointed that there weren't anything similar in the latest Harry Potter movie.

They actually changed the ending. Nazis were gonna win in the end

>directed by an Orthodox Jew

Skinheads are dumb untermensch and only hurt those who seek to strive against the JQ. The movie is clearly made to paint skinheads as the retards that they tend to be. It is kike shit.

>you shouldn't be racist, goy! It doesn't matter if these people are destroying your community with crime and violence, if you hate them back then you're just as bad as they are!

Shit, it even had a well-presenting nog in jail with an "I DINDU NUFFIN" sob story. It was bluepilled as fuck.

>Neo nazi who hates blacks goes to prison
>Leaves prison as a non racist


But in the end his brother is still killed by a nigger

Regardless of whatever pill classification someone would use, i always felt like this was more about how easily youth can be indoctrinated (for good or bad) by a charismatic person, especially when fueled by resentment, feelings of inadequacy, or parental neglect.

It is redpilled, it shows no matter what you do, the nigger will kill you in the end.

He put just enough DINDU NUFFIN in it to let it the movie slide commercially.

This movie is red pilled as fuck. The dialogue alone is undeniable.

It's great unlike every anti-racist movie this one portraits "racists" as humans capable of showing love, friendship etc . Also it's completely neutral . It's one of my favorite movie

The movie got one thing right; there are very few true believers and real National Socialists will not identify with those Stormfags.

I love this movie. Although they try to portray nazis as the bad guy. It really shows how niggers and jews just bullshit around in society rob and kill whites and still cry racism. I love how they try to rationalize nigger behavior. I believe the message is white society must wake up and defend against niggers or they rob you and kill your brother .

They showed that neo-nazis can into arguments and not just >muh niggers, but they fucked up the end.They tried to be multikulti but instead they just showed that blacks are agressive and only SOME are cool.

It's a jew flick meant to "start a conversation"

Except by the nigger's own admission he was in the process of committing a crime (stealing a TV) and in the scuffle of being arrested, a cop's foot got broken. Regardless of whether he intended to break his foot or not, the cop wouldn't have been injured if the nigger wasn't committing a crime in the first place. Whether he threw it or dropped it was immaterial.

If anything, it's one of those situations where the director attempts to send a liberal message along the lines of "see, look how horrible these people are!" and then everyone just ends up liking/agreeing with them anyway.

Same shit that you'd see with Archie Bunker and Al Bundy, for example. Or even Elysium, where it's superficially a story about how the evil richfags are hiding away in a space station and denying healthcare to everyone, when if you look at it from our perspective, it's about how a bunch of beaners try to illegally immigrate to a nice white society and end up fucking ruining everything.

The original ending had him looking at a mirror and shaving his head. Implying that he would join the neo-nazis again

failed alan smithee, would've loved to see the movie in its orignal concept, pretty sure was slightly less bady guy turning good

It's a very good kino. Redpilled.


Better ending honestly.

Unlike most other anti-racist films, it's actually really effective with its agenda.

Most filmmakers don't seem to realize that dehumanizing racists and painting them as monsters only makes them resent you more. This film takes the smarter approach, by painting a skinhead as an otherwise highly intelligent man with a big heart, blinded by misguided rage and hatred.

The moment when his black teacher asks him whether or not his actions have made his life any better is particularly effective, as well as the first time he showers as a free man, looking into the mirror and confronting the scar that his hatred has left him with.

Though the film is manipulative, I would be lying if I said it didn't affect me whenever I watch it. It doesn't provide solid arguments for its case, but it does speak to angry, young, white men on a deeply personal level.

In terms of the latter, it's definitely a great film.

The ending proved Danny and his brother to be right after all. I'd imagine part 2 would have Derrick back as a Nazi leader.

The beauty of the film is that it can be red pilled or blue pilled depending on what angle you look at it.

It's a redpill within a redpill.

The central point you should get from this is to not trust fellow whites just because they're flying the same flag. People that are less committed will fuck you in the shower if you're an idealist that points out their hypocrisy.

Nailed it user.

It's like the film predicted the literal faggotry within the alt-right.

Certain thing to know is that the original ending had Norton shaving his head again after niggers killed his little brother. Director was forced to leave that out.

It's documented and acknowledged, even IMDB reports it in trivia section.

Prisonfaggotry has been around for forever.

There certainly seems to be a weird contingent of lgbt/trap lovers that profess to be a part of the alt-right that will still be in shock as they're being rounded up for the camps by this time next year, though.

It's like the German movie Look Who's Back. The ending can be bluepilled or redpilled depending on how you look at it.

I dunno, I'm straight and not into traps in the slightest, but I don't really have any problem with fags and trannies as long as they are modest about it.

I felt the same way.

I'm surprised by people that are so vehemently against both of these films. You get out of it what you get out of it. There's confirmation bias in there for whatever direction you're coming from.

It depends on how you interpret it

This scene for example is red-pilled as fuck:

Derrick stating 100% facts throughout the entire thing, whilst the girl, mother and teacher just back-off and make sporadic responses without any real arguments and after they get schooled his mom just wants to drop it and get dessert.

I was mostly kidding. And I don't really have an opinion on fags either.

I do think they're going to be in shock when the return to conservative cultural norms curtails nude gay pride parades and other public displays of extreme degeneracy though.

I don't think the free speech the """alt-right""" is advocating will override the greater good of society to walk some of that back.

It is mostly silly propaganda, the only accurate part is when the gangstas kill an innocent white kid.

By the end of the film of the film I thought that all dindus were cool and I should stop, then the ending happened

The original ending was better

There was another ending written where you see him looking in the mirror shaving his head again.

Yeah, I know there are some really fucking degenerate homos out there, but they are a small minority of the overall population. If Common Filth's exaggerations were accurate we might have a problem, but his perception of reality simply doesn't match mine. I don't really see any reason to get worked up about something so minute.

Scandinavia seems to be viewed by many far-right Americans as a haven of degeneracy, but in my day to day life, I hardly ever see any of this alleged degeneracy. I just see normal, well-adjusted, white heterosexuals bending over backwards over how wonderful they think gays are, when there's barely any gays around in the first place.

It's so weird. Pakistan, as an example, has a serious sodomy problem, yet it's straight white people, particularly white women, who endlessly virtue signal over how wonderful homos are, when there's barely even any homos around.

When people talk about this movie, it's always about the skinhead stuff. Don't you think the main message was, that hate leads to more hate?

The movie was a stealth redpill. The ending shows that no matter how much you love niggers they will still kill you.