What to do about women's breasts getting bigger?

Across the globe, it seems women's breasts just won't stop growing larger and larger. See:


Bra companies keep having to make larger and larger bras to keep up:


What can possibly be done about this?

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Don't get too excited. It's because women are getting fatter

Why would you want to do anything about this?

Stop drinking (((tap water)))
and eating shitty hormone filled foods


Whats the problem? More tiddy. More fun.

Uh... Nothing? The problem here is how this might affect men.

Absolutely no issue with big naturals. Increases business for chiropractors and bra companies. Only issue may be unknown effect on men. Estrogen is for breast development yes? Could this be why most men are now pussies?

Not entirely. There has been an increase in women with much larger cup sizes while band sizes are still the same 30, 32, 34 for many women. 32J bras are now pretty common.

Is this a parody post?


No it's not, something is turning modern men into emasculated feminine cucks

Hard to fap to when she looks like Viggo

Don't worry OP, sexbots are taking over anyway.

This is not for fapping to, user. These videos are demonstrations for proper fitting of FB cut brassieres.

It just seems funny to see an issue which is indisputably extremely feminine and the first words user can come up with is "but how does this affect men?"

Too bad their beautiful asses don't get bigger. Beautiful assholes.

Muh dick!!

Exacty. Her name is Wendy Fiore and she does everything for educational purposes.

>These videos are demonstrations for proper fitting of FB cut brassieres.

They were until I pulled my dick out.

Everyone run its the KHAZAR MILKER MONSTER!

Because we're getting fatter.

[citation needed] And if that is true, it's the hormones they put in our food, maybe water. Can't say for certain because I've always been an early-ish bloomer.


Are you stupid? It's all the hormones and shit in the water, and if it's making women grow bigger tits just imagine what it's doing to men. I'm sure a little extra estrogen isn't going to affect women as much as it does men.

are you seriously implying this is a problem?

I've also noticed it here, except people here usually don't drink tap water.

this is one of the few good things that have come about lately, why do you want to fuck this up?

Then what's this video for?

What's the problem here again..?

If you prefer asses over tits you're not white.

Could it be women are evolving because men like big tits? Could it also be women in Japan are getting smaller because all the men there are pedophiles?

Are they though?

>The average bra size in America is growing at a nearly exponential rate. According to sales data and customer surveys collected by national lingerie retailer Intimacy, the average American cup size has gone from 34 B in 1983 to a whopping 34 DD in 2013.

Same band size, bigger cup size.


>tfw I like small breasts

My wife has L cups.

they're getting bigger because women are getting fatter.

thats it.

Bullshit.. you don't even have a gf to begin with...

If you don't like both a roughly equal amount you're a faggot and should remove yourself from the gene pool.

Pics or you're full of shit.

>men turning into cucks because xenoestrogens like BPA in the water


Small breasts are great.
But breasts ones are awesome

In fact, stop everyone who tries to do something about it.

Brb drinking wine only from now on

It's the hormones in meat. Incidentally this is also the reason why male height is decreasing.

Is she 800 lbs?

tsk tsk, this thread is not for porn

Young girls are being hit by the phenomenon the hardest. This girl is only a senior in high school, and to deal with the burden of carrying what must be 30K breasts around.


jews, obviously, now let's furiously masturbate to more flesh bags please

>carrying what must be 30K breasts around.

/flatchestpol/ is going to chimp out over this

Women get bigger breasts, everyone wins
Men get bigger tits, everyone loses

You enjoy it, OP.

That's it.

Hasn't it increased.

The elites want to create massive numbers of busty sex slaves, and at the same time make all the male competition feminine and weak. Hence all the estrogen in everything.

They really are just power hungry perverts, all of them. They see their goal as eventually having supreme power over a lesser caste which provides all of their needs and desires.

Because OP is a faggot

This is a problem why?

Isn't it face>tits>ass?

Just an estimation based on familiarity and observance of multiple pieces of photographic evidence.


I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth.

You're all fucking idiots.

They're getting bigger because nor sluts are getting plastic surgery, and faggot trannies think having bigger plastic tits means they look more feminine.

The natural size of these sluts is actually getting smaller. Which is why the plastic surgery field is fucking booming atm.

>FB cut brassieres
Source???? Now???

Yes, she's overweight, but even when I met her and we were both thinner, she started out with a G cup. We figure there has to be something hormonal going on cause even when she's lost weight she kept the tits. Every time she loses and gains they seem to continue to grow.

>the elites want to create
Why dont we just learn the elites diet?

it really is the only thing capable of dividing us...

D used to be large, now it's average. But stores still only carry D's at the biggest. It's a pain.

Not in America.


jesus christ... doesnt she complains about her back all the time... post more...

Cant watch wembs on iphone


The collective want of men for larger breasts?


>yes shes overweight
Overweight tits dont count.

pls go fap to some twerking ghetto hoes Somalibro

Soon you won't even be able to listen to music lol

I prefer A cups personally


Pretty much

Android: 1
iPhone: 0

If you prefer tits over asses you're underage

stop fucking women with big breasts

Yeah but that has more to do with all the Mexicans. Shit skins are really short.

Either way my dad was 5 6 and I'm 5 10. All my white friends are all taller than their fathers too.

Those must be fun to play with

No. The reason women with massive tits complain about back pain is because they don't actually have a bra that fits.

You see women with larger breasts wearing these bras that squish their tits together so they are touching? Those bras don't fit. They are supposed to lift and separate, or support the breast.

She does have well developed back muscles, which also helps.

we ned to find out what is causing it
and double it all

Because people are getting fatter

I wasn't aware this was a global trend, but we should leave it as it is

Face>ass>flat stomach

Nothing else matters.

A cups are good.
But does your preference mean you dont like C cups?

>What can possibly be done about this?

I don't know but my dick tells me that this is a very good thing and I'm inclined to agree

I don't know, but it makes push-ups really difficult. And sit-ups. And pull-ups.

You could suffocate in them.

only niger basterds like ass over tits
its proofened many times already
maebe stop being a nigger and start becoming whiter person okay



It's a disturbing trend indeed.

>posts dindu
WhiteTits&thighs only for me faggot

Cs are as high as I'll go. All things being equal on a woman: A > B > C > no thanks.

Monkey face
0/10 would not bang

LaTyronQwavious this isn't the place for u.

Fuck yes.

why do you post pictures of your girlfriend on other websites family bo bamily?

Small breasts are better.
t. tit man

non-whites = ass
whites = Tits

makes sense desu famalam

Have some redpilled GF boobs

I want an edit of this with trump desu

So, Kayla Ariza?

If you don't prefer balance over being top- or bottom-heavy you're a fetishist without an argument.


America BTFO

Every woman posted in this thread so far is 100% natural.

Fuck off shlomo. Tits are pointless besides feeding shithead kids.


It's the hormones in the meat.

hello person if africaen origens


Solid body, but she's a degenerate attention whore who posts selfies on Cred Forums so I'll pass on that dumb bitch.
>inb4 >she


She's not exactly big. I like A cups too and I certainly would.

hippie slut

Everything is fine, goyim.

gf with G cups. Bit pudgy, but I love soft. Plus she works for a lower waist/weight, so she's worth keeping, even if she never gets it.

Not to mention she's like, AKO with anything I want to try/do.

This is better than porn! Real! God bless you!

no m8.
>buying into le kardashian meme

theres is a proven link between preference for large breasts and males who want to have children. Men who tend to prefer smaller breasts have been shown to be far less intent on wanting children. this has all been studied before.

ever wonder why blacks go on and on about "dat booty" while whites and other races are far more into tits? considering the fact that male blacks abandon their children at a rate of over 70 percent, do you see a coincidence emerging here? Same goes with younger people, the preference or aversion for children is proportionate with "dat booty", i doubt its what people are thinking but it would help explain why big butts are in fashion

Those aren't a cups in pic related you dumb nig. Nice picture though.

How can chestlets compete?

damn shes fat

Kek confirms.

I've posted this particular image many times on Cred Forums. I control the original album they were uploaded to, though.

Nevermind, reread your post, sorry

He never claimed that

Please don't bully. We have feelings too.

Wrong snip, sorry...


u gay?

mick foley's daughter


>women are getting bigger tits and becoming more high test
>men becoming more feminine with no ways to increase cock size

What kind of future are we looking at?

Can this effect be isolated and repeated? It is important for the advancement of science.

Future generations of young women may need to make a choice early on in life if they are intending to become Big Busted (which is as valid a lifestyle choice as any and we should accept that).

Why are Russian tits so huge?


Why do burgers like oversized everything?
This is not good. Women are either getting fatter or starting to look like black women.

Leave him alone man. You want him to commit suicide. Let him have this one!

It's a side effect of the consumption of dairy.

big breasted women are lazy. I won't be marrying one.

>mfw I dated a girl with tits like that in my second year of high school

pffft, you're barely humans

This is what every guy wants. When they say "I like small breasts too hehe..." they're lying.

How does it feel never being able to do this?


I don't know how imgur works but I do know it's a reddit site so that means you're a balding faggot with a fat wife who seeks validation on internet webpages.

You can't talk me out of it this time.

Reddit is trash. Imgur is easy image storage.

small boobs are best boobs

What a beautiful webm

even winphones can do webm
let that sink

Please be my girlfriend. Smaller is better.

Lots of cabbage in the diet.


You're lot of guys ideal size, don't let fetishists on the internet get to you. Not everyone wants a partner that will have to deal with tits hanging at her waistband later in life.


>Alex Jones tells me the globalists are bad for putting hormones and shit in the food and water
>it results in bigger boobs


>tfw you have a big dick, but your sister is a chestlet
Breast envy is God's gift to man.

You're stupid man. Unless she's got ass, she isn't worth a roll in the sheets. Tits alone cant even compete.

It's ok we all think you're very cool here I understand this means a lot to you.


t. nigger

>it's... afraid!!

where the fuck do you store pictures then retard?

*smacks lips*

You're all disgusting. A fat girl with big saggy boobs is as impressive as a twiggy guy with abs

Completely objective list of female sexual traits:

Belly > Thighs > Legs > Tits = Ass

You faggots asked for this, I just wanted to talk about hormonally freakish large tits.

3 factors causing this:

1. More fat in diet

2. More women getting breast implants

3. More girls growing up without fathers - Girls with absent fathers start puberty earlier.


Bring back corsets. That way the overall shape is still female.

>What can possibly be done about this?

Don't fix what isn't broken!
The Sky's the limit!

I'm serious though. I wouldn't want anybody to get in the way of all that development.

Time to fap

This is now an Ivanka thread.

Kg, burger

it all depends on the person. large tits arent always good, everything has to be in proportion. small tits are sexy as fuck, big ones are sexy, medium ones are good too. any goyim who has "muh preference" and isnt turned on by basically any size i think is strange.

in life, there is no preference for "types", thats what retard women fail to understand (and probably most guys). the best "type" is whats next to come along. novelty is the best type, and if everyone had huge tits theyd get boring really quickly. the shape of huge tits is bad, smaller cups look nicer. thats why sculptors dont make statues of huge breasted women, because it doesnt really look that good out of a bra. fuck you for being a woman, but chin up as well. le big breast meme isnt really what it seems, its just a variety thing. we just like all the varieties.

This is the truth. A woman needs a bare minimum of ass to be attractive.

A hard drive or cloud storage if it's really that important. Why would I upload photos to a image hosting site?

It's ok I just like getting under your skin :^)

>wanting miscarriages


For easy sharing to friends? Maybe you have none.

This is just a fat bitch.


Worship me, chestlet. Get me wet for my man, and I might even let you clean me up after.

That's the only way you'll ever taste him, seeing as he's not a closet pedophile.


Eating fat doesn't make you fat, but what else should I expect from a teanigger?

Excess estrogen is obviously going to be worse for men than women.


puush if I need to send a photo to someone, typically I can just send the file in the messaging program though.


If on iPhone download the VLC app and open the webm in a new tab

Civilised people like boobs, niggers like fat asses

t. Faggots

I prefer small, perky tits. They hold up better with age and make a girl look more petite.

There are many young girls, even as low in age as 15, who are dealing with the issue of Giant Breasts. The popular solution for this? Surgery.

Barbarism, I say. We need acceptance for these girls. They cannot help having been born different.

The only one that applies to this thread I think is # 3. Fat turns into calories, and you body uses them or it doesn't. You don't absorb fats direclty into your fat reserves, retard.

I'm more inclined to think it has to do with all the hormones in meats and water, in combination with all the single moms out there ruining society.

so you use an image uploading site retard

>dem puffy nips

Suck a tiddy or two


This makes me happy the way jewtube vids of kittens makes your little sister happy

>Increased estrogen on men

Yeah enjoy your prostate growth m8

solve the fatso problem and you solve the breast size problem.

Then qt child Ivanka who I will never kiss in 2nd grade


The strong will survive.

yeah but imgur is literally red dit, puush is just a link to the file, no bullshit "community" or shitty UI


>my girlfriend is a petite white blonde with perky Bs and a nice little bubble butt
>my insatiable lust has me wanting her to gain weight to get curvier
>tfw my entire life is me destroying everything around me while I save myself for last


What do you have against big titties? Are you some kind of faggot?

She was ostracized in her school and had to go on home studies
>not actually memeing about this one, she really was


I'm on week 3 of nofap and this is not helping. God damnit is she not perfection?

The only reason I use it is because of the Chrome IMGUR plugin that lets you do drag and drop uploads into the browser.

google sharex retard. you can link to an image like puush without the bullshit


I can tell those two are pure English slags just by looking at them.

Thank god I can't hear them.

...Also I think I've seen the titty monster somewhere before.

I disagree. I hope breast reduction will be the next craze like silicone once was.

pic related

my ex-gf had 32D breasts, but they were saggy and had pad nipples. Weird thing was, she was lean in her belly and legs.

You're acting like there's a problem with this.


>reverse cuck porn

Cred Forums is absolutely /devilish/



Time to off myself.

sharex is total garbage

puush integrates into windows native right click options on files so you can upload it that way or if you're screencapping it's just a kb shortcut, you can also save a local copy at the same time too. depends on how you define convenient I guess


thank you for shilling for puush and not providing any counter argument

Of all the pictures in this thread, the chinese cartoon 200 posts in makes you fap?

I wonder if we could meme it to a wider audience?

So Argentina is white after all....


I want to a flat-chested girl.

Stop destroying people's genes through endocrine disruptors would be a nice start...

tfw my ex had literally the best tits ive ever seen but was a psychobitch so i had to dump her. face wasnt great, ass wasnt great, stomach wasnt great but holy fuck she had the knockers m8.

DDs, except they didnt flop about. they hung suspended in space perfectly like a B cup, didnt move an inch when she took the bra off. ive never seen anything like it since. jesus fuck. she was a dirty bitch too. alas, i had to dump though but man i miss them jugs

>liking short women is a symptop of pedophilia
Wew lad.

so you've proven you've never touched sharex

Yep. I understand she's fun too

Abomination. Tits with NO ASS OR HIPS????

that's a straight up turn off.

Yes, Iowa a best

How much is this because women are getting fatter and fatter?



I would dump that dead bitch's body in a dumpster if some chick played me like that.

Or it simply could be that everyone is addicted to plastic and there's no incentive to avoid the usually-necessary ingredients in plastic, etc that cause these effects, especially with the chinks flooding the world with their trash. Those small lipophilic plasticizers and monomers made from petroleum are way more likely to be estrogenic than androgenic simply because of the way we evolved. Everyone wants their shit cheap and disposable now

Do your part and buy more expensive shit that's made to last and made up of quality materials.

sharex is bloated garbage that is basically what would happen if the blob consumed puush along with a couple other programs, puush is incredibly small and does exactly what I want in the smallest amount of steps possible. Puush has all of those features without being a giant turd

It's funny that there's actually a legitimate thread here, about the forced feminization of males, but all that you degenerates can focus on is "lel boobz".

Serious discussion seems to be becoming rarer and rarer here. I'm guessing there's an influx of shills, each of whom is pretending to be "one of us" while just shitposting like this everywhere. Seems a lot more effective than trying to subtly promote the other side.

>implying anything should be done about women's boobs getting bigger.

Top kek

God damn!

Then next time kg not k.


Has science unironically gone too far?

Nothing. That is good. Bigger tits mean more milk for babies.

you must learn to speak the language, my friend

I hear ode to joy in my head when I watch this.

too bad she is a race traitor


Ah, so it -is- her. I knew I'd seen her before.

I'd never forget a terrible haircut like that.

>breasts have increased in size

Did this study take into account the amount of fake tits out there? Cause if not its bullshit and meaningless.

Not what I meant, the program itself is basically puush but stuck inside a larger program with mostly useless features. You might be too retarded to know this but puush existed before it was mashed into sharex, last pre-sharex release was r100 I think

i bet youre really fun at parties.

I quit puush before that, I didn't know it merged. But thanks for providing no argument other then

im uh to retardo to put mu hotkays xDD

Another young woman afflicted with Giant Breasts. She did not ask for these. She did not buy these. They just grew in all on their own.

Boobs are getting bigger because women are getting fatter.

Males keep getting shorter height, smaller dicks, and more effeminate, both in humans and several mammal species. Where are the clickbait links about that.


top kek


chalk up another tally for internet arguments won big boy, I'll keep using my not-retard software

both of you faggots can shut up. your "conversation" is gayer than christmas

My friends wife has toys like that. I'm trying really really hard not to fuck her cause he's my friend, but she wants my dick and it's becoming difficult.

jumbo monster titties with sausage nipples are the only way to live life, everything else is pedo tier

"Boy I really like boobies! Boobies sure are good and cool! I'm quite masculine and really like women and the boobs! Am I cool yet?"

Fucking cringe.

I prefer ass
wide hips to satisfy strong slav liberators

fuck that's not even attractive anymore

Go to your local strip club. They'll help you out with that. Check em

careful, LEAF

Blame gmo Food




Hi, gayfag.

cringe indeed.

Oh my hhnnng in blue


You're too funny, Ivan!

No but high fat and high calorie diet is more nutrient rich leading to earlier development. It's one piece of the picture.

fuck off with those lies

> tfw A cup size

Its not even the Kardashian meme. Jennifer Lopez made asses mainstream, and that surgically modified mudshark hobbit snuck slithered her way in and stole J-lo's thunder.
This is the proper preferential order (mine):
1.) legs
2.) tits
3.) asses

Anything that deviates from this is not even white.

You come across like a 16 year old boy that just discovered alcohol for the first time, in the company of men. You'll know what this means when you're older.

But keep it up bro, and soon you'll be just as cool as the kids you saw in the latest Jewish teen movie.

Some of it, but some of it is not.

My personal explanation:

>non-white women naturally have bigger breasts and that counts in these studies, and they weren't being included before
>overall health increases leads to more robust growth
>women with large breasts in the past were not accepted socially and women covered up, wore wrong size bras, and denied their stature

last one
>>hormones actually are causing breast growth
Even in the short time I've been looking at boobs, about 20 years I can tell the difference. Used to be a bust like this was really rare, now you see them all the time even out in public among the "normal" women.

Girl in blue proves why smaller perky tits are actually the best

>real women have tits that fit my narrow preferences


We need to go bigger.

or it's just hormones in the food/the water supply

>all those tits ITT
thread & mind derailed
post more tits

More women are undergoing surgery because they have to compete with 2D waifus. Little do they know that fake tits will never come close to superior 2D cow tits.

your comments hurt, user. You don't know the struggle of life with Giant Breasts.

>her breast growth may actually be related to steroids she has to take to deal with kidney disease

>they hung suspended in space perfectly like a B cup, didnt move an inch when she took the bra off.
I hate to break it to you, but she might have gotten a boob job

Remember that japs models inject literal fat in their tits

(I love it, just sayan)

Gas me, Özil.

Would like to see that statistics against waist size

Everyone is getting fat as fuck

And why isn't the rest of the world doing this?

That sounds like a fantastic idea.

Explain cup size versus band size to someone without breasts and a vagina.

>What can possibly be done about this?
Why would we want to stop something so wonderful?

We know you're not white, Yong

Just get Merlin

Women used to get massive breast implants that were considered ridiculous beyond all reason.

Many "normal" women now have busts which dwarf those implanted women of the past.

Makes you think.

why are so many big boobers british?

band size = measurement around rib cage
cup size = size of actual boobs



A properly proportioned woman is a superior woman.


Thats fat as hell. Anything above a 34 inch underbust (the number) is landwhale.

Go for higher letters, not higher numbers.

When you think about it, how could demoralizing females be a bad idea?

Women today have entirely too much confidence.

>tfw like huge breasts, 13 year old girls and cocks

The world is a beautiful place

Good question.

I believe it has to do with cultural attitudes and acceptance.

Keep sucking them.

Where are you finding 32J cup bras. I've looked all over and can't find them.

The woman in that picture may be 32J in size, but that is not a 32J bra




don't worry, I'm sure you have many other ugly features that keep people's attention from your breasts. Ugliness is more than one flaw

also I don't think this trend is as bad in blessed yuro than it is in America

Thank you for being high test. I'm glad that board isn't completely full of faggots.

They are also getting bald
Women baldness is the new gold mine

im not really into tits or asses

what am i

So being white means being gay?

>I've looked all over and can't find them.

Did you try google?



Thanks, broseppi. So smaller band size and bigger cup size is the way to go.


>im not really into tits or asses
>what am i

A golem?

Get help.



Those are not breasts, those are 20,000cc's of saline with a very thin layer of skin stretched over them.

These are breasts

There are plenty of women with big breasts. What the world needs are some women willing to take the next natural step and get a second row of breasts.

>people are saying water and food is giving women bigger breasts
>same food and water i've eaten all my life
>i barely fill a 34A bra
i call bullshit on all of this

I should adjust my statement.

I've looked all over and I can't find any that are comfortable and/or cute. I'm willing to settle for one.

There are plenty that are rock hard, ugly as sin, and do everything they can to pull your tits as far apart as possible and spread them out like a fried egg. Others have way too much underwire, and it eventually starts to feel like a bird cage.

I'd kill for a fredericks in my size

how old are you

in some cases breasts can grow until 21

Isn't that just because people are getting fatter and fatter and so women's fat sacks are too?

It's rare to be obese as fuck but not have giant tits, although it happens. Usually the tits are at least as big as the gut.

Still not enough desu

Maybe it's a multiplication effect
And 3*0 is still 0

we need smaller tits so we can focus more on the ass. too many small asses out there being excused by fat sags that depreciate over time. my gf lost weight and loss boob size, but it's okay because i'm not dating a fat ass. big boobs are literally just fat

Post em.

why don't you make your own sexy bras

that would be a cute hobby